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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 3, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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hostility over the years but they refused to give up that's why they plan to meet again next saturday and demand justice for their sons and for their husbands. coming up on g.w. b.m.w. fined millions of euros for a mission's violations again helena humphrey will have that story and many more coming right up in this. building into an official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans made in colombia legally and illegally. already echoing the worldwide return to venezuela. visiting friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live where i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness lose that matters. made minds every journey begins with the first step and every
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language with the first word the word from the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn with him simple online on your mobile and free. learning course nikos free german meeting seem. to. be always over the world on the german state of saxony would unrest in kenya it's making international headlines local business is worried whether it will have an impact on that or some like a financial course one has to make. also coming up b.m.w. fined ten million for violating emissions levels echoes of the diesel gate scandal but the german car giant claims it was all down to a bog. and
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making business a two way street china has built huge obstruction projects in africa will be all skiing at what cost well this is your business updates on how to hold free in berlin i'm glad you could join me small businesses in germany pretty much like everyone i don't like to get involved in politics particularly when business is good but with images of angry protests in the german city of camden it's being broadcast around the world some local companies are speaking out about the backlash to germany's controversial immigration policy. it's precision work here and no muss in saxony three hundred employees are making fine watches that sell all around the world the company has stellar reputation over three decades now manages worry that nazi protesters in the city of chemists might tarnish its image. of course was shocked by what's happening in cannes nets but i
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can't say i'm that surprised because this has been brewing for years sadly the way these people think is not uncommon for the state of saxony. some of the biggest names in jewelry make watches and glass hooter the little town is known around the world but after seeing the news about right wing extremists customers are irritated. they want to know if it was a nazi that put their watch together and who else has been working on it people are sensitive to this issue and saxony has a major problem now with its reputation in ruins i see this is a disadvantage for businesses in this area. a few kilometers down the road is the metal trading company run by the yak called brothers the two entrepreneurs are also worried about how the chemist's protests play all over the world they were hoping for more foreigners to move to saxony as they like many family owned companies are
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desperate to find workers. you know. every citizen and every guest should be able to live here safely and in peace this is important for employers to have they might think twice about investing in an area with these problems and might come away thinking it's better to stay out of saxony big. back in glass hooter no moss wants to focus on confronting the extreme right in an effort to prevent any further damage to the reputation of saxony. and that company . has for going off financial correspondent now he bought says that the frankfurt stock exchange for us only international attention on the unrest in kemet tell us more about the concerns for reputational damage it's a great concern when you listen to joel kayser he's the c.e.o. of siemens one of the largest industrial companies here in germany in europe and
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in the electro technical business and he says that germany doesn't just export goods and products it also exports values and he's worried that the kind of images and news that we're hearing from coming that's from saxony are going to damage the reputation of germany. and he says that you have to take this seriously not least because companies like siemens employs so many people not just germans but also of a very diverse cultural heritage siemens itself has three hundred seventy eight thousand people around the world around one hundred thirty thousand people and showcase them makes clear that it's about these people as well and the chairman of the. of baby eve the german industry association has called for leaders in the business world to speak out against seen a phobia in germany. for the thoughts in front thank you.
