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nineteen sixty eight. they're going to start september first. this is the don't use live from but it and i'm going to putin here in germany the differences remain as that you tackle of the tough issues of ukraine in syria the signs of a pragmatic pool as the german and russian leaders talk face to face for the second time in three months. qana declares a week of mourning off the country's most famous son kofi anna dies at the age of
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eighty the former united nations chief the nobel peace prize laureate served two terms as the world's top diplomat later he became the u.n. special envoy to syria but examine his legacy and. commemorating the day it's only holds a state funeral for the victims accused days bridge collapse in the northern city of jenin one credits his impressions join the country's leader to say goodbye to their loved ones. might have had a home for good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel has been holding talks with russian president vladimir putin here in germany with the crises in both syria and ukraine high on the agenda but with a key energy project also with the table there are signs of prognostic thaw and
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what have the difficult relations. it's their second meeting in three months and there's no shortage of issues for the two leaders to chew over . i mean if he said that in view of the fact that there are so many serious issues around the world we need an opportunity to find solutions we both have responsibility in germany but in particular also russia because russia is a permanent member of the security council so we need to look for solutions. solutions on syria will be difficult as miracle said there has been a reduction in the fighting but the search goes on for an end to the conflict but putin at least is talking about post-war reconstruction. still let me remind you that one million refugees are in jordan one million in lebanon three million
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are in turkey but this is potentially a huge burden for europe and therefore it's better to do everything so that these people can go back home for them with what must be done for that elementary things we need to help to restore water supply sewers medicine the most basic things i think everyone is interested in that including europe. ukraine to continues to be a focus of attention this is the first time putin has met merkel in germany since the conflict in donbass began and peace is still elusive. of course we will talk about ukraine as the chancellor said in the context of settling the crisis. we are not making the progress we might have hoped but there is no alternative to the implementation of the minsk agreement. top level relationship looks more active and more cool deal than it has for some years as merkel said earlier this week while breakthroughs are unlikely talking remains
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essential. we'll talk more about this now i'm joined by the w.c. and the show win in moscow thomas sparrow in maze of bag that's the venue of the talks and here in the studio with me our political correspondent nina has a welcome to you all thomas i'd like to begin with you because american putin met just recently in fact in such a why exactly all the two leaders meeting now well i'm going to merkel cannot focus on foreign policy one of her strengths so vibing a key internal debate on migrations of that can explain at least partially why they are meeting now that focused on that american on how government want to put on foreign policy issues and foreign policy issues that by the way have to be solved with russia when we're talking for example about the crisis in ukraine we're talking about the crisis in syria in particular for example the crisis in ukraine is one that i'm going to mobile has been trying for years alongside other partners
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to try and hold in particular through the means to three months of two thousand and fifteen and when it comes to syria she has also been vocal about the need to finding political solutions obviously that is a very difficult challenge ahead not only for germany but also for other partners internationally but that explains the need why angela merkel and vladimir putin a meeting precisely here in ms about today i think he told us this is something the chancellor has been grappling with for many years now concretely what is it do you think that germany expects from russia now. on the one hand i think ongoing dialogue it is not something that's unique to the german russian relationship but it is particularly important in the german russian relationship mainly the need to keep talking even when there are very evident differences that on the one hand then obviously political assurances when it comes for example to ukraine or to russia the need to try and find long term solutions for both
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conflicts and then there's obviously the issue of trade one that was also discussed here in particular the north stream two pipeline that both countries want to advance but that's is facing certain opposition not only from certain countries in the european union but also other countries in particular for example ukraine but also the united states donald trump has been very critical of his north seemed to pipeline so those were all issues that had to be discussed by the two leaders and that i'm going to mogul was particularly interested in finding at least some sort of answers from vladimir putin all right so progress some answers nina we know that when it comes to syria the angle of merkel actually wants putin to finalize a lasting cease fire what role can germany play in in syria and brokering peace there while germany does have a clear interest in avoiding a further escalation of the conflict russia is selling the world the narrative that
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bashar lost his they've been supporting for years has essentially won the war uncle mackle said earlier that she still believes that there need to be fresh elections but at the same time germany's interested like i said in not escalating the conflict further so what germany will try and do anglo-american has set this is she's going to try and talk to flooding there putin about the potential syria meeting in turkey in september where france and turkey and russia and germany who talk about percent potential solutions all right very briefly i'd like to go over to emily share win in moscow and many of the nord stream to pipeline will bring russian gas directly to germany putin has said that it's an economic project what does he mean by that briefly if you will. well north korean two bypasses ukraine and ukraine has been very worried about that and merkel came to this meeting kind of hoping for guarantees for ukraine as well and in a way putin kind of handed those guarantees to her on
