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tv   Arts.21 - Arts.21 Special Architecture and Venice  Deutsche Welle  September 4, 2018 8:30am-9:00am CEST

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everybody is wrong to want you to ignore the reality that they might blow up in their face of a system that spawned out of control. over what. caused. the crash the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on g.w. . then there is the a picture of a beautiful city that's quite obvious isn't it the palaces the squares the canals
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and bridges and the promenade along the lake good but why is new construction rarely beautiful that's one of the many questions we'll be able to ask the architect to plan and build the world around us and who are coming together here in venice for the sixteenth architecture be an olive the main focus here isn't on beauty though but on space on green space which is the title of this year's exhibition. starting off at the british pearl in we find the remains of an experiment robin hood gardens in london was built in the late one nine hundred sixty s. and was intended to be ideal social r.c. but it got consistently bad press and was poorly maintained and depends really demolished the ministry another issues were. remainders photos in original section
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of the building sound symbols of a social vision that fit. at the other end of the exhibition we find an optimistic look into the future the hong kong billion has creative ideas for the city of tomorrow he sees high rises as the only option to gain more free space in hong kong as densely populated territory the architects here's a skyscrapers just need a facelift. think about greenery sustainability can we plan trees in the tower and a lot more public spaces for all the city is at stake share in the tower that need to have a change all regulation technological wise it's definitely possible when power that close you can easily link them up and you provide mall plans and platforms and wait which hong kong and the world to have a new discourse on the design of towers. over one hundred architectural firms took
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part in the hong kong project and they were given plenty of leeway in keeping with the title of this series be another free space and the exhibition is surprisingly open playful and creative if you're looking for breathtaking architecture or trends for the commercialising market you could be disappointed the architects designers and urban planners here in venice are more interested in what it's really all about creating buildings for people and for society. the project star apartments offers housing solutions for homeless people in los angeles prefabricated modular units are arranged above an open communal floor practical architecture for an inspiring cause. switzerland's per billion deals with issues of scale in architecture and questions the one size fits all. housing standards visitors find themselves on
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a tour of an empty apartment where the proportions are impossible. now this could be my new flat and the swiss available just something fields not lighted. and you see. that i mentions are all this is not made for cooking definitely. the installation won the golden lion for best national participation the jury called the installation compelling saying it tackles the critical issues of scale in domestic space. from the heart of europe to the middle east israel is just a few steps away to be an island its object this year the difficulties of coexistence in a country where three religions lay claim to various holy sites. this model of the church of god always several current jerusalem uses different colors to show how
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the space is divided between six christian denominations. throughout history of the arrangements have been renegotiated repeatedly which is often lead to disputes. in this film by nina perry we see the cave of the patriarchs in hebrew on the side just shared by jews and muslims. but for ten days a year they each have exclusive access one time it's a synagogue the next a mosque the changeover is overseen by the military. looking at the holy places from an architectural point of view was a whole new experience for the curators of the program. for us what is very interesting that as a secular is we always turn our back to the really just places and suddenly we look at them as architects with the same lens we are used to look at the space see these you know living buildings and and each reveals that's it deprived limbs are
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actually more or less the same but it's maybe extremely exaggerated and that maybe we should be very aware of that our we can have as architects in organizing all these living together. after israel captured arab east jerusalem in one nine hundred sixty seven the western wall suddenly became an undefined area numerous architectural proposals are put forward over the decades the israeli prevail you know displays ten of the most interesting ones none have ever been implemented. this year is be a knowledge he seeks answers to many of the big questions of our time immigration climate change and when dealing energy resources. the australian for billion has been turned into a grassland landscape the curators say urban expansion in australia has largely been without any regard for nature original grasslands have been replaced by cities
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their aim is to challenge that approach and to encourage architects to work with nature. the argentinean prevail you know. so resembles a landscape the country's legendary pumpa. pays homage to the vast expanse that allows nature human beings and built up areas to co-exist side by side with equal right. to be another always emphasizes the need for sustainability and making use of local resources this elegant bamboo balder can made by vietnamese designers fits perfectly with that concept in fact throughout the exhibition there is a noticeable lack of standard materials such as glass steel and concrete. filigree wooden ladders set in the middle of a venetian fark is actually
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a christian chapel commissioned by the vatican it's the work of british architects or norman foster one of the few big names involved in the bionic foster loves the location out in nature this is just the bridge ambiguity to trade big and close but also being aware of all of this rather beautiful side. foster was one of ten architects commissioned by the vatican to design a chapel here on the venetian island of son george a majority. of the twenty eight team venice be anon it provides an alternative view of architecture one that focuses on meeting the needs of people one that displays great attention to detail but one that is not set in stone but allowance for change and free space. and now we have a date with an architect who decided to live in that would meet up with her in a romantic garden at the other end of the city.
