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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  August 17, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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indeed i talked to medical experts. watch them at work. and they discuss what you can do to improve your health. and let's try to stay. calm d.w. . today marks a year since twenty two year old eunice abu yacov got into a rented van and zigzagged along barcelona's famously killing and injuring pedestrians before hijacking another car and killing the driver with another islamist inspired attack in london just this week tonight when i ask how long will this go on i'm phil graham in berlin this is the day.
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a year ago today on august seventeenth two thousand and seventeen she was a victim of a brutal terrorist attack. using this money as the next day people one town come to the streets to say we are not afraid to call us again to stop the wars stop the weapons and stop everything that causes. another minute or if their plans had been different there is never going to be an answer for those questions and. the spotter said here bosler is marking the first anniversary of terror attacks that left sixteen people dead and more than one hundred injured families survivors and officials took part in a memorial service in the consulate in capital where an attacker turned a truck into a deadly weapon. survivors and families of the victims of last
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year's terror attack on the rambla possible owner remember those who lost their lives. it's still difficult. and for the families of the victims hard to accept. it was very hard especially at first to not think if they had just spent another minute at lunch or if he had been standing two feet over from where he was or if their plans had been different or they had all gone to the beach instead of walking on the streets of la around la. but i also know that. life is like that. and there is never going to be an answer for those questions those killed or injured came from thirty four different countries with this french tourists was severely injured but survived the attack the memories a painful one
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a fortunate one else to do when i woke up in the hospital but i realized i couldn't move just a diversion i tried moving my legs my arms they wouldn't move. i couldn't speak anymore and then i realized that i have to live with this forever just everything came to a halt in that moment and nothing will change for this of us talk of south of us alone as many as people are united in their grief it is their mission with the a c. and from the following day people went out on the streets to say we were not afraid and that the terrorists were not going to infect us with the hatred that we weren't going to distrust our neighbors and was wearing going to criminalize a certain culture and that made a strong list bus alone as city hall had said ahead of the memorial said it wanted to avoid political controversy but in catalonia it's hard to avoid politics.
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king felipa the sixth of spain attending the memorial has criticized kata looniest bit for independence in the past and has lose support in the region. there was also division on the streets as cuts alone separatists protested the king's presence. the focus today however this on crazy thing. let's get more on this from rick no iraqis are foreign affairs reporter for the washington post he covers the europe and international security issues welcome to day doubly a spanish police any closer to identifying what you might call that the mastermind behind the bosler attack you know the mastermind has not been identified yet. do police and the authorities do have an idea of who he is where he might be but the problem is that he appears to be moving around and that already indicated some of the challenges our european authorities are facing when it comes to solving terrorism investigations and so are they looking in and europe or further afield
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for this person and media are looking in europe but the problem is that this person is moving around and the problem is that inducing and so on it's very hard to track down those people and so if that is on the one hand politicians say this is a strength if you are the fact that you can move from one end to the other unhindered by borders but is that when it comes to and to terrorism and security measures that clearly that's a problem well it wouldn't be such a problem if european intelligence services had actually come up with a different plan to share information much more efficiently and the problem is that this hasn't happened and it still still happened now because a lot of those intelligence services but also other authorities that would have to work together and cooperate they still don't work together in many cases in some cases you have seen some improvements especially in countries that have been struck by those attacks but in other places not so much i mean i think back to the belgian attacks and one of the big criticisms heaped on the belgian security services was
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there was and lots of different jurisdictions within the same country failed to share information with each other but this lesson you're saying still has not been learned across the the block not really and if you look at germany for. instance you have the same problem you have federal states that might cooperate on some levels but they don't cooperate on all levels for instance when it comes to d. radicalization so preventing future attacks by for instance return easier other people who might have been radicalized every single state has its own program they don't really necessarily share information and that is a real challenge because you might someone might move to another state and then authorities of that have lost all track or all information that was previously gathered at least attacks are so often kind of about people with links to north africa algeria morocco sudan libya why well it's certainly is a geographical element there's just a lot of materials tunisians in europe in countries like france especially so we
