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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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i am. i am. i am. this is it we news line from berlin clamp down on the end of the whale a neighboring nations rush to close their borders to fleeing migrants as the flood of venezuelans escaping economic chaos grows the govt wins at home launches a new currency in the hope for storing some stability also coming up a call to action pope francis asks for forgiveness and the child abuse scandal promises no effort will be spared to prevent such situations in the future plus an
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economic milestone for greece after almost a decade of debt crisis the country's bailout ends athens will now be able to borrow money on financial markets for the first time in eight years. and also coming up we all know that video gaming is a multi-billion euro industry and we know that kids sometimes play video games where they shouldn't but in one high school in jakarta indonesia the teacher or proves in fact he sports is part of the curriculum. played. all right thank you so much for joining us. we begin our broadcast in venezuela a country in the grip of an economic meltdown and just as life has become even more difficult venezuela's neighbors are rushing to close their borders to venezuelans
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fleeing chaos in their home country or to try to bring some stability venezuela's president nicolas maduro has launched a new currency to combat hyper inflation that soon expected to reach one million percent a year or five zero in the uk off the beleaguered bowl of r. and just to give you an idea of the daily hardship people have been facing the pot this is a pile of old ball the bars and this is what it takes to buy just one chicken likewise this is how much money you would need to buy just a couple of tomatoes while when it costs this much to buy just one roll of toilet paper why even bother to buy the roll all venezuelans are fleeing the economic crisis in droves but neighboring countries are tightening entry restrictions a state in brazil has now asked the supreme court to halt the entry of migrants colombia ecuador peru and chile are also trying to stem the flow. i mean i guess
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a lot has been dragging her suitcase along kilometers of highway she is fleeing desperation and economic hardship back home in venezuela crossing into ecuador on foot as an undocumented migrant not all that high the number we spent all night by the border the authorities told us to be patient they said they would guess not through in the morning but there was no response they just told us to head to venezuela the best that you know we don't want more venezuelans here you know and when it's a man i'm off to ecuador imposed new entry restrictions on saturday eileen and her friends felt that they had no choice but to cross illegally while they press on thousands of others stranded at the checkpoint hungry and cold fearful of being turned back you know today i'm like why. arrives here and we have no hope whatsoever being able to pass through my husband is desperate over in peru my family is also desperate in venezuela we just want to help our families i have two
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children i sold my house i have nothing now i can't go back to venezuela with nothing and see the unprecedented exodus of desperate venezuelans it's increasingly overwhelming neighboring countries colombia and brazil tighten border controls earlier this year now ecuador and peru following suit. tensions along the borders are rising over the weekend brazilians in the border town of pocket i am up turned on men israel and migrants forcing hundreds of newcomers to flee back across the frontier across the region and the growing influx of venezuelans is stoking animosity against the migrants and has been building for years. despite that and at the risk of being turned away i lean and have friends still have that i sent on peru and many are still on their way in what could be the wilds next migration crisis. for would like to turn our two were journalists oscar flanker he joins us from the venezuelan capital caracas the oscar for
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a star from him as we've been reporting for his neighbors are closing their borders people are facing a very strict a travel restrictions one options are left for venezuelans looking to escape economic hardship. well what these countries are asking for now has poured into recently but as well as can cause many countries in south america without it because of a treaty called the end the end charter so getting a passport would be the option for someone who wants to migrate the problem facing these countries is that they are not prepared to changing what the un called the largest migration of people in history but for that as well the odds of staying are grim because adding to the food and medicine shortages there is also an energy crisis that has many cities without electricity and water transportation crisis and become another factor making life difficult for those women's and economists are forecasting a rise in unemployment each of these new economic measures so we might see
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a spike also in venezuela immigrants now oscar talk to us a little bit about to venice about this new a currency that's being rolled out to the sovereign ball of our as it's called i mean this must be a massive operation is this the silver bullet that will help stabilize the economy or many economists are just rejecting these measures as more political than economic because it puts the government in the midst of every economic aspect in venezuela besides a minimum wage sixty times higher than what it is now there were also be a rise in taxes and gasoline prices so economists agree that this is a blow to the private sector that will worsen the economic crisis increase unemployment and push inflation to levels nobody has anyone has ever seen and that was oscar schleicher reporting from venezuela well the new currency he was talking about is called the sovereign bolivar and its face value is one hundred thousand
