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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 26, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CEST

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this is do you know where you news live from berlin one of the most independent voices in u.s. politics senator john mccain has fallen silent a vietnam war hero and one time presidential candidate mccain died overnight at the age of eighty one after a year long fight with brain cancer his wife cindy paid tribute to her late husband saying he passed the way he lived on his own terms also coming up to zimbabwe's new president emerson and dog law is sworn in after his narrow victory
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in july as disputed election he now faces the difficult task of uniting the country after an election that the opposition says was rigged. and in italy the standoff over a monitoring ship triggers a criminal investigation into the country's far right interior minister prosecutors are looking into charges of abuse of office kidnapping and illegal arrest. omarion evanston it's good to have you with us. tributes are pouring in for a u.s. senator john mccain who died overnight at the age of eighty one mccain had been battling an aggressive form of brain cancer since july of last year on friday his family had announced he'd discontinued any further treatment after a long military and political career mccain passed away at his ranch in arizona
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surrounded by his wife and other family members. he was a towering figure in american politics john mccain spent more than three decades in the u.s. congress looming large in debates over war and peace and the moral direction of the nation. i hope we can again rely on humility cooperate on the other to learn how to trust each other again and by so doing better serve the people who elected us. he served in the vietnam war as a navy pilot on a bombing mission in one nine hundred sixty seven he was shot down over one noise captured by the north vietnamese he suffered five and a half years of torture in confinement before his release his courage as a p.o.w. earned him bipartisan praise as an american hero he was elected to the u.s. house in one thousand nine hundred two representing arizona and to the senate four
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years later beginning his long and influential career in washington in his two failed bid for presidency in two thousand and two thousand and eight mccain largely refused to engage in political mudslinging even defending opponent barack obama's integrity. in his last years mccain became an outspoken critic of president trump he gave a thumbs down vote to trump's repeal of obamacare earning the president's enduring wrath. in july two thousand and seventeen he was diagnosed with brain cancer which eventually forced him to withdraw from public life. on twitter mccain's wife said that he passed the way he lived on his own terms. john mccain will be remembered as a political maverick willing to stick to his convictions rather than the political line. well tributes to john mccain have also been pouring into social media and for
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a closer look at their reactions and condolences from across the political spectrum i'm joined here in the studio by delhi reporter william william we saw those reactions coming immediately after the news of mccain's death and from both sides of the aisle what have people been saying yeah the outpouring of condolences can really be summed up by two of mccain's most frustrating opponents the ones that kept him from being president opposite sides of the aisle george w. bush in two thousand and barack obama in two thousand and eight and i think that bush's statement actually really said it best when he wrote his a library website some lives are so vivid it is difficult to imagine them ended some voices are so vibrant it is hard to think of them still and that really was john mccain this massive presence in u.s. politics regardless of where he stood on a particular issue or others stood on him he was a navy pilot p.o.w. torture survivor congressman senator presidential candidate the list goes on it's really an exhausting c.v.
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and that's what barack obama's statement focused on he talked about how little in common she and mccain had but he still said for all our differences we shared a fidelity to something higher which of course talking about public service but particularly notable here is obama's qualifier towards the end he wrote at john's best he showed us what working for the greater good means at john's best which many obama probably included would say over mccain was not always at his at his best well over a span of nearly sixty years of public service so many things you mention some of them how do you believe mccain is likely to be best remembered it well how he liked to be seen which was as a maverick as we do. i really love that maverick name his straight talk express from the two thousand presidential campaign has become stuff of legend in u.s. political history he went he went to get his party on torture during the bush administration years he stood up for some environmental policies that were against his party's line i was probably best known for pushing through bipartisan campaign finance reform in two thousand and two but maverick can also mean erratic and
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reckless remember mccain put sarah palin on the ticket in two thousand and eight which his own campaign staff have later said was a big mistake it can even hurt him he was he surprised many when he suspended his presidential campaign to deal with the global financial crisis that was exploding at that time and that left many people wondering well how can someone running who can't run a campaign and deal with a crisis is he really fit for president he's famous for his literal thumbs down of trying of republicans efforts to repeal obamacare but he himself voted against the obamacare two thousand and nine along with all other republicans so if you look at the big picture his decades long voting record he's really quite squarely in the middle of the road of conservative politics even donald trump who is sparred with publicly he's voted more than eighty percent of the time with trump's positions according to five thirty eight statistics platform well william mccain's term as senator was actually supposed to go on until twenty twenty two briefly if you can what happens to his feet now yes rather complicated so the arizona governor
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appoints someone to fill his role in till the next general election is twenty twenty of the winner of that election two thousand and twenty will fill the rest of mccain's term and until twenty twenty two and then it will go on as normal senate races go it's an important moment for republicans who are trying to lobby the senate majority now in two thousand and eighteen mccain's junior colleague also a republican senator is retiring and democrats are giving that seat a real run for its money. reporter william brokaw for many thanks indeed. well zimbabwe's new president emerson and god has taken the oath of office following the country's disputed july election win and god was inauguration in the capital harare comes a day after the country's constitutional court upheld his narrow election victory the results have been contested by the main opposition party which claimed the vote was rigged speech and god was called on them bob wayne to put aside their differences and to work together towards rebuilding the country's economy. or one.
