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it's the wife of a great russian designer. starts september ninth. cheney. this is the daily news live from one of the most independent voices in u.s. politics senator john mccain has for one sawbones a vietnam war hero and one time presidential candidate mccain died overnight to the age of eighty one losing his battle against brain cancer this wife cindy saying this he passed the while he lived on his own he's. also on the program pope
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francis meets sex abuse survivors during his trip to ireland in a major speech he fails to enjoy clerical exploitation of children saying he shares the pain and shame caused by the abuse scandal but his critics say words come to nothing. and as a bonus the gets back on the way all of this season's title contenders self those other media setbacks my two shall come losing out yesterday to a new surgeon calls all the highlights of that. hello and welcome my name's christopher spring a good to have you with tributes have been flooding in for us senator john mccain who died overnight at the age of eighty one he'd been battling an aggressive form of brain cancer since july of last year on friday his family had announced he discontinued any further treatment for a long military and political career mccain passed away at his ranch in arizona surrounded by his wife and other family members. he was
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a towering figure in american politics john mccain spent more than three decades in the u.s. congress looming large in debates over war and peace and the moral direction of the nation. i hope and again with. cooperate. to learn how to trust each other. and. serve the people. he served in the vietnam war as a navy pilot on a bombing mission in one nine hundred sixty seven he was shot down over one noyo captured by the north vietnamese he suffered five and a half years of torture and confinement before his release his courage as a p.o.w. earned him bipartisan praise as an american hero he was elected to the u.s. house in one thousand nine hundred two representing arizona and to the senate four years later beginning his long and influential career in washington in his two
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failed bid for presidency in two thousand and two thousand and eight mccain largely refused to engage in political mudslinging even defending opponent barack obama's integrity. in his last years mccain became an outspoken critic of president trump he gave a thumbs down vote to trump's repeal of obamacare earning the president's enduring wrath. in july two thousand and seventeen he was diagnosed with brain cancer which eventually forced him to withdraw from public life. on twitter mccain's wife said that he passed the way he lived on his own terms. john mccain will be remembered as a political maverick willing to stick to his convictions rather than the political line. and let's get more on this now from a washington correspondent custom phenomenon contributes to the great man pouring in give us a sense of how the u.s.
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is reacting to this huge loss was the big news networks year in the united states reporting or on the clock about the news of the death of john mccain since the news broke as you said lots of tributes to this unique politician pouring in one among many former president barack obama who defeated mccain in two thousand and eight in the presidential elections came was his opponent but barack obama praised his courage and his service for the country said we were from different generations different worlds had many different opinions but we both agreed that we had to do a service for this country and many other people have also shared stories about mccain about his humor his rage. but also his decency
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and saw the human side of john mccain also isn't the focus of many people here and cost was the time mention of this loss how big a role most mccain playing in u.s. politics. john mccain was basically the last of the so-called lions of the senate those big towering figures like a ted kennedy maybe on the democratic side politicians who didn't just so with the party line who really follow their conscience and were able to reach out across the aisle and also work with the opposition or with the opposing party and so this is definitely unique someone like him will be missing him and just briefly cain of course was president trump's fiercest critic howard heinz donald trump in reacting. donald trump sent out a short and rather unconvincing treats saying that his thoughts and prayers are with the family of joe main came but i think what will stick in people's mind is
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more how president from just a few days ago omitted the name of john mccain when he was presenting odd signing a defense bill that basically had john mccain's name on it and on the trump managed not to mention him at all it just shows how petty the battle between the two have become and people are not really looking for more quotes from the from donald trump at this point the focus is on john mccain ok const many thanks for that cousin phenomenon reporting from washington. pope francis is due to celebrate an outdoor mass in dublin later today on the second day of his visit to ireland with more than half a million people expected to attend the pope is currently in the west of ireland where he led the so-called angelus but only in the not shrine encountered. the pope again addressing the catholic church's sex abuse scandal saying it was
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a quote open wound that must be treated with and decisive action. the pope's visit has been overshadowed by the sex abuse scandal in ireland thousands of abuse survivors are expected to hold a protest to coincide with today's outdoor mass in dublin and while on saturday the pope vowed to end the sexual exploitation of children by clerics though he failed to say how he would achieve that goal. dublin's main sports stadium also a concert venue used by world between rock bands but there was only one star of this show pope francis himself. despite the sex abuse scandal shaking the catholic church the pontiff still has huge public support. lined the streets to give the pope an enthusiastic welcome as he was driven to st mary's cathedral. inside the pope prayed for victims of clerical abuse in front of
