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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 16, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the flooding in india claims more than seventy lives structural rains and overflowing dams treating chaos in the southern state of carroll hundreds of troops have been deployed to help and what the governor says is the worst flooding in a century also coming up the old spate of finding any more survivors under a collapsed bridge in italy authorities say as many as twenty people are still
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missing and there's mounting anger. as people try to understand what caused this disaster. plus news outlets across the u.s. take a stand against president trump's attacks on the media called the fake news the enemy of the people and they are they are the enemy of the free more than three hundred fifty newspapers running editorials criticizing the u.s. president's familiar battle cry calling it a threat to democracy we'll find out warm and. cool well material girl at sixty as madonna gets ready to celebrate big birthday you look at the enduring legacy of pop's original chameleon.
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i'm brian thomas thanks so much for being with us we begin this program in india where the death toll from flooding in the state of kerala has now risen to seventy seven officials fear that number will increase further with more trench all rainfall expected carola located on the southern tip of india is a tourist magnet it's known for its pristine beaches coffee and spices the state is hit by monsoons every year but this year's weather has been called the worst in a century. i'm minister narendra modi has ordered the defense ministry to step up its relief operations. they've never seen flooding like this in carolina ten days of heavy rain combined with overflowing dams as a this state in water. in some cases homes
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have barely visible above the water line pretty steadily as all this looks most faiths hannity's have been caused by deadly for months lights. for those who survived the realisation they've lost everything. last year has got into both floors of our high we went to her neighbor's place and stayed in the second floor of their house all those things have been destroyed by the water they are destroyed. more heavy rain is forecast in the coming days the priority is to get those in low lying areas to safety before it becomes too difficult to reach them. with the look at this whole road was submerged under water and more than eighty families are stuck the people here came together early in the morning and are helping to move these people to camps. that
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are. being moved to shelters like this one tens of thousands of people have already been evacuated by the army. and there is another problem on the horizon people here could soon face a lack of drinking water after damage to treatment plants a cruel irony when the water from above is in anything but short supply. ok for the very latest on this story let's go straight to did have your correspondents on your phone the car joining us from delhi a serious situation in cairo law battered by monsoon rains again this happens every year sania but the scale of the rains are far more severe the style. that's right brian i mean you're right the kettle does really no stranger to heavy rain you know because of that strong graphical location on the southwestern age of pendants know it's usually the first spot in the mainland to receive rain from the southwest monsoon so you're right the cabin that really is backed up by the monsoon
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every year it receives heavy rains really throughout the entire months of peter right up till september but but it's true that this time those rains have been really happy birthday unprecedented experts say that the worst in a century and what does make the situation worse i think is that this is the coat time in this month of the season that the state has seen flooding and the flood waters of that second time have been quite was seated in certain parts of the state before this latest disaster struck so if you're looking at the video we can see the some of the extent of the damage as you mentioned the numerous flooding is this year the season considering that how are people in carolina coping with the situation right now and are they getting enough help from the government. well it is a dire situation and i'm sure people are coping as as well as they can given the circumstances but but there is the death toll has been high the authorities feel that could apply and you know many of the victims of drowned don't have been crushed by debris
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caused by landslides but are they getting enough help well there is a massive relief operation underway the indian army and the indian navy have really rushed in resources to the state many people overnight were airlifted from certain areas by helicopters the indian navy has also rushed in multiple teams you know rescue and diving teams and boats to get people out of the flooded areas and the government to catalyze also set up relief camps across the state we're hearing reports of more than sixty five thousand people have been housed in those camps so there is there is an operation underway to to get help to people ok so it sounds like the authorities are doing a whole lot right now but we understand more rain is on the way are they prepared for the very worst when as you said you know prime minister narendra modi has really ordered the defense ministry to really step up those relief operations the whole minutes between there he is also closely involved in that effort so i think