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will d.w. correspondent privilege move on healy attended the swearing in ceremony we asked him whether m.d.c. opposition leader nelson chamisa threat to hold more protests could undermine the president's new term. this decision is only going to be decided on when is the when they meet is the initial consul but critics also saying that he will be shooting himself in default if he's going to do that because already the zimbabweans are beginning to warm up to the judgment that was passed on friday to a warming up to print. so you can see even if this did the big companies a zimbabwean companies have put out a huge banners to congratulate the president. signed that people are welcoming us
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leadership so critics now and i least are saying that if. the m.d.c. is to go ahead and do demonstrations in the streets that it will not help with the current president who has just been sworn in to lead to the country move forward. the german journalist miss solid tolu who was imprisoned in turkey on terror related charges has arrived back in germany with her three year old son tolu and seventeen other turkish defendants are accused of terrorist propaganda and membership of the extreme left m k l p party which is classified as a terrorist organization in turkey spent seven months in prison before being released in december of last year a travel ban has prevented her from leaving the country until now. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world pope francis has begged for god's forgiveness over the catholic church's sex abuse scandals in ireland pope's visit
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to ireland has been overshadowed by the church's history of abuse is there thousands of abuse survivors are expected to hold a protest to coincide with a mass by the pope later today. more than three hundred south koreans have traveled to north korea to meet their long lost relatives it's the second round of temporary reunions of family members separated for decades by the korean war earlier this week about two hundred other south koreans went to the scenic diamond mountain resort for similar reunions. italian prosecutors have begun investigating the country's interior minister far right leader months vini for his role in preventing migrants rescued at sea from disembarking in sicily the investigation is focusing on charges of illegal confinement illegal arrest and abuse of power the migrants have been stuck on an italian coast guard vessel in the
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port of kentucky for five days on saturday italy began allowing them to disembark. weary sick many on hunger strike the migrants on board the dish shotty are finally allowed onto dry land stuck in catan has harvest since monday they're exhausted and many are traumatized after their journeys. and it's a they live don't know what i wanted to sue minus we've heard inhumane stories of female suffering for example a twenty two year old eritrean woman who says it took her two years to get here and she was raped every step of the way. she behaved lots of money to traffic is and has a bullet wound on her hand. for the mother for model this halloween government had refused to let them off the boats until other e.u. states agree to take some of them in island would take in twenty to twenty five
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albania not in the e.u. will take in twenty italian prime minister giuseppe conti confound the catholic church will take in one hundred is interior minister imitator salvini is under investigation by sicilian prosecutors he's accused of the illegal detention of the migrants and abusive office responding in a social media post he said if you want to interrogate me or even arrest me because i defend the borders and security of my country i'm proud and i look forward to it . italy's populist coalition wants to reduce the flow of migrants to it shows which have seen more than six hundred fifty thousand people arrive since twenty fourteen . sports now and the new bundesliga season got underway this weekend and saturday's. defeat leverkusen a club expecting to go far in the europa league this season indeed leverkusen as
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you then brown things his club should challenge for trophies like the german comp and the europa league. germany coach yogi love was on hand to see if you could back up his bullish comments with a big performance. and in the early stages but fed leon bailey whipped in a cross only for lucas a lot easier to stumble while trying to add the finishing touch perhaps he should have gone with his foot. soon after the visitors went close again with bailey hitting the crossbar the jamaican forward was me inches away from giving live accuse nearly. got back while growing into the game though and when benyamin hendricks kicks the ball on to his own arm they have the chance to score from the spot so organizer stepped up but the belgian was denied by runners on was never christmas back up keeper the hero of the moment. after the break glass became increasingly dominant in the fifty fifth minute they were
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awarded another penalty after alexander drug of it went in lights on floor young noise house you're not for months exceeded where his teammate as had failed to make it one nil. and just three minutes later it was too far the injunction exchanged passes with half and then mesmerizing interplay ended with johnson touching home. after that it was all black but only more good work from those chants save leverkusen from further punishment. but two goals and three points were enough to make it a successful start for the falls. and a quick reminder now of our top story. tributes are flooding in from u.s. senator john mccain who has died at the age of eighty one mccain has been battling an aggressive form of brain cancer since july of last year the maverick republican served more than thirty years in the u.s.
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senate. where up to date now indeed every news for the back again at the top of the hour. an update i'm marrying editing from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. and on demand. video for you. media center.


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