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european concerts which. believe i am. playing. the odds are and i am indeed mocking. this is they don't really use live from berlin clamp down on venezuela neighboring nations rush to close their borders to fleeing migrants as the flood of venezuelans escaping economic chaos grows a government at home launches a new currency in the hope for storing some stability also coming up here full for unions for north and south koreans rejoining loved ones they haven't seen in
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decades many thought this day would never come close and economic miles stalled for greece after almost a decade of debt crisis the country's bailout and athens will now be able to borrow money on financial markets for the first time in eight years but the road to full recovery is still a very long one. and also coming up we'll know that video gaming is a multi-billion euro industry and we know that kids sometimes play video games when they shouldn't but one high school in jakarta the teacher approves in fact e-sports is part of the curriculum. i am. thank you so much for your company everyone all we begin our blog. cast in crisis
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hit venezuela its neighbors are now rushing to close their borders there's people flee from great economic distress well to try to bring some stability and as well as president nicolas maduro has launched a new currency to combat hyper inflation that soon expected to reach and i watering million percent a year five zero have been knocked off the beleaguered ball of our wall to give you an idea of the daily hardship that people have been facing this pile of old bully of ours that you can see here buys you just one chicken likewise this is how much a few tomatoes currently cost in venezuela and when it cost cost this much money to buy just one toilet roll why bother even buying the role of venezuelans are fleeing the economic crisis in droves but neighboring countries are now tightening entry restrictions states in brazil has asked the supreme court to halt
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the entry of migrants colombia ecuador peru and chile also trying to stem the flow . has been dragging her suitcase along a highway she is fleeing desperation and economic hardship back home in venezuela crossing into ecuador on foot as an undocumented migrant. we spent all night by the border the authorities told us to be patient they said they would guess knots or in the morning but there was no response they just told us to head to venezuela especially we don't want more venezuelans here. after ecuador imposed new entry restrictions on saturday and her friends felt that they had no choice but to cross illegally while they press on thousands of stranded at the checkpoints hungry and cold fearful of being turned back. here and we have no hope whatsoever of being able to pass through my husband is desperate over in peru my family is also
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desperate in venezuela we just want to help our families i have two children i sold my house i have nothing now i can't go back to venezuela with nothing. the unprecedented exodus of desperate venezuelans is increasingly overwhelming neighboring countries colombia and brazil tighten border controls earlier this year now ecuador and peru are following suit. tensions along the borders are rising over the weekend brazilians in the border town of pocket i am up turned on men israel and migrants forcing hundreds of newcomers to flee back across the frontier across the region the growing influx of venezuelans is stoking animosity against the migrants and has been building for years despite that and at the risk of being turned away and have friends still have their eyes set on peru and many are still on their way in what could be the world's next migration crisis. for would like to
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turn our two were journalists oscar flanker he joins us from the venezuelan capital all. first off i mean as we've been reporting and neighbors are closing their borders people are facing a very strict a travel restrictions one options are left for venezuelans looking to escape economic hardship well what these countries are asking for now is passports until recently but as well as because many countries in south america without it because of the treaty called the end the end charter so getting a passport would be the option for someone who wants to migrate the problem facing these countries is that they are not prepared to changing what the u.n. called the largest migration of people in history but for that as well as the odds of staying or grim because adding to the food and medicine shortages there's also an energy crisis that has many cities without electricity and water transportation crisis and become another factor making life difficult for those women's and
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economists are forecasting a rise in unemployment each of these new economic measures so we might see a spike also in venezuela immigrants now oscar talk to us a little bit about to venice about this new a currency that's being rolled out the sovereign ball of ours it's called i mean this must be a massive operation is this the silver bullet that will help stabilize the economy . well many economists are egypt rejecting these measures as more political than economic because it puts the government in the midst of every economic aspect in venezuela he sides a minimum wage sixty times higher than what it is now there were also be a rise in taxes and gasoline prices so economists agree that this is a blow to the private sector that will worsen the economic crisis increase unemployment and push inflation to levels nobody has anyone has ever seen yeah before any forecast models were to reach one thousand percent inflation this year and with these measures some saying that it will fall short i also let's look ahead
