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sure. and we're determined to do something here for the next generation gloomily as the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and all mine. this is utopia news line from berlin firefighters battle wildfires on the edge of the german capital the flames have forced the evacuation of hundreds of people some have now been able to return home but crews are facing the ana danger of world war two we nations buried in the forest were at the scene also coming up in my quince
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hunger strike believe refuses to let them off this coast guard vessel docked in sicily for more than a week and an evil bit as a result of the crazes comes up empty plus this in both ways tough court upholds prison guard worst election victory but can the deeply divided nation move past his harsh crackdown on post-election protests were in harare. they allow iraq is great to have you along everyone well be we begin with firefighters battling an unprecedented blaze near the german capital wildfire has taken hold of a large wooded area around fifty kilometers southwest of the city at least six hundred people have now been evacuated but some have been given the all clear to return home hundreds of firefighters meanwhile are working to contain the blaze
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well get an update from the scene but first this report. the driest summer in living memory has left the region around perlin vulnerable to the smallest spark the federal state of brandenburg has been on the highest level of alert for many weeks and now as feared the forests are in flames. and you know we've not seen a forest fire as big as this for many use. on the magazine hard it's a serious situation and presents a big danger was a good fear i don't fires are raging across an area the size of five hundred football pitches forcing the evacuation of three towns southwest of perlin strong winds are fanning the flames more than six hundred firefighters backed by water carrying helicopters battling the wildfires smoke and fumes are drifting as far as
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the german capital perlin is in the southwest of the city have been advised to keep their windows closed local residents have had to leave their homes say it's been a frightening experience. it was like a horror film but we didn't have time to think about it one complication is that the burning forests around berlin a littered with unexploded munitions are the leftover from the second world war or from military exercises in the communist former east germany don't communicate we can't enter the zone there's been explosions. that means we need to fight the fires from the edges. trying to extinguish them from the air. in there for him because. the authorities say they've made progress but it could take several days to put the fires out. and e.w. correspond melanie occurred a ball is at the scene and sent us this update. on this second day of an
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unprecedented fire raging just fifty kilometers outside of but then there finally has been some significant progress the fire seems to be largely under control there are still six hundred to six hundred fifty firefighters and army personnel out there working putting the fire out completely and they have not had an easy job they have been facing challenges incredibly dangerous ones amongst them ammunition in the forest ground this is the area where the battles for bilin were taking place during world war two so the soil here is really contaminated by ammunition they the firefighters have to make sure that they stay on save roads that they don't go out into the forest too deeply and have to rely on aerial support by helicopters as well in order to stay safe but for the villages here there has been some good news the villagers from one town have been told that they can go home now the ones from
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the other two villages that were evacuated yesterday still have to hold out just a little bit longer and the police is trying to find out in the meanwhile who or what is responsible for the fire in the first place w. correspondents about an acre of all reporting there around one hundred and twenty margarets have launched a hunger strike after being held on a ship in a city in port for more than a week the migrants have been on the. telly and coast guard vessel the impasse over their fate has earned it lee a strong rebuke from the european union after rome threatened to withhold its funding from the bloc unless other member states took in some of the migrants well chris says talks held in brussels have ended without a resolution. and to talk about the standoff brussels correspondent richard riegert joins me now from brussels
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a parent of this faceoff between rome and brussels has ended in a no deal what does that mean. that means there was no appetite to give in to italian demands neither by the commission nor by the eleven other member states who were in brussels to talk about migration because this is very unusual italian approach to say the least the voice is perceived as blackmail or populist brinkmanship and therefore rejected but that doesn't mean that there is no solution for the migrants inside we heard the us to negotiations going on between the capitals and maybe that in the next hours or days a solution can be found but this is not sure not just for the purposes of this is question if the italian government were to carry out its threat what kind of impact with that have on the european commission that the commission would have no other choice than take italy to cults because italy is obliged to pay its fees and use
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like in your normal private tennis a football club if you don't pay you can't use the cotton this also applies for the european union of cause it is a tactic that never has been used by any member states so far nobody has ever threatened not to pay though this is uncharted waters also for the you commission and bearing to a conclusion what does this clash that we're seeing unfold right now tell us about the use migration policy. the migration policy doesn't work it's in chandos actually because none of the member states is no obliging to the rules in trying the dublin regulations it's no managed case by case or shipped by ship you could say and the you need a long term solution a kind of a redistribution and mechanism a relocation mechanism for margins and all that on the back drop but there is actually no crisis the number of arrivals the numbers of migrants coming through is far down eighty percent compared to last year heart wrenching good reporting from
