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this is d w news live from gurgling and the clouds of a perfect storm gathering over the last rebel strongholds in syria. the united nations warns of a bloodbath the syrian government and russian forces prepare to take it with problems also coming up german foreign minister heikal mosse traveling to turkey today high on the agenda is the release of seven german citizens from turkish jail they were arrested after the failed coup two years ago and there's no place like home the f.b.i. recovers dorothy's ruby slippers worn in the classic hollywood film the wizard of
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oz thirteen years after they were stolen but the thieves are still on the loose. plus germany steamrolls its way into the football world cup the women's national soccer team earning their spot and phatic eight mil grand over the faroe islands. i'm sorry kelly great to have you with us we begin with what may be the final showdown in the seven year war in syria the united nations warning of a bloodbath if syrian and russian forces move in to take the last rebel held province of idlib the leaders of iran russia and turkey all set to gather on friday in tehran for a summit that could determine the scope and the timing of an offensive and the u.s. . security council is also set to meet
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a big fears that the assaults could put major world powers on a collision course. demonstration in it live against the assad regime in defiance of the looming government offensive whether these people turned out voluntarily or were forced to by rebel fighters is unknown. propaganda is dominating the calm before the storm on all sides the syrian army displaying its hardware and saying it's ready to move in. we're still observing the other side but when we see something there we fire on anything that moves. for the first time in weeks russian airplanes attacked rebel positions in italy on tuesday some thirty targets were hit say the rebels russia says its patience with the anti-government forces is limited. but the rebels are also rattling their sabers many of them of former al-qaeda fighters at least ten thousand fighters are
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in the enclave these propaganda images give the impression these men can hardly await the coming bloodbath. but handed we will defeat any attack and destroy our enemies we are ready for paradise. at least three million civilians including many refugees are trapped inside it live there suffering is already appalling but we are it's a daily struggle for survival it's terrible i can't give my children anything to eat. and the turkish army has been moving additional hardware to the syrian border it's supposed to block another mass influx of syrian refugees if and when the offensive goes ahead. and joining me now here in the studio to discuss this is middle east analyst steinberg good morning to you good oh and i'd like to begin by asking you because this is really the battle that everyone has been fearing three
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million people estimated to be in this area the u.n. warning of a bloodbath what do you think we will see in it. if the offensive starts we will see a. magnitude of what is happening is greater than anything we have seen in recent years the population of east aleppo for example was. about one hundred fifty thousand people and here in italy we talk even if the numbers seem to be a little bit exaggerated of up to three million people who for the time being are not able to escape to turkey so now we have the leaders of iran russia and turkey they are said to me and tehran on friday coming up with a plan a strategy what do you think that we will see from them i. really don't know it might be the last chance to avoid this big offensive because the russians have been putting pressure on the turks to exert. pressure on the newspaper from the leading
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jihad is the leading rebel organization in italy. stop its attacks on him a map or to a big russian haploid close to the coast they have made other demands and if the turks can offer something i have a slight hope that this offensive will at least be postponed a little bit needs how we also speaking about putting pressure on you know various actors here at the u.n. appealing specifically to russia and turkey we know to help try and find a solution. and moscow how how much did their priorities differ from those for example syria. turkey has been the main. the main supporter of the rebels in recent years and they try to save the last bridgehead in the country but turkey is very much focused on the containment of the p.k. k. the kurds in syria that's more important for them russia has made tremendous
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efforts to rehabilitate the syrian government and to get money for the for the record. struction of the country so there might be a chance that these two two states will be ready to find a negotiated solution the problem is that the syrians and iranian allies seem to have to decided to stop this. there are so many factors here that have not yet been calculated of course we know that u.s. president actually warned assad on monday to not recklessly attack it live and the white house strongly cautioned him again reiterated that on tuesday the u.n. security council is also set to meet do you see world powers here the various forces at play potentially on a collision course no i don't i don't because the american declarations. president . compared have been relatively weak and it shows that the u.s. doesn't have any influence on the situation in this part of syria although american
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troops are still active in the eastern part of the country we do see that iran russia turkey and the syrian government are calling the shots. that's not only sad it's dangerous the west has lost all its influence on the situation in syria you don't what is it about province in particular that makes this situation so dire first it's big we do talk about nearly three million people who are who don't have any anybody any possibility to escape and secondly this might be the major and the last battle of the civil war between the syrian government and the sunni rebels there are other conflicts which might follow but this is the decisive battle in this in a civil war peter steinberg middle east analyst thank you so much. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world
