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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 26, 2018 7:02am-7:15am CEST

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as of last monday greece is independent of international aid funding but less no more aid packages and fewer fiscal requirements but the last eight years have been rough for greece and brought drastic austerity many greeks lost their jobs and their homes average income has fallen by a third but taxes remain high and now some are very skeptical about the future like this silversmith. personally for me in the coming years i don't see any hope everything looks bleak to me. the greek crisis brought me and thousands of people in my position to a low point in business women weren't interested in buying our clothes and as a result my manufacturing company closed we latest out of this combined cafe in many markets. he hopes to gain a foothold again like that most people are trying to fight their way through they can in brussels there was cautious optimism at the european commission.
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greece's transformative reforms have laid the foundations for a sustainable recovery putting in place the fundamental conditions need for sustained growth. creation and sound public finances indeed used to come but a mountain of debt remains to be paid off three hundred fifty billion euros albeit over an extended period and unemployment is still high for the first time in years it's dropped below twenty percent it's still the highest in europe. this week the u.s. levied further tariffs on sixteen billion dollars worth of chinese goods china responded with tariffs of its own on u.s. products at the same time it's rushing to modernize its entire economic base.
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chinese internet giants like search engine baidu tech investor ten cent and online retailer alibaba and now a leading global innovators rising from start ups to become multi-billion dollar conglomerates with considerable state backing along the way. beijing's made in china twenty twenty five program is intended to transform the huge country into a global economic power. ten key industries including aviation railways and electric or doze to get privileged state treatment the plan calls for foreign imports to be made to perth loise china i would rather export to the world some say president donald trump's tariffs on chinese goods are less a response to illegal state subsidies by beijing and more a last desperate attempt by the americans to stop china taking the technological lead. playing
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and you're inside the game not just on screen the recent may guide fortnight breaks with tradition rather than playing the survival games games come visitors can test their real world skills playing is free anyway and has attracted one hundred twenty five million people in one year the community is why the game is so successful even little things like new emotes or new skins are very well received in that kind of explode within the community. and these features are what players pay for. others have reached a point where they can get paid for playing. hardcore gamers were at the heart of games gone when it started ten years ago and they still are but each sport has brought them from the basement to the stage.
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but we used to be happy to get a mouse pad or hardware or anything really now if you play in the national league it's one of the half to two thousand euros per month further up you can make five digits on. you but you could spend it. it's the largest ever games come with over one thousand exhibitors ranging from p.c. titles and hardware to mobile products and console games. virtual reality. he is now developed mostly for amusement parks and movie theaters. that would exhaust a richer reality hasn't really picked up in sales and it may be more of an experience game than you but what's really driving the markets i asked an expert was a cloud of the older generation as the fastest growing user base those over fifty already make up a quarter of all gamers and that continues to grow that means of course the supply of games for this target group is growth that is
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a. fixed games for the mass market are often simple and don't require complicated skills much like these classics that are making a comeback as internet games or can be played directly on mobile devices. germany's employment agency says three hundred thousand asylum seekers from eight major countries of origin pakistan nigeria iran eritrea afghanistan iraq somalia and syria now have jobs here young or well trained migrants have the best chance of getting work thirty thousand have begun apprenticeship training but still the most important requirement in finding a job is speaking german regardless of donald trump's complaints that rate hikes would hurt u.s. economic growth the federal reserve is likely to keep gradually raising rates this year if the economy remains robust the fed says the u.s. economy is strong right now with inflation close to target the fed's already hike
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rates twice this year leading to much disgruntlement by trump analysts expect to further hikes. following a twenty two hour marathon negotiation budget carrier ryan air has reached an agreement with the trade union representing irish pilots no further details of the deal are known at this stage but europe's second largest airline has been in talks with pilots and cabin crew in several countries over working conditions and pay since last year the biggest one day strike two weeks ago affected some fifty five thousand passengers. whether it's a bridge over the boss person istanbul subway system or an imposing mosque turkey's president. is known for his big ambitions the country's construction sector has traditionally been an engine of economic growth but recent events have put the brakes on turkey's economy turkish banks and companies have accumulated four
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hundred seventy billion dollars of foreign debt and as the lira plummets it's getting ever harder to repay those loans analysts say interest rates should be raised to offset the liras rapid decline and believe the country should accept help from the international monetary fund but that's something added one has ruled out. there is no difference between the direct attacks on our call to prayer and our flag and the attack on our economy the goal is the same the goal is to bring to heel turkey and the turkish nation to hold a captive we're a nation that prefers to be shot in the neck rather than to be chained by the neck . that doesn't impress the ratings agencies they're downgrading turkey ever further making it harder for the country to raise new money. independent observers say the economy's biggest problem is the president himself. they're predicting
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a hard landing for ankara. and while at the moment people are only affected by rising prices. a wave of bankruptcies could soon roll across the country plunging many families into poverty. fresh out of the a.t.m. minus five zeros in the state's battle against hyper inflation and looming sovereign default the machines will only supply ten new ball of ours at a time right now. dumpling already cost twenty shoes eighteen hundred supposed to work. no more plastic bags bursting with banknotes anymore no seven digit prices for vegetables and fruit or two million for a bottle of water vanishing zeros out the only angle and you have all of our also
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sees the minimum wage balloon by three thousand five hundred percent with wages prices and the ball of our exchange rate all pegged to the states all backed cryptocurrency the petro economists and business from main skeptical. trolling to hyperinflation the impact of these increments will be totally counterproductive. president nicolas maduro had the presence of mind to make issue day monday a national holiday giving banks and citizens a chance to get used to the new system. some people don't know how to deal with the new money. in the end there's no difference. i think it's easy. i can't understand it all completely. but i'll get used to it with time. but thousands of venezuelans don't have that much patience they are putting the country and its
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problems behind them and leaving. the whole of northern europe has been in the grip of an unprecedented and extended drought many farms are threatened with bankruptcy. even north of the arctic circle temperatures rose above thirty degrees at times. scandinavian farmers are expecting the worst harvest in a quarter of a century the governments of latvia and lithuania have both declared a state of emergency. in poland and the czech republic are watching their crops wilt and expect the damage to be long term experts say climate change is at least partly responsible and expect further problems around the globe. or climate models are seeing the negative impact of climate change. there will be much more. regions of. europe and that means the biggest.
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movie where people already were of. africa has been hit by an unusually severe drought this year. cape town became the first metropolis to strictly. farmers in australia run out of water for their cattle. drought there has even driven while the news into the city searching for something to drink. and in north america drought has helped spread catastrophic wildfires along the western seaboard. from california to the canadian province of british columbia millions of the forest to burn down the smoke also creating a major health hazard. pay
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museums. and. people put big dreams on the big screen. in the movie magazines on d.w. . climate change is just. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our fire meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire other. people what it took to farm in a magazine. long d.w.
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. barely feel. the scars symbol of the pain still tangible. the suffering for god. through our cities. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance out of darkness for cities after a war starts september second on g.w. .


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