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the situation is being monitored closely but there are challenges i think the chief minister. you know he's already said that his appointees have been forced to release water from poti five dangerously smaller dams in the state and that has really sent a big surge into the state's main river it's called floods cause floods downstream so i think there are many challenges that remain you know water treatment plants that are submerged motor's damage so getting clean drinking water to people will also remain a priority for the government those will be main priorities moving forward things are clean water so you're followed are following carol as worst flooding in a century thanks very much. now for a look at some of the other stories making the news at this hour the former indian prime minister of a has died he was a hindu nationalist who was accused of stoking fears of nuclear war with pakistan although he later began peace talks with his lama bob unusually for many indian
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politicians he was never caught up in the fray of corruption scandals india's current leader for modi said it was a personal loss. she residents in the afghan capital kabul have held funeral services for the victims of a suicide bombing that killed thirty four people islamic state is claiming responsibility for the attack on an educational center just hours after the bombing gunmen besieged compound belonging to the afghan intelligence services for us also in kabul. u.s. president trump has revoked the security clearance for former cia director john brennan the unprecedented move means that brennan outspoken critic no longer has access to sensitive information white house spokeswoman sarah sanders made the announcement citing brennan's quote erratic conduct and behavior it's to italy now rescue teams in the italian city of genoa are still working to pull survivors and bodies from the rubble of
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a collapsed highway bridge local authorities say as many as twenty people could still be buried beneath the debris at least thirty eight people were killed when a stretch of them around the bridge caved in during busy midday traffic that was on tuesday while the blame game has started the investigation into the cause of this tragedy is certain to take a very long time. as hopes of finding survivors fades the blame game intensifies officials initially pointed the finger at the e.u. accusing it of limiting funding for infrastructure past the focus of criticism is now shifting to. the company responsible for the bridge locals say the long been concerns about its upkeep. when we drive on this motorway and it's full of traffic automatically trying to go over it fast. because touch wood and crossed fingers we go i've heard fast hoping it doesn't come and crashing down
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. about a insists its maintenance checks were up to date parts that hasn't stopped ministers threatening fines calling for resignations and promising to revoke its operating license they include it's a nice new populist interior minister. entire chunks of highway cannot collapse like this and people cannot die like this in twenty eighteen i want to stress once again that those responsible will be found out. mattel's servian has hit town to the e.u. and the company that manages this stretch of the makes way behind me but so many people here anger and blame will only go so far they want to know what happens next crucially how this young government plans to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. the blame game that's playing out here is doing little to help those suffering the consequences of this catastrophe i think
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lou the hundreds of residents who've been evacuated from this area it's feared the part of the bridge still standing may yet come crashing down. come l.a. works nearby he says authorities have given him no indication when he'll be able to return. it but the arm of the well the city manager if we talk about a week it's still sustainable but if the area is not accessible for months then there's a huge problem a lot of program in the table but there are hundreds of people who have to go to work that they will and that a lot of meanwhile the rest of the city is watching in horror if this crisis unfolds that is also has raised serious questions about the safety of a sleaze roads and bridges with many asking if this can happen here where it's next . well we have this breaking news just coming in sadly the queen of soul singer aretha franklin has died at the age
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of seventy six her publicist announced there is a short while ago she's been gravely ill for a number of days now she was known of course for her powerful voice which earned her fame awards lots of money and plenty of arias p.c.t. we're back with our general story now and as well as the human cost of that disaster the bridge collapse looks likely to disrupt transportation across the entire region for years to come our next report looks at some of the economic repercussions. just two days ago this highway bridge served as one of the main entry points into genoa all there is left today is a gaping hole. when the fifty meter section of the moroni bridge came down the tons of concrete buried two warehouses the train tracks and a riverbed but most significantly in regards to infrastructure
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a vital motorway was lost which used to connect the airport and the port of genoa to the region that the government will have to come up with alternative routes for traffic on a local and international scale. concerns are the collapse could have major repercussions on tourism and trade with the motorway linking the port city to milan and other cities in the north as well as to france. in general itself many houses were destroyed and hundreds living in the vicinity of the remaining parts of the bridge will not be able to return to their homes you know some technical those that made it she the houses that are under the bridge too are at risk as we send you know want to put people's lives in danger. as it is and as these people will be given new houses and we will do everything we can say that this happens as soon as possible if you fit the proceeds of them around the bridge collapse will continue to affect the lives of the people of genoa for years to come.