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a new tell all book by veteran washington post reporter bob woodward quotes a top aide calling president trump an idiot and alleges other senior figures were moved sensitive documents to stop him from making impulsive decisions trump has dismissed the book on twitter as a con on the pump what. an operation is underway to clear a collapsed motorway bridge in the indian city of calcutta at least one person was killed after several vehicles including a bus plunged thirty meters when ascension of the overpass caved in on tuesday it was the second major road collapse in calcutta in recent years. cambodia's king has presided over the opening session of parliament after the prime minister's ruling party swept to victory in the july vote the election was rejected by many western countries as a sham and many international representatives remained absent from the ceremony in an apparent snow. on the port of the mega city of
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lagos is one of the most important in west africa and one of the most chaotic just over a month ago nigeria's vice president ordered a seventy two hour security operation to clear up the traffic jams around the port but very little progress appears to have been made thousands of trucks still wait up to four weeks to get into the port our correspondent adrienne krishna reports from lagos. breakfast on the side of the road is nothing new for this truck driver. segment is stuck in yet another traffic jam near the port in lagos. that's five days we've been stuck here for five days nothing's moving it's very stressful the only thing we can do is eat sleep and wait. papa is well known for its traffic jams but in the past few weeks the situation has
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worsened you to strike at the port truck drivers often have to wait for a month to get in and the entry cost of a port for their vehicles has quadrupled. businessman kevin in ben oil has come to have a look at the situation for himself he exports goods from nigeria. normally to three years ago we could do two three containers a month i mean a week now we're down to if you're lucky one two three weeks sometimes four weeks so the clients are complaining you can't get as much product out of the country and it's just it's it's a disaster he. says the bad stage of the roads the lack of ports in nigeria and mismanagement are to blame for the situation. that i can only use you and from my assumption is some people probably benefit from it being that we travel yes so bad that we had to leave iraq i'll be i'm and jump on a motorbike many of the jack so i last saw this better place a good open secret that if you are bright some of the security forces who are in
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charge of a range of the traffic you can jump the line. several institutions are responsible for traffic traffic police union representatives regular police even the military but they don't consider themselves part of the problem. there are just too many containers and the port authority isn't opening up the port to let them in. so every day there are more and more the major issue is the road. so we have begun the government to help to reduce the traffic. we wanted to talk to the relevant ministry in the capital abuja but no one would answer our questions. so things it'll be three weeks before he sees his family again that's the earliest he'll be able to deliver his goods he's hopeful though in twenty twenty lagos to get
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a brand new port. germany and turkey kick off a series of high level visits today relations between the two countries have soured over recent years over human rights and other issues germany's foreign minister will meet turkish president erda won an encore out later today i am the agenda for the german government is the release of seven german citizens from turkish jail they're being held on political charges after the failed coup two years ago turkey will be looking for support for it's weakened the economy bill iraq has tanked in recent weeks and we have team coverage of this meeting for more let's bring in our chief political correspondent melinda crane who is joining us here in the studio and we also have dorian jones standing by with the very latest from istanbul linda walk us through what's at stake today well the absolute top priority for the german government is the release of those germans whom you mentioned some of them in fact are double citizens of both germany and turkey who are still detained on political
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grounds in turkey and combined with another top priority for further normalization of relations between germany and turkey because in fact as you mentioned they have absolutely been quite embittered ever since the attempted putsch against president. a whole wave of germans were detained by the turkish government twenty eight of them have now been released and particularly the most recent release at the end of august of the. analyst and translator told who was seen as a sign of thawing through their normalisation so foreign minister abbas will be looking to bring that process forward and certainly also pushing for the further release of those seven germans absolutely and i want to talk a little bit more about the prospects for that with dorie and i'm daryn we were talking about those those other seven germans. how likely is it that the german
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foreign minister will will be able to secure their release well it's difficult to say the president one has always insisted that all these cases involving european nationals is a matter for the courts and the point was on the line but the head of turkey's appeals court last week. said that all these cases have to be for decided by the courts and it's only the courts will decide the release of people in individual cases but having said that the economist. very closely linked to the turkish president did indicate that if relations did improve we have europe you could see what he said progress on high profile cases involving european nationals so there is an expectation of sorts in the head of the state visit by the president to berlin that we could see possible releases quite when these are unclear and i think it will much of the pendulum of the progress of the meetings of the german foreign
