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well you. know. this is the interview news live from berlin in genoa hopes of finding any more survivors under a collapsed highway bridge are fading at this hour at least thirty nine people are now confirmed dead and anger and accusations accusations as the debate over who's to blame itself will get the latest from our correspondent on the scene also coming up on the show a malaysian court rules the trial of two women accused of assassinating the half brother of north korea's leader can proceed the women who are hoping to be freed today but a judge says they were part of
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a well planned conspiracy. and could bracks and lead to food shortages in britain we need one farmer who says he would be able to cope without easy subsidies and the foreign workers who harvest his crops. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us we'll have those stories for you in a moment but first we have this breaking news coming in mali's president him or him . has been officially re-elected kate has been declared the winner of the country's election having won sixty seven percent of the vote the opposition led by somalia sissay have already said they will reject the results of the presidential runoff this campaign was marred by accusations of fraud violence and low voter turnout. here's more on it for him abubakar and the challenges that await him.
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chaos on the streets of mali's capital bamako. mutinous soldiers locked up several ministers and took control of government buildings. the twenty twelve coup d'etat a dangerous turning point for the young democracy but for sixty six year old ibrahim. the coup represented an opportunity in twenty thirteen after a year and a half of upheaval new elections were held it. became for short had the support of both religious leaders and the army in part perhaps because he had never publicly criticized the coup leaders. on september fourth twenty thirteen following a runoff election against former finance minister soon to say. became president but cato has been involved in mali in politics for much longer than that as
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campaign manager i became helped marco narain become ali's first president in the country's first ever democratic elections in one thousand nine hundred one k. taught studied african political science for years in dakar at the suburban in paris and at france's largest research center afterwards was able to take advantage of his good connections to france and iraq whether as prime minister from one thousand nine hundred for many years later as president in the fight against the arc rebels in two thousand and thirteen he received help from france's then president on land and from french special forces. germany's armed forces helped stabilize mali a provisional and now french peace agreement with the two arc in two thousand and fifteen are a monkey time greatest successes to date. still there are countless challenges such as corruption low education levels but also human traffickers mali is
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a transit country for africans who want to go to europe and germany is calling on him by him boubacar can turn to provide increased security and to better protect mollies borders many problems that has also promised voters he would solve. it's to italy now and rescue teams in the italian city of genoa are still working to pull any survivors on bodies from the rubble of a collapsed highway bridge at least thirty nine people were killed when a stretch of the moran the bridge caved in during busy lunchtime traffic on tuesday italian government initially blamed the european union for the disaster accusing it of limiting funding for the country's infrastructure but the focus of criticism is now shifting to how to stop that's the motorways operator locals say there has long been concerns about the bridges up he. insists its maintenance checks were up today the government has in the meantime declared a year long state of emergency for this region. did abuse
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charlotte show some pills on the ground for us in general good morning to charlotte along with the grief for so many families today there's also apprehension at this hour about those still missing. that's right there are number of people fit to still be missing and that is exactly what is motivating rescue teams on the ground here they've been working tirelessly to search through the rubble and the twisted metal to try and find anybody anything vive it is possible of course that they may still pull people from the rubble but hope is starting to fade they tell us though that they will keep working until they are up they are absolutely convinced that no one is left buried here behind me ok charlotte while the focus right now is on those waiting for any news and those of course grieving their losses as well many in italy are also asking how could this
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happen and who's responsible. that's right government ministers in particular have been pointing the finger of blame at all to the start of the company that operates this made two way behind me suggesting that safety just simply wasn't up to scratch that something that out. fiercely denies they say that they had been been checking the bridge and that the maintenance checks were up to date the european union though has again become the focus of criticism from government ministers the populist new interior minister tweeting this morning that he felt that the e.u. should free up more funding to help build up its infrastructure to help supports bridges like this to people here though they're not so much interested in a blame game in pointing fingers at who's responsible they still have a lot to deal with in the here and now there are people hundreds who've been evacuated and there's real concern as well about exactly how the city is going to function without this bridge behind me that is
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a big question right now how is genoa coping right now with the loss of what's a very major motorway. that's right this is called the brooklyn bridge of january he was a huge. hit in the city and it was used by people once or twice a day say the consequences of losing such a major piece of general as infrastructure immeasurable as this puts this with this report describes. just two days ago this highway bridge served as one of the main entry points into genera all there is left today is a gaping hole. when the fifty meter section of the marandi bridge came down the tons of concrete buried two warehouses the train tracks and the river bed but most significantly in regards to infrastructure a vital motorway was lost which used to connect the airport and the port of genoa to the region the government will have to come up with alternative routes for