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brussels thank you. bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. german chancellor angela merkel is in the armenian capital europe as part of a three day tour of the caucasus after meeting prime minister nichol question on american visited a memorial to armenians killed during the ottoman empire raechel says the atrocities should not be forgotten but stopped short of using the word genocide which in the past has angered turkey. space cabinet has put forward a law that would allow it to consume the remains of francisco franco a former dictator is buried in a national mausoleum the socialist led government wants to relocate the grave to respect victims of franco's regime his family and supporters oppose the move which still leaves the approval of parliament. hurricane lane is
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pounding hawaii with high winds and torrential rains as it moves across the pacific the storm has now been downgraded to category two and is moving away from the big island but it's still drop more rain there officials described flooding on parts of the island as catastrophic. u.s. republican senator john mccain has decided to discontinue cancer treatment that's according to his statement by his family the eighty one year old vietnam war veteran who once unsuccessfully around for president was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer last year his family says mccain has already survived longer than expected. symbiote was top court has rejected a challenge to president ever some god was narrow election victory judges were considering a case brought by the opposition party the movement for democratic change and allege that vote rigging took place during july as poll but in
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a unanimous decision the judges found the opposition had failed to present credible evidence while the ruling means effectively that emerson god can soon be inaugurated as president of zimbabwe and our correspondents privileged sure mousavi joins me now from zimbabwe's capital harare good to see you a privilege what's the latest on the verdict. yes. zimbabwe's highest courts the question of courts has just handed. a very very big to the constitutional challenge on the july thirtieth election and like you rightly say they were unanimous to say that the opposition had no solid evidence to about ten their results of the july thirty elections some of the things that they conceded where they fixed that the opposition did not demand the opening of
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the ballot papers for a recount of their votes in forty eight hours soon after that is also we announced and then the other thing is that they also see that is most of the things that the opposition was bringing before the courts when not picked by evidence rather they were just it large that's in the language of the court and what else has been the reaction to this verdict so far. we have we have spoken to both sides which is the opposition and the ruling party the opposition are saying that they accept the video of the court but still to this dispute over this election is not over they are saying that. they are going to pursue other avenues to for them to resolve these issues some of
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the things that they are talking about ease they could a demonstrate or the other thing they can also be a shoo in political dialogue route but this is only going to come after next wednesday when they see it as their national executive of their party to decide on which route to take. and a privilege does that mean that now the matter is settled once and for all. constitutionally. settled because the constitution. court is the highest court in the country there's no other court of appeal so what's the opposition is only going to do is probably to pursue dialogue in terms of resolves the resolving some of the issues they still have over this election but in terms of taking this election it's may we may safely say it's over in muslim and then god well we have to be you know granted in the next forty eight hours after these court
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fit the act it's a privilege and when somebody is reporting from zimbabwe's cop capital harare thank you for your continued coverage. the final major tennis tournament of the year known as the us open is right around the corner starting on monday many fans of the game will be watching american serena williams who is one grand slam victory away for matching margaret courts all time record of twenty four wins well it won't be easy for williams the six time champion of the tournament due to her drop in the world rankings here's a preview now of this year's final grand slam. since making her return to tennis after the birth of her daughter serena williams has admitted to struggling with post-partum emotions but she's still considered by many a serious threat on the court despite her plummet in the rankings at wimbledon in july she reached a final showing evidence of a resurgence after missing the last u.s.
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open serenus back this year seeded seventeenth williams has a very tough bracket to get through she could face her sister venus and current number one simona halep defending champion american sloane stephens has welcomed the return of serena i think her being that is very special the matter of what she's ranked no matter what she says it is she's always obviously going to be the best so i think that her i think that is that it was special and it's great in american tennis it's really flourishing at the moment so i'm especially women on the men's side defending champion roughen adult talk favorites and his potential competition i think is not the clear. favorite and. even when somebody think that somebody is a clear favorite you know from inside there's a look like this so of course you know like roger. specially they like to
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have course that's it that's what's going to be action starts on monday fans will be keen to see if the champions can retain their titles. all right now you're watching the news we still have a lot more to tell you about including the head of the u.s. federal reserve says he'll continue to raise interest rates of the economy remains robots robust as despite pressure from president donald trump to keep their rates steady ben we'll have that story and a whole lot more coming up right after this. run been to. his work goddess for to know. the months and. gone twenty.
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her first day in school in the jungle. first gleaming listen.


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