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minister will have today and tomorrow and turkey is perhaps an interesting position right dorian because i mean we know that the government of russia typo on its face saying basically an economic crisis may be souring relations with the united states the lira tanking as we mentioned does this mean that everyone needs better relations with germany. well i think that certainly does appear to be the case and not only germany with the why the european union you've seen turkey on somewhat of a charm offensive in the last few weeks reaching out to germany as well as the wider european union as it finds itself increasingly internationally isolated because it comes at a time where relations between washington and uncorrupt are plummeting and looks set to get even worse and turkey is looking also toward moscow but there is a realisation here the turkey cannot the pendle moscow. because of the growing differences the two countries have in particular over syria so tokyo dollars
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realize it needs red better relations with the european union burden is key. and melinda with that i'd like to turn to you how much pressure do you see heikal mosse being able to apply in this meeting because i mean it's not only the seven german citizens that he wants released there are also major human rights concerns in the country that's right i think he certainly will attempt to apply pressure germany has been applying pressure in the past months for example by limiting arms exports to turkey turkey is a nato partner but arms exports have plummeted since the recent tensions between turkey and germany and also the german government issued travel warnings warning tourists not to travel to turkey last spring again because of the tensions those warnings have been relaxed they didn't have an enormous effect on tor tourism but that is certainly a great concern to turkey because as you say its economy absolutely has been tanking and it really needs that tourism so there are a couple of levers that the germans can work with and the fact is that we've seen
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turkey reconvening the committee that discusses how to put european union economic and policy. recommendations into practice so that's at least a symbolic gesture showing that turkey does have some renewed interest in closer relations with the. that had been on ice for quite some time so there may really be an opening here for both sides to come a bit towards one another but i wouldn't expect miracles i don't think germany is suddenly going to say we're signing up to all of the human rights rules the you say we've been violated ok and linda how do you see for example another factor here because we know that turkey has a migrant deal with the e.u. it curbs the number of refugees crossing to europe this is of course and that's very important for germany do you see that factoring in at all and this may well certainly that gives the turkish side some leverage on the other hand they are very
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very concerned at the moment about the outcome of this offensive in it live that you were just discussing with tito about what that could mean for turkey will they see masses of refugees pouring over their border so they're going to be looking to work with germany together to try to mitigate the effects on turkey and that particular issue migrant migration cuts indeed both ways for both countries melinda crane our chief political correspondent and dorian jones joining us from istanbul thank you so much to both of you. now to a case involving one of america's best loved movies the wizard of oz and the footwear of its main character dorothy her shoes were snatched from a museum in the u.s. over a decade ago but now police have come a big step closer to solving the mystery of the missing slips. under the ring. for here today to share with you the recovery
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of one of the most significant and cherished pieces of movie memorabilia in american history dorothy's ruby slippers from the one nine hundred thirty nine movie the wizard of oz. the priceless props were stolen from this museum in minnesota thirteen years ago only a single red sequin was left behind these types of offenses. not only deprive the owner of the property. but all of us. this type of cultural property is important to us as a society the shoes were retrieved in july during a sting operation but investigations have yet to catch the thieves our hope today is that folks that are watching this if you know something about the theft something about where these slippers have been in the last thirteen years that you
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come forward and you share that with us. the slippers are just one of four pairs known to still exist from the film the f.b.i. enlisted the help of experts to ensure they have the real deal on their hands the smithsonian museum confirms the stolen slippers authenticity by comparing them with the pair in its own collection. and now another treasured piece of hollywood history can go on display again. tennis news now and defending men's champion rafi on the doll has survived a nearly five hour five set match at the u.s. open to advance to the semifinals the da lost the first set six love but came back to beat austrian dominic team. two in the morning new york time well meanwhile the women's champion sloane stephens is out she was beaten by lot fia's honest is yes
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of us told her she will now meet serena williams in her first ever semifinal at flushing meadows. germany's women's soccer team have made it to the twenty nineteen world cup in france the two time world champions had difficulties in qualify but an eight mil victory over the pharaoh islands put them in the tournament have a look. at the germans knew only a win would guarantee qualification an interim coach horst rivers was quickly put at ease by layer surely netting after just three minutes there was defense offered little resistance and the pattern was set for the match even the unusual artificial turf in toss cook so the germans leave him a good making it to now. soon after leon in my after just before the half time whistle tops his goal to beat the side in chaos in march but it will spot now beckons kathleen cmon dude in a free kick our hero and it felt like
