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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 16, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin in genoa hopes of finding more survivors under a collapse time weybridge are fading at least thirty nine people are confirmed dead now anger and accusations and the debate over who's to blame heats up we'll get the latest from our correspondent on the scene. also coming up a court in malaysia blows the trial of two women accused of killing the half brother of north korean leader kim yong on must precede the women that were hoping to be freed today but a judge says there is enough evidence to support the charges against them. and
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tracking the movement of animals from space will tell you how the e-commerce project will help us better understand natural phenomena here on earth. i'm sumi so misconduct good to have you with us we start in genoa where rescue teams are still working to pull survivors and bodies from the rubble of the collapsed highway bridge at least thirty nine people were killed when a stretch of the marandi bridge collapsed on tuesday the government has declared a year long state of emergency for the region but with hopes of finding more survivors fading anger is growing over how such a disaster could have happened to debbie charlotte shell some tell reports. as hopes of finding survivors fades the blame game intensifies officials initially pointed the finger at the e.u. accusing it of limiting funding for infrastructure past the focus of criticism is
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now shifting to. the company responsible for the bridge locals say the long been concerns about its upkeep. when we drive on this motorway and it's full of traffic automatically trying to go out for a fast. because touchwood crossed fingers we go i've heard fast hoping it doesn't come and crashing down. about a insists its maintenance checks were up to date parts that hasn't stopped ministers threatening fines calling for resignations and promising to revoke its operating license i think it's a new populist interior minister. entire chunks of highway cannot collapse like this and people could not die like this in twenty eighteen i want to stress once again that those responsible will be found out. mattel's
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servian has hit town the e.u. and the company that manages this stretch of the makes way behind me but so many people here anger and blame will only go so far they want to know what happens next crucially how this young government plans to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. the blame game that's playing out here is doing little to help those suffering the consequences of this catastrophe thing cleared the hundreds of residents who've been evacuated from this area it's feared the part of the bridge still standing may yet come crashing down. come l.a. works nearby he says authorities have given him no indication when he'll be able to return. the money if we talk about a week and it's still sustainable so the theory or is not accessible for mom and there's a huge problem. but there are hundreds of people who have to go to work. meanwhile
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the rest of the city is watching in horror is this crisis unfolds the disasters raise serious questions about the safety of italy's roads and bridges with many asking if this can happen here was next. that report from the w. charlotte shall some poll and she's standing by for us in genoa hi charlotte rescue work and to new for a second night is there still hope that anyone can still be found alive. i see me yes rescue workers with the help of sniffer dogs have been combing through the wreckage this just behind me for a second night we've heard that they found no bodies no survivors this was an extremely a fruitless search last night we know that a number of people are still missing one of the big issues though it's not exactly clear how many also she's on certain for example how many cars were on the bridge at the time of the collapse and it's possible that any number of people could still
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be buried in the wreckage behind me is that that's motivating rescue workers to continue their search here they've told us that they will keep looking until they are absolutely convinced that no one is still alive but lois of course though as time goes on it's becoming more and more likely that they will find bodies rather than survivors. as we saw in your report you know there's a lot of anger in the italian government looks set to revoke the highway operators permit as well what are some of the reactions been to that. well the company itself has reacted to that it's as i mentioned in the report stated categorically that its maintenance checks well up to date is also pointed out that it hasn't been proven yet that it had any direct responsibility for the collapse of this bridge is also been pointed out that it's very complicated to revoke the license for this company that this company would be entitled to some sort of compensation for breaking the contract now people here more than
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a way exactly how complicated the toth ahead will be that very conscious that if this if the council's tidy isn't managing the bridge behind me who will say there is no real appeasement to the anger here after this and now it's meant by a story they know as well that this is going to be a very long process ahead when it comes to rebuilding the bridge the collapse they know that this is a huge infrastructure here in genoa and it's not exactly clear what's going to happen to traffic for example that might not sound like a big issue but this was vital for this city here and it could lead to chaos for the months and weeks ahead and what if for residents or charlotte you know a twelve month state of emergency has been put in place in the region how are people there going to be affected. yeah that's something that was requested by regional authorities head now in practice this state of emergency isn't like something that you may have heard of in france for example after the paris terror
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attacks where you saw military on the streets to deal with this crisis this means in practice that more funding will be available to deal with the catastrophe has been announced that initially five million euros has been freed up to deal with what's ahead it just means basically that stores in the government can make decisions fostered because they know that there is a long road ahead to getting this city back into a state that functional for example just below me on the bridge. collapsed on to a recycling depth again it might seem like a small thing but it means that the recycling in the city is going to be affected as well there is still a very long process ahead right charlottesville simple reporting for us from general thank you. now to some other stories making headlines around the world the death toll from floods in the indian state of carolina has risen to nearly eighty officials say more torrential rains are expected threatening further flooding and