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a light known as the candle of innocence he was forthright in condemning the church's disgrace. of church authorities bishops religious leaders priests and others to adequately address these repugnant crimes which he has rightly to outrage. to she remains a source of pain and shame for the catholic community. i share in feeling that pain and shame. of protesters in central dublin brandished baby shoes in solidarity with child victims of abuse. there is a great that is. really challenging the church's behavior. corruption the vatican says the pope has met eight irish survivors of abuse and the pontiff clearly still enjoys great personal popularity. it was like
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a miracle for me to say i cannot be on such there's room for america and we hope for francis will arrange it for us because we're. the papal visit to ireland wraps up on sunday as many as half a million people will cavity and say mass in the park. before. we have breaking news for you coming in from zimbabwe where the country's new president. has taken the oath of office following the country's disputed election back in july his inauguration in the capital harare comes just a day off of the country's constitutional court upheld his narrow election victory the result had been contested by the main opposition m.d.c. party which claims that the vote back in july was rigged manana god wot took over from veteran leader robert mugabe last november and we're going to try and talk now
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to across moment privilege was fun he who has been attending that inauguration ceremony in harare privilege was sort of mood did you see the inauguration at today's inauguration how does it compare with the mood in the rest of the country at the moment. privilege can you hear me. seems that we're having i can see privilege now can you hear me privilege. a very loud. very loud atmosphere in that stadium central stadium all of. iraq and obviously a lot of people also on their mobiles having trouble getting a link up to our correspondent there we'll move on and look at some of the other stories making news around the world at the moment italy's interior minister matteo
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salvini is under investigation for his role in preventing migrants rescued at sea from disembarking in sicily salvini only allowed people to do some balk after five days on board when albania island and the vatican agreed to take in the migrants. in taiwan at least six people have been killed and thousands evacuated from the results of days of rain flooding hit forty seven areas inundating houses and submerging vehicles taiwanese leader william live visited the area and apologised to angry residents who have criticised the government for failing to come to their aid. and more than three hundred south koreans have traveled to north korea to meet their long lost relatives it's the second round of such temporary reunions of family members separated by decades by the one nine hundred fifty to one nine hundred fifty three korean war earlier this week about two hundred other south
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koreans went to the scenic diamond mountain resort for some of the reunions. and in belgariad sixteen people have been killed in a bus accident the vehicle was carrying to restore a weekend trip when it ran off the road into original rain and plunged into a river cool. which more than twenty people were injured and they've been taken to hospitals in the area. to see a season got underway this weekend one of the title contenders is already facing a setback shall come. in a tough opening game against both spoke of club clearly on the rebound after just barely avoided relegation last season. shall have newcomers mark stuart saida and sally sunday in the starting line up it's a bit late facts post but with a shop a side top set pieces would prove to be key in this match maxi arnold to john brooks
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one of the hosts i books with acres of space and famine with no child to make which disco was fuming time after the break it got pretty turbulent a brutal attack obama time to start it first so yellow but then the video referee got involved and the decision was overturned the day got worse from the sausage he is much in. there was more outrageous the match came so close brooks took down brill mbulelo penalty the shocker that bill bennett equaliser the guests in the eighty fifth minute i with the game in time added on both sides of playing for the win but it was the route he went for the kill i thought no kinship with the winner i want to finish it was. i going to survive if we keep on going like this we've got a nerve racking season ahead but that's good for the fans it was a really intense game that in the end went out why and i don't think it was
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undeserved from vines i think she's into should she switched over surely if you have to be honest it was a tough game for the rough start of your seats and i wouldn't want to be a video assistances for referee mistakes happen the important thing is how you deal with. it on no meat. balls open the season with a surprising when i will be hoping to improve their fortunes a match states who. formula one returns after the mid-season break and despite tricky conditions in belgium britain's lewis hamilton has picked up right where he left off before the break that is taking pope position for today's race the championship leader charles. heavy rain flooded the track. last clock the fosters lap of the day and hamilton will be joined at the front of the grid by ferrari's sebastian vettel who was over half the second slower than his rival.
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will from us the top of the hour in the meantime feel free to go to a website called for the latest updates on the latest world news you're watching the news in poland to stay with us few. my first boss was the sewing machine. where i come from women are almost by this ocean for. something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me years to to going.


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