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old ball of ours well the new currency is also packed to a crypto currency called the petro it's like a bit coin and many economists are skeptical about whether it will work. this cafe in the venezuelan capital caracas doesn't accept cash neither does this bar what they do take is cryptocurrency says it's a response to the country's out of control inflation which is left ordinary venezuelans in a desperate situation and nothing that they know they know that that money with that cash venezuelans can either emigres or they can look for alternatives one of these alternatives if you think of to currency the likely the more new entrepreneurs like mario. believe daily life in venezuela can only continue if people are offered a range of payment options at a kiosk customers can use dash and as well as most popular cryptocurrency to pay for their coffee and snacks the rise of cryptocurrency is has not escaped the attention of venezuela's government as part of its plan to tackle the country's
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economic crisis it's launched a new currency it will be tied to the petro a crypto currency that's been banned by the united states the petro is valued at around sixty dollars roughly equivalent to a barrel of oil but some digital currency experts like robert appear skeptical. also put it just like every other crypto currency depends on people's confidence and it if people don't trust their currency it's not much used to them because nobody will accept it. one reason that dash has taken off in venezuela is that it enables transactions to be completed quickly with inflation rising at an extraordinary rate an increasing number of companies in the country have embraced the digital currency but economists are warning that crypto currency is won't put the brakes on hyper inflation and say they offer no more than a practical payment option and they're answering him on the can we have nothing no
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these days krista currencies are widespread and it's a good thing if there's a government body specialized in them that the public authorities need to work with society to stop this law its rules and guidelines that will benefit the economy and we have to take a proactive approach to create a currency is that us ahead when we also see as he looked at the money. analysts believe venezuela's inflation rate could hit one million percent by the end of the year action is therefore desperately needed but as long as the petro isn't accepted on international markets the prospects of a new currency tied to it don't appear to rosy either. i'm going to hand you over now to helen our for the latest in the business news because there has been a successful bailout that's been completed at last the light at what has been a very long tunnel indeed greece emerging from the last of its three bailout programs that means the athens is no way dependent on aid from the european union the european central bank and the international monetary fund now the loans
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amounted to two hundred and sixty billion euros. finally no more aid packages and no funding requirements but the last eight years have been tough for greece and brought dress to cost cutting measures many greeks lost their jobs and their homes on average income has fallen by a third but taxes remain high and now for most people it will be a long time before the situation improves and some are very skeptical about the future like this silversmith but also because given the personally for me in the coming years i don't see any. hope everything looks bleak to me. you know i love the crisis brought me and thousands of people in my position to a low point in business my company closed but in a dignified way without owing money to the state or pension funds and we could open this cafeteria and many market. he hopes he'll soon go in a foothold again
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a lot of people try to fight their way through like that it was like i had to go you can in my hopes on something better even if we leave the bailout program i believe measures have been taken and we greeks will be paying for years to come but we all hope for something better. there's cautious optimism at the european commission in brussels. greece's transformative reforms have laid the foundations for a sustainable recovery putting in place the fundamental conditions need for sustained growth for drug creation and for sound public financing is indeed used to come. but a mountain of debt remains three hundred fifty billion euros and unemployment is still high although for the first time in years it's dropped below twenty percent it's still the highest in europe. and early in my colleague than physical and also our financial correspondent daniel cope at the front foot stock exchange what investors
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there were saying about the end of the bailout program. we can clearly say then that investors have changed their mind about greece at first they were very skeptical now they are actually giving credit to the greece government that there drastic austerity policies paid off we have to remember that the greek government established some very unpopular reforms inside of the country the pension system we just heard it was completely reform lots of costs were also cut in the civil service machinery but when you take a look at the latest g.d.p. figures they are actually quite good of class of two point three percent but still big problems remain the higher number of unemployment is a big problem twenty percent are without jobs the youth unemployment rate is even higher and certainly there is this question if those two hundred sixty billions of euros which were given as a loan will be ever paid back. daniel cope with that we'll have more business news for you in a short while fusses over to and later a message many people have been waiting for absolutely because pope francis has
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issued a letter asking for forgiveness and strongly condemning sexual abuse in the catholic church where the letter follows a far reaching us report that found clergy members have sexually abused at least one thousand children over seven decades while others turned a blind eye referring to what he called atrocities perpetrated by the clergy the pope said that the church must acknowledge the errors crimes and warns caused in the past he admitted the pain of these victims was long ignored kept quiet or silenced and he promised that no effort would be spared to prevent such situations and their cover up. to talk more about this i'm joined now by martin gak he is our religious affairs correspondent martin why did the pope decide to break his silence now i think the the pennsylvania case was such a sort of such a pressure point that essentially he could not really keep quiet to this.
