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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 30, 2018 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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you've. visited every news live from berlin italy asco place a dispute with its neighbors over migrants the populace government in rome says the e.u. must change the rules on rescues and see if your name will close its ports to all vessels carrying refugees. also coming up the east german city of camden braces for more demonstrations as far right nationalists gear up for another protest. and he says he was tortured in prison now his fate is causing international concern we take a closer look at bobby one ugandan pop musician turned opposition politician who is
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taking on the country's political elite. i'm sumi so much gonda good to have you with us italy is stepping up pressure on its european partners to take more migrants rescued at sea italy's defense minister elisabetta trend to announce that she will ask fellow e.u. defense ministers to rotate the ports that migrants disembark at calling on other countries to share the load that used joint naval mission the mediterranean operation sophia was created to target people smuggling but it has rescued thousands of people since its launch in two thousand and fifteen now under current rules operation sophia brings all of those rescue to italy and rome says that that practice is no longer acceptable once it changed or else it could stop accepting migrants. they use chief diplomat federica mongering he says it's
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a divisive issue and one that e.u. states need to tackle together here's what she said a short while ago the issue of how to share the management of migration flows that is not an issue for one single country but is a common european issue this is why we have a european union operation and this is why i believe that even if it's a very difficult discussion. it would be good if member states considered taking more responsibility so respect but it's a difficult discussion i don't see with the ministers how much political space we have to move forwards for european defense ministers are meeting in vienna today for the second day of talks and after trying to announcement operation sophia is likely to be the number one item on the agenda let's go right to our correspondent barbara very so she is covering the talks for us in vienna today hi barbara so operation sophia was supposed to prevent people smuggling and further deaths at sea
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why is it only pushing to have this changed. italy has such an ultimatum to the european union and that runs in fact out tomorrow so defense ministers are under quite some pressure to come up with a solution however so far as things seem to be quite intractable it's really doesn't want to accept the vessel itself its european neighbors which are engaged in emissions of fear anymore in their own harbors they say somebody else should take up france for instance or space. for malta and sort of relieve it from the burden to have having to take in all those migrants not the point is that the figures have as we all know gone down drastically this year so this is a political issue it is not really anymore about thousands and thousands of people arriving in italian ports but it is it an issue that the interior minister. is
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pushing day and night he wants to completely close off italy's from the italy from the arrival of all any migrants and that includes emissions of so it's a important political symbol for italy how are other e.u. countries likely to respond to at least request. the problem is that so far they have not found any volunteers. neither the french government nor the spanish has said ok wheels sort of take over from italy because the rule so far of course have been and that's the. rules of international law that the harvest that are closed and that is in case it should leave mostly sicily in this case to the libyan coast are supposed to take in those vessels that was rescued people on board however italy now really wants to use force there is blackmail in the room italy is the threatening to not to agree to the next e.u. budget to not pay its fees to the european union and so on and so forth which is
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for the whole he's doing the atmosphere at the moment there seems to be not really a way out however if they don't find a solution missions of the mall this is at its and you know the bottom line here is that the italian government is saying it is important to distribute migrants picked up at sea within the e.u. are they getting anywhere with that point. they have been getting in. somewhere by using more or less blood pressure during the last weeks and months because if you look at the last migrant boats that have been coming in they've been waiting. for days and days and then finally they were distributed among the e.u. member states even albania has lost around taking in a couple of people so yes they are getting somewhere. they are the way they are dealing with the european partners really is causing
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a lot of bad blood and so it seems that the fia might actually be sort of running to run to ground and the whole thing be pushed onto the libyan coast guard libya getting the sole responsibility to save people who are at sea and that would constitute a breach of international law as we know the fate of migrants being pushed back to libya so you really is in a bind here in italy is not moving at all all right barbara basal reporting for us from the end i thank you barbara. reich wing groups are again expected to take the streets of the east german city of camden today some twenty people were injured earlier in the week when around seven thousand protesters many of them far right nationalists clashed with left wing demonstrators after a man was stabbed to death here's a look at what life is like for residents of cabinets where violence and hatred of foreigners has dominated headlines for the past few days. a snapshot of daily life
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in kemet to look cool runs a cafe in an art center it's a bit of an ivory tower he says here things are fine. but he also knows the city has a problem with right wing radicals. we don't see marauding bands of murderous nazis in the streets every day but things happen and instrumental liars it and use it as a pretext to whip up a crowd. last sunday eight hundred took to the streets in response to the killing of a man the night before on monday the far right scene mobilized about five thousand demonstrators and they were not just locals the rally wasn't about mourning the dead man it was a protest. the state premier of saxony is coming to camp in its later today to hold a town hall meeting. and then going to what would you like to tell him about what's been going on here. that he's totally misunderstood the situation and that he's out
