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tv   Interview - Veye Tatah Africans have to develop Africa.  Deutsche Welle  September 2, 2018 12:15pm-12:30pm CEST

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we can also use the w. hat to send us your photos and videos. and that's what you see on t w i'm home free and about any more news coming up at the top thanks for your company and c.c. . cuts. i. want to go out and they will not succeed in dividing us about not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of these dictatorships. taking the stand the global news that matters d. w. made from mines. i. lead . here what's coming up in the book is legal so much movement to the
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police to get these things and plentiful so clear. it's much take a look a little bit mean for the type of plenty. to sleep every weekend here on g.w. . playing. it would be daughter today i'm talking to via tata about german colonialism and the future of africa a computer scientist and journalist she's lived in dog run for the last twenty seven years in her magazine africa positive she campaigns for a self determined future for africa you know what i don't know and mr carter when you left the former german colony of cameroon for germany in one thousand nine hundred one did you feel you needed to leave your country for a better life or not you come out with its ideas issue though at the time cameron
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was a lovely place but as a young girl i had this image of europe and america as a paradise i thought it would be nice to go to college in europe. so i just came here to study with the aim of returning home one day. so after coming to paradise you realise that it was cold and people were saying is they still do that africa was a continent plagued with crises wars corruption and starving children is that a completely wrong perspective and. yeah i. was well it's not quite as black and white as that that's the problem. when i came to this so-called paradise i was confronted with a different reality and the reality was a young african woman like me comes here and thanks people will be friendly the whole community. but we looked different i felt rejected by society.
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i had never experienced that before. or and then this negative image of africa everything black is bad and that bothered me a lot back then you shifted. to this day the legacy of colonialism remains in africa one hundred years after the end of german colonialism germany wants to come to terms with that past what does germany oh its former colonies. any sense is if you wait a great deal actually i believe the present day problems of the african continent are tied to its colonial history with europe. and the tie because when european colonialists left africa they didn't leave those nations in a position to take the future into their own hands independently but that. you know even that they left things in a way that made african countries dependent on europe so europe could continue to
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exploit them. that's why we say relations with african nations need to be honest and europeans and western countries still have a system in place when it comes to development aid on fair trading relations and unfair interference in political affairs. and that has to stop had to be. otherwise there can be no real working relationship between african and european nations like that you or your basal image here of what there are solid economic and political interests at stake you want to disturb that way. it's been my dream i know for the operators i have only the thing i still don't think the europeans would be the ones to do it because they have always benefited from the set up and it has to be from ass from the african a side. but for us to shake things out in there has to be
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a shift in our mindset what i call a mental revolution. like you know after colonialism many people in these countries developed an unfair e.r.d. complex because the colonialists always said everything that comes from your country is bad yeah we are the only ones who can solve your problems and our products are the only good ones. what would they actually change people's perception of africa one into one oriented to europe and not their own country or and. of the people relinquish their ability to make their own decisions . we have to say it's time to set the africa for many africans have to change that own mindset and say it's up to us we can run our own countries and the fact that we have to the needs of the industry and we're missing is a big orientation to europe is part of the refugee problem too isn't it on the river g.'s look towards europe and imagine
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a better life there is this huge african refugee movement ultimately the legacy of colonialism in the. past and this myth and then that is it's all connected which have a way we say you know i believe you look at the political situation in africa and a lot of countries still have a democratic system or a political system that is a carbon copy of the european system but we have a completely different culture but why must our institutions imitate european ones like because they left them like that and we just took them over. normally it's up to countries to define that untraditional i think in the way you know what. how can we form our own government so that they reflect our needs and lives. to ones that will lead but we shouldn't just carry on with systems handed down from europe. for me i mean these are the mistakes that some countries are still making and i thought well feel the imma look i think that in the shuffle. since the refugee crisis
