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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 27, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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plant. nineteen sixty eight local. stores september first double. this is. germany's chancellor condemning far right street moms who she says are hunting down foreigners anti immigrant protesters clashed with police in the eastern city of chemist's the violence sparked after the killing of a german man police have taken a syrian and an iraqi national into custody in connection with that killing we'll
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go live to kiev that's for the latest also coming up. in the procedures. they just have a nice when they come to the crew practice of female genital mutilation we'll meet a woman from somalia who fled her country to seek help at a german reconstruction clinic. it's good to have you with us tonight police in the german city of camden say several people have been injured as far right protesters face off with counter demonstrators now some protesters are wearing masks and carrying stones according to police tonight so unrest follows a similar far right protest that broke out yesterday in the city of cabinets after a german citizen was fatally stabbed. the two suspects
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a syrian and an iraqi have been arrested in connection with that killing. i want to go now to our correspondent charlotte shelves until she is in kim it's tonight good evening to you. know things were a little dicey for you a while ago maybe if you could start by telling us what is the situation there right now. at the moment brant there are several hundred far right protesters just behind me they've just for turned to the place where they were holding that major rally about an hour or so ago they then started their march through the streets and now made their way back now it was when they started to disperse like i say about that roughly an hour ago that things really started to escalate stirrings was starting to be thrown there were fireworks throwing police saying that there were a number of people who were scenes who have done the solution number of people were
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in mosques have been here in germany among the protests tensions really are starting to rise the concern is as well that as they are starting to separate to spread out from the main ronnie just behind me that's where it could starts in leeds who are repeats of the violence that we saw yesterday when they encounter the counter protesters who are here as well many hundreds of people who just a short time ago were facing off like you say across the street from these protesters. show you've been talking to a lot of those people there today we've been telling you. that's right we spoke to a number of counter-demonstrators on this evening we spoke to one woman who was from originally from lebanon is that she lived in germany for a number of years she told us that she was caught off in a lot of the violence yesterday let's have a listen to what she told me. a chap even i saw huge groups of people with
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a racist mindset it was a right wing mob they were roving around freely in the city center they were chasing migrants here with two little police presence they took over the city and we have been distracted i'm going on. so she said that she was keen though to return today to show that she wasn't going to be pushed health by the violence like this am's of previous well to not just candice but also the rest the world who is watching him it's very closely tonight that this these far right protesters don't represent everybody here she told me that she wants to show that there are people who still believe very strongly that migrants that refugees all welcome here in germany and these suspects that are in custody after this weekend's stabbing their encampments how much do we know about the suspects and how much do we know about that incident. well more or is now becoming to starting to become clear brant initially police have said that the alter cation
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that to face the killing that took place overnight in south dade into sunday involve people of several nationalities they were they were quite vague at the beginning now they've made clear that involves one that it's believed with both an iraqi and syrian national they're currently in police custody but they've said that there are still a lot of rumors going around which they are very keen to suppress they say that this investigation can do without all that speculation they're worried of course that it could begin could fuel tensions here they are saying that they don't know for sure what the most of the attack was and they say that they also don't know how the attack on forward is there is a lot still that needs to become clear if the coming days. or the correspondent show it shows and tell the story for us tonight in the eastern german city of charlie thank you. the women's rights organization. estimates that as many as sixty five thousand women and girls living in germany
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have been subjected to female genital mutilation or s.g.m. of the figure has been rising for some years mainly because more migrants are coming from countries where of g.m.'s practice at a reconstruction clinic here in berlin correspondent. one affected a woman who has joined the growing call for and the female genital mutilation her name has been changed to protect her identity. and one has to say. i was about eleven and twelve years old several people held me down then they cut me off they laid me on the table i can still picture it i had such horrific pain well then they sewed me together. they tied my legs together for a month so that the wound would heal a little had done by the head had i types of female genital mutilation very
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anywhere from damage in the clit or us to something up the vaginal opening in some countries the brutal practice is considered a rite of passage a prerequisite for marriage. in somalia the procedure is done by your so-called qatar they have no idea what they're doing they just have a knife and they cut to even after two and a half years in germany thirty six year old he for seeking advice a balance doesn't flower santa which as reconstructive surgery and consultation for women affected by f.p.m. . dr cornelius advices those effects and but germany services an expertise in f j m a still limited. when i studied medicine and was uncovered in the subject. but i know this is changing and i hope that trend continues but i still meet colleagues who either know very little or absolutely nothing about this and he got into this according to ted they found some sixty five thousand women affected by