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the opposition is they're calling for a nationwide strikes and protests come there to stay so tomorrow over these economic reforms will they be able to mobilize people and get them to come out on the streets expectations are low because last year opposition was able to get hundreds of thousands to protest and hundreds died thousands were imprisoned and many of them were her tortured so our side formed from the fear of change this many people that oppose the government have simply left the country we've seen more people this week at her personally buying food and filling their tanks and preparation of what's to come so hopes are not at all hard for people here today where everything is closed because banks and businesses are changing their currency that will come into effect tomorrow but parliament is scheduled to have an emergency session on the situation to discuss what is going to happen in venezuela with these new measures journalist oscar slank of reporting from caracas venezuela
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thank you. and we'd like to bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. pope francis has condemned what he called the crime of child sex abuse and cover ups within the catholic church and writing in a rare letter to catholics around the world the pontiff said the perpetrators should be held to account while the letter follows revelations of an abuse scandal in pennsylvania in the united states. spanish special forces have raided the home of a man who tried to assault police near barcelona authorities say the man demanded to be let into a locked police station then lunged at officers inside with a knife before being shot dead by vista gators are treating the incident as a terrorist attack. water levels in the southern indian state of kerala are receding after nearly two weeks of catastrophic flooding well at least
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three hundred fifty people have died after heavy rains caused the worst flooding in the state for a century more than three quarters of a million people are in relief camps and officials are now worried about an outbreak of disease. like stuff motional reunions of war separated families in korea dozens of elderly south koreans are in north korea for a long awaited reunions with family members the tearful meet ups rejoin relatives who were divided after the korean war nearly seven decades ago the reunions were approved by the leaders of the two koreas at a historic summit back in april part of a recent thaw in relations. reunited after decades apart. parents sons daughters brothers and sisters together again recognizing each other was sometimes difficult. this is eighty nine year old
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soon don't show and her eighty six year old sister. i finally get to meet you after living for so long. despite the passing of time eighty one year old young son kim never forgot his brother's face. as i look carefully at him i could recognize him from my past even if he's got older has wrinkles on his face there's still some of him left as i remember him from all those years ago. reunions like this have only taken place twenty times since two thousand apart from these state sanctions get togethers there's no way to contact each other phone calls and letters remain prohibited by pyongyang these north and south koreans have been permitted eleven hours together over three days it's a painfully short amount of time for these aging families who are all too aware
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this may also be their final farewell. emotional made up so there we can talk more about these reunions with journalists such a quantity is in the south korean capital seoul good evening i'd say no what can we glean from this round of across the border reunions how significant are they and do they signal an improvement in enter korean relations. well in the past ten seconds there was only four times and each family were able to meet and there are about five fifty seven thousand people still waiting to meet their family. south korean president who he's also has family members in the north feels pain as a family unit something that every koreans would say has to happen and hasn't happened much more often now to and i understand that you spoke to families who were lucky enough to be picked to or meet up with long lost relatives in north
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korea what did they share with you about that experience i met with him that he one year on the street you know he's was able to what he was waiting to meet his younger sister about how. her health was deteriorating so even when he was leaving to her north korea it was unsure whether he is younger sister or his and her and his nephew. many most of the family are only allowed either a strange family who are distant relatives there's only twenty seven between one hundred seventy families who need their direct family members in the sense that most people who pass away are fortunately or are north korea does not meet now ten of course the way that this works is that there is a lottery and that's how people are picked so many people did not make the draw this time around can we expect further reunions taking place in the near future.
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well with positive talks that comes with that started. at the summit meeting we are who being that there will be more positive you know however. with. not always the koreans making this decision we have to listen to china president he will be happy with the koreans that logs or. whatever it is and tweets from mr trump. you know always there is it will go so we are hoping that there will be more positive relations however this this is unsure is always used as a tool. for the north koreans to start more. between the two countries lots of variables at play there you sketch for us chen kwon journalist from south korea reporting from seoul thank you.
