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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 17, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm CEST

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all mine. this is g.w. news out live from bali and especially marks a tragic anniversary aspas a lot of remembers the people that killed what i drive around into crowds on the block a year ago today but even grief continent the city at a time of heightened political tensions also on the program. i'm sorry for it's always bridges as i go over the debt each other with bridge collapse mounts italians tell d.w. that worried about the country's other bridges.
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plus a musical called the. south africa's a bianchi youth orchestra months one hundred years since nelson mandela's birth with a tour of europe just won a vibrant ensembles taking part in both games a young a euro classic festival. and full gallop welcome to the program. spain is marking a grim anniversary a day of terror that left the region of catalonia on edge a year ago today a terrorist drove a van into pedestrians on barcelona's la rambla witnesses say he zig zags down the busy street trying to hit as many people as possible hours later another member of the same extremist a terrorist cell this time in a car that sped towards
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a crowd in a small a seaside town south of barcelona the islamic state militant group said it carried out the attacks spanish authorities dismantle the cell killing or arresting its members sixteen people died in the terror attacks and more than one hundred were injured. survivors and families of the victims of last year's terror attack on the rambla pass alone or remember those who lost their lives. it's still difficult. and for the families of the victims hard to accept. it was very hard especially at first to not think if they had just spent another minute at lunch or if he had been standing two feet over from where he was or if their plans had been different or they had all gone to the beach instead of walking on the streets of la rambla. but
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i also know that. life is like that. and there is never going to be an answer for those questions those killed or injured came from thirty four different countries with this french tourists was severely injured but survived the attack the memories a painful on the fortunate ones to do when i woke up in the hospital but i realized i couldn't move just say that i tried moving my legs my arms they wouldn't move. i couldn't speak anymore and then i realized that i have to live with this forever. everything came to a halt in that moment and nothing will change this of us talk of south bus alone as many people are united in their grief it is their mission will be a see and from the following day people went out on the streets to say we were not afraid and that the terrorists were not going to infect us with the hatred that we weren't going to distrust our neighbors and was wearing going to criminalize
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a certain culture and that made a strong sports bus alone as city hall had said ahead of the memorial said it wanted to avoid political controversy but in catalonia it's hard to avoid politics . king felipa the sixth of spain attending the memorial historicist sized catalonia spit for independence in the past and has loose support in the region. there was also division on the streets as cuts along separatists protested the king's presence. the focus today however is on creating. italy meanwhile is mourning the victims of the general bridge disaster that killed at least thirty eight people present such a massive rally and prime minister just said because he will attend a state funeral for many of the victims tomorrow a funeral was held today near naples for four friends in their twenty's who died as
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they drove to vacation in france and spain their families didn't want to take part in saturday's ceremony italy's transport minister has opened an investigation into the bridge collapse but that might not be enough to placate an angry public as t.w. charlotte tells him pilger ports from general. rescuers tell us that they won't give up the search until they convince that all the missing have been found but hope of finding survivors is not lost now one of the things that's really struck me since we've arrived here is how nobody we've spoken to was surprised that something like this could happen one man told us he was so concerned about the bridges safety he would always try to drive across it as quickly as possible. friday the company that operates this stretch of the motorway insists all of its maintenance checks were up to date but the fact is that like many bridges built here in the fifty's and sixty's it wasn't designed for the pressures of modern traffic as one engineer told us it was simply coming to the end of its lifespan in the search for on his
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ministers have gone on the attack accusing elton's thought it negligence but people we've spoken to say the government itself has serious questions to answer. that the government is giving very nice speeches still have to see what they are able to sold i have a warehouse in the bridge and was affected by the collapse i want to see the facts also because we have to give up to work. i think to find solutions to government it's only been in charge for two months we need more time to see what it does. to a bill that we have. i believe in the culprits need to pay those who are felt really pay this time because we are very angry there was no monitoring nothing was done here people dying here and nobody talks about it the day off to the governments and about the. government sometimes controversy doesn't help solve problems but sometimes it can be used to point out who is responsible.