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the d.c. cardinal wuerl was actually mean bited to the familiar bunion meeting in arlon and he had to pull out precisely in the wake of of the grand jury report so essentially he really did not have much for choice he had to actually come out and say so well let's talk a little bit more about how much pressure he's currently under because pope francis has called on all catholics it's kind of a call of action that he's issued there how much pressure is the pontiff under currently to eradicate the scourge of sexual abuse in the church you know it's been this this case the pennsylvania case has been described as two thousand two thousand and two on steroids i mean meaning we have the original scandal when the scandal broke out in two thousand and two this actually must have. terms of its scope of course if one thinks of the amount of cases around the world this fails in comparison but not that this is something that is very much in the public eye and i
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think the issue here is that you know sixteen years down the line in the vatican and six years after the opus has taken over there is still no clear policy for dealing with what he what is clearly a massive massive problem and furthermore there is no particular make a nice sum not to only protect children from abuse or ears but more importantly to stop what has essentially come out as a cover up the they're going to say shin seems to have been involved in operating in many ways as a groom an organization these were the pennsylvania jury found so the pressure is clearly on the question it's no longer whether you know there were nice words can be said about bringing catholics together but it's whether there is specific policy on the table and so far we have not seen anything of the kind so you don't expect any policy to be made public as for now although you're describing it as a watershed moment of some sort look there are some particular at least in this
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letter the first one he said he referred openly i mean to these things as a crime scene and this seems to be an indication that perhaps there is the thought that at least really time to bring national authorities across the across the globe into the play but this is not something that has been done although it has been demanded systematically i think that there is really one single question for the vatican at this hour and that is it's being clear that they cannot themselves take care of this issue are they ready to bring in national authorities police and legal systems in dead question that answer to that question is with the pope. in conclusion the pope is heading to ireland to visit that country of course there's also been abuse documented there what you expect of his visit how will it play out well there are two possibilities here i mean broadly speaking one he said it will run the weighed usually runs with an amount of gestures usually actually do have an impact i mean so this just years to have
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a political and political impact on the other and he will probably meet victims i mean it has not been officially point out but it's expected that i mean all of these things can really just and once again being gestures of reform the question really would have to be the presentation of a particular policy change and there is no sign affright no doubt will be the case this being however the meeting of families it would be a very good time for this pope to do something of the time my think act religious affairs correspondent for c w thank you so much my pleasure. all right let's bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. authorities in spain say they are treating an attempted night attack on a police officer as a terrorist act a man shouting god is great lunge to add an officer in a police station near barcelona before being shot dead while investigators have not yet confirmed the man's identity. water levels in the southern indian state of
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corolla are receding after nearly two weeks of catastrophic flooding at least three hundred fifty people have died after heavy rains caused the worst flooding in this state for a century more than three quarters of a million people are in relief camps officials are now worried about an outbreak of disease. pakistan's new foreign minister has called for a quote uninterrupted continuous dialogue with india speaking after he was sworn in shah mahmood qureshi said it was important for the two countries to talk to each other relations between pakistan and india have been tense ever since independence from britain back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven particularly over the divided territory of kashmir. here in germany the cologne syria has opened a new home for two of its biggest stars they're at paris fred and mila have been getting used to their new enclosure which includes an overhead walkway to the light
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visitors below conservationists say there are fewer than ten thousand red pandas left in the wild. turkish court has ruled that a german journalist can leave the country months after being released from prison during her trial on terror charges the decision to allow two to leave was made several weeks ago but his has just been announced in public germany's foreign minister heiko ma said the move was a step towards improving german turkish relations which have been strained in recent years. there was visible relief among mischler to lou and her relatives when she was released from prison eight months ago news that overseas travel ban has now been lifted is affirmed the sign of deescalation between turkey and germany. political reaction in berlin was positive the leading policy makers clearly believe more progress is needed. for the release of anyone detained in countries where in
