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simply online on your mobile and free to shop to the d.w.p. learning course nikos free german made easy. and this is d w news live from but it thousands of protesters march against three can next fracking two opposing visions of the society right wing groups gather in the east in german city to challenge the country's migration policies while counter-demonstrators hold a rival rally in protest began a week ago off to a fatal stabbing allegedly by two migrants. with life and you can also coming up
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was god out. washington says farewell to senator john mccain a week off to his day former presidents barack obama and george w. bush off attributes as a memorial service saying mccain in forty eight american ideals. meet plus the latest from lieberman does leader finally make travel to stuttgart to places like hungary for their first win of the season we'll see if the hosts shake up quite out of the champions bringing confidence. from helen a home free thanks for joining me downs of hit the streets again in the east in the german city of kemet the protests in counter-protest box why the killing of. german
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resident last week to his items because they're in custody over the killing news that one of them could have been deported two years ago fueled saturday's demonstration against germany's migration policies the counter-demonstrators also took part in a rally against far right violence and racism. far right groups including germany's largest opposition party the anti immigration a.f.d.c. paraded through came nets in what they called a silent mourning march for a german man who was stabbed to death in the eastern german city last sunday by the fellow. i'm here because we are no longer prepared to accept incidents like these in germany where murders are committed by people who should already have been deported earlier he named. thousands of counter-demonstrators also converged on the city both locals and from further afield they wanted to send a message that the right did not represent everyone in kemet. just in this instance
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it's really important to make a stand against the right wing and for a tolerant diverse germany to send a message to foreign people here to say we support you we are a diverse and peaceful country and you're welcome here. because. i think the time is past here in germany when people could be chased through the streets without anybody speaking up against it this is really a time when people can't just sit a town and do nothing we have to stand up and take to the streets for democracy. the stopping of the german man sparked anti immigration demonstrations and violence and images went around the world for some a reminder of anti foreign incidents soon after german reunification. i mean if i after i've seen the pictures and i remember what happened in the beginning of the ninety's where we had to write we know prices in some places like market boric like course but rostock that's why it's important to see it send a clear stop signal right from the beginning but fortunately that did not take
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place and now it's high time to call to the wards to government of the state of sex city to simply do their job tensions were high after the violence of recent days but despite a few minor scuffles the. i'm counter-demonstration both went off peacefully. and our correspondent sean penn is in cannes next following the story for us there charlotte's attend say yes today tell us what you saw what people were telling me. yes the threat of violence was hanging in the throughout the day yesterday there was a fear that it would descend into the some of the clashes that we saw over the weekend and on monday the current says though on both sides did launch the remain peaceful reports from police said that there was some scuffles and some people were injured in the number of people were detained launched the police were able to keep the
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rifle processed a pause does not say though that there was a lot of anger back here on the streets of candidates yesterday on the side of the far right protesters they told me that they were furious that the german chancellor the gym governments immigration policies there were a lot of chance of medical alice there was a lot of anger directed at the press a lot of skepticism when we tried to approach them and they say. that concerns are being misrepresented now on the side of the rival protesters the counter protest they will also extremely angry they said that they told me that they were a pool that a number of the images that have been brokaw's around the world from over the weekend from monday evening they pointed out in particular images of a number of. protesters performing the nazi salutes they said things like that cannot happen in modern day germany they said that they were on the streets to make clear that this is a place where migrants were refugees. social anger as you put it the threat of
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violence hanging in the air we know that the police in saxony drafted in reinforcement from all the german federal states off the criticism about police being insufficient last week at work. yeah they. hundreds of police on the streets yesterday in riot gear on horseback water cannons going through the city trying to keep the peace they want used it was more of its hairy but there really was a very notice the people who were taking to the streets not so yesterday they were fully prepared they did largely manage to keep the two sides a pause but it must be pointed out that there were also a number of reasons that the protests passed peacefully yesterday it has to be said that the protests organized by the far right by the. party and the. movement they both make clear that they wanted it the protests to remain peaceful they didn't want to see repeated a lot of the violence they told me they said that it was
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a peaceful sign and monch in memory of the man who lost his life a week ago today in fact we witnessed one incident a number of far right processes intervening when things did start to get tense when there was when a cameraman in fact had his camera taken away from him they said no violence no violence trying to keep it calm so the day did pause relatively peacefully nevertheless clearly there are many different views here in germany about migration policy many people are concerned about growing far right sentiment let's take a listen to what germany's foreign minister had to say and then i will come back to you. but in kenya this is more than worrying a man was brutally killed on a public street followed by mobs chasing people through the city. people giving the nazi salute and not just isolated individuals. my colleagues abroad have been asking me what's going on in germany that's why i'm glad to see that so many