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with a nation in mourning a state funeral will take place here for those who lost their lives in this tragedy it's a nice president and other high ranking officials are among the many expected here missing from the mourners will be a number of relatives if the dead they say they feel like they've become pawns in a pub. we don't want to share i'm sorry money my son is not a tool to be paraded before the public his funeral is for those who love them we are not blind both this government and its predecessors lack of interest in their citizens is clear. and it's not just the victims' families who are angry this tragedy has raised serious concerns about aging infrastructure nationwide people here tell me that worried if he has neither the money know the capacity to make some crucial changes and they're asking will this happen again. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world pakistan's parliament has elected former cricket starts and politician imran khan as the
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country's new prime minister will be sworn in tomorrow his p.t.i. party is the biggest in parliament but failed to win an absolute majority and the general election last month. officials in gaza say israeli gunfire has killed at least two palestinians and wounded dozens at the border with israel the violence erupted when protesters approached a border fence is militant hamas group has been leading weekly demonstrations two are trying to break israel's blockade of gaza. meanwhile israeli police in jerusalem have shot and killed an israeli arab after he lunged at them with a knife in the old says he's muslim quarter of horses have not said whether the officer was injured the area was closed briefly as police are carried out their investigations. now u.s. president donald trump has been forced to cancel a controversial military parade planned for later this year he'd want to the u.s. army to put on
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a show of force similar to the bastille day parade he saw during his visit to paris last summer when officials in washington told him it would cost him more than ninety million dollars the president had second thoughts. a fresh coat of paint for the white house the cce of the u.s. presidency is to shine with new splenda for the president outward appearance is of the utmost importance that's why he's so annoyed that is planned military parade won't be happening the city of washington d.c. wanted to charge so much that it had to be counselled twee to trump the phone leaving for the weekend a total of nineteen million dollars had been mentioned a figure dismissed by the secretary of defense james mattis we were told you that you probably. hope it's up to legal in my state. but other voices from the department of defense is speaking out against a parade regardless of costs saying there is no current military victory to
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celebrate the last military parade in washington took place in june one thousand nine hundred one to all of the veterans of the first gulf war back then eight thousand soldiers from operation desert storm marched through the capital with two hundred thousand people looking on americans visiting the world war two memorial in washington today had mixed feelings about holding a parade i think is totally nonsensical is this we should be using that money for much more honorable purposes like helping people who are poor well i hate to say the fact that that honor in our troops in our nation has to be postponed we should be able do that every year and president trump expressed his desire for a major military parade after a visit to paris last year rather than holding his own parade trump said today he plans to attend another one in france instead. let's turn now to the conflict in syria on the fate of a volunteer organization that has saved thousands of lives during the recent years
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of bloodshed white helmets as they are know have been operating in rebel held territories for several years rescuing victims of the fighting and government asterix syria's president bashar al assad describes them as western sponsored propaganda tools to help terrorists as the russian backed military gradually defeated rebel forces the danger confronting the white helmets increased with government troops approaching dozens of them and their families in the areas of daraa and were evacuated to the golan heights by israeli troops from that they were taken to jordan canada britain and germany have agreed to take the main t.w. simon young has been speaking with for ok i'll have to be one of the white helmets cofounders who told him its members didn't want to leave. first of all i would like to say that. we asked for support to protect those volunteers and their families inside syria we didn't aim at getting anyone outside but because the international
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community failed to ensure protection of civilians inside syria and particularly for the humanitarian workers and the white helmets the last resort for for those volunteers were to to escape through the occupied golan heights to short and then have resettlement in other countries we stack the german government and all our friends who support the despotic process and we believe that our colleagues who will arrive here they will be active in their new communities carrying their skills and qualifications they will work to serve civilians there as they did in syria who will do the important work of rescuing civilians in syria if these people have left the country. and. we remain committed to work force the syrian people. they are and we are aware and whenever we have access to
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support them the group of volunteers who will evacuate with their families represent just a small percentage. around one hundred volunteer and their families but we still have more than three thousand volunteers in north of syria who continue their work as usual. the regime says that the white helmets have connections to foreign powers and indeed to jihad these what's your answers over. i would say that the all these narratives are contradicting each other's sometimes they say that the white house do not exist at all these are just fabricated films and sometimes they say those are affiliated with western intelligence and some sun times that they say they are affiliated with jihadist and all these stories contradict with each other's the true story that the white images of the people and working for the people and their success and providing assistance to the people and
