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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 4, 2018 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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visited up here is live from bali more than sixty five thousand turned out for a free concert i came straight says i'm in the eastern german city of janet's a show of defiance against neo nazis following last week's violent anti migrant protests also on the program. japan hit by the strongest typhoon for more than twenty five years more than a million people evacuated rather than at traffic massively disruptive. taking sides or but taking the news for john to nike puts american football commentator percent of its new ad campaign and ignites
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a new control message. i'm for the gal welcome to the program it's not about being left wing or right wing it's about doing but decent thing the lead singer of one of germany's best known rock bands ditto jose described last night's concert against racism in the eastern german city of candidates musicians said they wanted to send a signal after the violence that followed last week's anti micro protests in the city tens of thousands turned out to watch the concert. videos into may and there were more of us that was the most of today's event is liberal germans responded to calls to stand up against far right racism before the concert got underway there was a minute of silence for the thirty five year old whose fatal stabbing unleashed a week of anti mike and protests. the
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mood was peaceful albeit with a clear message to the racist moms who shot the country with thousands chanting nazis out. several well known german bands have been playing in chemists this afternoon including local group craft club the driving force behind the concert which is the group singer explained at a press conference earlier in the day. it was not a dancing start after all this rubbish happened we called friends on tuesday evening and asked them if they would join us for the concert yeah. within twelve to twenty four hours everyone had said yes yet again that everyone was just getting in touch with everyone else and then all these people here agreed to join to consummate them starts and the lead singer of one of germany's most popular rock groups explained his motive for taking pot sculpture off business does just sensual
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that we've cleared that this is not about a fight between left and right everybody who is in any way decent and it doesn't matter what political beliefs you have should oppose a radical right wing that attacks people up to fish but. a few people at the chemist's concept would disagree with that their city has put on a different face today with thousands united in a fun loving show of music intolerance. japan has been hit by the strongest typhoon to make landfall in twenty five years or thought is averse to million people in western and central regions to leave their homes typhoon debby has battered the country's west with rainfall of violent winds of more than two hundred kilometers an hour moving tens of thousands without power and causing major disruptions to road rail and add traffic. to get the latest from but mr michael patton who joins us from tokyo welcome michael b.
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has just made landfall talk us through what's happening. well the typhoon is extremely powerful in fact they're saying that it could be the most powerful typhoon to hit japan in twenty five years. however it's also fast moving it hits the concept of region which is the second largest urban area of japan and it moved quite quickly through it and is now going along the japan of sea coastline the amount of damage that it did in terms of you know ripping off roofs and and and smashing a ship into a bridge and cutting off the cons like airport was pretty amends but the good news is that it seems that the human toll is relatively light compared to the ferocity of the storm so far there is only reports two people have been guide and almost one hundred wounded but when you think of how strong this storm is that's that's not a very high figure that japan seems have had in all of its face. natural disasters
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recently thing about to two thousand and eleven and the typhoon and of course just a couple of months ago there was another one of these storms is the country well prepared at. all well i think that among the nations of the world there's probably no country that's as well prepared to deal with the massive natural disasters in japan precisely for the region reason you say it's a country which is hit by natural disasters quite regularly major earthquakes volcanoes storms and this summer in particular has been a dramatic one with a heat wave which killed many people giant rainstorm so it's been rough going but japan handles it pretty well michael pena nieto thank you you. thank. let's take a look down at some of the other stories making news around the world coalition forces led by saudi arabia have admitted that last month's astrakhan
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a yemeni school bus was a mistake forty children were killed in the attack the western backed alliance said they thought the bus was carrying hoofy rebel leaders on that those responsible would be held to account. france's popular sports minister on a flat flat flat said has resigned from president marcos cabinet the second ministerial department was ready weeks for resignation it comes as the president's popularity dips because of disappointing economic figures and the scandal surrounding the beating of a protester by a presidential bodyguard. thousands of bolivian cocoa farms have taken to the streets of la paz to protest against the president lay we have for a crackdown on illegal coca cultivation two farmers were killed in clashes with anti drugs police last week many cocoa farmers are unhappy at lowes or maybe finding areas where a company can be grown illegally. officials in brazil say underfunding is to blame
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for the fire that got to the country's oldest and most prestigious museum the national museum in rio de janeiro housed twenty million items including the oldest human skull found in the americas the cause of the blaze is not yet known but the buildings had no sprinkler system on the fire hydrants closest to the museum would dry. angry scenes the morning after the disastrous fire which ripped through brazil's historic national museum. protesters demanding to inspect the damage for themselves they want to see the museum rebuilt and punishment for those who failed to protect the two hundred year old building and its priceless contents. how can we explain in words what you have lost we are here to say goodbye to the museum and to fight for its restoration our national memories are here. back here like this i went to sleep thinking it was