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have usually in those countries they do tend to be the ones who are behind terror attacks but you can't really generalize that because in other countries you have a very different composition of who commits attacks so that makes it so difficult because there isn't just one element or just one solution that can explain why someone becomes a terrorist and that makes it so hard to find any solution so so leslie the european union seeks to try and offshore its migrant crisis where the holdings had to see into north africa is that likely to have any effect well it could have an effect if we look at people who come to europe specifically to commit terror attacks but as we've seen over the last few years that hasn't really been the case usually we have seen attacks by perpetrators by terrorists who were radicalized here by by humans or by other. people in that field and who
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themselves radicalized themselves online so i think that's the big challenge it doesn't really have to do with migration centers or keeping migrants out it has really to do with finding a better solution within your. so is that it now is this the new normal this is the way that western governments have to accept that there will be people within the societies who are who just hate us and want to kill us well as we've seen over the last one or two decades this appears to be the new normal it does appear to be a way for saturn current be we're going down again there are fewer attacks fewer incidents but as we've seen previously it probably will go up again it will probably go up again if you're fails to find a strategy to deal with return ease those people who've come back from syria and iraq and who still aren't being the radical eyes because there isn't
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a concept within europe to talk about that on another day very interesting rhetoric no act from the washington post thank you so much this. german chancellor angela merkel says she expects tough talks with the russian president vladimir putin here in germany on saturday these will be the two countries first bilateral talks in germany since russia annexed crimea from ukraine four years ago the first of disagreements along with ukraine syria and russia's meddling in elections just to start. she accepted the flowers but she didn't ease the sanctions over ukraine at their last meeting in russia the fact that angela merkel of vladimir putin are meeting for the second time in only three months shows a new interest to explore common ground despite fundamental differences some of that may lie in syria despite russia's role as president assad's ally. russia wants
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to have first a solution with us so that germany and the european union accepts that there will be a post-war syria with assad and then. syria also needs more money money is also an important issue in balance plan to build a joint gas pipeline with russia critics say it threatens regional stability especially in ukraine. both have an interest of the pipeline will be built. but we also know that mr trump already u.s. government with the next wave of saying sions also target not stream to merkel will be pushing for a process to guarantee a future role for ukraine and transferring gas to europe u.s. president donald trump's volatile foreign policy has also piled up some new strategic interests between moscow and berlin. after a really deep fall in trust between germany and russia which to a korean conflict since two thousand and thirteen and fourteen we now return to
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pragmatic relations interest oriented relations machall and putin are scheduled to meet for what is billed as extensive talks at the german government's guest house near violin the two leaders meet the press only before not after their meeting just another indication that no real breakthrough is expected on any of the topics on the agenda at the same time there's a recognition on both sides that with donald trump in the white house shaking up the rules of international politics they need each other even more than they used to. breakthrough expected one wonders why they are bothering let's talk about that with dr one of the other minds here is a political scientist at the institute for security policy at germany's kill university he specializes in russia relations welcome to day w. . i'm get me but this appears to be sort of pragmatic politics in action you don't have to like each other to work together well i'm not sure they are working
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together in india and in noticeable fashion i think one of the reasons why there is now is this summit has much to do at least from the german point of view with the domestic politics because this is term of fish but half of those in other words you want to talk to each other and so one of the interests of america does to be seen to be engaged in a dialogue with the russians so they're both realize that nothing's going to come out of respect let's just go back to going through the motions they go through the motions of what may be coming out of his maybe something at the margins because already at the summit conference between merkel and putin in sochi we are north going to was being talked about to put you name hinted that he may be willing to engage them compromise that is to a permit to some through flew for natural gas through ukraine and of course the volume is still to be decided but we'll talk about nordstrom is this gas pipeline
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shortly the jobs the spokesman says topics will include syria energy questions and ukraine so let's start with syria not hear from i'm going to mackerel. he says the thoughts come from the meeting between germany france russia and turkey could be useful if that's what it means to be welfare and that's the reason why there is no take for it yet. but we're working on a purpose or a meeting between our advisors and afterwards we will decide whether such a meeting makes sense. and of course this topic will be on the agenda with president putin that's the. so how does the adamites how much sense can a meeting about syria between russia france and germany be without the united states yes that's another drawback of such meetings because it was outed states not very much or it could be decided with regard to syria at least the
