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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 22, 2018 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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this is the news coming to you live from berlin high crimes causing doc shadow on the trump presidency two of the president's former associates faced the possibility of prison. for trying to annoy michael and plead guilty to a hush money keen to influence the two thousand and sixteen election and campaign manager called man of forces convicted of financial crimes what does all of this mean for the white house. also coming out facebook and trying to stamp out disinformation campaigns and launch from their platforms with the u.s.
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midterm elections just three months away have we acted sooner or not. and the big business of high tech fun our reporter get to the string of things as the world's largest eventful computer and video games opens here in germany look at what's pushing people's buttons yeah. hello and welcome i'm. dramatic developments in the u.s. where two of president comes close associates have either pleaded guilty or been found guilty of criminal offenses the most potentially damaging for the president the statements of michael cohen president transformer person noya and former campaign manager paul manifolds convictions could also spell trouble for trump adding momentum to this. special counsel strobing to
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a less conclusion between the trump campaign and russia to the two thousand and sixteen election. to donald trump's critics the bad act is clear guilty as two of his former aides face to dish and scrutiny activists lit up the entrance of trump international hotel in washington. tuesday spelled double trouble for the u.s. president to have his ex advisors could be facing lengthy prison sentences the fast michael cohn trumps former personal lawyer and close friend he pleaded guilty to a range of charges including campaign finance violations on their oaths the man who once said that he would take a bullet for donald trump swore he paid hush money to donald trump alleged mistresses including stormy daniels at the direction of who he referred to as the candidate widely understood to be donald trump. he worked to pay money to silence two women who had information that he believed would be detrimental to the
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two thousand and sixteen campaign and to the candidate in the campaign. according to the deputy u.s. attorney cohen then tried to get reimbursed for the payments using phony invoices minutes later a second court case to live a drama mr trump's form a complaint manager pullman a ford was convicted on eight counts of financial crimes manifolds trial is the first to emerge from special counsel robin miller's investigation into russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election on his way to a companion really invest virginia had this to say about it feel very sad about that. because it is probably me but i still feel you know i think i have. nothing to do with watching the movie started rushing killing this is how we got to do so which shows that it is great i. very good i. to
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the most support this ninety court case impaired to mete. out think through how franco. we don't like the ok could use the right here in which we got a whole big company. crowd continues to cheer him on the back and define it more for what this all means i'm joined now politically and i miss tyson baka from the aspen institute here but and welcome tyson first of all let's talk about michael cohen and his testimonial his plea to what extent does the implicate of the president in his guilty plea even though he doesn't mention dollar trump by name he implicates him in all but name just like you said i mean we know that his relationship with the president has been a long time relationship he's basically a sergant son he's been a fixer for the president for more than a decade now as was reported he said that he would take
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a bullet to the president now under oath he has pled guilty to two counts of basically pay costs money at the explicit behest of a candidate it's obvious with that candidate is this was a trial or an indictment for michael cohen not for donald trump but the implications are clear so if trump is implicated what does it mean for him can he be indicted too impeached so there is no precedent for indicting a president either criminally or civilly that didn't happen nixon that didn't happen under clinton there was decisions to keep that out of the hands you know the president as the head of state is also the country's chief law enforcement officer so it's not even clear whether or not you can indict that person because he is essentially the guardian of the constitution the avenue for dressing this is not a criminal avenue it's a political avenue that's through impeachment a process that takes place through a trial in congress looking is it not look at the other case a poor man of forty don tums former campaign manager he's also. convicted off
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various charges the dark tom came out and defended him and said he's a good man they didn't do that the focus and what the implications of that. truth is that donald trump is trying to conduct this entire investigation be it on the mower investigation the accusations of crony capitalism of corruption with all of these different players in the court of public opinion and for him to keep from implicating himself it's a much easier to deal with the metaphor case that's why he says he's a good guy this is a witch hunt this is russia collusion because he is not directly implicated in that what cohen has done and it's qualitatively different has gone on record and said that trump ordered him to pay hush money now trying to either come out to contradict that in which case if he was called to testify he might perjure himself but in the manifold case it's a lot easier for him to do so to what extent are these developments feed into the money investigation which is looking into russian collusion in the two thousand and sixteen elections it's not the only way we see