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traffic on a local and international scale. concerns or the collapse could have major repercussions on tourism and trade with the motorway linking the port city to milan and other cities in the north as well as to france. in general itself many houses were destroyed and hundreds living in the vicinity of the remaining parts of the bridge will not be able to return to their homes and you know some technical business stymied that she's a house is this under the bridge or at risk is that if we send you know want to put people's lives in danger. as again some of these people will be given new houses and we will do everything we can say that this happens as soon as possible if you fit the scene of them around the bridge collapse will continue to affect the lives of the people of genoa for years to come ok thanks so much for that for now we'll have more from phil on the ground for us in genoa throughout the day
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thanks for now. time for some of the other stories making the news around the world at this hour the death toll from floods in the indian state of koala has risen to about eighty officials say more treacherous rains are expected threatening further flooding and loves landslides more than one hundred thousand people have been moved to relief couse it's the worst monsoon damage in decades in kerala which is a popular tourist destination. shia residents in the afghan capital kabul have been holding funeral services for the victims of the suicide bombing that left thirty four people that. officials are blaming so-called islamic state for the attack on an education center just hours after the bombing gunman the siege compound belonging to the afghan intelligence services also in the capital kabul. thousands of people have taken to the streets of nicaragua's capital managua to demand the release of protesters arrested since anti-government rallies began in
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april a number of high profile activists have been taken into custody the unrest was sparked by government plans to cut state pensions. friend of. the credit market voters in the u.s. state of vermont have nominated a transgender candidate to run for governor christine hold quest if you did three other democrats in tuesday's primary it's the first time a major party has chosen a transgender can the for governor. now faces a popular republican incumbent in november's election. they were hoping to walk free today but two women accused of killing the estranged half brother of north korea's leader will face murder charges a malaysian judge has ruled that there is enough evidence for their trial to continue and has told them to enter their defense the vietnamese and indonesian nationals face the death penalty if convicted of killing him now last year.
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they allegedly smeared is faced with a banned nerve agent as he waited to board a flight at kuala lumpur airport the women say they thought they were taking part in a prank for a t.v. show. let's get more on the story now from from kuala lumpur and correspondent sandra raso standing by for us a surprise in court this morning saturday to tell us what happened while the local observers and definitely the defense had expected the woman the women to be free to be acquitted today because they just felt that the prosecution hadn't shown enough evidence that they cooper came down by the jets saw it differently he followed the arguments on off the prosecution saying the bus of the moment off the crest if miss in that eggs and that the two women also rushed. to wash their hands so they must have known so the judge that they handled
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a very dangerous product and you have to say this product you have to wash your hands like a book in ninety seconds otherwise it will penetrate she'll skin and you might eventually die the arguments of the judge right this was a band nerve agent that was used the defense team is saying these two women didn't even know what was happening what do they say. yeah the defense said you have to look at the bigger picture and that this is a political act those two women they had no clue what was happening they were approached by those what they claim to be t.v. producers from china and japan to do to participate in this reality t.v. show that's what they said it turned out during the trial that those a man who approached them are the north korean nationals four suspects who are at large who obviously plan the whole case and they change their clothes every airport
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and they fled. malaysia right after they are of the act and therefore helped by the way by the north korean embassy all that. leads them to save all those woman they just stayed in malaysia they continue with their normal lives so this is motto usually suspects or potential killers would behave. saudis are talking about an extensive conspiracy here why do they believe that kim jong nam was targeted. well you ask officials and equally south korean officials claim that was a political act committed by north korea it is known that kim jong nam was the hop off kim jong un and. by his father and later on kim jong un criticized his younger brother and said he lacked leadership qualities so there was enough motive
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. for him just to kill kim jong and also you have to say you have those four north korean suspects who fled the country and the north korean side has shown no sort of cooperation of willingness to corporate in this highly suspicious case and the big question is if you will ever find out the truth ok it looks like this case is turning into an international thriller sound or a rock so for us in kuala lumpur thanks very much. we have some sports now in the first world football ranking since the world cup are out and they show a massive drop for team germany the team that went to the summer's tournament ranked number one here's what the new top tier looks like france of course taking over the first position by virtue of winning the world cup second belgium third brazil fourth is world cup runner up croatia