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european politicians have been visiting africa in droves for the german chancellor to be accompanied by large business delegations as investment is a key issue for getting up or going to stand on its own two feet but these investments are at the discretion of the business community and how do you hope that their involvement could bring about a change in attitude or maybe they will take some risks of easing i get. the feel it's always interesting what people forget is that development can only happen within. the country europeans won't come to africa and develop it africans have to develop africa themselves africa africa so you oppose development of the doited right local people really understand the local problems. uncle american doesn't need to come entrepreneurs there are lots of young entrepreneurs and creative people they just don't have the capital to transform their ideas and to paddocks or to set up production facilities in africa that maybe europeans could appreciate
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that it would be better for africans to make chocolate in africa and stead of exporting cocoa to europe and this would create thousands of jobs in ghana and the ivory coast young people would be employed locally and would no longer head for europe. but europe only wants to make profits and does not think long term that there needs to be a win win situation in this relationship with africa we said for me it's really all just a facade. we know exactly what the problems are and all we need is the capital in those countries not in politicians hands but in the hands of business people. which often we just open in the usa there are a lot of creative minds in africa are they able to transform their ideas into businesses what about your country cameroon but the fact that you have not come. come already well cameroon is a special case. but in fact there are various countries now on the right path when
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we talk about africa it's not all the same it's not a modulus some countries really work but one is doing great economically and politically there's gonna and south africa it means that as an african i can see which countries are like to go to and set up a business but in cameroon it's really difficult at the moment i come up with. the fear and it seems that some of the african to come to europe can at least afford the journey here or there proactive and courageous taking their fate into their own hands but is it not the wrong. people who are fleeing the fighting for. the stuff and it's the wrong one to leave yes but there are a lot of factors causing young people to flee. it's human to look around and see where i can live a better life me that it's not only africans who face that issue like this. it was the same when europeans migration to america its human being is mentally. we're the
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unity of course and those who come to germany are coming to the wrong country or if we look at the anti foreign demonstrations in communities last week what impression of germany must they get looking at recent events that target all. of us with germany is not the wrong country to come to that it's just that now it's not only in germany but in l.a. or hungry to all there are lots of european countries where people are protesting against integration would. it doesn't mean it's the wrong country but i think it's a question of how you communicate this change in society to the population. the question is whether we the media have always done a good job here is a quality you might wish to do we know the background of why so many people flee from their homelands. have we always informed people here about that have we told them for instance who is behind the horse in the congo there is he the congo is such a rich country yet it has so poor why always why the prices because of the operations
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of european firms. but people here are not properly informed so they don't understand why others flee their own countries. so racism is also part of the colonial legacy that i live it's all connected the way the german media report on africa is always very eurocentric like everything from europe is seen as great fabulous well everything from africa over us black is negative. let's what's what is the right now commuters in the headlines when you came to germany it was towns like merchants olinguito rostock with violence towards foreigners did you consider leaving germany and going back to africa. why no i didn't it all happened quite far away from me like it's not as if i didn't experience every day racism every foreigner who lives here. experiences racism every day racism i don't you get used to it. how do you deal with it oh i see you but it's everywhere in the supermarket
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on the street on the bus. just the way people look at you some people look at you in a friendly way others give you dismissive looks you can see it in people's body language and some people even give you verbal abuse you get used to it that's just how it has voiced or not you'll keep fighting for your cross that i will there were tears and we've reached the end of our interview now mr and i have three unfinished statements that i'd like you to complete and if you two for and for me germany means what you have been germany means an awful lot to me that's where i built up my future light off the board i feel attached to this country is like a full board. and when i think of cameroon where i was born i think of. my own wonderful childhood and how i always dreamed of traveling. my wish for africa's future is to me is that it was
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a confident africans who pursue their goals with discipline and to think about the majority of africans and not just a small group of people that often play them in the mission for what they are trying to thank you very much thank you. for. this week. this is. a new ice cream experience in munich. storming summit belgian photographer takes us to the top. the place to beat. all of the blacks see. the world. go wrong the other. with seventy thousand altar servers from around the world. a chance to explore the signs celebrate announce found at long last attend an
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everything the crush the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t.w. . hi everyone and welcome to your imax follow highlights edition be put together the best take self the week this is what's coming up today. those who follow me said you need.


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