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here washington given us with so a lot more to tell you about including. armchair athletes dream big video gaming has made it to the asian games as an exhibition sport well they're now underway into a car to indonesia and it's in this school right here in the city with the teachers laughing. more of that later but first ben's got the business and the greek bailout odyssey no pun intended or pun intended is finally over yes the government is hailing it a huge success and says it's a new era for the greek economy the bailouts over but the austerity continue taxes squeezing the greeks a lot of them are used to paying anything and unemployment remains stubbornly high . finally no more aid packages and no more funding requirements but the last eight years have been tough for greece and brought drastic cost cutting measures many greeks lost their jobs and their homes income is fallen by
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a third on average the taxes however remained high for most people it will be a long time before the situation improves and some people don't even believe it's possible like this silversmith. some think i am personally for me in the coming years i don't see any hope everything looks bleak to me. because you see the greek crisis brought down me and thousands of people in my position women weren't interested in buying our clothes anymore and as a result my manufacturing company closed we started this combined cafeteria and many market he hopes he'll soon gain a foothold again many people in greece are trying to fight their way through. it because like i pin my hopes on something better even if we've left the bailout program i believe me greeks will be paying for years to come but we all hope for something better hope does last. and the government knows there's still plenty to
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do even with all the loans paid off does that make it more needs to be done starting with the tax system which isn't business friendly right now the justice system must deliver decisions faster that will have a direct influence on attracting investment on the whole thing should become more european the state should provide key services greece still has a huge mountain of debt to the tune of three hundred fifty billion euros they'll be dealing with that for a long time to come. let's pull in and told me a professor of international economics at the university of think balancer comment on this is in switzerland for us what would you say grace and its bailout a success story or effect. agrees to speculate its own feet to be has access to the finance market so at least to be successful to see proscar mint what about tomorrow when all those pensioners realise there isn't that much money
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in the pension pot. access to the financial market of course is due to the fact it greece's now. it has modest repayment obligations and some sort of cash so this the next month or next year the superstore going to be able to on the take the forms message quite unnecessary forms to improve the life of the greek people ok let me get back to the great pensioners again when when we're talking about twenty percent unemployment g.d.p. down twenty five percent on pre-crisis levels it doesn't sound like there's going to be the productivity to actually keep true the country going and to ensure that further down the track greek pensioners of well look after. your correct t p is that levels similar to the us great depression but unlike the u.s. recovery is taking much longer and the problem is that greece achieve
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the primary surplus by tax increases by cuts in social security spending but still suffer reforms stakes still very long to get to licensees if you want to need permits to build build a new plant all these things which are it's just homework for the greek government on its own this is still not done. firmly there in switzerland and now daniel cope joins us from switch from frankfurt to give us the financial view what are investors saying there how do they judge the greek government reform program. yeah there right i wish i would be coming from switzerland right now but no from frankfurt i guess we can clearly say then that investors have changed their mind about greece first they were very skeptical now they are actually giving credit to the greece government that there drastic austerity policies paid off we have to remember that the greece government
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established some very unpopular reforms inside of the country the pension system we just heard it was completely reform lots of costs were also cut in the civil service machinery but when you take a look at the latest g.d.p. figures they are actually quite good of class of two point three percent but still big problems remain the higher number of unemployment is a big problem twenty percent are without jobs the youth unemployment rate is even higher and certainly there is this question if those two hundred sixty billions of euros which were given as a loan will be ever paid back and i remember daniel all that money leaving greece back when all those reach rich greeks wanted to park their money somewhere else in the crisis that they were actually buying up houses in switzerland now would it have been better for greece to make a clean cut and actually leave the euro. well remember that there were many people in favor of the scenario that you just mentioned in greece but also in other
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parts of the european union many things well why we should pay billions of euros of tax money to greece but let's just imagine a situation with the brics it of the united kingdom right now and to go rex of greece this what most likely have been the end of a strong and united european union this would also not be in the interest of businesses and investors even though all this all this money that was paid was painful but at the end i everybody is saying here in the financial world that it was the right decision to do i can't it sounds like the pain is going to continue don't you go for us at frankfurt stock exchange. bachleda thank you so much from prickly appreciate it to the asian games now which are underway in turkey indonesia this year's program includes e sports as an exhibit event with the expectation it will become a medal event at the next games in four years while with competitive video gaming on the rise across the globe one school in the in the nation's capital is offering its students a chance to hone their skills in the classroom while some parents may question that
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idea but students and the principal at the p s k d one high school are convinced it in riches their educational program take a look. this is a scene that's been million to millions over few who look at these pictures will be reminded of their time in school. but video games have found their way into the classroom at this high school in jakarta with the blessing of the teachers. the students are offered up to twenty hours of competitive gaming a week coached by a special tutor it's perhaps no surprise that principal yohannes is a keen gamer himself but it's not just for fun he sees e-sports as a useful learning tool. in terms of academic skills students can learn about math economics group interaction and communication from east sports in our school we've decided to have an east course program because of its educational value. the
