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nineteen sixty eight. the global evil start september first column d. w. . w. news live from berlin bus loads of federal police arriving cabinet says the east and german city protests for fresh an empty immigrant protests will hear from city residents and taking them live to ask what authorities are doing to calm the escalating situation also on the program he says he was tortured in prison now he's fine he's causing international concern we take
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a closer look at bobby why the ugandan pop musician turned lawmaker taking on the country's political elite speak to his lawyer. smashing casts discrimination in the polls d.w. visits a farming project helping tallit women prepare for global warming is having some surprising power side effects. i'm so gail welcome to the program right wing groups are staging fresh demonstrations in the eastern german city of cam that surround twenty people were injured this week when seven thousand protesters many of them far right nationalist clashed with left wing demonstrators after a fatal stabbing let's get the latest from mike de w.'s that linda fear that joins us from chemists in the west in germany welcome linda this far right protest has
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now begun what is the feeling that. well right now i'm standing right in front of the stadium this is where the state premier is actually meeting in an hour of time and we just experienced how locals here help the people of kenya as we're getting into a huge fight so there's a lot of tension between the people there was actually one woman standing up and saying you know there's a lot of aggression against refugees and that's what she came for and a lot of others stating their experience in kenya at the moment their fear of going out because that's what they say because of the foreigners here in the street and well this is the stadium this is where the state premier will be and let me take you over here because these are the counter demonstration these of the demonstrators who want to greet who want to say hello to the state premier and want to express their anger this is the demonstration of. a local organization
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a very about the foreigners here income is a very devout a lot of things happening in. the politics of the sex only in state so when the state premier michael crutchlow holds this town hall meeting in the football stadium behind you what to do what can he say to deescalate tensions there . i believe this will be a hard task many people who go in there they could also march behind me in the in the protest many people are very angry they want to express their anger and also some woman one woman old for example she told me that she doesn't want to talk she just wants to express their anger there will be questions there will be questions about. the events taking place here and i think the only thing the state premier can do right now and his team is to listen and to see trying to calm the situation
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it's not an easy task. ok linda well let's take a look at life in care that's a city where violence and hatred of foreigners house dominated recent headlines. a snapshot of daily life in kemet two hundred cooling runs a cafe in an art center it's a bit of an ivory tower he says here things are fine. but he also knows the city has a problem with right wing radicals. we don't see marauding bands of murderers nazis in the streets every day but things happen and instrumental wires it and use it as a pretext to whip up a crowd. last sunday eight hundred took to the streets in response to the killing of a man the night before on monday the far right scene mobilized about five thousand demonstrators and they were not just locals the rally wasn't about mourning the dead man it was a protest the state premier of saxony is coming to camp it's later today to hold
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a town hall meeting. in ghana what would you like to tell him about what's been going on here. before that he's totally misunderstood the situation and that he's out of his depth this is given the right wing radicals of platforms and they're rallying their forces it wasn't just people from committee on monday but from all over germany i find a painful storage the student. is there a general sense of frustration among local people are there problems with refugees here this man's answer shows how rejection of neo nazis and concern about the presence of foreigners in cannes it's not always so far apart what's it like living here. this is not what i expected i like to sit in the park when the weather is good but i see more and more foreigners there and they behave as if the time belongs to them. and they don't sit on the benches but on the backs of the benches
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with their feet on the seats drinking beer that that's not acceptable so i'm not a right winger but it bothers me it's just not right to simply shift to the same gets me. a city theatre companies rehearsing for a video with dunces from twenty four countries we ask if they feel they're under threat they say no. but in fact it's not that simple. we tend to presume probably we tell them they should try to avoid any possible problems if they go home late they should go home together or not alone of course they're all trying to cope with the situation. it's not easy and kennett's living together takes practice we have some catching up to do. most people we talked to here say they want to have nothing to do with the far right demonstrators but there is something that bothers them they feel marginalized the mayor offers an analysis. just the city has changed it will take
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a while for some particularly the elderly i would say to get used to the way things are now days it's different now. and in the meantime nobody seems to have an answer to that question what with all the heated debate the thirty five year old killed on saturday night is no longer the focus of attention flowers and candles but no crowd of mourners. about to linda in the cabinet said linda so we saw in the report that's the strong and the migration a sense of themselves in the city of what people on the other side of the argument saying they might making their voices heard. they're making their voices heard but them they could be probably much louder right now what is happening here is the counter demonstrators to distant street and so the rather large left wing demonstrators they said they will not protest today they said you know they really feared for their lives on monday that the police couldn't really secure them so
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that's the reason why they're not here today that's what they say but i think another reason is also. that anti right extremist protests were never really strong here in cabinets and people are trying to really get their forces together and try to demonstrate on saturday because saturday there's actually more demonstration coming up the far right party he is calling for demonstrators to take to the streets and there's a couple of counter protests also on the way so you know today might be very quiet because there's heavy police presence but cameras will be will be a place where we're looking at for the next couple of days as well. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world even defense ministers have failed to resolve an impasse resulting from italy's refusal to continue to take in migrants rescued at sea the government in rome once the e.u.