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my opinion the rule of law recent fully functional is a positive step and i would. over the weekend social democrat leader tabled the idea of financial aid to turkey's struggling economy. but chancellor angela merkel spokesman poured cold water on that idea. of the i mean the forgotten and. yet last week we repeatedly stated that turkey's economic stability is in germany's interest it's a question that emerged this weekend of german aid for turkey that is not on the government's agenda at the moment it's been for the took if it went to sleep the twenty first a german citizen with turkish roots toller was arrested last year on charges of terrorist propaganda and membership in an extreme left party as a journalist for a leftist news agency she got caught up in a massive crackdown on the opposition that followed the failed coup in turkey back
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in twenty sixteen told who's next court appearance is scheduled for october it's unclear whether she'll be attending for now she's due to travel back to germany on sunday. here in germany this country has taken large steps towards equality for the community recently one including last year's legislation of same sex marriage but for many members of the community life here can still be difficult and now a new viral hash tag modeled on the me too movement is bringing to light their daily struggles and carl is here to tell us more about it what's behind this hash tag yeah i mean you've heard of me too this is a new hashtag it's called me queer it's gone viral over the past week or so here in germany it started in germany and it's really quite powerful just to read through some of these tweets that you find online it's almost like looking to someone's private diary entries but of course these are public and they are revealing
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discrimination harassment even death threats against this community we're talking of gays lesbians transgender queer people here in germany and we've seen scores of tweets like this that are detailing for example public harassment and this is just one that we can show you here from a young man whose name is moustafa and he writes the worst thing is when i'm just walking down the road holding hands with my boyfriend people swear and even spit at us i'm not doing anything wrong or sexual i just love my sweetheart now others they're using the same hash tag to maybe reveal why they've actually chosen to remain in the closet here in germany here's one person of that particular experience she's a german woman and she writes you know i haven't come out get my family or many of my offline friends because i'm twenty eight but still really afraid where i grew up people talk about career life as if it were a terrible illness others of these stories that really they're just flat out disturbing a little bit difficult to read and here's one of the worst ones that i saw today this is a nineteen year old who tells the story of walking with
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a rainbow shirt through berlin an older person then says when i was young we fortunately could've gassed you and you see all these tweets there using that hashtag mique we're. really starting to spark a nationwide debate. about what it is like what the experience is a like for this community here in germany which is of course a relatively progressive country but still people do face these experiences and we see that hashtag now even spreading to other countries like france and austria it's very disturbing and some of the tweets that you for highlighted there so a lot of work to be done clearly how did this movement get started so this started with one man one german man his name is hartmut srifa he's a freelance writer from outside of berlin he says he faced a lot of violence growing up gay in germany in the eighty's and ninety's he also followed the need to movement very closely so he decided you know he wanted to talk about his experiences and really stand up for his community we spoke with him earlier today here's a bit of what he told us he should've i believe it's crucial that we keep moving
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forward that we keep pushing for an open society at a time when it feels like we're having a collective pentagon attack or demanding evermore robaxin freedoms panic attack to what you would beyond the answer to that cannot be to stand still given to these demands rather to keep forging ahead. for the truth when invited to now germany is considered by most standards a safe country for members of the community evidently it's not now i mean in many ways you're right i mean this is a very progressive country as we heard same sex marriage has been legal for more than year in germany i mean if you're in berlin you see the huge parades during christoffersen day. really becoming more part of mainstream culture here but you know it's still not totally there and we talked with about it he said you know look progress is about more than just showing tolerance here's more on that. given.