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a training game from their own mcmullen cmon grabbing their second goal germany was scoring it will take them from cops double completed the eight no routes. sure of any head to the finals on a high. while group bash now heads off into retirement. for now a showdown is brewing in washington over trade helen humphrey has that story is sure is there are talking about nafta and the canadian prime minister just in a trudeau has drawn his lines in the sand over the future of the pact this is his negotiators head back to washington for a second stab at reworking the agreement which mexico has already signed up to trudeau said he will not agree to any revision that does not include a dispute resolution mechanism to settle disputes outside of the lengthy u.s. court system speaking yes a the canadian prime minister said he was holding out for a win win agreement. our negotiators are heading back to washington tomorrow
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to engage in a constructive and collaborative way and seeing if there's a deal for all of us there as i've said we need to see a win win win for all three countries but canada will not be signing a deal unless it is in the interests of canadian workers canadian middle class canadians in general justin trudeau that will why i call it a very in start up specialize in online payments is set to notch the german giant coming out spank out of the blue chip index today is the latest sign of plucky fin techs out shining traditional lenses why a card makes software for kashrus and contactless payments the company started out processing card payments the gambling and pornography websites now some of the biggest names in business they using it services. at munich airport chinese travelers are known as an avid buyers of luxury goods just before departure. since
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recently they've also been able to pay with early pay or we chat chinese payment systems. this watch merchant process is the transaction through the wire card company. germany's wired card takes a one point six percent commission for the service. on the phone thank you think this is to begin with it looks relatively easy and all the trader has to do is integrated it in software now that you also have to look very closely at the security anger when you hear about how much data gets stolen we have to look after the data that means we have to make the corresponding tests in the data centers and get it all set up of this i am. and why a card is growing along with it the company employs five thousand people one of these i t specialists at its headquarters are discussing their expansion plans for the u.s. . and a short while ago why a car to quite
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a transaction banking provider in india. to believe in online retailing is boosting why a card profits all over the world as retailers line up for the company's software solutions. on the street in the c. s. i think we've always known very well that we need to move into markets are going to expanding rapidly we have to offer solutions for the customer only needs one partner and by focusing firmly on that approach then i think we've got a good point as to the direction to take. the d. and in. online casinos also use wire card companies come in for some criticism for that because online casinos are accused of having a lax attitude to money laundering and books but until then we support gambling we support illegal gambling operations that's why it's a perfectly reasonable link to have in our value added change them. cementing its
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market position why because it also offers a host of other services including risk management centers and customer loyalty schemes. the head of the international monetary fund says she hopes to reach an agreement with argentina as soon as today over the early release of a fifty billion dollars loan christine legarde says there's been progress in talks with the country's finance minister nicolas the holes they aimed at speeding up without payment the i.m.f. approves the new loan back in june and as i had it has already used the first installment of fifteen billion dollars in the attempt to stabilize its currency but the peso has continued its slide losing half of its value against the dollar so far this year raising fears that the country will not be able to service its debts the u.s. has also promised its support. well the market valuation of online retailer amazon supposed one trillion dollars on tuesday if only briefly as in stock rose during
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choose day trading sending it beyond the mark before it fell back a short time later the company is the second us firm to hit the threshold a measure of outstanding it shares multiplied by their value apples the past the one trillion dollar mark last month. and just your mind about the top story we're following for you the un has warned of a blood. russian and syrian forces appear poised to launch a final assault on the country's last rebel held strongholds the un security council set to meet on friday and because. you're watching them have plenty more at the top all the alpha alternates is going to head to our website d.w. dot com i have an odd phrase. for
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trust but verify a cardinal rule of business on supervisory board. in the eurozone. in the fight against corruption tax evasion. and data theft. how important are checks and balances to a functioning economy. made in germany in sixty minutes on d w. would it in fighting for the case take you seriously in the world of what here's what's coming out women's tone. here are smart smart talks smart station the legend frank recently dangerous times are good for my . tastes good personally. with
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