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or demonic you know and this disaster has already been having an economic effect and it'll certainly has a big effect on the finances of the company that operates this particular stretch and toward the atlanta group and that of course operates the part of the motorway of the collapsed bridge investors for one turned away bringing atlanta shares down more than twenty percent after they suspend its trading this morning landsea is the parent company of our two star are there which some are blaming for the disaster the italian government has threatened the company with heavy fines and is demanding it contributes to the breaches reconstruction outas that artist says it's conducted regular safety checks investigators have not yet is stoppage to the course of the collapse. so clearly when it comes to who is at fault the verdict is still out but a tragedy like that raises a lot of questions of course and for more let's cross over to only parts are
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financial correspondent a crumpet stock exchange early if the collapse was caused by negligence on part of the operator what was the tell us about other key infrastructure in italy. or certainly raises questions about the safety of the infrastructure of german industry heavyweights dropping iran due to u.s. pressure what signal does that send out to other companies doing business there or anywhere else in fact the e.u.'s is having issue with. you know it's just too dangerous so there's just too much at stake as you suggested the iran business it's an important growth factor for many companies yes but in terms of total volume of pales in comparison to what's at stake if people lost access to the u.s. market or were subject perhaps to fines totaling billions that's been that's been imposed before by the united states and companies like georgia bank or the deutsche
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impels have accepted that and when you look at this particular example the deutsche telekom all says deutsche telekom but they have a huge u.s. subsidiary but it's just. took over another company to become even bigger it's one of the biggest players in the telecommunications market in the united states there's billions at stake thousands of jobs that any bets in front but thank you so much. well there's more business coming up shortly but first it's back to brian and we remember the late queen of soul that's right monica we have this breaking news story again the queen of soul aretha franklin has passed away at the age of seventy six her publicist announced this news a short while ago she been gravely ill for a number of days she was of course known for her powerful voice which earned her fame awards and plenty of respect. the title of her nine hundred sixty seven hit
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a composition by otis redding crowned her legacy from the moment the song hit the airwaves respect. everything franklin's imprint on soul music was enormous for commanding vocals powered the soundtrack of both the civil rights and women's liberation movements half a century ago. the daughter of a mississippi preacher and a mother who sang and played piano for a reason franklin grew up in detroit singing at her father's church services at an early age she was strongly influenced by the gospel sound. she signed her first recording contract in one nine hundred sixty and enjoyed limited success her breakthrough came when she switched labels several years later she soon earned the title queen of soul. and. she performed for president elect bill clinton in one thousand nine hundred three and sixteen years later at the inauguration of president barack obama. among her
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many accolades she was inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame the first woman to receive the honor that was in one thousand nine hundred seven she received the presidential medal of freedom in two thousand and five and won a total of eighteen grammies the music industry's highest award. last year she announced she would be do soor appearances on stage her declining health forced her to cancel a planned concert earlier this year. with a career spanning over fifty years aretha franklin made an indelible mark on american music and influenced generations of singers. david levitz from our culture desk is here to talk more about aretha franklin and her passing hello david a very sad occasion for people around the world of course
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aretha franklin's health has been in the cline for a long time and has been in decline for a long time this also doesn't come as a shock we've been hearing reports for days that her family were gathered in detroit to pay their last goodbyes to her that news was broken earlier this week by a friend of hers on twitter there have been a few reports of family members of her saying they hope that she would pull through but unfortunately about hasn't been the case that the immediate cause of death also isn't being reported yet she has been in the nurses for decades with health problems in two thousand and ten she apparently had a tumor removed it's unclear what kind there were reports that it was pancreatic cancer she neither confirmed nor denied those she also had struggles with alcoholism weight fluctuations unfortunately last year she announced that she was going into retirement and then she wanted to come back this year with
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a comeback concert under seventy so. the birthday that she canceled on doctor's orders ok no reason franklin was of course a titan in the soul music world and overshadowing you know all the problems you just mentioned there was of course her tremendous accomplishments over half a century what what stands out for you what's your legacy what she is that she's the undeniable unchallenged queen of soul you know anyone who's heard her voice will never be left by her power for emotion there was hardship there was sorrow there strength and beauty all at the same time hardly anyone is amusing to read. here we have her performing recently at obama's going away party and twenty sixteen you know her legacy is her voice. as we're hearing now.