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legally speaking we've made progress but that doesn't mean that we're not still facing challenges in our daily lives i don't give a damn about your tolerance should i want to be accepted as i want to be accepted for who i am as too many other queer people guns you know under which we were. so label just a few statistics related to that point that he's making they're gay men in germany i did know this on average still learn to grow as per hour less than their straight colleagues and actually hate crimes related to sexual orientation here in germany last year they increased by more than twenty five percent in the first half of last year and they think that's actually under reported there may be more hate crimes as well so you know germany's becoming quite progressive some of the laws here changing but there is still work to be done and i think that's a lot of what this hash tag is all about already said progress is more than tolerance we could do all a lot more thank you so much progress really appreciate it. next up to
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the korean peninsula where there have been emotional reunions taking place of war separated families dozens of elderly south koreans are in north korea for a long awaited reunions with family members and the tearful meet ups rejoin relatives who were divided after the korean war nearly seven decades ago there were unions who were approved by the leaders of the two koreas at a historic summit in april part of a recent thaw and relations. reunited after decades apart. parents sons daughters brothers and sisters together again recognizing each other was sometimes difficult. this is eighty nine year old soon don't show her eighty six year old sister i don't. know my finally get to meet you after living for so long. despite the passing of time eighty one year old son kim never forgot his promise. his face. as i carefully looked at him
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i could recognize him from my past even if he's gotten old and he has wrinkles on his face there's still some of him left from my memory in his appearance. that. reunions like this have only taken place twenty times since two thousand apart from these state sanctioned get togethers there's no way to contact each other phone calls and letters remain prohibited by pyongyang these north and south koreans have been permitted eleven hours together over three days it's a painfully short amount of time for these aging families who are all too aware this may also be their final farewell. here washing the differing years we still have a lot more to tell you about including. arm chair athletes dream big video gaming
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has made it through the asian games as an exhibit sport they're now underway in jakarta indonesia and it's in this school in the city with the teachers blessing. and berlin's international dance festival gets underway for four weeks audiences can experience the full scope of what contemporary dance has to offer or have more in a culture slot. car all of that coming up in just a few. little . she craves and vegetables come across in greenhouses across spain and it's neat looking conditions on the children lead just like the dangers politicians prefer to avoid the subject is the motion and told to go how far can the exploitation go leave europe's debt to this lead to some
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. every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word american could nico is in germany. why not learn with. its simple line on your mobile and for e. t w z e learning course. german made easy. great to have you back with us here watching the w.'s i really like her rock these are mean stories at this hour. countries neighboring venezuela are rushing to close their borders to migrants fleeing economic chaos brazil colombia ecuador peru and chile are all taking steps to stem the flow meanwhile the venezuelan government has launched a currency reform in the hope of stabilizing the economy. pope francis has asked
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for forgiveness for the child abuse scandals that have been unearthed in the catholic church in recent years is a promise that no effort will be spared to prevent sex abuse and cover ups in the future. to uganda now where there have been fresh protests demanding the release of a jailed opposition leader and other detained lawmakers police in the capital kampala fired live bullets and tear gas to disperse the protesters they're calling on the government to immediately release robert sentamu a pop star turned politician who goes by the stage name bobby why he and several other opposition lawmakers were arrested a week ago for allegedly pounding a presidential motorcade with stones. ok let's get you the latest now where for a uganda in the capital there i'm joined now why julia. julius
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a very good evening a place for us in a what's the situation in kampala right now where you are are protests still ongoing. it's kind purpose. when you chair lays by police in the afternoon and into coming to us but it does not seem that innovates because there's still an ongoing expiration of the chinese. many it will be when supporters especially on several platforms when they intended but he said you have more than forty suspects. in custody they reportedly include interestingly two of their own who are being investigated for shooting date while. injuring others during their weekend protests. it could be doing to every one of the members of the of parliament who's been hospitalized comes from now a julissa bobby why has reportedly said that he has been severely tortured that
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president you know where he was seventy says this was fake news that he was telling the truth and what do we know about wines that current condition. from president your way it's been his findings all the way and he's fired he actually goes ahead and foster the member of parliament is a grandson you know published statement according to grandson the presence. of the military and phones that bob you i actually hope not head injuries and chest injuries us some sections of the media have reported he then went ahead and warned media organizations are against him by this reporting but on defeat site they're finally of the musician and people the one say that he needs and maybe core attention their wife is quoted said. husband that hides kidney could not hide his keep me in jets and demands that he gets to see his possible doctor also but the ones who owes opposition politicians visited him and told the media that that
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member of parliament have been tortured and good look will by himself at the time be so him but so what we want is expected in court this week and if you tuppence that decision expulsion to mediate gays can possibly be an opportunity to conform what's being said about he's going to be sure exactly exactly that's a point well made there julia said and that mr weiner is seen as a voice of the younger generation and is the president president without any afraid of wine becoming a major political player. if president was saving he's afraid oh o.b. what he has not made that public perhaps you might name. any james when you are told that kind of sentiment exists among the least of his worries but it wasn't at least so if a simple be one what interest rates you can see in government how much of the.