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to rotate the ports where rescued migrants disembark the issues threatening the future of the e.u.'s migration rescue operation code named saffir whose mandate expires at the end of the year. un secretary general and heard of the terraces warned of a potential humanitarian disaster in northwest syria says the government prepares a major offensive to retake italy province it's the last to rebel stronghold in syria going to nearly three million people us calling for humanitarian corridor to allow civilians to leave. the government of president daniel ortega is behind a comprehensive campaign of repression to put down four months of protests in nicaragua that's according to every port by the un's high commissioner for human rights before it goes on to describe illegal arrests torture and close trials that it will take as government has dismissed they have reporters baseless that is the
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case of ugandan politician bobby wine the un's outgoing human rights chief has said he's deeply concerned about allegations that uganda north ortiz tortured mr wine and several other politicians who were detained on charges of treason once case has touched a nerve in the country a higher profile a high profile challenger to uganda's longtime president you wearing mr bennett he was arrested in august after stones were thrown at the president's convoy he was released on bail this week on crutches the w.'s are two lives reports on how ugandans are venting their frustration over the case what they think of the man taking on the country's political elite. shortest in uganda's capital kampala. the focus of the be more stringent this month known as bobby rush i just as demanded his release after hearing about easily torture under our wrist. in an interview will
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be one told d.w. about his role in uganda's party takes nobody should look at me as a messiah nobody should look at me as a solution i'm just part of the puzzle and you out there that i was that is watching me you also part of that puzzle not to do it unless if we choose to do it to get that and yes that is this solution because if we are to attain. what we want as a country they need to get. a large majority of ugandans population is under twenty four and many see they thought the six year old hopes to as their voice so would not be when he's presenting me. is a voice of me as a youth because me twenty years because what do you think is real and it is this you've seen will come from an entirely socially he speaks a lot of things and neutrally speaking i wouldn't. say that he inspires me
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like. going to the street and doing whatever he has been doing because there are other ways of handling things yeah but very present my voice really represents my voice because he talks about the things that i think. and he's a youth he talks about unemployment education or option despite this supports a book he one enjoys especially among young people mainly in the copy to accomplish prison show in the seventies government seems to have a different perspective of the margin politician who is also bottling treason charges in court does the. moment and i don't think it is largely that that he's even viewed as the president to be or of course there's been a lot of framing around events are on him. by his p.r. group and on his other handlers where he's been portrayed largely as
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a victim but this is just a fleeting moment it will probably pass. but the wine was voted to parliament last year in a by election where he defeated four challengers including one backed by president morsy even. less than two years in office this has been strongly critical of governments. anyone who is a serious politician needs to sit back and evaluate that who is would be weighing reprise into when he talks about people power you know what is he trying to say is in there any weight in the words that he's expressing to us today right and shouldn't the president to keep. the rig a star has enjoyed more than fifteen years of a successful music are you know he sees making it in entertainment has been an
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uphill struggle but challenging a government that has been in power for forty two years could prove to be his biggest struggle yet. once loyal is a necklace of hero he joins us from uganda's capital kampala welcome to day to you so your client was charged with treason what was your response to that. challenge for the crime and treason is a capital offense the tracks of death penalty and. he says child that must not make it must be a child based on concrete evidence or community in the instance case we have not yet seen any credible evidence to suggest in the very least that probably why on and yet accused persons were working in the absence of treason so the chinese are really laughable i think that they don't fall apart but you so now you're above you i was supposed to attend court today but didn't say will he appear for his next
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court date. or why it is commuted to attending to this trial. cordwainer quacked you know here today because he was attending to a medical doctor because ever since his release he's been unwell. suffering from the effects of the torture method against him well and so he was attending to boston doctor who was caring not just him and at the next court hearing of the pastoral talk about. what you can. and let's talk about the these injuries or what we're seeing pictures of of bobby wind on crutches what do you say happened to him but no one was to v.n. beat it by the presidential protection. call the special process of mom when he was arrested and district on the other night that he or will last if you were severely