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of his depth this is given the right wing radicals a platform and they're rallying their forces it wasn't just people from community on monday but from all over germany i find up painful. is there a general sense of frustration among local people are there problems with refugees here this man's answer shows how rejection of neo nazis and concern about the presence of foreigners in kenya it's not always so far apart what's it like living here she was on. this is not what i expected. i like to sit in the park when the weather's good but i see more and more foreigners there and they behave as if the time belongs to them. and they don't sit on the benches but on the backs of the benches with their feet on the seats drinking beer. that's not acceptable. i'm not a right winger but it bothers me it's just not right the speech if this was. a
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city theatre companies rehearsing for a video with dunces from twenty four countries we ask if they feel they're under threat they say no. but in fact. it's not that simple. that it ends up looking probably we tell them they should try to avoid any possible problems if they go home late they should go home together are not alone of course they're all trying to cope with the situation because. it's not easy and kennett's living together takes practice we have some catching up to do. most people we talked to here say they want to have nothing to do with the far right demonstrators but there is something that bothers them they feel marginalized the mail office analysis. of the city has changed it will take a while for some particularly the elderly i would say to get used to the way things are nowadays it's different now. and in the meantime nobody seems to have an answer
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to that question what with all the heated debate the thirty five year old killed on saturday night is no longer the focus of attention flowers and candles but no crowd of mourners. our political correspondent covering this story for us and she joins us in our studio hi nina we heard such mixed opinions in that report we heard one man criticizing politicians and the far right but also saying there are too many foreigners in chemist's how do you explain that. well sumi i feel reminded of our trip to greystone where we covered the demonstration together last year if you remember those statements a very very similar they sound very familiar people say i'm not a new nazi but there is an increased presence of foreigners and i just don't like that and the statistics do show that fear of foreigners is highest in areas where there are few foreigners so saxony has a share of only four percent that is very low compared to some twelve percent say
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in the west but then also candidates for example has a slightly higher share and you hear those statements also in areas where people just don't meet the native population if you will the germans don't really get to know those foreigners because they can't find jobs and allowed to work etc which is also why the national government our government is working on an immigration bill that should make it easier for people to find jobs who know the onus is now on politicians and the regional leader the state premier michel he's holding something of a town hall in a football stadium today and he's going to have to have his work cut out for him is that he's going to have to deal with all of these different opinions well that event was planned a long time ago is an event part of the citizens dialogue as they call it the cd use my is a member of a. conservative party the c.d.u. they lost tremendously in last year's general election. especially in saxony and
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going out to talk to the people and say ok we got the message what do you want to talk about what are your concerns so this is part of this event is going to take place in a football stadium that could host fifteen thousand people a very strict security there and also a counter demonstration by the far right pro candidates group yet what can we expect there we are going to see another far right demonstration and likely another counter demonstration from the left wing well of course we've seen how the far right has managed to mobilize protesters from all over the country in a very very short amount of time we saw that on monday we saw how the police were overwhelmed how the authorities completely underestimated what was going to happen of course also the events from this week have mobilized the other side so there will be a pro democracy rock concert next week but of course that will be big come to demonstrate demonstrations that today as well we can only hope that the authorities have learned their lesson and that enough police people will be on the ground to
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keep the groups apart all right our political correspondent nina hoss and you know thank you so much. that some other stories making headlines around the world german chancellor angela merkel has begun a three day tour of west african countries with a visit to senegal merkel met with senegalese president macky sall in the capital dakar the german chancellor is calling for further investment in the region which is the origin of many migrants who journey to europe she's heading to ghana on thursday. u.s. president donald trump has defended his handling of the hurricane maria aftermath in puerto rico and he faced criticism after the island's official death toll from the two thousand and seventeen storm was raised from sixty four to nearly three thousand some authorities on the u.s. territory of call the federal government's response disastrously inadequate. a large fire has engulfed a warehouse in melbourne australia the blaze broke out around five am local time and authorities have warned residents to seek shelter over concerns of toxic smoke
