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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 30, 2018 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin italy escalates a dispute with this even neighbors over migrants the populace government in rome says the e.u. must change the rules on rescues it seems or it will close its ports to all bustles carrying refugee says also coming up the eastern german city of tennis braces for more demonstrations as ball right nationalists gear up for another protest. the caste system in nepal it's long been a source of social inequality we meet the women working for change.
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well i'm terry martin good to have you with us italy is stepping up pressure on its european partners to take more migrants rescued at sea italy's defense minister elisabetta tend to announce that she'll ask fellow e.u. defense ministers to rotate the ports that migrants embark at calling on other countries to share the load of the ears joint naval mission in the mediterranean operation sophia was created to target people smuggling but it's ended up rescuing thousands of migrants since its launch in two thousand and fifteen under current rules operation sophia brings all those rescued to italy rome says that practice is no longer acceptable and wants it changed or else it could stop accepting migrants . all the easy. chief diplomat frederick says it's
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a divisive issue and one that e.u. states need to tackle together here's what she had to say a short while ago the issue of how to share the management of migration flows that is not an issue for one single country but is a common this is why we have a european union operation at sea and this is why i believe that even if it's a very difficult discussion. it would be good if member states considered taking more responsibility so i'm very serious back but it's a difficult discussion i don't see with the ministers how much political space we have to move forward. defense ministers are meeting today for a second day in vienna also talking about operation sophia barbara bezel is covering the joint talks and joins us now from the austrian capital barbara operations appears currently achieving its aim of reducing people smuggling and preventing further deaths at sea why is it pushing to have
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a changed. it's really wants more of this. mission that's the point behind all this and it's a really high stakes gamble because the atmosphere here among the defense minister is quite partisan and because they feel blackmailed by italy to not allow you a fellow european naval vessels to enter your ports after they have maybe rescued a couple of hundred migrants at sea that is that's a pretty drastic step that really is an escalation of the ongoing battle off it's only against sea rescue against it taking in. for instance they've already done that what it's really really is to more or less completely end the sea rescue off migrants off the european union in front of the libyan coast and that's what all this is about what barbara is there any prospect of the defense ministers meeting in vienna reaching some sort of compromise arrangement that would allow sapir to
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continue. no it doesn't look like it and the german defense minister funded line more or less openly said that she doesn't really expect anything moving here they're just going through the motions and what they say is this needs to be solved at the level of the heads of state and government so they sort of pushing this issue on kicking the can again once more time down the road and say then next summer they really need to find a. new position on distribution of migrants within the e.u. but till then this is going to be made maybe october till then it's of the is really playing hardball and the political climate is really getting sort of more and more cold between member states here well whatever italy decides the migrants are continuing to come across the mediterranean of course as we all know italy's new government is hoping that other e.u.
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countries will participate and burden sharing and taken more migrants rescue to see is are they getting anywhere with their counterparts. they have been away of course just had a certain amount of wind in this game blackmailing their neighbors that they've been playing for the last two months but if you look at the latest migrant vessels coming in they got to redistribute it so of course this is just sort of putting all tomato and really pushing people it does get certain results but that's not a political solution you can't every time a migrant boat comes into european voters say oh who is going to it's like an auction you know who's going to take some people in twenty he takes thirty that that is not possible it's undignified and it's politically really just a very bad idea so there needs to be a better solution but at the moment there is no way other countries don't volunteer
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france doesn't spain doesn't they have their own problems migrants coming for us from morocco for instance and so the situation is really is really very bad but what will happen if things go on like this is there will be no more european sea rescue in front of the libyan coast if things carry on as they aren't at the moment barbara thank you very much barbara basal there in the. well here in germany right wing groups are again expected to take to the streets of the eastern city of camden today some twenty people were injured earlier in the week when around seven thousand protesters many of them par right nationalists clashed with left wing demonstrators after a man was stabbed to death here's a look at what life is like for residents of kennett or bonds and hatred of foreigners has dominated headlines for the past few day. a snapshot of daily life in kemet to look cool runs a cafe in a not center it's
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a bit of an ivory tower he says here things are fine. but he also knows the city has a problem with right wing radicals. we don't see marauding bands of murderous nazis in the streets every day but things happen and the instrumental wires it and use it as a pretext to whip up a crowd. last sunday eight hundred took to the streets in response to the killing of a man the night before on monday the far right scene mobilized about five thousand demonstrators and they were not just locals the rally wasn't about mourning the dead man it was a protest the state premier of saxony is coming to camp it's later today to hold a town hall meeting. in ghana what would you like to tell him about what's been going on here. before that he's totally misunderstood the situation and that he's out of his depth this is given the right wing radicals of platforms and they're
