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i am. i am. this is deja vu news coming to you live from for a landing gonna declares a week of mourning after the country's most famous song kofi annan da about the age of eighty the former united nations chief and nobel peace prize laureate served two terms of the world's top tip the last days or he became un special envoy for syria we'll examine his likes to also coming up. when raising the debt is really cold rest a funeral for the victims of the shootings bridge collapse in the northern city of genoa relatives and friends joined in the country's leaders to say goodbye to their
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loved ones but some families refused to take part because there are many of the nations from our correspondents. and houses wait for rescue a catastrophic flood structure still there in india one minister called the disaster don't work in a century it's already changed more than three hundred light. thank you for joining us the former united nations chief and nobel peace prize laureates kofi annan has died and was the first black african to take up the role of the world's top just serving two terms from one thousand nine hundred thousand to two thousand and six he later served as the u.n. special envoy for syria leading efforts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict and after a short of this i think of a siege. enjoy. fondant very sick now where as we
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heard kofi annan has died and it's quite shocking after a short illness at the age of eighty. he served as two terms as the un's top diplomat what's likely to be his legacy i think his legacy will be one of untiring commit to peace negotiator and the best to do to peace and reconciliation and for i mean a multitude of issues he addressed like global poverty he addressed a constantly fought against that at this time. and of course the signing of the millennium goals which was of particular interest and importance for african countries and then i think foremost i mean he was the first black african in this post as u.n. secretary general and that was of significance huge significance for african countries in particular so you paved the way essentially now you as a d.w.i.
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africa correspondent have actually met kofi annan what were your personal impressions of him it was actually really interesting such a huge man with such an aura and just what goes in front of him before you meet him and then he was actually really sure i mean he's got this group i go to the and he's not vibrant he was vibrant and extrovert he was rather quaint and withdrawn and very thought for i mean he studied economics he was a bit technical at times very correct modest but warm. now. and then obviously is almost synonymous with the u.s. and the current u.n. secretary general has actually come out and said antonio terrorists he was the u.n. . he did obviously do work for them after he left what exactly did he do what were his different roles he worked as the u.n.
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special envoy for syria for quite a number of years and then most recently he made the plight of the rich fleeing his own and talked about it until recently it was a very short illness now and he was the chair off the elder the group that was formed after mandela. went out of politics and it's tough political and wise people in this statesman. spreading mandela long walk to freedom basically the message of peace and reconciliation to young africans director thank you very much for joining us today oh. heavens of mourners have attended a state funeral in the italian city of genoa to commemorate those killed when a motorway bridge collapsed in the city on tuesday the country's leaders joined victims' relatives to pay tribute to the dash prayers are offered for the parity is confirmed to victims and
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a further three people discovered under debris early on saturday some families chose not to attend the ceremony preferring to bury their dead privately to earlier i spoke to our correspondent philip will and i asked him about the service. well the service is actually just come to an end very moving. service with. top representatives of the taliban state president members of the new government actually applauded you know office for a very short time so headley can be seen as responsible for the full sit in the past the archbishop. general wes spoke of the collapse of the bridge is creating a terror in the heart of general and the very moving scenes relatives touching the coffin as the funeral went forward in coffins covered with white
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roses and at the end rather surprisingly prayers and a message of peace from the. muslim faith in genoa so were. there has to albania and victims who were of the islamic faith. on coming out to pay their respects now some of the victims' relatives have declared that they will be and they have stayed away from today's funeral service why is that us. well a number said that they simply want to hold the funeral for their loved one in their own homes close to their own homes so that friends and family can attend more conveniently but they have behind us who. spoke very polemically of what happened as a state homicide and so there was no sense in that tape taking part in
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a state funeral there's a sense that the government failed to supervise the yeah safety of this bridge because that's of a major move to a bridge something that simply should not happen and so we're sure to come out a bank at. the relatives of the victims and so we're really quite understandable decision that many of them didn't want to buy dissipate in this funeral service in general. it's very stark or it's over a very very tragic event the firm response of all for the maintenance of the bridge by the way is also due to hold a news conference and there is an awful lot of pressure on them not just to provide answers but also to possibly compensate the families what kind of action are they likely to take. that will people are expecting that they will make a commitment to pay compensation to the relatives of the victims and also to come