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a surprise fixture there way down number fifteen is germany now this after the germans crashed out in the first round of world cup matches. staying with for the fall football and let it go madrid have picked up their first trophy of the new season they beat city rivals real madrid in the european super cup it was played out in the stone diego costa put a let it go in front just forty nine seconds into the match before karim benzema tied it up in the twenty seventh minute we all madrid sergio ramos if the champions league winners the lead from the penalty spot in the second half process scoring a lady wiser to send the match to extra time and let it go scored twice in the extra section to secure for two when coach diego simona has won seven trophies during his time at madrid. disk gives us a great deal of string of confidence it confirms that things are right for us now we have to celebrate tonight but tomorrow we have to look forward i think about the
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next game against valencia. was north and south korea grapple with politics diplomacy and some cultural differences and efforts to improve tied sports is proving a bridge for these two countries and today the north welcomed young football athletes from five other countries including two teams from south korea where tournaments of players under fifteen years old south koreans travel to the your screen capital by boston what march the first overland trip there by civilians from the south in about seventy years. of years here with our business now and he's looking at the financial aftermath of that italian bridge collapse we're reporting on the top of the show that's right brian we're following the story of course very closely from the economic perspective and shares an italian infrastructure group atlanta which operates the motorway on which that bridge in genoa collapsed have plunged over twenty percent after they suspended trading atlanta is the parent company of which
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some are blaming for the disaster the italian government has threatened the company which with heavy fines and is demanding it contribute to the bridge reconstruction . stratus says it conducted regular safety checks investigators have not yet stablished because of the collapse. now as that blame game continues our financial correspondent in frankfurt is joining us he's following the story for us and really it's hardly surprising news that the stock collapsed given the fact that the company is under fire for the condition of the bridge but what does this tell us about the infrastructure situation in italy in general well it may be much worse than people thought we heard in the aftermath of this disaster of citizens of the city already voicing suspicions that there was something amiss i heard one one man singing always drove over to a very fast in order to get to the other side but italy will now have to find
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a way to examine the situation and other situations basically across the country very closely and it will probably have to build up more infrastructure for that doesn't have the personnel to take a look now urgently and then it will have to take money into its own hands and you know the government is already very highly and that this will stress italy perhaps economically even more than before. to frankfurt to stay with us because we're going to analyze something else with you just a few months. meanwhile the way we pay is changing quickly while some countries like germany are more conservative when it comes to cash less payment methods in denmark cash could soon disappear right now only one in five danish retail transactions is done in cash card payments are far more come and now the head of one of the country's largest banks has joined the growing chorus calling for the country to abandon cash altogether. cash cost money for retailers
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twice as much as electronic payments and it raises the risks of crime. just this year the danish government loosened its requirement that stores accept cash now they can refuse it after eight pm if you are bank branches meanwhile accept bills and coins the director of denmark's third largest bank has now called for a cashless society by two thousand and twenty five. we believe there will be societal reductions in expenditures in the areas of lower crime rate lower money laundering rate lower drug crime rate lower enrichment rate. he wants a commission to examine the proposal but studies show the young elderly and handicapped still rely on cash tarus to in other words there's no need to throw out those extra kroner yet. of course cashless payment methods are also an opportunity for business well it bounces back with us from frankfurt only cashless payment concepts are potentially even creating
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a big new player where you are in frankfurt. that's right it's called wired card it's a relatively young company and it's gone from success to success recently for a long time it was founded in one nine hundred ninety nine that's when it started the share price just sort of meandered along not doing much of anything but now it's basically the star of the show here since the beginning of two thousand and seventeen the share has increased four fold in the last twelve months one hundred thirty five percent today it's going up further on the news that it increased profits by fifty percent in the second quarter and it has lots of innovative projects underway include putting wearables you have a little chip somewhere on your body and then the chip basically pays by itself when you're at the cash register and it's so valuable in the stock market that it's at one time reach the stock market value higher than the deutsche bank and it's double as high as the come out spunk which makes wired card now
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a candidate for the dax next time around the membership gets mixed up no chip for me to pay for now but thank you very much and. china and the u.s. will hold low level talks later this month in a bid to resolve the escalating trade dispute the chinese congress ministry said a delegation led by its vice commerce minister will meet with an american group led by the undersecretary for international affairs at the department of treasury the chinese markets and currency have suffered losses in recent months investors have been spooked by washington and beijing steep for tat terrorist. the chinese economy has lost steam in recent months washington's tariffs have put a damper on investor sentiment since the last trade talks between beijing and washington in may the shanghai composite has declined more than ten percent and the you wan has been falling to the chinese currency has slumped over the past few