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democrats are taking a stand in kenya making clear that a large majority of germans want to live in an open and tolerant country and. german foreign minister there shot at just how deep all the divisions in german society over this issue. what has you point out how these things are playing out throughout japanese saxony where candidates is located has a history of concern about immigration we saw that in the national election last year when the a.f.d. party came out is the strongest party in the state of saxony poll suggests that god could be repeated in state elections next year when the f.t.'s suggested it could do quite well there is a concern here this is a divided state about the future germany the future of the immigration policy but this isn't happening to me there are still those who insist migrants refugees are also welcome our correspondent shot at chelsea reporting from cannes miss thanks
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a lot. let's get you up to date now with some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. defense secretary james mattis has counseled three hundred million dollars in aid to pakistan citing a lack of decisive action against militants the u.s. believes pakistan has allowed certain terror groups especially near the border with afghanistan to operate freely the u.s. state secretary of state is in islam about next week. in syria a string of explosions near a military base in damascus lit up the sky and shook the city in the early hours of the morning when reports suggest the blasts were caused by an israeli airstrike that syrian state t.v. set on the electrical fault that caused a nearby munitions dump to blow up. irish rock is used to called off a concert in berlin on saturday in front of thousands of fans lead singer bono was heard losing his voice after several songs the band apologized and told audience
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members they'll be able to return for another u two concert at a future date. former u.s. president barack obama and george w. bush have led tributes to john mccain at a memorial service in washington the late senator died last week of brain cancer obama and bush praised him as a consummate statesman who embodied the country's values politicians from across the spectrum attended the service with one notable exception president donald trump who had engaged in a base a feud with mccain was not invited. john mccain long serving senator an american war hero lies in state. becoming the great and the good from across the political divide paying their respects. by his own account john was a rebellious young man. in his case that's understandable what faster way to distinguish yourself when you're the son and grandson of admirals than to munich.
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eventually though he concluded that the only way to really make. his mark on the world is to commit to something bigger than yourself. and for job that meant answering the highest of calls. serving his country. in a time of war mccain's family emotional and his daughter meghan unafraid of politics the america john mccain is generous and welcoming and old she is resourceful confident secure. she meets her responsibilities she speaks quietly because she is strong america does not boast because she has no need to. the america john mccain has no need to be made great again because america was always great a swipe at president donald trump's divisiveness many feel that the death of john mccain comes at
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a time when american politics really needs more not fewer like him politicians who can reach across the widening political divide. and i'm going to sneak a binding it east to a three nil victory at stuttgart to maintain a perfect start the season the defending champions dominated the match which was watched by the germany coach him you have. six germany players run show for national team coach your kim love him buy ins game which took out including midfielder les on gorecki and in his first league start through his new club a great atmosphere awaited the players while a very defensive minded stock got awaited by a man. typhoon cork side kick the champions day for thirty seven minutes but that was all they could manage. the risk of found a gap in the stock up defense one nil to buy and. the free transfer signing from
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shout finished off the first big chance of the game. on fire and when c.n.n. head the break she took guard had not lost at home since january but the second half panned out like the first david oliver crushed a free kick against the post a star darts again sat back. and finally doubled their lead just after the hour robert leaven dusky score for the fourth straight game across all competitions this term. the red scare this time with the assist but the poland striker still had a lot of work to do so find the next. way. eleven goes to turn provider when he set up thomas miller for three nil. to league games two wins for the champions. stuttgart in contrast have no point so
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far as for love he seem to be wondering why by and german players haven't shown that form at the world cup. well like buying votes first record is a second successive victor. the season beating leyva couzin three won last season the wolves narrowly avoided relegation while they've accusing qualified for europe and even couzens bailey netted the first goal of the match making it one nil also twenty one min twenty four minutes and pack of managed to equalise off to around the sun as chan scored an own goal in the second hole forsberg scored two to put the match away the first from delta that cost and then went out to stephan grabbed all the alamo. don't forget you can always get the news on the go just download from google play or from the store that will give you access to the latest names from around the world as well as push notifications of any breaking news you can also use that e.w.
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out to send us your photos and videos. that's the latest here on d w i'm have an on screen everybody and more news coming up at the top of the hour thanks for your company and some say. i. am not over out of my little succeeded in defining a shadow not succeeded in taking the people off the streets because we're trying to restrict trying to show you. taking the stand globally news that matters d. w. me mines. here what's coming up on.


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