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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 19, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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we're going to start september first. more than eight hundred thousand people are displaced by iraq complies insult in india imagine see where cars are struggling to rescue the thousands still trapped by rising water. million people have been told. want to in short supply and more rain is on the way also coming up. the plight of venezuelans being the country's
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economic crisis brewing unemployment has prompted hundreds of thousands of people to leave but neighboring countries are not always welcoming. and a down that's from an outcry we find out why a video showing austrian foreign minister waltzing with russia vladimir putin. being. to. welcome to the show authorities in south in india a struggling to cope with some of the west floods in over a century more than three hundred people are dead and hundreds of thousands have been displaced rescuers in the state of kerala stepping up efforts to bring food and water to many people still stranded by the high water more rains are forecast for the coming days. with the heavy rain easing off rescuers the seizing the
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chance to evacuate those stranded down below. his toddler and its mother in the try at last. on the ground boats is still the most effective way to reach remote villages these people have been stuck here for nearly a week their homes are uninhabitable so they've moved all their stuff up the hill camping out together in this fashion really hospital. with been here for the past six days about thirty five of us adults and fifteen children managed to get here we got trapped because of the floods. title supplies are being dropped in by helicopter to deal with the growing shortage of food and water that in itself presents dangers some prefer to stay on higher grounds. that want off. and
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this is still a delicate and difficult rescue operation fast flowing water and mudslides as well as being deadly have also abruzzi trees and blocked off key access to roads. and. the places that this lady is happened. six hundred to eight hundred please a big reason paula is. as rescuers delve deeper into remote areas they make more grim discoveries with. areas completely submerged they fear the death toll will continue to rise. let's bring in our india correspondents on your father sunny it's good to see you so bring us up to speed has the situation in the southwest developed. well egypt earlier today the rains eased somewhat we're getting reports that the flood waters have receded in some places that has come as as
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a particular spite after these days of torrential rains the weather office has warned to pay the rains in the coming days in isolated pockets but regardless of that of course the rescue operation continues really in a walking in what is still considered an unfolding emergency you know like you said you know for thousands of people remain stranded in the state and those who have made it into relief camps hundreds of thousands of now please a lack of food and water you can even basic toilet facilities that are also reports that there was a lack of fuel and medicines in certain areas because many gas stations and power cuts pharmacies across the street remain under water and i think some of the biggest challenges now are really trying to avoid an outbreak of disease and trying to get clean drinking water to the population since many of the what if we can in the steves remain under water in the waters of damage so sagna we've been reporting that rescuers are struggling what challenges are they facing. what i think the biggest challenge remains in getting access to those areas that are that are
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flooded you know entire districts have been cut off on the mainland because the roads of either been washed away or damaged in the landslides and so rescue workers have yet to reach many flooded areas some of them are considered too narrow for boats to navigate the hundreds of fishermen have of course the diligence of also joined the effort indian levy in the army has also pitched in the troops and resources and diving teams so also that operation continues the monsoon is obviously a recurring event but sania why is a situation so dramatic this year. that's right and i get a lot really gets a copious amounts of rain throughout the entire once and season quite until september but this time i think the rainfall has simply been really unprecedented really heavy you know just to give you an example just to just mix a lot of cattle have received as much weight on as the entire state scenes during this time so i think the scale of the problem is simply massive and the government of getting was also been forced to relieve you know water from about twenty five
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dangerously swollen dance and reza was because of high water levels and that has created for the problems downstream you know because religion is being in. india correspondence on your phone thank you venezuela's president nicolas maduro has announced a series of economic reforms aimed at curbing hyperinflation which this year could hit one million percent and you currency starts trading this week the country's protracted economic crisis of has prompted hundreds of thousands of venezuelans to seek a new life elsewhere in latin america but they're facing ever tighter restrictions on getting into other countries. brazilians in the border town of park turn venezuelan immigrants forcing hundreds to flee back across the frontier violence flared after an alleged attack on a local restaurant owner but tensions have been building for years as huge numbers of venezuelans escaping turmoil at home have poured into brazil. chaotic scenes
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also on the border between colombia and ecuador which has tightened passport requirements for venezuelans wanting to enter the country like many fifty year old gabriele malo volta wants to travel through ecuador and then into peru but the authorities there too are cracking down on venezuelans. i'm here with my wife we're hoping for some kind of humanitarian measure from the ecuadorian government that allows us to enter so we can continue our journey to peru. we really want to contribute. if we don't work our kids will starve. we're going to stick together until we get to our destination in peru so we can work and fight for our kids. that may now be more difficult but with the venezuelan economy in tatters and no guarantee president