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genevieve dean has lived here for many she considers venice has a second home the architect and professor. it is also a writer in two thousand and six she established the global award for sustainable architecture awarded to architects engaged in the search for new ethics. and i've been in free space firearms as models not only a game for free space is the theme for the biala this year because you set up a global award for sustainable architecture award sustainable and participator global award intermittently do you have the feeling that the world of architecture has changed over the past five or ten years in that in that it's more about building for people of it than for the ego bound for dimension or nick brown for the ego this has ceased is it so hooked busy to architecture has rediscovered its
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responsibility towards society with great vehemence with great intensity he stared. i think that's now irreversible. so what did he buy it's about it was long overdue. since the eighty's we've been on the wrong path and one of endless growth and close like that on it's what the banks and insurance companies and business world have been telling us. what you and architects when i hung with that one and. it was a huge mistake on the part of our profession but a new set of values is now prevailed institutional it appeared the other theory you were caught with young architect is you're a professor of architecture what are your students interested in what do they want to build create shape. they want to do much more than just build they want to shape processes that's good that's what we need now it's not about winning competitions
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where the biggest most bombastic project we need to transform our societies from within the law know that the younger generation understands that we change society not what last rest buildings but through certain processes architects. need to see themselves not primarily as providers on a commercial supply chain but as drivers of social change to end and puts a save he takes so the architect not a supplier nor is a genius big shot with a grand ideas but as what exactly was he ticked at a servant of society that's what we're going to see you said no it was vile to go here is exactly. on the side so it's back to the one nine hundred twenty s. yes the wonderful twenty's or does so that means a commitment to social reform. formosa it did matter of course boundary because there's so architecture for thirty or for population growth of the change. is there
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something you feel particularly passionate about one that is of great urgency. for an exit sign he needs to stop seeing the meaning of life in status symbols on an ever higher levels of performance there's no need for that. society should rather shape life in the physical space for life itself for society itself autonomous lead that's at least that one dies off where architecture also has already took place many thanks yana repetition my pleasure stephen called out here . let's introduce you to a team of architects from berlin who designed the german pavilion at the b. in allah this year their unconventional projects have been causing a sensation for some time now they're called graft architects. these three may be
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germany's coolest architects click about puts and thomas villa might the name of their practice reflects their interest in crossing boundaries between disciplines and grafting the creative potential of one realm onto another is that really our category about this to bring. their work often boasts organic forms their ranges broad from entire city districts to product design and they do retro futurism brilliantly. they've known each other since they were students they opened graft in one thousand nine hundred eight in los angeles from the start they knew they had a different under usual take on things. the smart the teamsters the absence of appetite and in two thousand and seven with actor brad pitt and their make it right foundation they launched a campaign to rebuild a neighborhood in new orleans that had been devastated into the. in five by
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hurricane katrina. the idea was for new homes to re envision local architecture and to be sustainable affordable as well as stylish. now has offices in berlin and beijing as well and employs one hundred fifty architects and designers trendy hotels and expensive apartment buildings in wealthy cities bring in the money that allows them to pursue their nonprofit projects they feel design is not a first world privilege and that beauty is part of a social sustainability. intervene in society with special measures. there's solar kiosk is a compact affordable and sturdy shop unit that is solar powered and designed for remote off grid locations it generates and sells clean energy to charge phones and
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internet access that helps rural communities overcome their isolation. graft comes up with plenty of interesting ideas for projects in germany as well of course they don't all get built a temporary museum for berlin art cloud. and a kind of novel monument the german unity flag floating in the sky. celebrate tory dance above the country graft to anything but with their feet on the ground the sky's the limit. and there are still plenty of to one built. for the german pavilion graft architects have the spotlight on a very special anniversary as of this year the bell in wallace has been gone for
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twenty eight. that's as long as it stood still vibing the city and germany entered time to take stock from an architectural point of view. a sea of black dark and unwelcoming. only when visitors move around to they realize there are at gaps. the initial impression of the german have been in un building walls is quite dramatic for me east german civil rights activist money on a battle worked with the architects from grokked to explore the free space left behind by the fall of the war between former east and west germany. the death threat that divided the city of berlin alone measured a stunning one hundred and fifty five kilometers. its removal left a vacuum a gaping wound that needed to be healed initially at a very practical level it's got kind of exams but it lives no overall strategy
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almost the plan but there were obvious questions that needed to be answered the links that needed to be reestablished in the view to train lines that needed to be dismissed as it on the then there was the question of what to do with particularly sensitive areas and no i. can't there were some valid gestures such as the punters ponderous or federal revan a string of government buildings designed to link east and west. the free space was gradually filled by many different groups. that's a lot of it some things were decided by the state over there were also citizens initiatives that some areas or do a long time for ownership issues to be clarified some are still not settled for. the free space gave way to a new comedy culture many people live discourses an empty buildings berlin offered virtually unparalleled freedoms in the one nine hundred ninety s. the city became had. precious space in prime look. patience was quickly snapped up