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almost undiminished even enter seven and. of course her legacy is also the songs she leaves behind a song she made famous like respect chain of fools natural woman i say a little prayer and song she wrote herself including think aretha franklin she also broke down barriers she brought rhythm and blues and soul music into the mainstream and it's pretty normal now that those are mixed in with pop but i don't think that there would be a beyond say or an amy winehouse if there hadn't been an already that's an interesting point there david now when you look at aretha franklin's background she was privileged in a certain way your father was a popular minister a musical mother but but it wasn't easy go no it was this mixture of a really difficult childhood and a really special one because of her minister father who was very well known they had famous musicians visiting beef the family including oscar peterson duke
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ellington ella fitzgerald dinah washington actually gave aretha franklin and her sisters singing lessons i mean those are quite some amazing beginnings then there were stellar individuals themselves absolutely then there was a lot of trouble you know her her mother died very young after her parents had split up due to her father's philandering and she herself had two children by the age of fourteen she had two difficult marriages the first one was actually violent and you know her big hit respect gave a lot of women a lot of courage to stand up for themselves that came out just before she ended her first marriage that was included domestic violence. and the way she gave all these other women a lot of courage and it sort of when she saw what that have done that implies it came back to her and she found the courage herself and a lot of support for for other artists coming up you mentioned a few of them david leavitt's from the coast destin thanks very much and more
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about aretha franklin her life in future programs here at w news you can also go to our website for more as well in other news now molly's president ever him boubacar kita has been officially reelected for another five year term he was declared the winner of the country's election securing sixty seven percent of the vote the opposition led by somalia sissay have already said they'll reject the results of the presidential runoff the campaign was marred by accusations of fraud by violence and by low turnout. can now faces the immense task of lifting this west african country out of a spiral of islamist and ethnic violence i'm joined now by brown possumus a journalist in a bomb attack abram one of the most pressing issues for the president right now. it's actually most pressing issue number one you just mentioned the mounting insecurity in various parts of the country you remember when he was elected for the first time in twenty first. issue of more than you can find to the local the
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country and i would spread to the center so a lot the number one security level the insecurity that a weekly then makes there are issues that were already on a lot of five years ago and haven't gone away not just the economy that the bottom up jobs. the fact that there's a lot of money and go without the most basic services education no water electricity can kate to deliver this time around on security on the economy. it's hard to say really because he's got a half five years to do when he was elected with a much larger majority seventy seven percent in twenty first seem the majority is now being reduced to sixty seven percent still impressive what you also have to bear in mind that two thirds of them are intellectual have no confidence whatsoever in the in the ability of any of these politicians to deliver and actually didn't
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show up today because the turnout has been. well below forty percent so i think what you see there is that the real reason among themselves grave doubts whether he will be able to deliver this time around and the answer from the past five years as the very discouraging. brown is one of the main transit points for migrants trying to reach europe what is stated propose to do in this area. just think going to resume action platform again and he has literally two or three lines completely noncommittal on this issue i think the answer to your question is he's going to do very little about this with a very simple reason that he doesn't have an immigration policy model for instance like next door where the european union has been.
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ok we seem to have lost out line there to bomb a cow that was journalist from possumus joining us about the results of the mauling election. well we have some sports news and football let it go madrid have picked up their first trophy of the new season they beat city rivals real madrid in the european super cup that was played on dystonia diego costa but let it go in front just forty nine seconds into the match before dream benzema tied it up in the twenty seventh minute the all madrid sergio ramos giving the champions league winners the lead from the penalty spot in the second half cost of scored a lady equaliser to send the match into extra time and let it go scored twice in the extra session to score four two when. diego simeone up as one seven trophies during his time in madrid. this is the governor's live from berlin and we're back after this with. such.