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a platter he said that ukraine would continue could continue to be a transit country but he also left a kind of back door open he said that it would be a transit country if that was economically beneficial family show in moscow thomas sparrow a maze of land and of course with me in the studio all political correspondent nina thank you very much to you all and now some of the other stories making news around the world indian prime minister nuri modi has promised more than seventy million dollars in aid for the flood stricken state of kara the government's deployed thousands of troops to the southern region off the trench along soon rains it is also has killed hundreds and thousands are still waiting to be rescued. london police say they have charged the driver of the car which hit several people outside parliament this week with attempted murder sudanese born british nationalist style indicator is to appear at
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a london court on monday three cyclists were injured in that crash on tuesday. at least one police officer was injured in berlin when around five hundred far right activists clash with an equal number of counter-demonstrators the far right group is marking the thirty first anniversary of the suicide of nazi war criminals hess some twenty three hundred police officers were deployed to prevent violence. so he arabia has been making final preparations to host the annual hajj pilgrimage which begins on sunday over two million faithful home across the world are expected to bring a five day event the pilgrimage represents one of the five pillars of islam and is required of all able bodied muslims once in that light. now the former united nations chief and nobel peace laureate kofi annan has died and then was the first black african to be the world's top diplomat he served two terms from one thousand nine hundred ninety seven to two thousand and six now in
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new york at the united nations has lowered its flag to half mast of its world headquarters and then died off a short illness at the age of eighty. four almost ten years the face of the u.n. for many he still is he managed to be more than just the u.n. secretary general he was the moral authority he was driven by one conviction that he kept for it to rating we have an obligation under international humanitarian law and now on moral values to kofi annan was born in ghana in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight his parents were well off he could study economics in the u.s. as well as switzerland the young. a fan was only twenty four when his career began at the united nations. he started with the world health organization in geneva and soon became head of u.n. missions in war zones. when he moved to the top post at the un it was meant as an
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interim solution taking over from the controversial previous secretary-general boutros boutros ghali despite his diplomatic skills he felt his biggest defeat was over the two thousand and three iraq war but his belief in the un's goals and importance never ceased i think most of you know that one of my chief aims ever since i took over as secretary general has being to make the united nations more useful for his tireless work as a peace negotiator and ambassador for human rights and then was honored with the nobel peace prize in two thousand and one leaves the wife and three children. the head of the italian company responsible for the motorway bridge which collapsed in genoa this week as promised to put a new structure in place within eight months the chairman of out a thought it was a promise tens of millions of euros in aid for those affected by the disaster
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ceremonies have been held in italy to mourn the forty three people killed after the collapse of the bridge on tuesday. a state funeral in genoa for some of those killed in the disaster. the names of the dead read out to applause for and if. you're not a city in mourning. i draw. the collapse of them around the bridge slash the heart of genoa. the deep wound is caused above all by the immense pain for those who lost their lives and for the missing. he spit. out a started the company responsible for the bridge in a press conference held only hours after the state funeral said it would give five hundred million euros to the city of genoa many of pointing the finger at altus
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that are dead but they stopped short of taking responsibility. for your. vision and we strongly feel our compassion our closeness our torment toward the victims and the relatives of the victims and their friends. and towards the society and local communities. afford it but we don't believe that under the current circumstances we should take responsibility for an event that is still being investigated in depth look at the i mean the situation but bringing hands won't quell locals anger. so moved by you get into your mind these are mistakes that keep on being repeated and now for the umpteenth time angels flew in the sky and paid for mistakes of other human beings severe mistakes so it is time to say enough and to think about what is really crucial which is maintenance.
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today the families of those who lost their lives are grieving but pressure is mounting on the authorities to find who was responsible and ensure that they see justice. in football the german cup first round continued today and there's been some shock results by munich and a narrative managed to beat a fourth tier talk to send us away the goal by robot live and dusk in the eighty second minute the biggest shock though saw who also play in the fourth division knockout writing champions i hocked frankfurt with a two one victory got also made an early exit losing to no two hundred or stock hoffenheim and with a woman on the other hand had no problems both defeating the lowly opponents with a score of six one and cliff diving is impressed hundreds of spectators to crimea as they took part in the quick died in world cup now the black sea resort town of
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yes' provided a stunning backdrop while the small competitors wowed the crowds at lining beach the divers launch themselves off a twenty seven meet a high platform and the way it was a familiar face waiting champion gary home from great britain once again one taking first prize and taking home six thousand u.s. dollars. this is g.w. news from berlin on have a home free c.c. . the first day of school in the. first clue and. then gore's grand moment arrives join the arena tank on her journey. you know we're mentoring you down. the road in the rain getting returns for. its green
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shoots. it's brand new state of colorado college.


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