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united states does have some leverage by virtue of the fact that it has troops there but germany doesn't the so the other point is that of course which russia over very much i'd like to see and in your a take with if i must it was hinted at namely russia would very much like to have the germany pay for reconstruction. this is it's a bit brazen because in many ways there's an air force together with the syrian air force that has smothered. the cities to a smithereens that you produce brocades you pay to fix it yeah exactly oh let's move on to these energy questions this is the north stream to the gas pipeline that's going to supply russian gas directly to germany president trump has complained that this is one of the ways that germany is quote totally controlled by russia does he have a point well no not at all you know the the main the main pro and the main point
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about north rim that too is not the german dependency on russian gas but the point is there really you know the transit of. russian gas through ukraine and ukraine last year for instance made three billion euros from this transit of russian gas to europe and this is this is the crux of the matter and of course this is part and parcel of the destabilization attempt by putin of ukraine because he does not want ukraine to be a prosperous democratically oriented country let's finish on ukraine i don't understand why it's even on the agenda between these two leaders but putin has won this surely he's got crimea he's never giving it back well you know wonder he's in the what is on the agenda is that. at present there has been talked about is a you knighted nations peacekeeping mission and his or her just
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a few days ago from the the german foreign minister it is a question of whether it will take place but of course this is again the questions matter namely the details of such a mission very much in dispute and what it can possibly achieve is another question rebels will see how they get on that tomorrow for another round of out of might thank you so much for joining t.w. welcome. hundreds of google employees assigns a joint letter protesting about the company's reported plans to build a sensor friendly search engine to get back into the chinese market google withdrew its search engine for china eight years ago due to censorship and hacking according to reports more than fourteen hundred employees signed up to the protest which is circulating on the country's internal communication system the latter is said to argue that the search engine project and google's apparent willingness to accept china's censorship requirements raise urgent moral and ethical questions. now
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dr mingy however is an associate professor of communications studies at the university of north carolina he's currently working on a. book with the working title of china versus information she joins us from charlotte north carolina welcome to day w. a google have made no formal comment at this stage so we can only speculate but how would chinese google likely different from google google thanks for having me though the simple answer is that it will be a censored version of google search engine has to mice for the chinese market design and build to comply with the chinese laws as google would have to censor any information that the chinese government may find undesirable especially using the nation in the political and social realm so key words like democracy in an even civil society maybe have an entirely and also the banned list of keywords and
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information is not something static why has to evolve over time as events and news that the government may find objectionable do it on a daily basis and also interested only for hosts search engine is supposed to be difficult to avoid as a whole ball at instead of desktop version so china now is a mobile first country with more than one point three billion mobile phone users so . seems to be banking on the idea that also mobile phones carry a lot more risk potentially more user data put the right from users mobile phones and so. ultimately google search engine would have to be censored in the first place and potentially carry a lot more risk for the user right so but google tried this google went into the chinese market and with drew about eight years ago because of censorship added to hotkey so what is likely to have changed over the last eight years. well over the
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last years eight years lot of things might have changed and everybody's asking now why now why after eight years returning to china. i believe a google has always wanted to have more business in china my guess is the chinese internet market has being too important to be ignored china now has the world's largest number of internet users mobile phone users e-commerce market eventing market the list goes on and on so the bottom line is that the chinese have very enormous an important market that people could not ignore but also in the last eight years china has ramped up its high tech development and now is the leading contender in such areas such as artificial intelligence cloud computing supercomputing and that is something very important interesting to google i fully so there are