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supporting the civil society it challenges the narrative that is proposed by the regime and its allies that are to say that there are no good no good people left in syria and there is north of a society in syria and the syrians are not able to walk by themselves to help themselves it's only the dictatorial regime of the extremists this is our own narrative and for this reason they try to throw these fake accusations on a personal level you must have seen some terrible things during this war in syria. could you describe what motivated you to join the white helmets in the first place . i of course i faced personal challenges and big risks but it's it's just like all other syrians and all other. victims in syria. i would say that i started
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this work and because it's my duty you don't need a motivation to work for your country or to try to rescue your neighbor or your additive or your friend it's it comes from values and humanitarian principles when you hear from my baby or. whoever asking for help it's our duty to do that and we can't abandon our people as long as we can do something to help it's our responsibility and we will keep doing this for today and. i was white helmets co-founder for ok i'll have be speaking with you don't lose simon you know . no court in russia has moved two teenagers accused of extremism from jail to house arrest after hundreds of people protested demanding their release eighteen year old patrick over and nineteen year old marie dubovik accused of plotting to overthrow the government despite claims they were egged on by undercover police
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d.w. quarter with the public or family came. house arrest rather than prisoner eighteen year old animal keeper and a public call that can leave her pretrial custody but state prosecutors maintain their accusation that she wanted to start an extremist group together with other people something she denies. anna is allowed to live at home again but the judge's house arrest order is strict she may not have visitors nor speak to anyone on the telephone including her grandmother. state prosecutors claim that while in a fast food restaurant anna said she wanted to found an extremist association she was apparently prodded by an agent of the secret service the f.s.b. who was also at the meeting his report is serving as evidence for the prosecution and i was seventeen years old at the time of her arrest after her first night at
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home and his mother julia goes out shopping for her along the way she checks the news about her daughter. one that reads it's. it's painful to see how they took her away in handcuffs. but i'm not that israel is what it. experts believe the evidence was not sound and that's why i was released. yesterday public pressure didn't look much and especially the march of mothers. the evening before the judge's decision thousands took to the streets of moscow demanding honest release julia is grateful for all the support but she must now care for her daughter who fell ill in prison. she suddenly got startled during the night you know she crossed. a large.
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this was honest playground just a few years ago and she was healthy and chipper her mother cannot fathom how to just a couple of critical words could turn into an enemy of the state and be subject to punishment julie a public over hopes that by caring for her anxious daughter at home the nightmare might soon end. because this is not waver from official starting with there is only growing tensions between turkey and the united states thank you very much for yes the turkish leader has taken another plunge pulling a brief meet week recovery out of the us president donald trump reach a rate of his tough position on turkey and threatened new sanctions the dollar and the euro both gained around five percent against india on friday but turks don't seem that bothered here is more. the turkish currency stabilized briefly this week after the finance minister reassured investors in a telephone conference that he would take all necessary measures to protect the country's banks and business in turkey's newspapers the threaten us sanctions
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dominate the headlines. we're not pushing for a trade war they quote president arrow one he can still count on the support of his people. we shouldn't make concessions the united states is far away but it wants to show its political strength in this region there's not much that we can do let's keep up the resistance. as we are a country where patriotic sentiments are high no matter how much the dollar increases we'll get over this. don't you believe that doesn't worry me to be honest because i believe that domestic measures are taken yes these threats can cause speculative action such as momentary currency fluctuations when turkish markets are closed international markets are open to speculations. probably the only people who are genuinely ok with a weekly are the tourists because holidays in turkey and they are cheaper than
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they've ever been. greece officially as its third and final bailout program on monday that means that athens will technically regain full control over its budget after years of forced cutbacks in return for emergency loans any celebration will be muted following three payouts over eight years and a sizeable amount of debt to begin with greek debt now amounts to one hundred eighty percent of its annual economic there is meanwhile widespread prostration over austerity measures. test the shares took a dip back to c.e.o. elon musk spoken motional e about the stress of running the company and as american regulators are set to be widening a probe into the firm must go it's a told the new york times that he was working up to one hundred twenty hours a week to meet production goals he had been taking for sleep the u.s.