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after living in germany an increase of twelve percent on last year. this is due to the increase in migration from countries where female genital mutilation is particularly prevalent for germany this means countries like somalia . and iraq. in a statement to deutsche avella germany's family and women's ministry described female genital mutilation as a human rights violation during this legislative period the ministry also plans on working more closely with germany's youth welfare offices but when it comes to some parents taking that young daughters back to the hung country for a so-called vacation circumcision there's very little that all thora to all the german government can do. volunteers and teachers therefore play a huge role in the i'm thinking move quick because the only way to really gauge what's going on is to have a vigilant society that particularly means people who work in close contact with
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families who might potentially subject their daughter to after. these people should be particularly attentive these are. tatted estimates that fifteen and a half thousand girls living in germany are in danger of after a furphy as have three year old is among them. miami goodnights three year old daughter has been circumcised but if we sent back to somalia who i'm one hundred percent sure they have grandparents will make undergo the procedure. but for the first eldest three doses it's already too late. and i'm going to make that was our fate those of us who had to experience that but i'm a fighter. and i hope that at some point this ritual will stop. well this is definitely a difficult topic in the talk about but here at the big table i'm joined by. she is with the in geo wadi which campaigns against female genital mutilation in asia in
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the middle east is very good it is good to have you on the show how widespread is this practice globally. well. the first seen a map before i think before which is by the u.n. the u.n. counts twenty nine countries most of them in africa are two in asia however it is actually much more widespread then this indicates we do have several countries in asia in the middle east for example iran is not on the mop the pakistan india. on the whole south southeast asia malaysia indonesia thailand are few cases but they do exist and even latin america i mean it's. all over the world and you were telling me earlier that you spent time in the middle east trying to support public information campaign so that people know what it is and that it
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doesn't have to take place and why it would have to take place and talk to me a little bit about the challenges of just getting the public educated about this. well what we do i mean why do you is working mainly in northern iraq we do have a small project project also in iran and we do support activists in all kinds of places like we did a conference for example in singapore. in iraq the challenges are. i mean you basically have to get to every part of society we do or shops for policeman for lawyers of course we speak with the women in the villages we speak with them and we speak with religious leaders with doctors who want to even talk to football clubs i mean what do they tell you why did why is this practice still so widespread when when we all know that it can be of so damaging for women well the thing is that well in some places like it really differs from
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place to place i and we have our in africa for example it is often celebrated as rite of passage in asia it is mostly believe that it's a religious duty. that is i have to point out that the majority of muslims do not believe that it has anything to do with islam but there are muslims who do believe that they must do it as muslims and it is really hard to combat an idea which people believe is demanded by their god of course i mean you can imagine what happens to these women who take a stand and say no i don't want that to have to be and they'd have to go against the grain go against their family for example. well if you're talking i first of all there are sometimes girls run away mundo we have one kurdish girl who actually them became active she's quite young but she's active in the campaign against it
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and also a mother is because her mother realized that this was good for her but comes to mothers they need the support usually of the husband because what they usually do if the community does not is not open to any change in behavior they what they do is lie they lie with the husband that it was actually done you know which region of generates a whole nother set of problems right there that is with the engine you want to tonight talking with us about this very difficult subject of female genital mutilation is that things that you very much thank you. oh another tuesday night u.s. and mexican trade negotiators have reached a bilateral deal that could lead to an update of nafta the north american free trade agreement u.s. president double trouble called it a really good deal for farmers and manufacturers in both countries he's suggested
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calling it the united states mexico trade agreement if a trilateral deal with canada cannot be reached trump said that he would contact canada's prime minister soon to discuss the deal. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world united nations investigators have released a damning report on me in marjah military calling for the prosecution of its commanders for crimes against humanity they say the military orchestrated a campaign against the country's muslims with quote genocidal intent in mars' brutal crackdown against the russian just began a year ago prompting some seven hundred thousand to flee. russian opposition leader alexina of all me has been sentenced to thirty days in prison for organizing a rally in late january against the country's presidential elections the baldies a spokeswoman said the sentence was clearly time to prevent him from attending another protest which she has called for next month. but it's been
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a dramatic start to the u.s. open in new york with the top women's seed and world number one simona halep knocked out by a stoniest kaia kanepi the romanian couldn't cope with connections power and drop the first set six two how the battle to state in the game but the estonian took the set the second at six four this is the second consecutive round x. for home you're up to date with a better feel for the. jungle . first climbing lesson in the door as grand a moment arrives. join the ring it's on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary during an orangutan returns home on the d w don't come to town.


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