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a nightmare i thought i was going to wake up from it is a little just that i feel more anger than sadness because it could have been avoided there wasn't even water of course there are guilty people and they have to be punished. devastated stuff and devoted their careers to looking after the twenty million pieces in the museum's collection this curator came straight to the museum on hearing about the fire she helped to recover some valuable mature writes. that was i was in a rush to get in because i knew where the meteorites where they were brought out of the ashes of the real phoenix. officials admit the museum suffered from years of underfunding and neglect under successive brazilian governments it's necessary for all the authorities that have the resources specifically the federal government to help the national museum put its
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history back together. we've already lost part of our collection brazil cannot lose its history. but as you. wish but. it's feared as much as ninety percent of the museum's collection has been destroyed even if the structure is rebuilt huge numbers of irreplaceable artifacts have been lost forever . in football manchester united manager is a marine you know has reached a deal with tax or thor it is in spades a year in prison and a tax evasion case this coming from spanish bindiya but marine use unlikely to serve any actual jail time spanish law states that a sentence of under two years for a first offense can be served on probation prosecutors have previously stated that millions of euros in taxes dating to when he was have coach at real madrid they say
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he failed to declare revenue from his image rights three. sports giant nike is weighing in on a racially charged controversy in the united states young expat from the interview sports talk us through to the program yannick so nike is taking the knee yeah i guess. this is debate that's been going on for more than two years now colin kaepernick started protesting against racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem before n.f.l. matches and it really divided the country donald trump even got in on the debate and came out against happening and so now coming out in support of company with this new advertising campaign is really a boost for the player as well say in this report not he's new campaign pulls no punches believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything that's exactly what colin kaepernick has done over the past two years after starting his
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protests in august twenty sixth jane company has not been offered a new contract by any n.f.l. club with. his decision to protest racial injustice specifically police brutality against african-americans cause division as fellow n.f.l. players joined the movement. u.s. president donald trump was among the most vociferous critics. when you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now out of the sky. fire. in may n.f.l. owners ratified opposed seawitch directed protesting players to remain in the locker room during the anthem or face punishment we want people to be respectful to national anthem we want people to stand that's our personnel and make sure that they treat this moment in
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a respectful fashion. that policy is yet to be implemented and the new nike campaign has now intensified the divisive issue nike and cap in the face of backlash on social media hashtags boycott nike and just burn it showed fans discarding nike products with just days before the start of the new season not he has added fire to an already fiery debate. so just a side note on the report to fill not he is one of the biggest sponsors of the n.f.l. so this is quite a significant move from them from the right timing joint so they need doesn't look like they are picking a side what what does this campaign then mean for coming on this movement at this time especially it's pretty big it's just days before the n.f.l. season starts but it's also days before or a short time before company troil against his lawsuit against the n.f.l. owners will come into place he's basically alleging that the n.f.l.
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owners occluding against him and in terms of not offering him any work in the n.f.l. because of his protests so for catholics to get nike support at this time it really is a huge new develop from him before it was him against the powers that be that was the n.f.l. and even the u.s. president no less and so. i have not keep a company worth somewhat i think thirty five billion dollars is a big deal for him it's the first time he's had a big hit really in his court so this is a divisive campaign potentially losing nike millions so why is it getting behind him well might no mistake i think not he will have weighed up the pros and the cons and made a business decision they must have i mean they are concerned about profits first and foremost so they must have realized that in the long run no matter what kind of boycott goes on they will turn a profit from this advertising campaign but that said no he does have a history of putting on similar campaigns when just after trump's inauguration they
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brought out a cape campaign called equality featuring the bron james the famous basketball and i feel that this campaign as well as the previous campaign was a bit of a middle finger up to donald trump i think it really kind of going at him a bit here and it is a rare move for a company like this to get away from being neutral and make a political statement about the games governing body than the n.f.l. where have they decided what to do about this take in the campaign not yet so as mentioned the port they the n.f.l. owners decided that they wanted the players who were protesting to stay in the locker room during the national anthem and if they did stand neil during the national anthem they would be punished that decision is going to hold on hold as a negation negotiations continue between the n.f.l. and the players association and they also face this lawsuit from company which is yet to be decided and so i think the n.f.l. are in a pretty dicey position they want want to lose not the sponsorship money which is
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means a lot to them but there are a lot of egos at stake here as well and i don't think they'll be wanting to take a step down but interesting are you an expat thank you. watching the dubliners live from baghdad coming up google turns twenty on b.m.w. five millions for emissions violations hello home fake well how about those stores on the rest of the day's business seems in just a moment i'll be back at the top they are. doing in fighting for the case taking seriously in the world of what here's what's coming up women strong.


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