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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 4, 2018 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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show nothing will stop him enjoying his life passion. and firing as any are you watching it every news we still have a lot more to tell you about twenty years google has already conquered the internet well look at the tech titans the latest search for the next big idea. for is is up next. an incentive going on and clearing expedition. don't miss the story of john j. should johnson takes you along on a thrilling and bone chilling journey each week as you can discover tony's and the chase. each other his story on instagram. time for an upgrade. our furniture that grows all by.
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our house with no roof. or design highlights you can make yourself. rooms tips and tricks that will turn your home and special. upgrade yourself with d. w.'s interior design channel on you tube. one of the world's most valuable companies turns twenty today which one well you might want to google thus we take a look at blog has made the search engine so successful of the challenges lying ahead. could longer than sloss be frankfurt's game chancellor merkel so so she's making the case for european financial hop on the banks of the river mind off the briggs's gets the city of london. this is that of your business i'm going
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to have elf as well come google it's a noun that became a verb and a very very valuable company twenty years ago today a pair of peerage the students working out of the proverbial garage wanted to make internet searches better so google was born in the excitement of the young democratic internet it's an bishops were courageous delivering the world's information to anyone with internet access but the company its business practices its aim and scope and also its uses have changed over the past twenty years. google's business model is simple users searching the internet tell google about themselves allowing google to sell targeted advertising to businesses the firm i.p.o. at eighty five dollars a share in two thousand and four and quickly rose in value. new products like google mail and acquisitions like you tube expanded google from a search engine into an online network where users could shop on fine use. the
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mobile internet and apps begin to rise google move to make up ground to pioneer apple releasing the android operating system and app store. today google employs more than eighty five thousand people worldwide and is worth more than seven hundred billion dollars it has fifteen data centers around the world and that's part of the problem information is increasingly seen as something to protect tech firms are being held to new standards of social responsibility. and insight google there are pushes for gender diversity and against collaboration with governments like the u.s. or china. so a lot of transformation in only twenty years. i want to talk about google a bit with the journalists covering the tech industry it's motherboard that's a part of vice media welcome to is a. term that was google just in the right place at the right time or what has made
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it so successful to a yes man and a first as the algorithmic ranking off websites previously search engines were around in one hundred ninety eight there was fraulein portals which to leverage basically lucky results of that and the idea that google brought into it was ranking websites why considering how often they have been linked to it's an idea that comes from science how many referrals to get means your paper is probably . a little more relevant and that was what made it so successful the second idea was the turning that edward that business aspect of it around so the search was connected with edwards and that still provides most of google's profits up a little today to talk about google's profits very successful company. the
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company's motto is do no evil google living up to that well google is a monopoly in many sense so you can organize your and tired a around and with google products. and that comes with complications. also the sprawling. outlook that the company out about the holding company has turned into problems recently the results for example for example project maven was something that was recently talked about very much visit which is a computer vision program in connection with the pentagon which would essentially help draw drones analyze footage better and separates moving from still images a lot of employers though have turned against google and three thousand employees have signed a letter saying please pull out of this this is not what the company should stand for and it actually worked there will be employees of this is famous for having you
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know everything is free cafeterias in the house massages and they really do we please still have that much power well it depends like this is this was only three thousand employees which makes up three percent of all google earth and their initiative made google turn around even though the currency all is very much invested in the defense business because he's also on the defense board so i think that might be some power balances playing off every now and every now and then but in general i think people who work at google do work there and they do realize that they're part of something very big and unique let's hope it stays that way for another twenty years thank you very much sure is a local thank you. meanwhile germany is sending a well timed birthday card to google announcing plans to curb the power of u.s. internet companies reforms to germany's competition law would strengthen the authority of his regulators to prevent internet plant phone from becoming
