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line. this is d. w. news live from berlin tonight hyperinflation crippling been its way a lot of money can't even buy a ticket out of the country venezuelans are fleeing as the economic chaos grows and the government launches a new currency neighboring countries are securing their borders telling but it's wayland's to stay home also coming up a solemn moment at the most notorious nazi death camp germany's foreign minister visits the place he calls hell on earth and he clears all responsibility never end
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. and pope francis asked for forgiveness in the trial the abuse scandals promising no effort will be spirit to prevent it in the future but he's offering no hint of helping to deliver justice in the present. it's good to have you with us we begin tonight in venezuela a country that is in the grip of an economic meltdown as its citizens try to flee the chaos in its way those neighbors are rushing to close their borders in the hope of restoring some stability president nicolas maduro has launched a new currency five zero been knocked off the beleaguered bowl of our currency as hyperinflation heads for one million percent a year and what is this doing to the money that people have in their pockets and take a look at this this. pile of old bowl of ours that you see here will buy you just
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one chicken tonight likewise this is how much a few tomatoes right there will cost you in venezuela right now and when it comes and when it costs this much paper money to buy just one roll of toilet paper a lot of people are saying why bother to even buy the road to begin with of its whalen's are fleeing the economic crisis in droves but neighboring countries colombia ecuador peru and chile are not opening their borders and a state in brazil has asked its supreme court to halt the entry of all migrants. i has been dragging her suitcase along of highway she is fleeing desperation and economic hardship back home in venezuela crossing into ecuador on foot as an undocumented migrant. who spent all night by the border the authorities told us to
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be patient they said they would guess not so in the morning but there was no response they just told us to head to venezuela especially we don't want more venezuelans here. off to ecuador and post new entry restrictions on saturday and have friends felt that they had no choice but to cross illegally while they press on thousands of stranded at the checkpoints hungry and cold fearful of being sent back. here and we have no hope so after being able to pass through my husband is desperate over in peru my family is also desperate in venice we just want to help our families i have two children i sold my house i have nothing now i can't go back to venezuela with nothing. the unprecedented exodus of desperate venezuelans is increasingly overwhelming neighboring countries colombia and brazil tighten border controls earlier this year now ecuador and peru following suit. tensions
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along the borders are rising over the weekend brazilians in the border town of. tandem in israel and migrants forcing hundreds of newcomers to flee back across the frontier across the region and the growing influx of venezuelans is stoking animosity against the migrants and has been building for years. despite that and at the risk of being turned away and have friends have the ice set on peru. where for the latest on this crisis we're joined now from the. journalist oscar. we heard. neighbors trying to basically close their borders i mean they're facing travel restrictions in every direction what options remain for people who want to. well there are always options for migrants despite having more obstacles and in the past year we have seen venezuelans relentlessly fleeing the
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country which many risk their lives and have even died trying to reach tourists out in the rubato mischa's ships so getting a passport is still a better option for someone who wants to migrate from venezuela now the u.s. has called is the largest migration of evil in the hemisphere compare events in the quiet of northern africa to the mediterranean and with economist forecasting the rise in unemployment ditch of these new economic measures we might also see a spike in but as one immigration. option is way to stay here in venezuela and what about the money and this new currency called the sovereign boulevard it is being rolled out i mean it has to be a massive operation is this the silver bullet that's going to help stabilize this economy well not likely that many economists are predicting this will actually worsen the economic crisis but it does give the government more political and social control over people so it's a big blow to the private sector many here several companies will close and there
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will be an increase in unemployment also push inflation levels we have never seen i am not already forecast for this well it's reached a one million percent inflation this year but some analysts are projecting a forty four million percent inflation with this new measures and a new currency of course is just one part of the government's economic plan and what else does it comprise. well minimum wage is facing its higher increase up to date taxes and gas prices will also rise with this new currency and it's being acre or time down by new cryptocurrency yes the government calls it call the better but it's actually a token within the rock chain of the lem cryptocurrency so this is these new measures includes also taking off five series of the currency and introducing new bills into the system so today my little decreed monday as a national holiday it's defense time to adapt to this one currency and the plan for
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young position right now is to hold an extraordinary session in parliament tomorrow to discuss these new measures and call for strength but we'll see how it plays out throughout the week all right journalist schleicher reporting tonight from caracas oscar thank you will the most terrible place in the world the words of germany's foreign minister heiko must on a visit to auschwitz the nazi death camp in poland on the first visit by a german foreign minister in twenty six years most wrote this in the visitors book it was a german creation by the name of auschwitz we need this place because our responsibility never ends here's more from a solemn this. more than one point one million people were killed here most of them jews it's been described by many as hell on earth