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a clear pattern i guess there are two one is you see a culture developing ecosystem of the will of corruption of bribes of hush money of not registering tax evasion etc etc but you know the case with metaphors a lot of that happened before he joined the campaign clearly he has relationships with russia and ukraine but it's not clear that that's the campaign and the the cohen piece isn't necessarily the russia piece exactly so it's just kind of closing in on that and looking at these two cases collectively tyson how damaging for donald trump specially with me tell me lections coming up in november what you put the nail in the head i mean this is really a question of not criminal or legal this is a political question essentially the voters are going to render their judgment this is all being conducted let's be honest in the court of public opinion and if the democrats are able to win back control of the house say with eighty seven seats in the house of representatives then i think that they will have a mandate to pursue impeachment i see dyson maka from the aspen institute thank you
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very much for that analysis thank you. parties have arrested an alleged extremist in berlin the kind you want to a russian man is suspected of planning a bomb attack in germany that is according to prosecutors for more of the story let me draw indeed obvious security expert fabienne funded markey joins us now from up on a mentor studious fabien what more can you tell us about this arrest well german authorities believe that this radical islam is wanted to have a bigger attack in germany a major attack somewhere in germany the man. see we don't use his full name in line with the press called in order to protect his privacy that this man had already in two thousand and sixteen huge amounts of and highly explosive t. a.t.p.'s substance in his birdland flat a substance that was already used in paris brussels mentioned major attacks very
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dangerous material and in this flat. didn't act on his own he had a companion called clear mall be also not his full name and the second suspect he flew in two thousand and seventeen to france where he was arrested by the french police now in the french investigations investigators found out more also about the burden suspect about. see these. informations led to the arrest today and further what is the back crowd of these arrests in france and in germany now and how worrying obviously is this latest arrest for german authorities. well the man. was not only known to french police but he was also on the radar of german authorities he was one of some seven hundred seventy potential terrorist people that german authorities that the police know that they have on their radar
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that pose a threat to germany but also in this case not an immediate one so the arrest was important for thirty's but they don't believe that they have foiled. a car and terror plot so it was rather in order to get more information on these materials that he had in this earlier planning stadium with claymore b. but what is interesting about the case is that. the was part of a scene of russian chechens in germany where authorities believe that this scene is particularly dangerous a number of well trained islamists from chechnya from russia that are well connected with islam is all over the world so it was certainly a big blow to the scene today in berlin. the security correspondent thank you. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news
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around the world lawyers and ministers arrived at zimbabwe's top court earlier for a legal showdown with the results of last month's historic election opposition leader nelson chamisa claims the vote was flawed and is challenging president a muslim man god was narrow victory the court now has to decide if the results are valid. clashes have broken out in indian controlled region of kashmir after indian security forces fired tear gas at protesters the violence overshadowed celebrations for the muslim festival in the region has suffered decades of conflict a separatist fight for independence from india in two years of ties to pakistan. hundreds of elderly koreans have been defined emotional goodbyes to relatives at the end of a rare reunion for families separated by the korean border the south koreans are heading home after
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a three day visit to the north the first reunion to take place in three years. facebook and twitter have shut down hundreds of accounts they say were part of a coordinated disk information campaign cyber security firm fire i tipped off the tech giants to suspicious users social media companies said then vest occasions traced the misleading accounts to iran and to russia u.s. politicians are also reason concerns over new revelations of alleged russian hacking with an eye on midterm elections. social media giants acting this time before it's too late they're go to prevent fake news and propaganda from influencing the upcoming u.s. mid-term election facebook has removed more than six hundred fifty accounts pages and groups on his personal account facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg wrote that the company discovered networks of accounts that were
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misleading people about who they were and what they were doing. twitter also suspended over two hundred fifty accounts under similar claims both companies say those users were tied to russia's military intelligence services or iran state owned media. just a day before the climbdown microsoft reported it seized control of six fake websites created by kremlin linked hackers the software company said the activities targeted u.s. conservatives moscow tonight the allegations that u.s. senators aren't convinced you're involved in politics in america specially if you have views. he doesn't like you should expect to be the target of a campaign to access your emails get into your systems divulge information or even falsify information against russian cyber attacks a big worry from the u.s. especially after more alleged murder lying in the twenty sixth election. facebook