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several nearby schools have been forced to close the fire authority says more than one hundred firefighters are at the scene. now after the case of ugandan politician bobby wine the united nations human rights chief has said he is deeply concerned about allegations that authorities in uganda torture of wine and several other politicians detained on treason charges winds case has touched a nerve in the country a high profile challenger to uganda his longtime president yoweri museveni was arrested in mid august after stones were thrown at the president's convoy he was released on bail earlier this week on crutches. julia reports from kampala on how ugandans are venting their frustrations over the case and what they think of the man who is taking on uganda as political elite. protest in uganda is copping to. the focus of the be monstrous in this mine
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known as bill b. one artist has demanded his release after hearing about these alleged torture while under our wrist. interview will be one toward d.w. about his role in uganda supporting ticks nobody should look at me as a messiah nobody should look at me as a solution i'm just part of the puzzle i knew that i was that is watching me he also part of that puzzle i cannot do it unless if we choose to do it to get that and yes that is this solution because if we are to attain. what we want as a country they need to give them. a large majority of ugandans population is under twenty four and many see the thought the six year old hopes to as their voice so when they look at bobby when he's presenting me. is a voice of me as a youth because me to only use because what do you think is real and it is this
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scene will come from politically and socially he speaks a lot of things and but naturally speaking i wouldn't. say that he inspires me like. going to the street song doing whatever has been doing because they're either ways of handling things yeah but very present my voice really represents my voice because it talks about the things that i think. and he's a you with he talks about unemployment education or option despite the supports a but b. one enjoys especially among young people mainly because beetle campolo present during the seventy's government seems to have a different perspective of their margin politician who is also bottling treason charges in court does a bit of a hole about what that moment and i don't think it is largely that that he's even viewed as the president to be or of course there's been
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a lot of framing around events our own him. by his group and he's one hundred laws where he's been portrayed largely as a victim but this is just a fleeting moment and it will probably pass. but the wind was voted to parliament last year in a by election where he defeated four challengers including one backed by president must've in. less than two years in office this singer has been strongly critical of government. anyone who is a serious political needs to see to buck. and evaluate that quote is will be weighing drip presented when he talks about people power you know what is he trying to say is in there any. weight in the one that he's expressing us today right and shouldn't the president get keyed.
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on the rig a star has enjoyed more than fifteen years of a successful music audio of though he sees making it in entertainment has been an obvious try to go but challenging a government that has been in power for thought to two yards could prove to be his biggest struggle yet. i. that report from did he use it julius and mugabo and he joins us from the ugandan capital kampala now for more on the story hi julius so bobby wine had a court date today but we understand he hasn't shown up or what's been happening. yes but one has not appeared in court this morning one of his lawyers because of every known human rights defamed not told me got us they told courts that way in court. because of his health but we want to be knows it's a lie since he was granted bail but a prison joining seven hundred fifty musician also received treatment from the
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ugandan military and this was before he appeared in the public for the first time after his are it's obvious lawyers in the family house while a stretch i can see much different in different you cloak was issued on how to be theist morea he did notice mission with a communication to courts that indicated the booking when we didn't appear because he needs treatment particularly due to my late torture isn't presented to a course but not john to related to angela so he has said that he was severely beaten in detention as are saying what are authorities responding to that. yes his lawyers unflaggingly i laced up the musician wants to be on the beach if these allegations are also come from that i've been part of that including the opposition politician i we've all we are not seen on the official me the court of portfolio speech always receiving treatment i named the military sate made to make every quote public just because a gun is parliament has petitioned the president obama he had made such i guess but
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so far we are yet to see the president's official response this came up to a heated debate when members of parliament just they leave the house to address the point sons of touch up. the prince the time it was a while until his pipe under obstacle about the alleged touch on what has been going going in the country yet we are into local media reports that some of the m.p. states he talked much about what happiness that some people who can resist interest do they want to ask you to report a lot of young people expressed support for bobby wine is that enough does he represent a real serious threat to the longtime leadership bobby wine indeed enjoy support from young people and there's no doubt for him on the was life if it's this full of music idea for fifteen years many people really as the shit you especially those the support he's using it will seem when we came into the political climate but it's not full of faith so you can see he really has
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a very big support of the young people but the government sees that is not sustainable i'm calls upon us to equally criticise will be white all right good he's correspondent julissa reporting for us from kampala thank you so much for bringing us that today. time for business news now with christoph and christopher trouble brewing in argentina the country's currency the argentine peso has plummeted to a record low against the dollar with investors reacting to president my recent mockeries appeal to the international monetary fund to speed up this in versions of the country's fifty billion dollar credit line marcie says the cash is needed to ease the country's financial crisis stabilize turbulent markets and guarantee compliance with next year's financial program uncertainty over inflation and economic downturn and budget deficits have sent the peso tumbling forty percent since the beginning of the year the international monetary fund has said it will