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subjected to severe beatings keeping beating. cons you have now been able to tell us the story you were subjected to several injections the quantity we just no idea is what he's reacting to make it equal treatment he received in the hands of. the he can't keep away from his past of doctors and his family. because there are fringe of p.r. in this division which was a p.r. somebody who went into his general. when it really helps to be unseen and looking great coming out of graduates coming over to kidney problems coming out of a broken desborough he was the very project and. i say i know you said of a sudden the this interview the state's evidence occasional client was was flimsy at best what is your evidence for all of these things that you allege happened to your client well you have not been subjected to tests so we can see exactly
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what happened in this disk has broken medical tests i'm not sure it is but this has been struck and look at it as well he will cry just the kind of war he's on so these are the things that we have been talking about evidence of what if you see the. content in this quote an area getting dark because of the effect or to be seen because of the effect of the medical porch over subject it right ok will these i.q. for joining us sir nicholas are a pair of thank you very much for joining us here. business is with a lot of the jones now are keeping track of until americans tour of africa exactly she's also in africa phil and during her visit to ghana today german chancellor angela merkel called for a strong partnership with africa as part of europe's fate she said she said to the goal has to be to support the african continent and its own development during
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a meeting with president in an awkward for al gore in accra today mackel stressed the need to provide young people with a perspective so that they don't need to undertake the hostages journey to europe. and at a joint press conference with german chancellor angela merkel ghana's president said he was not proud of the illegal migration from ghana to europe and he emphasized that the going on a thorough tease were cooperating with their german counterparts but turning african cities into hubs of opportunities especially for young people is challenging our next report takes us to ghana's capital acro where a german development agency hopes to improve working conditions for waste because. samuel a conclave is taking apart an old computer screen searching for reuse of all materials for most waste pickers at the ad book wasteland phailin ghana's capital accra it's
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the only way to make a living. locals call the dump a sodom and gomorrah the heat and toxic fumes make this seem like hell on us it's here that people process the garbage discarded by mitch western countries officially it's illegal for europe to send electronic waste to ghana but that hasn't stopped the influx of used devices which are then painstakingly dismantled. the week before. with the money he earns the eighteen year old feeds his younger siblings and pays
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their school fees so that they can have better jobs one day the e waste dump is a health hazard that closing it down would deprive tens of thousands of people of their livelihood gemini's development agency the g.i. said wants to improve conditions here. it plans to set up a clinic and introduce safer and more efficient ways of recycling scrap. the way the government of iran i once tried dress this is polluter pays so those who are importing the electronic gadgets they have to pay for the proper and sustainable recycling of these products the government seems to have conceded that it makes little sense to close the dam too many people are dependent on it. i believe almost every. that is crap that is martyred we're taught the rich all of them are rely on the year whatever that we do so when your income is the hardest day our families are also go to benefit you know present or directly from what
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about. the conditions in ak bug lushly are still shocking but the activities in the waste dump showcase the power of recycling in africa. the merging currencies sold off sharply again today after argentina's peso suffered its biggest one day decline in three years overnight the drop was triggered by a t.v. appearance of president boris your my crazy when he was on television asking for an early release of i.m.f. funds the paizo had its west today this year so far uncertainty over inflation and economic downturn and budget deficits have set the pace of tumbling forty percent since january everything is getting pricier food an actress city buses schools this year inflation in argentina is expected to reach around thirty percent and at the same time the peso continues to fall since the beginning of the year the
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argentinian currency has lost forty five percent of its value against the dollar the country's central bank has spent weeks desperately selling off its currency reserves in an attempt to stabilize the peso but to no avail nor has president morrissey omak rees appealed to the international monetary fund to speed up disinvestments from the country's fifty billion dollar credit line foreign investors and the public have lost faith. and we're going to the reason though the money it doesn't trust the government and especially its economic team and i think that if the finance minister and the central bank president caputo don't step aside very soon things will get much worse it's not a case of poor economic decisions the main problem is that those in charge of lost credibility is going to be very is it only if you know. if a goat is in a dollar. and yet until recently the center right president was seen as