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a. myriad wonderful west virginia. instant. producer in the united states and has relied on mining for generations the but one other person around here say your. misfortune young son loves cars in america. the best of luck. we make up oh but we want tons of business that kind of budget cuts we all this summer so some of. them want to shape the continent's future it's part of it and
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join us youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for charging. european stocks churros performance is the best suited to. come up with a concert every weekend the two flew in concert on the taliban. movie and wouldn't be fighting for decades to take you seriously in the world of what appears has come out. of this talk on t.w. clo they do use the. superheroes on a mission to change and. smart women smart smart station and
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legend isn't by no means missed out on the brain creasing green dangerous stunt. double. welcome back your news our top stories at this hour the death toll from floods in the in the inters hot spot carol has risen to seventy seven but officials say that number could well increase as fragile rainfall threatens new areas. hundreds of troops have been deployed to help those stranded in the worst flooding to hit the region in a century. and in italy officials say as many as twenty people are still missing in the rubble of a collapsed highway bridge in genoa thirty eight people have been confirmed dead so far a state funeral is planned for saturday which will also be a day of national mourning. while in malaysia they were hoping to
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walk free today but two women accused of assassinating the estranged half brother of north korea's leader will face murder charges a malaysian judge has ruled that there is enough evidence for their trial to continue and has told them to enter their defense the vietnamese and indonesian nationals face the death penalty if convicted of killing kim jong nam last year they allegedly smeared his face with a banned nerve agents as he waited to board a flight at kuala lumpur international airport. the women say they thought they were taking part in a prank for a t.v. show let's get more on this story now from from kuala lumpur and correspondent sandra raso standing by for us a surprise in court this morning saturday to tell us what happened. well the local opposition was and definitely the defense had expected the woman the women to be free to be acquitted today because they just felt that the prosecution
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hadn't shown enough evidence that they cooper came down but the judge saw it differently he followed the arguments are off the prosecution saying us of a moment off the press if miss in their efforts and that the two women also rushed to some forms to wash their hands so they must have known so the judge that they handled a very dangerous product and you have to save this product you have to wash your hands in ninety seconds otherwise it will penetrate the skin and you might eventually die the arguments of the judge right this was a band nerve agent that was used the defense team is saying these two women didn't even know what was happening what do they say. yeah the defense said you have to look at the bigger picture and this is a political act those two women they had no clue what was happening they were
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approached by those what they claim to be t.v. producers from china and japan to do to participate in this reality t.v. show that's what they said it turned out during the trial that those a man who approached them are the north korean nationals for suspects who are at large who obviously plan the whole case and they change their clothes every airport and they fled. malaysia right after the a of the act and therefore helped by the way by the north korean embassy all that. leads them to save all those woman they just stayed in malaysia they continue their normal lives so this is motto usually suspects or potential killers would behave. saudis are talking about an extensive conspiracy here why do they believe that kim jong nam was targeted.
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well you ask officials and equally south korean officials claim that was a political act committed by north korea it is known that kim jong nam was the hof off kim jong un and by his father and later on kim jong un criticized his younger brother and said he lacked leadership qualities so that was enough motives to for him just to kill kim jong nam and also you have to say you have those four north korean suspects who fled the country and the north korean side has shown no sort of cooperation of willingness to corporate in this highly suspicious case and the big question is if you will ever find out the truth ok it looks like this case is turning into an international thriller sandra rot so for us in kuala lumpur thanks very much it's to the u.s.