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has been criticized for not doing enough to stop fake news. as new elections approach the company has to prove it will not make the same mistake twice. as italy and more to close the ports to refugees and migrants crossing the mediterranean many are now desperately looking for another way into europe thousands of descended on a tiny strip of land in africa the border between morocco and the spanish territory of sirota a high fence barricades the kilometer long border getting across it is no easy feat now refugees the migrants have resorted to storming the fences in organized groups today alone wooden one hundred have breached the barrier. of a salad follows a group who've spent years trying to reach europe and they say they'll never give up. and his friends have to make their way to the hide old
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carefully it's in the mountains of morocco near the border with so utero. they say the police could show up at any time and destroy their camp the group have thousands of kilometers behind them now just a few hundred meters separate them from europe that fence this man from guinea shows deep cuts there from his attempts to storm the border. my father is dead my mother has nothing not even food i'm the oldest son and i want to try and make some money to help my mother that's why i left. some been waiting six months for this chance say with us fence is this final hurdle . if i say i have many friends who have made it to europe so many have recently crossed the border we trust in god that we will also make it someday
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. on. the fence this year to stop them it's eight kilometers long and fitted with razor sharp wire along with the territory of this is the only other border in africa on the other side. from the spanish. it's his job to secure this border but lately that hasn't always been possible. over six hundred migrants managed to storm the fence at the end of july the police are helpless and talk of unprecedented levels of violence makeshift flame throwers quicklime and grappling hooks are the migrants weapons of choice that i am we have put out those we are going to tell they were very well prepared and organized. but what small there was so violent that we could not get to the fence. i mean if i threw acid at us and did all they could to prevent us from closing the holes
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that i had cut into the fans. the. loss of boss of a victory over the fence it's taken years for them to reach their destination. the temporary reception center in say you to is fit to burst they have to stay here for one year then they can continue on suspend its mainland only a few of them apply for asylum since hardly any of them have any chance of asylum in europe it's putting pressure on the city of eighty thousand people the number of arrivals is barely sustainable council representatives say the situation and seal to is becoming untenable. that you have to respect the buddhists it's not say again that the migrants are attacking off fence in this way we do not have the capacity to accommodate everyone here that would be impossible now but at the would. that's another reason why tough border checks are part of every day life in sale to
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as well as hours of traffic jams some twenty thousand people travel in an alt over the course of the day many more rockets make a living out of trading with the spanish and played. for alfonso crew sato and the guardians see veal monitoring this border is a mammoth task six hundred employees work around the clock they use camera. to control the various sections of the fans and also the coastal area around the strait of gibraltar it's a well rehearsed team but it's reaching its limits. but it's stopping large groups of people is very complicated you need good cooperation between the moroccan authorities and our. both sides organize themselves well and everything goes well then we reach our goal. the young men in the mountains of morocco believe in strength in numbers and his
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friends are already planning their next attempt to storm the fence they're tired of the brutality of the hands of the police. they only find food at a nearby rubbish dump a soft drink a cucumber. amole potato life here is unbearable when the. pool america's only felicie morocco is teeming with police officers. all of my friends who left guinea with me made it to syria to see what i'm supposed to do here i'll stay here until i can get in. their sense of desperation is what drives them for salif and his friends it's europe or nothing. monaco joins me now and she's going to be looking at the impact of hot weather in many parts of the world including germany on agriculture money exactly i
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mean we just heard the sense of desperation that drives them a lot of that health course has to do with the drought in the countries they're living in and now for parts in europe it also has been the hottest summer since nine hundred seventy six on top of that there was hardly any rainfall heat and drought have been wreaking havoc around the world and to see just how dry it is take a look at these pictures from the international space station with no clouds inside europe is parts and that means water shortages crop losses and wildfires wide areas of australia are also stricken by drought the worst in decades farmers there are finding it hard to even keep their animals alive and they are already getting state aid the u.s. state of california is also facing severe drought water supplies have been declining there for decades but this year the situation is especially grim the result is the overall more wheat and more corn will be consumed in twenty eighteen than can be produced and reserves are already twenty. well here in