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reexamined its payment schedule. for more on this let's bring in our markets men paul brits and frankfurt paul the turkish lira is dropping then as well as bodyguards seems beyond repair now argentina is having trouble keeping up its currency does all that spook investors. crystal of the alarm bells are ringing some analysts have warned that the danger of an emerging market crisis is actually growing and that's of course partly because of the ongoing trade disputes between the u.s. and china which a lot of emerging economies economies are suffering from the indian rupee is currently historic low china stocks have dropped in the past couple of days as well and now this news about argentina and the argentinean currency down even further
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the peso is lost even more what's the word on the trading floor how bad is the situation in argentina and can it be fixed. it's not hopeless but it is concerning the argentinian government try to fix the drop of the peso on tuesday and wednesday by selling five hundred. that million dollars of its currency reserves unfortunately without effect the currency continued to drop inflation is that twenty percent in twenty eighteen that's not a good sign and investors are ready retreating from the country which is making the situation more difficult but on the upside argentina seems to be reasonable about this they've asked the i.m.f. for help further even they already have an agreement with the i.m.f. they just want to speed up the process so that's good news turkey isn't even looking for help from the i.m.f. for example so if that comes through that could give back some security and also
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the u.s. has just signed a targeted relief on steel and aluminum imports from countries like argentina that might be a little bit of a help paul votes in frankfurt thank you. labor ministry figures just out say german unemployment ticked up slightly in august it's a line with expectations as students and school leavers register as unemployed over the summer still the number of people for looking looking for work remains the lowest in twenty seven years posing a challenge as many positions remain vacant it's an acute problem in the healthcare sector where there aren't enough people choosing to work as caregivers raising wages to make the job more attractive would be one option but hospital and nursing homes say there is a cheaper way. germany needs nursing staff and not enough germans are going into caregiving they see the work is too hard and poorly paid that's why berlin's
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biggest hospital has been hiring albanians and it's about to recruit workers from mexico to it's symptomatic of the personal shortages in germany not only in the health professions. the number of vacant positions has been rising steadily in recent years in july one point two million openings couldn't be. hilde so in future we will deliver all those goods that germans order on the internet who will build and maintain houses who will work on factory floors sixty percent of companies say they view labor shortage as the biggest risk for their operations staff deficits cost the german economy an estimated thirty billion euros a year that's why calls are growing louder to ease immigration and employment restrictions for people from countries outside the e.u. such as albania with or without academic qualifications. telecoms giant vodafone australia operation is set to merge with the country's
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a second biggest internet provider service t p g telecom the deal is said to be worth eleven billion dollars now vodafone has been struggling where is the third biggest mobile phone provider in a joint venture with hong kong based hutchinson it's hoping the black merger will allow it to provide a stronger makes of services beyond mobile phones similar to the strategy what a phone has been following in countries like germany where it's bolster its own services by buying major internet and cable t.v. providers. japanese or studies giant panasonic plans to move its european that quarters to amsterdam from london in october to avoid any taxes use linked to that the u.k. is exit from the european union could mean that japanese authorities may treat britain as a tax haven if that happened on a sonic would face retroactive taxes for its u.k. operations back in japan uncertainty about the movement of goods and people between
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britain and the e.u. post-crisis also played a role in the decision by panasonic britain plans to leave the european union in march next year. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you here on d.w. italy is expected to ask the european union today to start rotating the. migrants to so far the current rules all migrants rescued at sea by the e.u.'s naval operation known as sophia come ashore in italy but home once the burden to be shared among other member states. you're watching news from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on a website that's evolving the column for now thanks for watching.
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and. enjoy the conflict zone and for. fallows susan the law is. so is the judge trade shows corruption my guess is that human capital that's all is the outgoing president from mongo santos who served with him a nobel peace prize shall be joined by dr america's most just drumming good soldiers free but does he deserve conflict so for. g.w. . yemen ravaged by three years of civil
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war thousands have died millions have fled diseases are spreading. nobody is helping and we need help we need help for yemenis. it's been called the world's biggest humanity. in crisis and the world looks away. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh. oh oh oh oh oh. it's a species. more. on those are big changes and most start with small steps. just tell stories of creative people looking to innovative projects around the world like to use the term treasure and we're
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determined to build something here for the next generation how. the multi media environment series on w. violence is on the rise in colombia so is the drug trade so is corruption this wasn't the way it was meant to be my guest this week in the capital baghdad is the outgoing president ron manuel santos who takes with women nobel peace prize for helping to and latin america's longest running insurgency but does he deserve it.


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