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securities and exchange commission is looking into mosques tweeting of plans to take the company private it's. all right let's bring in social month ski at wall street in new york city very nice to have you with us please bring us up to date on the test sagal. while this interview is certainly not half the stock market does not make a fable impression on investors and if he cannot keep it together the company might be forced to look for a new c.e.o. or a second one and even way this could mean a shift in the direction of the company and then on top of that the f.c.c. seems to have investigated tesla and folk why do why now because of a second completely different issue according to people familiar with the matter they are trying to find out of tests i has misled and vestas before it about its model preproduction problems moscow has kept making promises that he simply could not keep and this seems to have been subject to a second investigation and this has been going on for
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a year now. it's the last day of the trading week so if so what else is the moving the market. markets are repping up the earning season and it was a strong one but as the earning calendar is out left and less busy there was simply more time to focus on the turkey crisis for example markets seem to have rushed off wars in the middle of the week but they could not completed a five year creeping in from time to time but companies have shown investors that they have done while the spike the trade talks and tariff threats and now trump wants to make some changes to u.s. security law and these earnings season he tweeted this morning that he would like the f.t.c. to check it companies could only report earnings twice a year for more savings and flexibility this idea by the way is not new hillary clinton warren buffett and jamie diamond have talked about this before so she must thank you very much for the update. that's
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a business update for now now dr phil the word you use and you starting in india indeed thank you farai yes the death toll from the catastrophic flooding in the indian state of kerala more than doubled overnight the state's chief minister and us that three hundred twenty four people have died in what he called the worst floods in one hundred years almost a quarter of a million people have lost their homes and rescuers are scrambling to evacuate residents to emergency relief camps. help from above. as in many other regions the indian air force has been evacuating residents of tourists who are who fled to the rubes. many others remain trapped by the high waters which are submerging almost the entire southwestern state of carolina or merging to shelters have taken in around two hundred twenty thousand people. were staying at a schoolhouse floodwaters came up to the front porch of my house and there's no electricity electricity has been out since yesterday that only
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a little bit of finding us with clothes and other things with been given clothes cots and blankets as well as food there are no problems at the shelter. whole villages have been destroyed many of those spared are cut off from the rest of the world. and military rescue teams are struggling to reach those in need. these teams are engaged in basically. medical first responders and they're doubling the situations that raising out of landslides building collapse and also assisting the administration and distributing really materials over there . in kerala many are calling it the worst flood in one hundred years. usually the southwest monsoon soaks northern carola first and then in his the southern part of the state this year it's raining across the whole state at the same time. rainfall
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is forty percent over average and the monsoon season won't be over until december. and i south africa's youth orchestra is one of the star attraction is that this year's a young hero classic festival in berlin film sambal is touring europe to mark the hundredth anniversary of nelson mandela's birth. no public up i'm trying to get the paper that you know do you think this. guy is a native come from cape town and a place for me as you know because. well i think. you know the most beautiful thing about i was just it sort of brings together people that you would normally never actually be with and that's that's when the quality of the orchestra comes in because you know all of a sudden you are you know sitting next to somebody who lives you know ten thousand ks away from you that you would have never actually met. drawing from jazz
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classical and african traditions neology grew out of a social project in cape town under the baton of conductor duncan ward the orchestra is on its fourth european tour. and even in our present day the there are many essential differences that we experience because of the past the fabulous up out date and now you know moving forward and i find that playing this orchestra. all of that it goes away because music becomes the most important thing. in honor of the one hundredth anniversary of nelson mandela's birth the orchestra is paying musical tribute to his values and ideals. definitely me to mandela's vision into reality it's literally his vision come true.
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while i'm gone not optimistic note so that's it you're up to date at the top of the hour and of course as always more on the website st w. dot com. i'm going to. i'm going.
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d.w. . today marks a year since twenty two year old eunice abu yacov got into a rented van and zigzagged along boss alone as famously killing and injuring pedestrians before hijacking another car and killing the driver with another islamist inspired attack in london just this week tonight we ask how long will this go on i'm phil gale in berlin this is the day.


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