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by developers. a building boom followed the former death strip was gradually transformed giving way to offices shopping malls and luxury apartments. only a few traces of the berlin movie remain twenty eight years ago many were keen to remove all evidence of a decades long division the memorial site had been our starter is the last trip of war where visitors can get a sense of the full extent of the board of what occasions that once stood here. to cure a sense of the german trevelyan feel the memorial site in berlin works well. with noir to them they have dared to make a connection between everyday life which still continues here and remembering what it was like in the past which is not so positive and not at all easy there are relics of the original way and there are interpretations of that which no longer divide but are permeable that. the former border crossing checkpoint charlie has
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become a huge tourist attraction it stands as one of the most symbolic images of the cold war only now are plans being drawn up to restructure this historic area in the meantime visitors have to make do with less than authentic monotony here try to walk around and get a feel for what it must have been like. another project and enjoyment of a linen venice is still a building site it's the new headquarters of the spring and media group. that will stand opposite the original building which are going i have built fifty years ago right next to the bottom or quite a political statement at a time when. the new building designed by an courthouse stands directly on the former death strip. the design traces the course of the berlin wall diagonally
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through the build. leaving the area void and creating a large interior atrium. idea through thought but do you think it's interesting that this design was the only one submitted in the competition that decided to take the burden wall as its cue for how to define and shape the interior so it's going to be a building that is actually shaped around the wall of one does i only know of you know whom both. the nerve center of the new springer campus will be the digital nice room. with your music it'll be like an empty theater with multiple levels will be allowed in full of energetic journalists so here on what was once the death strip view of a place full of life that have been probably the most lively part of berlin building. the german pavilion under the moves celebrates twenty eight years since the fall of the berlin wall by showcasing twenty eight different projects but it's
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not only about germany people from six different countries talk on video about their experiences with border walls from mexico to israel. and i know that the un when asked about their hopes and number of those interviewed talked about the fall of the berlin wall what we experienced in germany seems to resonate with many around the world and offer them a ray of hope that the moves can cost alone shatter decades after the fall of the by the move and political arena for cation differences between east and west germany are still apparent not just in the field of architecture moves are still being unveiled as the german travel in and venice makes clear. a young chinese woman architect is setting out to revive the countryside in our homeland using simple yet brilliant means she's got two shows running at the moment here at the be an ol. and at the
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same time how work is on the show as it is as you tick through forwarding beilin which is where we caught up with the astonishing church and. this is the region of song young which extends along the river song in a bamboo observation platform the pine park brilliant and a tea house amid plantations. three works by hugh chance on modest interventions to restore the health of the region. he wanted to talk to you don't feel just a tea house every bit you have to go through case by case. and also this at your puncture is not a massive search your way into the fray because we want this to be a systemic strategist. and wants to contribute to the revitalization of neglected
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and remote rural areas in china. working with the local authorities and song young sheens to prove that even architectural micro interventions that address the specific situation of a particular place can bring about positive change not just more tourists the brown sugar factory operates as such between october and december year round it's also a community and arts center. the bricks dealin sheet metal are complemented by lots of glass transparency is enhanced the production process that sustains the village economy and the social life with the villagers enters into a new engaging relationship with architecture as our language to address social issues to restore their identity work with the british heritage history. and we set up this puppy program for the community.
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one village council commissioned a new village center dedicated to its most famous son the fourteenth century scholar wang jing. undesigned wang jing memorial hall it's made of around earth a traditional construction technique here local artisans and artists worked on the project it's had a huge impact reviving the religion sense of pride and they've just come into a death face he told the press and they left a space they left the strays and later on the engaged the village it started till innovate more p.o.d.'s in of it it's still going continuing on now and i think maybe by the end of this sea of new ones village. the plantations are shaped the landscape and you can a me of song young for centuries. this is a chance museum devoted to the history and culture of darker ethnic group. here are
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two local craftspeople abused traditional techniques to build a. shoe believes that if people can find work in their own home region of the skills are required and respected they're less likely to move to the city center strategy has proven successful. curator simple elegant wooden roof to an old bridge across the song and creating a social space that brings together villagers from the two banks of the river for years it was closed off today it's a symbol of reno. around the well aka tex creates and build the world we'll live in let us hope that in the future it will more often be those who to paraphrase the great architect voltaire gopi was see themselves as sevens of society and less often those who am only to be servants of their investigation.
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the big names. must mean a single name victory over an image misled. i am. the tough day for my friends in the final seconds of flaming start such a black. eye and i think i am truly above.
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playing. the big fun beethoven. his works is for tonight. the mushrooms and famous. song twenty two. it's all happening coach of it. comes. your link to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and discussion hello and welcome to the music actually program and from vani germany from the use of museums and while it's a d w dot com smash africa join us on facebook at g.w. africa. fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world. oh boy
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players . playing. this indeed of you news live from berlin taking a stand against the i'm not seen in germany. more than sixty five thousand people turned out for a free concert against racism in the eastern city of pemex it's a show of defiance after last week's violent protests there against my friends also coming up i went to sleep thinking it was.


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