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now where more than three hundred fifty news outlets across the nation have pledged to run editorials today in defense of press freedom they're condemning president donald trump's attacks on what he calls fake news and his suggestions that journalists from news organizations that oppose him and his policies are quote enemies of the people of boston globe newspaper launched the initiative using the image you see behind me president trump's use of the terms news and enemies of the people to describe certain news outlets has been both cheered and condemned usually based on which political party people support but there are concerns that the kind of rhetoric the president uses could erode respect for one of the foundations of american democracy the free press and undermine the way people peacefully resolve their differences. a few days ago i called the fake jews the enemy of the people and they are they are the enemy of the people the fake media is trying to silence
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us. i think it is i mean i get to give you a question you say cattle you are fake do sir i'm not finished i'm not finished make this they can make anything better because they are the fake fake disgusting news. so what are some american newspapers saying both in support of and in opposition to the freedom of the press campaign launched today in fort lauderdale florida the sun sentinel wrote the press isn't america's enemy mr trump it's america's watchdog the wall street journal taking a dissenting view pointing out that it would not take part in the coordinated effort it wrote that the first amendment does not say that the government cannot criticize the press mr trump enjoys free speech just as his media adversaries do and in its own editorial the boston globe which launched this initiative had this
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to say replacing free media with a state run media has always been a first order of business for any corrupt regime taking over a country or press freedom is of course an international concern did abuse turkey correspondent dorian jones is in istanbul the e.u. has questioned turkey's democratic credentials after its president crackdown on the press. international human rights groups and media watchdogs regularly cite turkey as the world's worst jailer of journalists currently thousands of reporters are behind bars imperative to tame down to the country's wide ranging antiterrorism roles most of the tensions occurred under emergency rule introduced also twenty sixteen failed military coup president might have type one insists the conspirators still pose a threat to the country more than one hundred newspapers radio and t.v. stations have been seething closed under emergency powers to spot the lifting of emergency rule prosecution of reporters continue many for the offense of insulting
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the president today with a couple of exceptions or the mainstream newspapers and t.v. stations around the direct role in direct control of the government often using the same headlines and it's not just turkey russia is also a country where media watchdog say it is increasingly difficult for journalists to do their job the lack of a first amendment like in the united states is just one of the reasons russia correspondent you know drugstores as this from moscow since coming to power eighteen years ago let me putin has brought the russian news media largely under state control viewers are provided a steady diet of patriotic content that is seldom questioned publicly the vast majority of independent outlets simply practicing quality journalism have been either brought under control all put out of existence killings and other violent attacks on journalists doing their work go unpunished this along with
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a vaguely worded loans has helped create an atmosphere of self-censorship among journalists and its two thousand eight hundred press freedom index reporters without borders puts russia in hundred forty eight place out of hundred in eighty states. and more on the hash tag free press campaign in upcoming shows. or saying in russia where demonstrators are calling for the release of two teenagers arrested in march for alleged involvement in a terrorist movement the mothers march protesters are demanding that the pair be moved to house arrest if the health concerns the charges against young women are based on the testimony of men believed to be russian security agents activists say those agents and trapped and set up the teen's. human rights activist is about to do something illegal but in her view it's the right thing she's going on a demonstration in support of the young woman even though police have banned the
4:39 pm
lewd you could lose each we want to show that it's not permissible to torture our children. to harass them and in some cases kill them it's not. really one of the children she's talking about is an unpopular. russian state prosecutors accuse her of meeting with others at a fast food joint to set up an extremist group. she argues she was framed by a member of the russian domestic intelligence agency who was also present at the meeting. his report forms the basis for the charges. when police arrested ana she was just seventeen years old. in central moscow hundreds of people turned out for the demonstration despite the heavy rain from well known artists to ordinary families with children many are carrying toys to george tension to the young age of an a public over and other detainees. moved
4:40 pm
in that it was the biggest there is young women are in such a terrible situation in jail you lutherans a.n.u. we have to support them. we can't remain complacent in the face of these political detentions in our country. we want to do something to get these girls out of prison. the demonstrators move off and thinking stay peaceful all the police demand is that everyone stay on the pavement. the protest rally winds up in front of a court building but the mood remains good natured i was in the am i right that it . was would also mean we'll go there we have to be sang full to the people they understand this is only the beginning of our journey to get our children back at you but it was a measure to do. the public pressure seems to be working the court will decide