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a lot more reasons i guess for google to return as i see this because i want to come on to that so that this fits into china's ambition to become a major player in fishel intelligence this is a way of getting google expertise into china so that china can effectively plunder it. well i think google would have to make a lot of compromise going back to china and search perhaps something desirable for its potential chinese partners and and so there is a lot of speculation that google might be a partner mark which can send chinese the leading and internet company and search might be interesting to consent as a company by artificial intelligence supercomputing and all these areas i think are very attractive to not only google but you know the china chinese government as well and it's something that i call technological nationalists and so this is
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something i think google has to really think about because you can't only in the essence festival as the chinese government allows it to be and finally a briefly a move into the chinese market brings dangerous german companies and u.s. president donald trump of have been complaining about china's technology transfer demands and partly lax attitude to intellectual copyright. yes this has being. a sort of internal issue as since day one any company doing business in china would have to make a compromise sort one thing i think it's worth mentioning is that lately china published its newest cybersecurity law which has laid out many regulations and laws governing anything that has to do with internet and cyber security it does . stipulate that foreign companies can only become
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a minor partner you know joint venture and has to make sure that he's technology is something that he's able to share with chinese company chinese government good talking to you thank you so much for joining d.w. dr jiang from the university of north carolina. are italy is mourning the victims of the genoa bridge disaster that killed at least thirty eight people present such a matter now the prime minister just had become so well attend a state funeral for many of the victims tomorrow a funeral was held in naples today for four friends in their twenty's who died as they were driving to vacation in france and spain or their families didn't want to take part in saturday's seventy it's obvious transport ministry has opened an investigation into the bridge collapse but that might not be enough to placate an angry public as the w.c.l. of telson pill reports from general. this is
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a scene replicated across this region. nestled in mountains in the shadow of towering concrete structures living in one such home as retired construction worker johnny has been here for thirty years for him the branch had long just been part of the scenery but now he's looking at it berry differently. i am a little more worried but first i thought they would have closed temporarily after the miranda bridge collapsed and that they would have checked it properly i mean this has happened and i believe this was careless. the marandi bridge is just a short drive from here its collapse is made giani reassess just how safe this structure instances. because i've been thinking for years that something could suddenly happen to this bridge because i believe that the pillars
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probably only have about sixty percent of the family. compared to. it's not just residents living underneath structures like this who are now concerned it's also the drivers who pulsated bridges like this every day everybody images of the bridge crumbling and you cannot help but picture that when you're driving across bridges like this one and then not just across genoa there throughout the whole of italy there are many people now asking if that can happen to me like the ill fated brain chain many in italy were built in the fifty's and sixty's they would have designed to withstand the amount of traffic passing over them today and as one expert tells me many were only ever expected to have a fifty year lifespan. or luck being shown are devoted to new construction in that we tend to forget that the structure is something that becomes old. and
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this situation should be control of the much better we have to allocate the money from the beginning to be sure that we are. controlling volution of our structure in other countries very very strong you need. is growing but probably is not enough strong the company operating the marandi bridge insists its maintenance checks were up to date back on the outskirts of genoa gianni says regular maintenance work is also being done here but for him that's now another reason to worry. that there's so much maintenance means it's really necessary that after so many years fifty sixty seventy years maybe we have to consider building in new a bridge. that experts say the safety of infrastructure across the country must be reviewed in many cases they maintenance walk will only delay the inevitable
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imagines of more bridges not fit for purpose. of the fields well the state is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter i've asked d.-w. new so i asked phil dale don't forget to use the hash tag and the. have a good. time.
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the fast pace of life in the digital shift has the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information on the way to use phone lines and interviews with the makers and users. fifteen minutes ago. just old by his parents adopted by wolves this isn't the story of mobley it's the story of marcos and it's a true her mother's a seventy two year old spaniard who now lives with fellow humans now we discussing
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this is d w news life from further spain marks a tragic anniversary as possible on every member's the people killed when a driver rammed into crowds on the ramp i hear going today but even grief can't you know and the city at a time of heightened political tensions also on the program. officials say ten days of rain have killed more than three hundred people in the southern indian state of catalan said grapples with its worst monsoon season in a century more heavy rainfall has been forecast plus. italian.


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