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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2018 12:15am-12:30am CEST

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debate their chief rivals mike davis and that's all coming up after that the break . all this indeed of the news live from bahrain and we will have more news at the top of the hour thank you for watching. a. coach a bit of. your link to news from africa and the world or links to exceptional stories and discussions following uses easy to our website debi dot com still to come join us on facebook doubling for god. his creations. his brand understandable color got that icon of the fashion world. look what do we really know about the man behind the torch.
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what motivates him how does he think and feel good moments in the life of a great fashion designer. and smart and tough as it starts september ninth w. . the first weekend of the new book in this league of season is complete and there is plenty to discuss on public phony and yes joining me to do that are in this league expert let's fund shield. and detail the news owner of her movie. and this is what we're going to be talking about. byron kicked off the season with a hard fourth victory of the champion's been stopped from making its seventh consecutive win this meekin trophies. two of byron fiercest rivals dortmund and
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leipsic went head to head on sunday we'll see how they fared in their opening tight . end of an era and start again so must have a brilliance bands are reeling after the club's anthem it's authentic. i'm going to go straight to you let's welcome back are you absolutely over the moon that where the bundesliga season is is upon us again well i had a busy road go booking for various stations but of course i'm excited to the bristly goes back it's back to business as usual back to business as usual indeed not only it wasn't perhaps the world you were hoping for and that's what i get up to but i'll see you absolutely over the moon as well oh of course although as i see your face. there you go well thanks so much guys we better get straight to business of course buyer and have opened the season with a win against hoffenheim it wasn't all good news for munich though there'll be
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a monday for at least several weeks winger kingsley c'mon suffered a torn ligament after a fairly harsh tackle from hoffenheim midfielder nico schultz the frenchman will require surgery once again this year schultz was one of four. players to be booked . now i want to go straight to you let's be stopped this season. well in the end of the day they have again the best squad most likely they will run again with the title but. some teams like. to actually say. that it's good to see them. in the bundesliga but of course the way the challenge by and i mean hoffenheim straight away at the first game of the season certainly got by an xbox up with the kind of physical approach that they that they had and that has already caused some controversy let's say first from the two coaches had
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to say. at times they crossed the line i think because the items in particular should not have been able to go off as a substitute because he should already have been sent off. for a reason i was cut off that's a good buy and you do whatever you can then files can have it's unlucky for kingsley i wish him all the best. ok so you're saying the whole thing on cross the line i was on saying this is bind you do whatever you can and clearly this is not a new strategy shall we say we've got some numbers from previous matches between off and on by and and the statistics basically show that hoffenheim commits far more fouls in games against by them by and in the match on friday it was twenty one to three and this is starting to get on by and we had room a nigga saying that and i'm committed brutal fouls that it was wild west style football so we saw from the numbers that i don't think this is i mean it's going to end anytime soon i don't think hoffenheim will be the only team to play that way
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and no i mean certainly it's a style of play perhaps that's what i want to ask you lots of course you work for hoffenheim do you not agree that they were perhaps a little aggressive against biron from what the the statistics of course of course he was a tough game but what do you expect you have to play physically you have to win some techniques when it gets tight and you can't expect from a team like anybody else if you go to munich run next to watch them scored in the promoter so i think it's time to get on with it and stop crying it's just a contact sport it's a football game you know playing and there you go stop crying big strong words there from lots you don't mince your words that's for sure now byron to have come under fire and in particular frankly for his impressive dives that so have video assistant referee missed and we're just seeing the images there not was that not a clear mistake. it's a clear mistake and you can see that their own thirty cents before that would be
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called to be brief. takes off a bit of an invitation. to kill in the reason folks he takes that chance but obviously it's a take and will be easily i believe we should have told the referee and should have said please have a look at least check it yourself get it different and make a decision i'm hundred percent convinced if you would have done that to repeat no penalty it's interesting that you call it a clear mistake because we've now had the d.f. days refereeing commission chinee and with that opinion on this and basically what they've said is that the video assistant was correct not to step in not to get involved and tell the referee to check it again and what i say is that the video assistant should only get in touch with a referee if a clear mistake has been knighted now obviously i think is going to be a lot of debate over whether that was a clearness that you clearly feel and when you see some of the decisions they get