4:41 pm
thursday where the and his prison term will be commuted to house arrest. this is deja vu news still to come on the show carol not well we meet activists in iceland who say it's time to end the hunting and killing of these dangerous animals and scientists launch a new project to track the most from the international space station what can they tell us about our plan to find out. first over the market and how a good pep talk and boost an ailing currency at least for the time being brian the turkish of finance minister has told reporters that the country's banking sector is healthy despite the currency crisis he denied that has been a major deposit flow from turkish banks and that he would do whatever was necessary to support the banks on the turkish lira gained a little against the u.s. dollar on the back of that announcement but not everyone actually war is about the
4:42 pm
turkey's export sector thrived for the past twenty years and some believe it's solid enough to weather the current crisis to. chim illness so glue has survived a few financial crises during his thirty eight year career the is to base producer of electric parts for cars and buses can still remember turkey's last economic crash that was in two thousand and one when he was forced to turn off his machines the situation today is different however. the news about turkey today has a potential export volume of one hundred sixty billion dollars annually the nation has developed a production based economy over the last twenty years before there was almost nothing produced that could be exported. in the tin and. while many turkish firms are gripped by losses and fears of bankruptcy exporters like the middle sized the know are showing fewer signs of panic after all they continue to bring in dollars and euros at least in part next to tourism turkey's export sector brings in the
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most foreign currency that doesn't mean it's safe from the inflation and currency falloff of recent weeks however. that the after them we purchase our materials in part overseas but we still get a lot from local companies lately more of these liveries have been falling through because the businesses have come to a standstill. that the trade conflict with the u.s. would affect only the steel industry is a commonly held belief here because europe is turkey's most important trading partner not the u.s. or russia nearly half of all turkish exports go to the e.u. . well now a report from the united kingdom where farmers say that bricks it could threaten the country's food supply for years subsidies of helped farmers plant their crops and foreign workers have helped harvest them well now the threat of losing all of this looms large the reports takes us to the southeast county of kent as part of
4:44 pm
our series road to bricks it our reporters last show to seek matus and big mass of traveling around europe and the united kingdom trying to understand the full impact of the upcoming divorce between britain and the e.u. . from. lettuce as far as the eye can see one million heads of lettuce are harvested here in cannes in the south east of england everything. taken by hand by eastern european workers. i don't think. people realized how much we depend on foreign labor coming in. stephen betts is a fourth generation lettuce forward he employs about one hundred thirty sees no one in his farm most of them come from romania as e.u. citizens they can work here with out their visa but with breaks that looming that freedom of movement is now one death threat and with that stephen's entire business
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if there's no labor coming in. this virtually there's going to be no food. we've got to have the labor coming in there's no question about. importing a lot of food from the rest of the world. so we've got that choice. and britain's agricultural sector is already feeling the consequences of bracks and this year there were twenty percent fewer sees no workers to help out on farms. about one hour to the east kevin edwards for his family has been growing cereal crops for over eighty years they rely on big machines and that also means big investments. but because of rex it kevin is unwilling to spend money on an uncertain future his business will lose essentially you subsidies and potentially
4:46 pm
any prospects for the future. we could easily see. a very substantial percentage of farmers disappear family found just go on and that won't be something you can do saudi five or ten years time politically we got that wrong. because it will be don and once wellness leave the land and go on something else to do and generally don't come back on the right. so coming back that might also apply to stephen betsy's the workers next year in march britain will exit the european union and stephen still doesn't know that after that he will find enough people to harvest this talent and his. son that's why probably europeans usually promote the idea of a stronger together and so do athletes in north and south korea brian they're doing that right now monica just as they did at the winter olympics north and south korea
4:47 pm
are combining sports teams at the asian games to help bridge their political divide a combined women's basketball team has proven itself as one of the favorites for a medal a single flag for a divided nation this young korean fan is watching history in the making. neither north nor south only korea that's who's playing and that's who these supporters are here to back. knowing the south koreans and three north koreans make up this basketball squad the asian games which start on saturday will see united korean teens in three further events as well. although we've had our differences in our past i think it's about time that we preside those differences and try to pursue peace together so i think it's a very meaningful thing that both sides are able to get together and they were able to represent the korean peninsula as one instead of two separate flags so i think