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what was the first month for music establishes and so when you grow up in the book you want has and must of following what the young people i'm going to stimulate the youth make more than half the population who knows what they can do on how far it can go to their newly found out all right thank you so much should move reporting from a kampala we greatly appreciate it. all right to get you caught up now with some of the other stories making news around the world. millions of muslims have begun the annual hodge pilgrimage to mecca in saudi arabia over the next few days pilgrims will perform a number of rituals including climbing mount arafat and the symbolic stoning of the devil the heart is one of the world's biggest gatherings. mali's constitutional court has declared abraham go back are the winner of the country's presidential run off the country said kate received a sixty seven percent of the vote that's compared to thirty two percent for
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opposition leader so raila see say who says the election was marred by pride. south africa has opened a public inquiry into alleged corruption under former president jacob zuma he's accused of allowing a wealthy group to family to influence political decisions both sue mt and the group has have denied any wrongdoing. and helma is back with more business taking a look at face huge growth of african cities absolutely they were talking about huge bustling vibrant in areas but not without their own challenges because in about thirty years time one point four billion people will have moved from the countryside to a city now the main reason job creation people will go where the work case and of course the trend of been a zation exists all over the wall but things are moving foster in africa. stinking garbage on a dump in the slums of nairobi. more than three million people live in kenya's
8:37 pm
capital by twenty fifty it will be more than four times as much the reason is that every kenyan woman statistically has three point nine children plus many people from the countryside move to the big city in search of jobs growing cities to find from the countryside to the city this is a trend that can be observed throughout africa. why the nineteen ninety less than a third of the population in sub-saharan africa lived in the city by twenty fourteen this figure had risen to almost forty percent and experts predict that more than half of the population will live in the city by twenty fifty. a reliable supply of electricity modern roads schools water and sewers medical care all these are tasks that africa's growing cities will then have to cope with even the ever growing mountains of rubbish how can this garbage be used to generate
8:38 pm
electricity for the city's energy grid will the lens that's freed up here be suitable for urban agriculture digitization should help to tackle many problems experts around the world face daunting new challenges to bring some cities into the twenty first century. and joining me now to talk about this in detail is sabina omo in johannesburg she's the c.e.o. of as even to south africa with an expertise in infrastructure thank you for being with us now the challenge ahead is certainly a large one we know that in the coming thirty years africa's cities will have have to host one billion people the equivalent actually of the continent's present population so what needs to happen so that these open areas provide quality of life . yeah thank you so much it's a pleasure to be yet. i must say first of all we need to understand and you already highlighted that what is the reason to why he's there move into the cities and that
8:39 pm
is but to kill or having access to what i like to a city but also housing. education and very important schooling for their kids but also medical treatment and obviously the the rate of movement into the city from the urban areas into the urban areas is increasing ever faster and in order to improve it the first need to find out what actually is required in the cities and what kind of data is available specifically in the townships because that the cities in the african context are quite unique you have john shifts which basically i know from a testament that people from the rule areas are from neighboring countries move in without having any infrastructure and you have sucked developed areas specifically in janet's book you have areas like once a township but also norman suburbs which have access to most of the facilities
8:40 pm
which a city normally provides so the information being available and collecting the data what are the individual spots of living environment would fire that is right off the first steps we take. so that information of course is necessary but with your eye what is desperately your most urgently need it so that the new centers can provide that quality of life in the next thirty years. you see far far from our point of view specifically electricity is one of the vital aspect that you somehow need to provide because adult electricity there's very little you can do and in the in the context of making electricity affordable specifically when you look at the cost to install it solar insolation that have come down quite significantly so you would be able to have affordable electricity in suburbs and intelligence and informal settlements at a fraction of the cost than you would normally provide an electricity let me ask
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you who pays for that some governments around cash strapped or the c.e.o. of lehman south africa can you see the private sector investing in that kind of infrastructure more. i think that only can happen in a kind of a core development because and the private environment specifically if you have a bankable project you need to have an off take eye and you need to have somebody who constantly basically ensures that you know the funding of a project is faced with the bangs obvious and that however when you look at the african population you still have a vast majority about forty percent of the people which earn less than one or two u.s. dollar per day and then you really think about cannot afford electricity or rather have are something to eat and therefore you will need to have a split between a public private investor which then helps to take a portion for an industrial application say for instance if you have