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my by over the course of a weekend you do have to wonder how is this all work and yeah exactly and the whole thing about it is was what i want to know is what exactly going to happen with the v.a.r. what do you think this season because you know it's sort of seems like there isn't a very clear way of dealing with that will say let me go back on that particular example i think that sums up everything. it's a decisive moment of the game it's really time only ten minutes to go. not clear. that is the reason when there we all should come in and actually say and given advice to the referee and help and he's dead to help and not to confuse everybody and that was just simply no they don't know that on the right decision and you can see on ten different angles that it was a lot of. if the referee looks at it and still believes it's a penalty then it's ok then he has his own opinion but not calling it that if i don't see not least in the people in cologne i just simply think it was
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a very iffy decision. but in the world cup it worked as well. as you said and if he decision i don't think we're going to be hearing the last of this debate anytime soon it'll probably rumble on throughout the season but of course there are you know plenty of other things to talk about no not of course forgetting about the other match which took place which is undoubtedly two of byron's fiercest rivals at dortmund and like think they battled it out on sunday so let's see how that match worked out for. a shock for the hosts after just thirty one seconds right in the lead of bouncing ball fell to john. who bulldozed it past keeper roman burkey i but dortmund struck back in the twenty first minute. i myself smelters cross made by the acrobatic mambo double run off. then in the
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forty eighth minute to marco is free kick headed in by marcel's up its lights extending their opponents a gift and three minutes later a christian pull the sick corner thomas delaney's header saved by capability but it so firing home the rebound with a sublime overhead kick. and dortmund weren't done yet in injury time new captain marco toys that it is one hundred one just be good. for one success and dortmund stake their claim to be. did admit title contenders. well there you go title contenders an absolutely fantastic start for dormant not the best star for leipsic if you see both team's chances this season you think there's going to be a big difference from last time around yes i think it would be much more solid. great move to bring him back to germany i think he's known to be a manager who made everything the team he coached he made them better and those that have some keys on his like for example little so i see them again as
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a challenger for life to see more as a transition he personally don't see them really up there on the top of course that will play for european spaces but today already starting this season one fall it's not a good start it's certainly not a good start that they were probably hoping for. of course there was another game on sunday minds hosted stuttgart both teams had spent big over the summer and the eighth was minds who ended up on top this goal in the seventy six minutes by anthony made all the difference because on made it all possible by knocking over and then pulling the ball back superbly said if it's the first time minds have won their opening match in five years. so let's round up all the action now there's that dortmund win minds also getting off to a good start as they've evolved frankfurt and outs burke there and hanover drew and
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berlin and of course bahrain one i'm not going to show you the table because it's so early in the season but dortmund are actually on top which is perhaps could we be seeing that maybe the threat the season will have to wait and see now if you're a fan of tradition look away and cover your ears because had to berlin have updated their walkout song and the club supporters are divided. up. angelic voice is in the fourth or now i want to come to you first are you a traditionalist when you think it's a good thing to date
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a song like that i think you need a bit of both you know i think some traditions are really important and i want my clubs then you know and separating from the rest are probably the biggest fan of that song that has a previously had says will go out there and you know i think how trying to appeal to a younger audience this season we had that they're giving free tickets to see you on the fourteen's this season is trying to get younger fans into the stadium and so i think this approach that they've got to maybe try to freshen up the support a bit i'm in favor of that now speaking about traditions hoffenheim isn't the oldest clothes i have lots how do you work to build up a tradition at a club like often i think it's pretty simple to play successful attractive good football show it to the youngsters develop your own use players this is the only way we can do it but i respect old traditional clubs but i think also time moves on . ok well that's all we have time for for this week the first weekend of course of the bundesliga so thanks to our guests looks fun steal. all of our movie we hope
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you like the show and don't forget to choose again next week so for me and the rest of the bundesliga team here in berlin bye bye . anyone visiting their spyhole should note here no votes on any way to get around. this no matter a way of getting to know the whole story and that's why i can now join house nicole furnish as she explores various national regional and speciality is. next on t.w. . entering the conflict zone with me should sleep on.
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this week on conflicts going on in the lives of two it at that do not second the above foreign minister who gathered his among the politicians so much for coming. on the question of migration that a compromise has been found is a fair deal for everybody conflicts so folks in sixty minutes g.w. . they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa on the moon. stories of both people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the
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