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a dynamic reformer he opened up for trade and investments attracted companies to the country all paid for with foreign capital but it's not clear whether the loans will be repaid debt payments of almost twenty five billion dollars on next year rising interest rates in the us all one reason for the crisis it's now more lucrative to punk cash there and that's not just affecting argentina the ruble the south african rand the turkish lira and the brazilian rail are all plummeting political conflicts are making things worse argentina may have further to fall protests against the government growing and the nation's biggest union see g.t. says it has strikes planned to. thank you for centuries nepal's caste system has institutionalized discrimination against members of the largest hindu caste known as dallas but access to jobs and
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education is limited and often treated as inferior by bad because of other castes now and n.g.o.s hoping to improve the fate of one group of dallas women by teaching them to follow the hope is that this will lead to bigger social change as d w still in shorts reports from the poll which. sober saw me has never had it easy she lives in a tiny hut with her husband and son near kathmandu every now and then she works as a day laborer a construct. sites are in the fields earning the equivalent of three or four year olds she is happy but one thing really bothers her. abi apathy and it hasn't hasn't dallied to woman i face many problems living here i'm a day laborer when i want for someone in an up a cost house they usually don't give me three months and i have to go to a cafe at the café they also need to eat my mail outside and rinse off my dishes
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myself. in the hindu caste system are considered the lowest of the low that often means being denied access to education and jobs and above all a lack of respect. the village of review opie is a two hour drive from catlin to. the moloch to lunch she lives here she belongs to the new jar cast at the mountain dollars her husband left last year searching for a better job now he works in malaysia. he has never met their daughter. the mullet lunch she used to mainly tend to the household but recently her life took an unexpected turn an international climate protection and development organisation began providing agricultural training to women in the region giving priority to those whose husbands have left to find work. a project coordinator from a local ngo pays regular visits today he's showing the women the correct way to plant tomatoes. when really practical how to roll the
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plants or how they can stand the. game going to pretty sights to order by a pretty sight so you smart it for getting them give or don't organizing some parts practical training already peerless course so this is how we are training these awards. for many local da it's the program has been a boon for the district administration believes that giving opportunities to the lowest caste is long overdue. start with the caste system in nepal follows a centuries old philosophy that defied society and the forecasts with dolly it's at the bottom. have long been part of our labor force supporting development and improving society in our society is undergoing very rapid change it's becoming more inclusive this old caste based way of thinking will be eradicated very soon. own
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so off to mystic they fear the long standing discrimination they face won't change anytime soon yet many nepalese especially the younger generation dream of a country without a caste system the village of culture based where the project was launched shows what this future might look like the local women a lot of them have joined forces their farming operation is thriving and every day traders come by to pick a fruit and vegetables. the project originally aimed to prepare local women for the impact of climate change but the women soon took charge themselves ignoring caste distinctions and the process. it's a battle for dignity and respect and a possible future without a caste system. up to date the top of the hour in the meantime of course the horse the website that steve w. called how good
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a. good shift in modern society the pressure to perform seems omnipresent but sometimes it can be encouraging. him for chess piece of catastrophe from him and it's wrong to only be ignoring it if you should talk about the increasingly common
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incidence of erectile dysfunction our focus in this week. good shape. laundry guard international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week this week the german city of ten minutes witnessed street clashes reminiscent of the mob violence the way to the nazi what is the root of this hate that's a topic on quadriga join us. sixty minutes. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition greed and megalomania. we're
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so clever the reason. lots. of investment bankers cultic ourselves with never stopped everybody was wrong the wanted to make nor the reality that the whole thing might blow off in the face of a system that spun out of control. that will. cause. the crash the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on d w. well come to include shake coming up. hearing loss why more and more young people are affected. our main topic today male impotence how to treat erectile dysfunction but first sports trends how to make your workouts
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more fun. and here's our host dr custom. hello.


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