8:42 pm
a manufacturing plant kind of a simian does ation with them beverage manufacturing and the like and the rest would be adding to the public all right so an increase in infrastructure but affordable infrastructure we have to leave it that sabina delhomme in johannesburg c.e.o. siemens south africa thank you you thank. we're talking about tech in african cities over tell a lie now with a pretty original idea thanks so much head to the democratic republic of congo where police have new assistance in the capital kinshasa robots driver of congo these so-called robo cops watch over bustling intersections lights regularly change from red to green amid the hustle and bustle of the city. real business the local cops do good work and i'll country still. it actually helps but it's not working right at the moment. it happens to the best of robots just the one arm
8:43 pm
is working today. these modern traffic police are made in this back yard workshop today as killing goes he invented so what is it that makes these robo cops work. like. little real robots make three thousand and six hundred movements of day ordinary traffic lights just stand there. these movements are so people can enjoy the traffic the up and down motion amusing. the robo cop just like a human being. to stop you met. but the machines can't manage all on their own human traffic police supervise the robots and try to make sure that car drivers obey them. but not everyone gets. in the open well we should have either one or the other otherwise it's just a waste of money. but today is. the concerns you
8:44 pm
will see it's the twenty first century. africa must wake up and start to sell its ideas and manufactured products that should be our objective of. the inventors hoping for a whole troop of robo. cops for more entertaining traffic all over the wild. the notorious ultra fans of italian football club lot c. or in rome are trying to ban women from their section of the stadium a flyer distributed by the ultras before a lot ceo's match on sunday declaring that women are not allowed in the first ten rows of the north stands a picture of the leaflet was posted on social media the text referred to the ultras regular section as quote sacred space it compares the first ten rows to trenches in which women wives and girlfriends are not welcome italy's football federation calls
8:45 pm
the move a bad joke. aren't to get the backstory i'm now joined by barcelona from the w.c. forced us to know what's going on. now this is a this is lasso this is not surprising from the law to all churches they have it a long history of saying and doing things that really are very controversial and below the belt in a lot of ways who are the alter is just just for the viewers who are uninitiated so these are like the extra hardcore fans the people that eat breathe everything lots you it's their life so and it doesn't represent all the fans for sure even even the club the fans of said themselves it's just a very small group of hard core fans were so great about having you right here you have played professionally in italy tell us a little bit about that how was that experience but not for last year i understand well i played for a team in the north of italy but it's surprising that a lot so was actually one of the teams that i trained with after my first year i
8:46 pm
was interested in playing in rome and for the reason of how the women scene was treated i decided against playing there give us examples of how women were told i mean if you think of a city a club in italy a man a men's club you think amazing facilities locker rooms gear everything no like i showed up to the. station the subway and i had to walk i had to find my way to the field nobody helped me with anything is this like ok come here show you know i'm not professional in any way and this is a major ten first division scindia. so they're clearly not interested in the women's team ok you already referenced it this isn't the first time a lot zero makes headlines for all the wrong reasons why are they so controversial are should say the ultras the ultras ok so they have. their beliefs are really deeply rooted in politics as well probably more so than the other clubs in italy so they have a history of being known as you know fascist extreme right wing you know old
8:47 pm
players like dick can. she you know did the fascist salute to the fans as a sign of respect to them you know the and frank in a roma jersey stickers were put in the south curve so the roma curve last in previous seasons so they just have this kind of history so they have that very troubling background that you're scared to for us why are they focusing on women now well that's part of i think it's part of a bigger discussion on the attitude in general towards women in italy and and what what it says i mean more so in football because football has been historically seen as a place for men so they're extra resistant that nowadays women you know are playing professional football and want to be at the stadium and feel passionately like the men do about these teams in two weeks time. is playing you know home what will happen i mean when anne frank incident happened they read excerpts from
8:48 pm
her diary i hope that lots you know as a club who has spoken out about against this they do something like you know close the first ten rows and invite only women to sit there i doubt that that will happen because they have a history of being very lenient with the alters when they do things like this so i think will be interesting to see what they do all right thank you so much stay there barcelona from dual use were so great to talk to you thanks a lot. next to the sporting tale of an icelandic elder who wanted something special for his ninety fifth birthday a polar bear thorson is a former weatherman in iceland and he thought conquering his fear of jumping out of a plane with only a piece of cloth to slow his descent was the perfect gift to himself so he says that with the no help from a trainer whether responding the lending was fine and pile beric person the moniker ninety five year old skydiver.