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rallying their forces it wasn't just people from committee on monday but from all over germany i find out painful the student will be is there a general sense of frustration among local people are there problems with refugees here this man's answer shows how rejection of neo nazis and concern about the presence of foreigners in candidates are not always so far apart but what's it like living here. on this is not what i expected i like to sit in the park when the weather's good but i see more and more foreigners there and they behave as if the time belongs to them. they don't sit on the benches but on the backs of the benches with their feet on the seats drinking beer. that's not acceptable so i'm not a right winger but it bothers me it's just not right the specific dish and wish to see gets me in a city theatre companies rehearsing for a video with dunces from twenty four countries we ask if they feel they're under
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threat they say no. but in fact. it's not that simple. we turn for people who put in we tell them they should try to avoid any possible problems if they go home late they should go home together are not alone of course they're all trying to cope with the situation. it's not easy in kenya it's living together takes practice we have some catching up to do. most people we talked to here say they want to have nothing to do with the far right demonstrators but there is something that bothers them they feel marginalized the mail office and analysis. not just the city has changed it will take a while for some particularly the elderly i would say to get used to the way things are nowadays it's different now and in the meantime nobody seems to have an answer to that question what with all the heated debate the thirty five year old killed on
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saturday night is no longer the focus of attention flowers and candles but no crowd of mourners. now let's look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today german chancellor angela merkel is in western africa this week the visit is focused on boosting german investment in the region partly as a way to slow mass migration here of michael met with some girls present marquis saul yesterday and all with the presidents of ghana and nigeria for returning home . rescuers in myanmar are struggling to reach thousands of people stranded after yesterday's dam failure in the region state media say waters unleashed by the dems have blocked a major highway and driven more than sixty thousand people from their homes the incident has highlighted safety concerns about dams in the region as a whole. and heavy rains have apollo several cities in china is eastern. province state media say the rain storms have caused what they describe as
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significant flooding in jew city rescuers waded through waist high water to reach residents trapped in their homes after the waters blocked road access several hundred people were affected. now for centuries the caste system in nepal has discriminated against members of the lowest hindu caste known as doll it's their access to jobs education is limited and they're often treated as inferior by members of other castes now an n.c.o. is hoping to improve the fate of one group of dalat women by teaching them to farm as de w.'s kilian shoots the reports from the pol the hope is that this will also lead to bigger changes. so bill has never had it easy she lives in a tiny hut with her husband and son near kathmandu every now and then she works as
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a daily barrage at construction sites or in the fields earning the equivalent of three or four euros she is happy but one thing really bothers her. and it's happened and yet it hasn't dally woman i face many problems living here i mean daily. when i want for someone in an opera cost house they usually don't give me food and i have to go to a cafe at the café they also need to eat my meal outside and rinse off my. dishes myself. in the hindu caste system considered the lowest of the low that often means being denied access to education and jobs and above all a lack of respect the village of review opie is a two hour drive from kathman to. be my luck to lunch she lives here she belongs to the me jar cast the mountain doll it's her husband left last year searching for a better job now he works in malaysia. he has never met their daughter.
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the mullet lunch she used to mainly tend to the household but recently her life took an unexpected turn an international climate protection and development organisation began providing agricultural training to women in the region giving priority to those whose husbands have left to find work a project coordinator from the local n.g.o.s his regular visits today he's showing the women the correct way to plant tomatoes. and when we practicalities how to grow old of plants or how they can sans the. game going to fifty sites to order by christian sites so you smart to give or getting them use give or demo organizing demos to some parts practical training already peerless schools so this is how we are training these awards. for many local dol it's the program has been a boon to the district administration believes that giving opportunities to the
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lowest caste is long overdue. that some of the stop with the caste system in nepal follows a centuries old philosophy that divide society into forecasts with delegates at the bottom delegates have long been part of our labor force supporting development and improving society in our society is undergoing very rapid change it's becoming more inclusive this old caste based way of thinking will be eradicated very soon. dolly it's own so off to mystic they fear the long standing discrimination they face won't change anytime soon yet many nepalese especially the younger generation dream of a country without a caste system the village of culture based where the project was launched shows what this future might look like the local women a lot of them doll its have joined forces their farming operation is thriving and every day traders come by to pick up fruit and vegetables. the project originally
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aimed to prepare local women for the impact of climate change but the women soon took charge themselves ignoring casting chanst and the process it's a battle for dignity and respect and a possible future without a caste system. christophe will be with you in just a moment thanks for watching. police at full speed. always shining. but always on the move.


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