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students don't spend all of their time sitting in front of the screen they also get together to discuss gaming strategies it's all part of the master plan. and i know we can make money from e sports by becoming pro player cost is the new chief. if the millions are to materialize for the students they all need to train hard the team is currently preparing for a tournament in melbourne and there are plans afoot to establish a league for local schools. this year c.z. sports featured as an exhibition event in the asian games currently underway here in jakarta with the next generation of competitors training hard in the city it's the perfect time for them to be here now. aren't the notorious ultra fans of italian football club lot c.-o. and rome are trying to ban women from their section of the stadium a flyer distributed by the ultras before
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a lot ceo's match on sunday declared that women are not allowed in the first ten rows of the north stand while a picture of the leaflet was posted on social media you see it right here the text referred to the ultras regular section as quote sacred space well it went on to compare the first ten rows of the stands to trenches in which women wives and girlfriends are not permit it. art to get the backstory i'm now joined by barcelona from the force us to know what's going on. now this is a this is last and this is not surprising from the law to all churches they have it a long history of saying and doing things that really are very controversial and below the belt in a lot of ways who are the alter is just just for the viewers who are uninitiated so these are like the extra hardcore fans the people that eat sleep breathe everything lots you it's their life so and it doesn't represent all the fans for sure even
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even the club the fans of said themselves it's just a very small group of hard core fans were so great about having you right here you have played professionally in italy tell us a little bit about that how was that experience but not for last year i understand well i played for a team in the north of italy and said yeah but it's surprising that lot so was actually one of the teams that i trained with after my first year i was interested in playing in rome and for the reason of how the women scene was treated i decided against playing there give us examples of how women were told i mean if you think of a city a club in italy a man a men's club you think amazing facilities locker rooms gear everything no like i showed up to the. station the subway and i had to walk i had to find my way to the field nobody helped me with anything is this like ok come here and show you know i'm not professional in any way and this is a major ten first division scindia. so they're clearly not interested in the
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women's team ok you already referenced it this isn't the first time a lot c.-o. makes headlines for all the wrong reasons why are they so controversial are should say the ultras the ultras ok so they have. their beliefs are really deeply rooted in politics as well probably more so than the other clubs in italy so they have a history of being known as you know fascist extreme right wing you know old. players like de can you know he you know did the fascist salute to the fans as a sign of respect to them you know and frank in a roma jersey stickers were put in the south curve so the roma curve last year in previous seasons so they just have this kind of history so they have that very troubling background that you're sketching for us why are they focusing on women now well that's part of i think it's part of a bigger discussion on the attitude in general towards women in italy and and what what it says i mean more so in football because football has been historically seen
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as a place for men so they're extra resistant that nowadays women you know are playing professional football and want to be at the stadium and feel passionately like the men do about these teams in two weeks time. is playing you know home what will happen i mean when and frank incident happened they read excerpt from her diary i hope that lot still as a club who has spoken out about against this they do something like you know close the first ten rows and invite only women to sit there i doubt that that will happen because they have a history of being very lenient with the alters when they do things like this so i think you'll be interesting to see what they do i think you some are staying of course one of them do the abuse was so great to talk to thanks a lot. now in two years tokyo will host the next summer olympics and it will feature five new medal sports who won the sport is bouldering while the german city of munich saw a preview of that competition hosting the boring world series over the weekend
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competitive over a quiet mean over an artificial course while in the men's competition slovenian. gregori a visit to put himself forward as a gold medal favorite in twenty twenty by taking first his sohini and compatriots yeah not down bret the women's event and second was the ways to pass me whoa no haka. right now every for what you want to remind you of our main story that we're tracking for you at this hour countries neighboring venezuela are rushing to close their borders to migrants fleeing economic chaos brazil colombia ecuador pruett and chile are all taking steps to stem the flow and meanwhile the venezuelan government has launched a currency were formed in the hope of stabilizing the economy. we'll have more on that story and a whole lot more coming up at the top of the hour say that. could
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be a. ready steady. discovered meaning by the time. given some of the for that area of capital reveals its natural born child. then it's only for the us the culture and the
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budget the florence just has so much to seen him do. next on g w. o would june like done by an. adult guy with data to sell that any is thinking about possibly buying die. completely exposed. each time we are nine twenty behind traces which say in the us about i'm not obsessed and i was plenty to advertise is is there any escape. to borrow to do sixty minutes on d w. in the one nine hundred sixty eight and no crime echoed around. young people build against oakland's gentlemen she. demanded nothing less than
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a whole new society. wide mill struggle of muslims millions of those are still. the seeds of civil rights the feast movement women's movement for most plan is clear. ninety six new book will start september first on to double. play. and. munich has everything. culture tradition and the world's biggest beer festival not to mention that unique bavarian air and summer there is no better place it's
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