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landslides more than one hundred thousand people have been moved to relief camps it's the worst monsoon damage in decades and catalog which is a popular tourist destination. officials in afghanistan have blamed the so-called islamic state for a suicide bombing in a mainly shiite neighborhood of the capital couple authorities say thirty four people were killed in the blast which targeted an education center just hours after that suicide attack gunmen opened fire on the spy training center in couple violence is marring the run up to elections in two months time. and u.s. president has revoked security clearance for former cia director john brennan the unprecedented move means brennan an outspoken critic no longer has access to sensitive information white house spokeswoman sara sanders made the announcement citing britain's quote erratic conduct and behavior. that they were hoping to walk free today but two women accused of killing the a strange half brother of north korea's leader will face murder charges
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a malaysian judge just ruled that there is enough evidence for their trial to continue and it's told them to enter their defense the vietnamese and indonesian women face the death penalty if convicted of killing him young now last year they allegedly smeared his face with a banned nerve agent as he waited to board a flight at kuala lumpur airport the women say they thought they were taking part in a prank for a t.v. show. the judge's ruling is a blow to the defendants as we said they were hoping to walk free today correspondent sandra was at the courthouse in kuala lumpur and explain to us what happened. well a lot of the local office over us and definitely the defense had hope that the women would be free today that they would be acquitted because they felt that the prosecution had not. and not presented enough evidence that they would be guilty it all turns around the question of those women women had been tricked into what they
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called a prank show are we a reality t.v. show that is credible or not and the judge today ruled that there was enough evidence he said well the women after of the alleged attack were running away they were going to of washroom to a toilet and of allegedly wash their hands and they looked very tense after the attack and they must have known they had only ninety seconds to wash their hands because this is a very deadly nerve agent and after ninety seconds is the predator it's your scheme and you might eventually die and they must have known that center looking at the defense team's approach they say these two women didn't know what was happening so who did they say was using them and why. well the defense says you have to look at the bigger picture of there's a lot of politics involved here during the trial of the woman said they were hired
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by what they believe were chinese and japanese t.v. producer and it turned out that those four suspects words she were seen on the c.c.t.v. footage for event identified as north korean citizens they change their clothes about rocky after the attack they were flew out of the country they fled the country but those women they just went on with our normal life and this is definitely not something that you would expect from a kilo this is the arguments of the defense gold standard he said politics are involved there. mind us why people believe that kim young no one was targeted. well there are u.s. officials and south korean u.s. officials who claim that it was an attack by the north korean dictator who wanted to eliminate his old. problem who had been very critical of kim
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yong. and who had claimed that he had elected leadership go so there was clearly a motivation during the investigation that it was very clear that korea had no interest at all in any form of cooperation they even claimed that kim young john lamb was not murdered but that it was all just a heart attack so the big question is whether we will ever on the truth from our correspondent founder about so in kuala lumpur for us thank you so much. now can go warn us when a volcano is about to erupt or when an earthquake is going to happen while german and russian researchers think so and that's how the project was born it aims to monitor the behavior and migration habits of birds animals and even insects around the world so we can learn more about our earth now the project has taken a huge leap forward with the installation of the tracking system on the
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international space station so it took the cosmonauts all. copy of nearly eight hours to install an antenna on the external surface of the international space station is the last missing piece of the worldwide animal tracking system called. this black bird is one of the creatures that will be monitored it's fitted with a tiny sense a tag that will send the birds location temperature pressure and magnetic field to a global database. and santa activates the tag sixteen times a day the tags then sent to store data up to space before their shared with the station on earth where they evaluated by scientists. the ones in. the most of the most intelligent senses combining the senses into a global system gives us important information about life. and we will be able to understand animals. and really observe life on earth. the migration of animals is
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a global phenomenon it provides scientists with a system of living. goats for example can anticipate volcanic eruptions they can pass on this information through their tag tracking the migration routes of flying foxes could reveal the spread of ebola around a thousand animals will initially be fitted with tags isolated state scientists hope to scan all corners of the earth through hundreds of thousands of tagged animals that are constantly being watched from space. a reminder now of our top stories here in g.w. in italy rescue teams are still working to pull victims from the rubble of a collapsed highway bridge in genoa a leading politician now says the state may have to take over the country's highways of companies which have concessions are not able to do the job properly and of course malaysia has ruled there is a sufficient evidence to continue the trial of two women accused of killing the half brother of north korean leader kim yong on the women i've been asked to enter
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their defense the families insist they were tricked into attacking kim young unarmed with a toxin at kuala lumpur airport last year. thank you for watching t w brian thomas will have an update on your headlines at the top be. sure that the world over information part of the pentagon's they want to stress g.w. on facebook and twitter and up to date and in touch follow us home.


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