8:49 pm
for. those that affirm a wide variety of contemporary dance shows that are currently being performed radio here in the german capital berlin it's all part of the annual festival tons in august and our coffee editor robin merrill has just carol read it onto this. grand and turns robin to tell of the festival says it all turns out yes not difficult to translate tongue stuck in a goose does oldest that's what it is the only thing that was missing that it's modern but you did say contemporary dance as in your intro it's the thirtieth anniversary of this festival which was started nine hundred eighty eight when berlin or i should say that west berlin was the european capital of culture and it's gone from strength to strength since then and it's always sort of pushing the
8:50 pm
boundaries of down south to stickley this year is no exception let's have a look at a few first of all let's have a look at a dance company from new york who are a make sure if you like of dunson acrobatics really they call this story extreme actions and they were performing in the open a import stomach that's right in the centrists the city just the other day. leave. her prefer elizabeth streb combs head dances action heroes. the award winning new yorker has been developing breathtaking acrobatic performances for thirty three years. and for much of that time she also took part in the extreme action.
8:51 pm
i broke my nose eleven times that were weird finger. but i never had an injury that made me not perform. the work is dangerous but the dance is designed to test the limits of their bodies outweighs the fia. human body has so much potential you know you have hands you have the side you have the side so we try to use everything that we have you know to just see what else we can do you know there's something else we can do besides walk over two feet. if you want to learn to fly you have to learn to fall. you. took this about the other new york based choreographer slash dancer you featured and well this is norah chip mira and although she lives in the u.s.
8:52 pm
she's from zimbabwe originally and a choreography and dance is very much has african roots i would say and she always tells a story through her dance this particular story is about the relationship or perhaps known relationship she had with the strange fall father who left when she was very young it's it's really a metaphor for. a rant against the masculinity of the african man and you could say and it's all set in a boxing ring. transfer herself a portrait of myself as my father this is kind of the first lunar chip in here is first time in. his life the totality of life everything you think of as life. that's what dance is. from politics to economy to culture. includes boxing
8:53 pm
a sport that's always fascinated chief america. should. be a place where black men can be themselves and be able to dominate perhaps systematic oppression. the piece is chipping mirrors reckoning with her father who left the family when she was young in the work he comes to symbolize machismo in sin bob way but the performance goes beyond that. a big. portion of myself as my found out also addresses the racist stereotypes with which the which tends to regard africa. people calling into the room to see the work with. years of baggage already right they come into the room with the expectation of what is what is africa and so the work is also in many ways
8:54 pm
trying to untangle and destroy some of those expectations. quite intense and very different very different finally before i let you go talks about the world premiere of a dance group from space yeah this is marcos morrall i'm his company love eberle not by. world premiere of cancer nada where the protagonists a lost their confused the neck crushed by the modern world by molten technology i know that. it's a bit of a apocalyptic cool vision with technology being the real enemy is personal communication has suffered so much because we're all looking at all smartphones instead of talking to each other i mean i think it's a very interesting piece actually and. that this did. it today's society
8:55 pm
our personal touch is lost i mean thompson goes really has everything lots of very serious issues of modern society being talked about and it's goes on for another two weeks there's lots of very exciting stuff till september the second because and he's just across town base yesterday various different venues resoled long open air potsdamer platz embarrassed different venues around town to create an issue that yeah he must get tickets for us thanks so much for all the great when you're. all right and before i let you go i just want to remind you of our main headline this hour countries neighboring venezuela are rushing to close their borders to migrants fleeing economic chaos brazil colombia ecuador peru and chile are all taking steps to the flow meanwhile events whaling government has launched a currency reform and the hope of stabilizing the economy. on my little rock in berlin thank you so much for spending this part of your day with
8:56 pm
us sobering up is up next and i'll see you get tomorrow same time thank you.
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