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maduro reforms will succeed there is little incentive for would be emigrants to return home. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world italian rescuers have ended their search for survivors from the general bridge collapse the official death toll now stands at forty three up to three more bodies were discovered overnight a section of them around the bridge gave way last tuesday with dozens of cars bunging fifty meters to the ground below. the indonesian island of has been struck by a six point three magnitude earthquake it's epicenter was in the island's north east the quake caused honey and local of damage so far no serious injuries have been reported but this is the latest in a number of quakes to hit the most severe on august fifth killing nearly five hundred people. the annual hajj pilgrimage has begun in mecca saudi arabia over two million muslims from across the world are expected during the five day event now
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it's one of the world's biggest gatherings and in the coming days pilgrims will take part in a series of rituals including circling islam's most sacred shrine aqaba. let's not look at a story that's put austrian the austrian government under the spotlight of its foreign minister's decision to invite russian president vladimir putin to a wedding photographs had raided been released showing caring with putin at a wedding party over the weekend but now there's a video which has emerged showing the two sharing a dance and that has sparked an outcry critics say behavior undermined the european union stand against moscow over ukraine but vienna says put an attended the wedding as a private guest and there would be no change in austria's foreign policy position. public has been following that story and he now joins me in studio is a pleasure to have you here so pablo how exactly did the timea putin find himself
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at a wedding party of austria's foreign minister well first and foremost he was invited to this wedding by the couple earlier this year on a visit to austria and actually current or putin have been friends for the past seventeen years they met at a so much in slovenia alongside george bush back in two thousand and one i think the summer of two thousand and one so they will see how the friendship since then now these images that we've seen a lot of near putin of course now let's not forget there's one element that we have mentioned which is that he actually gave a speech which is what we're seeing now in german because of course a lot of mir speaks fluent german because he did spend time in germany as a working for the k.g.b. back before the burning more kind. and you know as we're seeing here these images of a lot of mir putin will say sort of a more relaxed environment are nothing new in many ways because we've already seen those photographs about amir putin you know shirtless. you know. in the wilderness
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and that we're seeing him dance of course but what really the difference here is of course is the fact that his presence at this wedding in austria at the foreign minister. wedding of course is having not only with. in austria but of course across the european union and in other places such as ukraine all right so it seems that they've been long friends they've been friends for a long time but shocked reactions coming in the right like you just mentioned there you know there's been reaction on twitter of course because people nowadays take to twitter when they have an opinion to share and most notably we've heard from for example built of course he's the co-chair of the european council on foreign relations and he said you know russian president vladimir putin was a private guest at the wedding of them austrian foreign minister cries all questions of biden and of course questions do abound as we're seeing there this tweet by him and like i mentioned before the results so much criticism coming from
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in particular from ukraine of course and in ukraine an m.p. and the head of the foreign the foreign affairs committee there in the parliament in kiev said the wedding is a private thing however it goes without saying if you invite amir putin to your wedding you're not neutral anymore from now on austria can't be a mediator in ukraine period and of course she mentions the bust in courts of course and he being the chancellor of austria so you know it's not exactly the best sort of publicity we'll say you want from your wedding and the criticism that they've been getting in particular and by the way i'm talking to the foreign minister on the austrian government you said questions abound one of which could austria potentially being what took him after this well i mean from what we're seeing you know the criticism is coming in thick and fast and you know it is the weekend too you know so monday is just around the corner and we'll see whether there will be more reaction but it seems like austria is it doesn't look good for
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austria particularly if there are you know at the end of the day the policy of the european union towards what's happening in ukraine and russia is fraught will say so this does not look good for the austrian government. with all the details of that controversial dance thank you. whispered shots of football where the german cup first round continued on saturday and there was some shock results reigning champions i tried frankfurt suffered the biggest upset with a fourth tier of all men beating them to one stroke got also made an early exit losing two zero two hands a rostock a buy in munich managed to avoid embarrassment against an obscure fourth division jocked s. and with a late goal from robert eleven dusky handing by and a one victory in formula one motor racing ferrari sebastian fettle is trailing defending champion lewis hamilton in the driver's standings but there's plenty of
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time left to bridge that gap the ferrari team is closer to the title this year than they've been in a long time. this year's ferrari is nothing if not faster. be not told the new chief technical officer has overseen the creation of an innovative machine the early results were positive ferrari started the season with two. we have all the reasons to be confident i think all cars great stuff to come so plenty to look forward to but as of yet for already have failed to fully capitalize on their technical superiority sebastian vettel looks are usually vulnerable on four occasions mistakes have cost him the win like the german graham greene when federal threw away the lead with a steering error and crashed out of the race eleven years without a title have obviously ramped up the pressure at ferrari. this year is the first time in a long time that missy these don't have the technical advantage but the team is making up for it with effort and ingenuity and of course they can rely on four time
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world champion lewis hamilton has delivered a driving master class so far this season the spirit within the team is stronger than it's over them and these experiences that we've been having and how we've been handling them have really united us more than any other year. it watching the news from berlin thank you for your company. we make up for but we watch as all the under educated we are the civil service and . they want to shape the continent's future. part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seven percent platform for africa charge.


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