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to the aid. hundreds of people who lost their homes as a result of this disaster homes that were built under the bridge and are now considered to be unsafe it's also expected to be a real. word so sorrow and solidarity which will now are lacking from the company and the company has been very much criticized for its failure of communication and finally it's expected to rule that offer to rebuild the bridge and to. improve the road infrastructure of genoa and chile that's the kind of thing that they will need to negotiate about with the government particularly if it seems likely that they're operating license could be revoked. in rome thank you for that
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official thinker are pleading for more help as month influence in on days much of the southern indian states and the death toll continues to climb the state's chief minister says three hundred twenty four people have died in what he called the worst floods and hundreds of years india's military has been called in to help the relief efforts. rescue teams are continuously being called out here more often than they can keep up with others drag themselves to safety in whichever way they can. this is now a full scale military operation a human chain of soldiers passing basic supplies over a makeshift bridge to these villages who've sought higher ground in the treetops. those rescued are being taken to shelters more than three hundred thousand people have been evacuated so far many more are still waiting continuous sorties are being undertaken and people keep coming. additionally we have more than
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what the agaves of day was and i would not give any boards. it's being called the worst flooding in one hundred years ten days of relentless heavy rains have left villages totally submerged thousands of people across the state are still stranded and with more rain forecast the flood waters won't be receding anytime soon. the level of water has risen tremendously it's not slowing down and that's why people are scared but again. deadly mudslides have added to the desolation they've crushed homes. scattered temporary. and cut off vital roads.
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on saturday morning prime minister narendra modi was flown over some of the worst hit areas he's promised more than seventy million dollars in aid more boats and helicopters to many down below all that can't come soon enough. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. german towns that angle america will hold a bilateral so much with the russian president vladimir putin later today the talks are expected to focus on energy issues as well as the conflicts in syria and hugh crane it will be the leaders second meeting in three months the former cricket star in montana has been sworn in as pakistan's new prime minister in his first speech as prime your con promise to enforce ruthless accountability to fight corruption his party won the most votes in last month's election but failed to secure a majority. the mexican ministry has uncovered huge underground drugs in a remote mountainous area of the country's west troops say they destroyed fifty tons of mass on fast mean and slice mexico is
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a major supplier of meth antero into the united states which has seen a surge in opioid addiction. some football news now the german culprit kicks off this weekend's giving lower tier teams the chance for glory against the pops here heavyweights hoffenheim they are hoping for a big upset. these players are kaiserslautern legends they were all part of a powerhouse club and part of germany's world cup winning team in one thousand nine hundred fifty four nowadays the squad has players with the best second division experience more than twenty players left when kaiserslautern dropped into the third tier the end of last season in the wooden league monuments fifty percent of your revenue when you go down to the third division that makes it incredibly difficult to maintain a good team. at the moment the club is fifteenth in the third division table. now they host hoffenheim in the german cup twenty years ago kaiserslautern
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were born in this league champions hoffenheim just the local village club the tables have turned. the cost of expanding their stadium for the two thousand and six world cup saddle kaiserslautern with big debts and soon the club was swapping europa league football for the second division bosses came and went but mismanagement proved constant and last season the club was relegated once more. lucrative the fact that it's now hoffenheim the recent upstart from the region bringing the bonus league back to kaiserslautern is met with mixed feelings. fourteen terms it's an enormous challenge to play a champions league side it's not the kind of big name club that we would expect to sell out the stadium for but still it's abundance league at champions league level team against a third division team but that's what's so interesting about football that
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a sensation is always possible in a game like this one as on south america has a sensation used to mean bringing home the world cup now a victory against hoffenheim would qualify in kaiser's lauzon footballing dreams have become markedly more modest. and just a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you the former united nations chief and nobel peace prize laureate kofi annan has died at the age of eighty and on served two terms as the world's top different natures the u.n. special envoy for syria and country of birth gonna have a week of mourning. is may have held a state funeral in the face you have genelec in the city of general but the victims of choose dates motorway bridge collapse country is also observing a national day of mourning telling news media say the death toll has risen to forty two after more bodies were found. in iraq today so you're watching daily news coming to you from bahrain and more news again at the top of the air and don't
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