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b.m.w. has reportedly been ordered to pay a fine of ten million euros off the software was founded around eight thousand diesel calls that illegally shuts off emissions filtering the prosecutors say disappears to have been a bug in software and not an intentional cheat not put into a newspaper article in the suit brought to the site and become a christo and for both origins in february about the shuttle following a month on investigation they've decided not to file charges against any b.m.w. executives. well there's no sign of relief when it comes to turkey. economic crisis technology calls food everything became significantly more expensive an organist official to cystic share prices rose by an average of eighteen percent in just one month that's the highest rate in fifteen years due to the collapse of the turkish currency and there is plummeted since the us raise its key interest rates best in the storing them money from emerging markets and investing in the united
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states instict. chinese president xi jinping has just announced that his country is to provide sixty billion dollars in financial support to africa and expand its imports from the continent especially when it comes to non resources products well the move comes in the wake of growing concerns from economists that by building costly infrastructure on the continent it's also saddling it with debts african leaders accounting meeting with the chinese government at the forum on china africa cooperation in beijing. african leaders have high hopes for what chinese investment can do for their countries beijing's presence in the region has grown exponentially since its emergence as a global trading power now africa has become a cornerstone in beijing's global belt and road project in sierra leone for example president julius mudder b o c s china's thirst for investment as a way for his country to catch the wave of globalization. and there are so many
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benefits to globalization so force we want to be a part of the world community but the large investments which chinese state owned companies have pursued so aggressively in africa have not been an exercise in philanthropy africa's vast resources have helped fuel china's economic transformation still below rejects the accusation by some western countries that china is exploiting africa we are not fools enough we know where we want to take our point in various countries to we evolve in a relationship that is designed to be it when we need relationship if we do not think it was so we wouldn't be involved in that so i don't subscribe to that i know here i want to technical entry. some african countries have become heavily dependent on chinese financing and a recent study by the center for global development a u.s. think tank has raised serious concerns about the sustainability of sovereign debt
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in several african countries receiving belt and road funds. and for more on this i'm joined now by our correspondent in nairobi catherine one day good to see you catherine now there is growing criticism that chinese infrastructure projects are pushing african nations into debt to what extent. well since two thousand and fifteen through the full crack meeting in johannesburg when president xi jinping pledged sixty billion dollars in financing in various sectors like trade and industrialization we've seen you know an uptake of loans by african countries and african governments so far the chinese africa research institute puts three countries in africa which do all that debt to china and it's it's a worrying trend and that's the beauty which holds about seventy seven percent of its national debt to china the democratic republic of congo which china's seven
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point one billion dollars and which i was trying to six point one billion dollars catherine i mean chinese policymakers clearly see the african continent as one of its main supplies for natural resources it doesn't see anything but you all not does it have any big plans for that partnership. or during his keynote speech chinese president xi jinping did talk about deepening relations in terms of areas like climate change and health as you can recall during the outbreak china did play a pivotal role in west in west africa but also then looking at starting a peace and security body within the continent and we already seeing chinese peacekeepers very active in countries like south sudan and mali and catherine is there anything that germany can learn from china's relationship with africa.
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well other than the fact that you know africa union chair commission chair fuck you said that china in africa does centuries of history and as well as you know fighting the imperial fighting imperialism china does offer no strings attached in terms of politics when it comes to giving these loans so these countries that take up these loans don't necessarily have to be accountable and they will not interfere in the in the internal affairs of african countries some people argue that these african governments do not have checks and balances when we have rampant and runaway corruption in the continent but no strings attached is basically what makes china so attractive noninterference policy so not interference policy that from china looking at this partnership over time would have been the main benefit for african nations. well those who say that we have seen a lot of development in africa since the you know the relationship began but then
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those who say that it's not necessarily a win win relationship as they like to put it if you look at kenya for example the amount of imports that we import from china stands at three hundred ninety billion and the amount of goods the tween exports to china stands at one point nine billion so there's not really any balance in trade and some would say that china's taking the wind in this our correspondent catherine on one day reporting for us from nairobi good to talk to you thanks. and that's it you're up to date with the latest from the world of business from or find us on facebook follow us on twitter d w on disco biscuits i can now. move.
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to the to. the to. claim a legit total of photos from the terror genius of form one now move to california the carrier is calling nine hundred million dollars a year and they will both. know that finally delivering so much area. could cash flow for this man who helped launch a new. public school next g.w. . freespace. plex
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that's the theme of this year's architecture be a novel in venice the german people are going to tear down. and a young chinese architect aims to revive rural villages. space and free space. our special on. sixty minutes long t w. they make a commitment. they find solutions. based inspiring. africa . stories for both people in a different shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the
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move the stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies to their not. the double using the t.v. series for free. d.w. dot com. hello and welcome to pop explored to the german music show i'm liz show and as you feel we've had a bit of a make over here and i hope you like kids as much as we do now before we get into it i was really struck by a piece of news this week on august twenty ninth michael jackson.


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