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germany drought stricken farmers can now look forward to state aid that's the result of a cabinet meeting today and help cannot come soon enough we caught up with some farmers in the region outside of the in. the fields in brandenburg are some of the sandy astin germany and it hasn't rained in the region since april for weeks drought related damage has prompted the german farmers association to demand rapid financial aid now that the government announced millions of euros in assistance the farmers lobby says prioritization will be key. so i would like to stress that it's important to support the farms that have suffered really bad setbacks losses of more than thirty percent oxley we don't want to cast a wide net. we want to target the aid where it's needed most. is
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to allow the farms to continue to operate. that could make the fener farming cooperative eligible ahead of the government's announcement it said it lost seventy percent of the crops it needed to feed its cattle it wasn't able to build up large reserves due to past poor harvests it was in between for out of the drought which means that we have a considerable szell to jump off the clock to even the long haul we couldn't fill the contracts are not included with the agricultural co-operative and due to poor yields sized more co-operative has a deficit if they want to five hundred thousand euros this year. is from from not all in all half of germany's sixteen federal states have already reported damages in the agriculture sector totaling three billion euros. well in vestas here in europe have something else to worry about today and as far as i know it's not related to drought let's cross over to our financial correspondent daniel cole by
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the front with stock exchange daniel i believe that shares in german auto parts giant continental heading south what's the problem. yes monica they are really heading south at the moment just like the blue chip index x. you can see it in the background a loss there off the continental shares close to thirteen percent the group said that their annual profits would be slashed by falling sales and also higher costs continental has announced that they will most likely generate one billion euros less this year then the forecast said when this hour talk message that's how it's called rich investors here at the frank first stock exchange it really caught them by surprise because of this in general shares of carmakers we have to remember there are big carmakers here listed in the blue chip index acts like volkswagen like b.m.w. like dialogue they are all down at the moment between zero point five and one point five percent at the moment this is happening even though we started it was pretty
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good numbers here at the blue chip index stocks even though after donald trump was saying during the campaign last night that he is thinking about auto tears of about twenty five percent so let's see how all of this is going to develop now throughout the afternoon indeed and if you will keep updated on this thank you so much for that. it is game time this week in the german city of cologne with hundreds of thousands of game most flocking to the world's largest event of computer and video games and the. brits dived into the crowd for us right into for tonight one of today's most popular games. and you're inside the game not just on screen the recent mega fortnight breaks with tradition rather than playing the survival game didn't come visitors can test their real world skills playing is free anyway and has attracted one hundred twenty five
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million people in one year the community is why the game is no successful even little things like new emotes or new skins are very. well received in that kind of explode within the community. these features are what players pay for. others have reached a point where they get paid for playing. hardcore gamers read the heart of games come when it started ten years ago and they still are but each sports has brought them from the basement to the stage. and he's like no mussulman pulled them on most but we used to be happy to get a mouse pad or hardware or anything really now if you play in the national league it's one of the half to two thousand euros per month further up you can make five digits on the basis of who did them but you put your foot in it. it's the largest
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ever games come with over one thousand exhibitors ranging from p.c. titles and hardware to mobile products and console games. virtual reality is now developed mostly for amusement parks and movie theaters. at that like solstice the threats to reality hasn't really picked up in sales and maybe more of an experience game that is if i hope that what's really driving the markets high as an expert buys a car to the eight to the older generation as the fastest growing user base those over fifty already make up a quarter of all gamers and that continues to grow that means of course the supply of games for this target group is growing who does it. fixed and games for the mass market are often simple and don't require complicated skills much like these classics that are making a comeback as internet games or can be played directly on mobile devices.
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gaming is only one of the reasons that smartphones have made games accessible and. aware to everyone now new fears me i've got some very important business to do here . well this is also important a reminder of the top story we're following for you u.s. president donald trump is under pressure off to two of his former allies face jail time over financial fourteen campaign no violations and one of them vicious sex lawyer michael coming. here watching the news coming from more coming up at the top of the hour thanks so much. move.
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on to. a. deeper tunisians pose a real threat to some german companies that i.d.'s refugees are cries more than ten percent of the firms suffer from the reforms they're going to be a disaster if they were to be deported actually notice we wouldn't be able to follow this news. or what business expects from the politicians a c.e.o. speaks face to face. made in germany. on d w. this is most people's image of good news. good luck down the new school in some fashion classics move greeks on the
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