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among those the german foreign minister michael must. keep a to visit to auschwitz on what is his second visit to poland since taking office earlier this year. introduced us i know it's this is a place of remembrance that reminds us germans above all what we did to millions of others. we need this place because our responsibility never ends. earlier this year moss claimed he entered politics because of what happened in auschwitz saying the memory of the atrocities must be kept alive for the next generations. later maass met his polish counterpart chap we're told reach despite demands by polish officials for germany to pay hundreds of billions of euros in world war two reparations the issue was firmly kept off the agenda the focus of the meeting
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between the two was centered on strengthening ties between the two neighboring countries. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a flash flood in a mountain gorge in southern italy has killed at least eight people and injured several others officials say hikers at culebra is rugged nello gorge were swept away after heavy rains flooded a white water creek with skewers are still searching for at least five missing hikers water levels in the southern indian state of corolla are receding after nearly two weeks of catastrophic flooding at least three hundred fifty people have died after heavy rains calls the worst flooding in the state in a century more than three quarters of a million people are in relief camps officials are now worried about an outbreak of disease. pakistan's new foreign minister has called for a quote uninterrupted continuous dialogue with india speaking after he was sworn in
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shah mehmood qureshi said it was important for the two countries to talk to each other relations between pakistan and india have been tense ever since independence from britain in one thousand nine hundred forty seven especially over the divided territory of kashmir. pope francis has written a letter asking all catholics for forgiveness as the number of child abuse cases involving priests grows his letter follows a far reaching us report that found the three hundred clergy members had sexually abused at least one thousand children over seven decades while others reportedly turned a blind eye referring to what he called atrocities perpetrated by the clergy the pope said that the church must acknowledge the errors crimes and moves calls in the past he admitted the pain of these victims was long ignored kept quiet or silence and he promised that no effort would be spared to prevent such situations and their
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cover up. all right we're joined now by martin jacques he's our religious affairs correspondent martin it's good to see you again i want to talk about what was not in that letter. you know we expected to hear the pope say that what has happened is terrible and we don't want it to happen again but there was nothing said about those responsible for these atrocities and bringing them to justice indeed there is snow clear sense from this letter and. other than sort of talking about penance fust thing etc etc the things that we usually hear from the vatican there was anything concrete really even by way of policy that would actually bring about what has been no trumpeted for sixteen years ciro zero tolerance we've been hearing a lot about your. there is for a very long time this has clearly not materialized in this letter that's not. in
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any evident way in any other direction this of course could change when the pope goes to ireland but it's off right now littered self that's not show that way and why what do you write the letter is he under pressure or is this a strategic move by the no i think i think he was honestly forward into this position which he actually had to say something there are a couple of things that happened in the last few days one of them he said well. the cardinal who was a seated with pittsburgh with the pittsburgh. brienne who was actually one who was actually involved in the reporter mentioned the report was ford was supposed to be taking notes bigger narrative and then was force essentially to step down right at the very same time a chilean prosecutor has no really pushed the vatican to turn in documents concerning sexual abuse in chile so i think that it's a bit of a perfect storm at the very same time the letter is slightly there really in
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relation to what we would call the church middle management when the litter calls clearly believes them there is no concrete offer there is no concrete position that we can distill from it and so the message here is that the pope is telling the world we're sorry what happened is terrible but those who committed these terrible things unless there's further notice we'll get away with it well the letter really pushes very hard in the idea that this should never happen again and that these people should escape punishment rather it's not clear what that punishment would be i think that the bigger issue however is that you know one of the scandals is most certainly the sexual abuse and i think that this is something which anybody that looks at the story can immediately agree the bigger question the one that the pennsylvania pennsylvania grand jury. it's a question of a cover up i mean what the pennsylvania jury shows is that the church as an
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institution operated along the lines of a criminal institution not only protecting these people but actually moving them around and permitting them to continue abusing minors and it's been talked about for now a very very long time i mean at least spoke came into into office six years ago you know have been brought together experts have been brought together no policy it's on the table as of yet and the scandals continue to be discovered aren't gakkai religious affairs correspondent as always thank you for that and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you countries neighboring venezuela are rushing to close their borders to migrants fleeing economic chaos brazil colombia ecuador peru and chile are all taking steps to stem the flow meanwhile the venezuelan government has launched a currency reform in the hope of stabilizing the economy an answer to hyper inflation. from berlin for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company will be
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back at the top of the hour with more world news. they will not succeed in defining the subtle not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of the stick to the ship. taking the stand global news that matters d w made from.


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