4:48 pm
this is something to rejoice so to certainly is the team's success here in jakarta they thrashed their hosts. but for those involved the united front is less about the score than it is about the message. was an honor to become the first unified korea team coach in history and i'm glad we won the first match so i think i'll play is all think the same thing. very few north koreans have the chance to support the united team is here in indonesia inside and outside the country their travel rights are tightly restricted by kim jong un's regime the south koreans who are here have a privilege and a dream what it is one. on the basketball court at least one korea is already a reality. it's to iceland now where the whale hunting season is underway that
4:49 pm
despite an international ban on whaling this year hunters have permits to kill more than two hundred thousand whales iceland is the only country where it's legal to hunt these type of whales but as our next report shows more and more iceland are opposing the hunt. marine biologist megan whitaker takes people whale watching off the coast of iceland a dream job for the marine biologist whittaker has spotted something a mink whale is eating its way through school a fish. with a bit of luck the guests may even catch sight of the much larger humpback whale. in the same waters where the tourists are taking snapshots others are whale hunting. these animals they have skid like alsace nerves they can feel there's pain so there's a heartbeat that goes into the wild and explosion and then they bring these wells on board so it can take you know thirty minutes after an hour of these wild bites
4:50 pm
of bunk painful process. ice lands only whaling station lies hidden at the end of a few orde far away from reykjavik. the whale catchers have captured a fin whale the second largest mammal on earth and an endangered species that is dead animal rights activists document the stripping of the forty ton whales blubber . they post photos and videos online hoping to inspire others to act against whaling this is not a tradition here really it started with norwegian stone it's we have we have a long tradition of eating kale in iceland and growing kale so if kale not a whale. one of the whaling company owner dismisses this kind of criticism as a teenager she harpooned whales from his father's boat and ate the meat. well you mean
4:51 pm
it's good it's the only mean without any harm or dragon got into that but it's been banned in all e.u. . us to do some research but if this sentiment is going to take over here i don't think i think iceland will be. will not be a shifting as a preventive nation in a couple of years if you're going to use that argument. that that survey showed that a growing number of icelanders oppose whaling this demonstration is taking place outside the parliament building and reykjavik. the government could stop the hunting at any moment instead it granted last songs welling company a permit to kill one hundred ninety one fin whales this year alone. the uncle of our finance minister is the c.e.o. for the wally company so if this doesn't scream corruption i don't know what does but we have other parties in parliament and they are against waving. the whale
4:52 pm
meat has mainly been sold to japan the only export market for it. but now the whaling company has a new business idea to make a medicine and compound for treating iron deficiency. we plan to freeze that are even meat. you get about thirty percent of the meat that will be then ground down in pulp. and used as a supplement. marine biologist macon whitaker is horrified by this type of business idea the whales are already under threat due to climate change and marine pollution she hopes that whale hunting will be banned a signal. now for a story where nature meets technology can go warn us when our volcano is about to
4:53 pm
erupt or women earthquakes about to happen all german and russian researchers think they can and that's how the it chorus project was born now it's taken a huge leap into space so it's. a two cosmonauts on like i have and sergey per copy have near the eight hours to install an antenna on the outside of the international space station now that stated the new animal tracking system called decorous can get up and running this black berry does one of the creatures that will be monitored expected with a tiny sensor that will send data such as location and temperature to a global database data will be sent to the space station sixteen times a day and scientists back on air will then evaluate it. indices in the ones interior and animals of the most intelligent census combining the senses into a global system gives us important information about life in six and they will be able to understand animal six at sensitive and really observed life on earth ficker
4:54 pm
is provided scientists with a system of living sensors spare example can anticipate folke haneke eruptions their reactions are passed on through their tag. initially around a thousand tags will be added to the system. scientists hope to one day be able to use it curious to scan all corners of the errors through hundreds of thousands of tracking animals. and here's a reminder now of that breaking news story we're following for you at this hour the queen of soul aretha franklin has died at her home troy michigan she was seventy six. franklin was one of the bestselling musical artists of all time winning eighteen grammy awards and international acclaim in a career that spanned five decades. i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks for joining us leave you now was one of the reason franklin's biggest hits. thank you
4:55 pm
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this is. one of music's most powerful and distinctive voices saying its last. point of soul aretha franklin dies age seventy six with the fairly musical icon of the sixty's seventy's have to be getting us to give her the father instruction. also on the program. news outlets across the. presidents of the media.


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