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monopolies german economics minister paid to maya said today the initiative will make competition law more effective in germany and prevent the abuse of market power in future companies like google facebook would no longer be allowed to prevent business partners from working with its competitors the proposed legislation is also designed to stop big players from buying smaller rivals just to shut them down. as one of those who hope that london's loss could be frankfurt's again when britain leaves the e.u. in march next year because of the briggs it non e.u. banks and financial service providers will no longer be able to do business in u. countries from their bases in the british capital a number of bankers have already traded their apartments on the banks of the thames for the river mine the paris is also looking to lure those on the move. the eiffel tower the louvre gallery or the arctic trio globally recognized paris
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landmarks frankfurt can't hold a candle to them it's a room a city hall pales in comparison but frankfurt was germany's financial hub even before the european central bank was headquartered here that's why many in the city's banking district are especially optimistic about britain's exit from the e.u. . front foot isn't he a few known frankfurt's an important european financial center but it's also obvious that the city of london remains the european financial center in the take frank for quite some time to take the title nonetheless an increasing number of london banks are eyeing paris and frankfurt as potential alternatives it looks like in april next year they'll lose the right to conduct business from their london offices over twenty financial institutions have already decided on frankfurt fung fourteen for time for has the advantage that it's well established more so than paris frankfurt has the advantage of hosting the european central bank guys it's
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important for financial operators to be physically close to it to understand what's going on with paris got a boost when the european banking agency decided to relocate there from london. frankfurt also with the e b a but paris was offering rent free offices and now paris is offering tax breaks for the bank as well. the market valuation of online retailer amazon has surpassed one trillion dollars tuesday if only briefly amazon stock rose during tuesday trading sending it beyond the ma before it fell back a short time later the company's the second us fun to hit that threshold measure of outstanding shares multiples by that value apple passed the one trillion dollar mark earlier this month. three iran's president hassan rouhani says his country will continue to export crude oil after the u.s.
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reimpose imposes sanctions in november rouhani referred to as the quote front line of confrontation with washington the u.s. has already pulled out of the nuclear deal with iran and now wants its allies to seize all imports earlier this month france's oil giant total said it was pulling out of iran due to the sanctions iran's economy is suffering and the rear reale has hit a new low against the dollar an unofficial it's changed markets. for. under now gasoline in venezuela cost next to nothing just one u.s. dollar still can buy hundreds of thousands of liters but no longer president nicolas maduro put a stop to the heavy fuel subsidies as venezuela lurches ever closer to economic collapse his socialist government is looking anywhere it can for sources of revenue
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base in the country with more oil reserves than any other. venezuela's gasoline is the cheapest in the world but that also lures people across the border to fill their tanks so last month president nicolas maduro said he'd raise prices and give some venezuelans a fuel discount card instead he blame foreigners for the move. this new system aims to cut the hands off colombians good jews who steal our gasoline and steal billions of dollars of gasoline along to venezuela and it's an ominous sign of my duro claims venezuela loses eighteen billion dollars a year to gasoline smuggling but analysts say the real problem is political favoritism and corruption venezuela's once proud all industry is only a shadow of its former self output has dropped to its lowest level in more than fifty years thanks to decades of under-investment by the state owned oil company
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the country with the world's largest oil reserves is now barely able to pump it out of the ground venezuela is in the grip of hyper inflation the i.m.f. expects the inflation rate to exceed one million percent this year g.d.p. could fall by one fifth higher gasoline prices for foreigners are unlikely to change that either. and that's it for me and the business team here and we'll have an update for you in the next before you go it's a real time check on global markets at this hour thanks for watching.
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cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut. cut. cut cut. is reinventing itself egypt is pouring some forty billion euros into the construction of a new capital in the middle of the desert this because old cairo is bursting at the scene for government offices in some parts of the population the move is already planned but many from the slums are set to fall by the wayside. three thousand next song d.w. .
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they make a commitment. they find solutions so. they can stronger. africa on the move. stories of both people making a different school shaping their nation and their continent of africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. d.w. multimedia series food for god. does come from africa. lehman brothers ten years on a story of ambition. mania. the last one place full
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of investment bankers who call for terror cells would never stop of a system that spun out of control. given the crash the investment bank lehman brothers start september thirteenth on t w. this week on global three thousand weekend to mexico children are lending the importance of protecting local wildlife. on the caribbean island.


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