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months it has fallen more than eight percent against the greenback since last may but the u. once fall has also helped cushion the effect of terrorists by making chinese goods cheaper that is another sore point for washington which has repeatedly called on china to strengthen the yuan and it's also demanding beijing to make concessions to lessen its trade imbalance with the u.s. so while these low level trade talks are welcome news analysts warn they may take some time before the two countries come to a truce. staging off things that take time the u.k. that's where we're going now where farmers say that breaks it could threaten the country's food supply for years e.u. subsidies have helped farmers plant their crops and foreign workers have helped harvest them now the threat of losing this looms large report takes us to the south east county of kent as part of our series wrote to rest our reporters show to seek
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answers and to get nasr traveling around europe and the u.k. try to understand the full impact of the upcoming divorce between britain and the e.u. . from. lettuce as far as the eye can see one million heads of lettuce are harvested here in pens in the southeast of england every. week by hand by eastern european workers. i don't think. people realize how much we depend on foreign labor coming in. stephen better as a fourth generation lettuce grower he employs about one hundred thirty three is no work. this farm most of them come from romania as e.u. citizens they can work here with out and be sucked but with threats that looming that freedom of movement is now one death threat and with that stevens entire business if there's no labor coming in. there's a virtually there's going to be no food. we've got to have the labor coming in
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there's no question about. importing a lot of food from the rest of the world. so we've got that choice. and britain's agricultural sector is already feeling the consequences of bracks it does here there were twenty percent fewer sees no workers to help out on farms. about one hour to the east life kevin edwards for his family has been growing cereal crops for over eighty years they rely on big machines and that also means big investments. but because of rex it kevin is unwilling to spend money on an uncertain future his business will lose essentially a huge subsidies and potentially any prospects for the future. we could easily see. a very substantial percentage of farmers disappear family found just go on and
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that won't be something you can do saudi for the ten years time politically we got that wrong because it will be down and once farm is leave the land and go on something else to do and generally don't come back on the right. you know coming back that might also apply to stephen betsy's the workers next year in march britain will exit the european union and stephen still doesn't know that after that he will find enough people to harvest this talent and his team still. can goltz warner sort of all came it was about to erupt or when an earthquake is going to happen. well german and russian researchers think so and that's how the project was for it has now taken a huge leap forward into space so it's it took the cosmonauts all. copy of nearly eight hours to install an antenna on the external surface of the international space station is the last missing piece of the world wide animal
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tracking system called it curious this blackbird is one of the creatures that will be monitored it's fitted with a tiny sense attack that will send the bird state location temperature pressure and magnetic field to a global database. if there are some tena activates the tag sixteen times a day the tags then send to stored data up to space before the shed with the station on earth where they evaluated by scientists. the ones in. the most of the most intelligent senses combining the senses into a global system gives us important information about life in sex and he will be able to understand animals sixth sense and really observe life on earth. the migration of animals is a global phenomenon it provides scientists with the system of living. ghosts for example can anticipate volcanic eruptions they can pass on this information through
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their tag tracking the migration route of flying foxes could reveal the spread of ebola around a thousand animals billion initially be fitted with tags isolated state scientists hope to scan all corners of the through hundreds of thousands of tagged animals that are constantly being watched from space. before we go a reminder of the top story we're following for you malise president. has been reelected for a five year term official results show him winning sixty seven percent of the vote in a runoff the position led by smile yes he said i have already said they will reject the results of the pain was marred by accusations of fraud violent. and a low turnout. for watching g.w. news from berlin more to come of the top of the hour just a modest. life
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lawyer. culture. carre hair. superman. superfood stylish starlight come on. let overs. lifestyle during. the moment.
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chance told by his parents adopted by wolves this isn't the story of the moment it's the story of marcos and it's a true. man who says a seventy two year old saying you're no lives with fellow humans now means passing on his. major on. in sixty minutes on w. rock'n'roll. sinful contempt of the church i know the evil feeling that you feel when you think feel crystal's of this music car stop will come. rock
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and religion the clash that brings many parallels tonight are the two really so irreconcilable conduct the devil and rock'n'roll. starts august nineteenth on t.w. . everyone welcome to the day special edition of your max full of weird and wonderful stories is what's coming up. heavens above our hotel room with no. policy time unicorns are out and about spending less.


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