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the courage. lehman brothers starts september thirteenth on g.w. . this is due to the news live from berlin clouds of a perfect storm gathering over the last rebel stronghold in syria the united nations warns of a bloodbath the syrian government and russian forces prepared to take it with prague. also coming up or go so bad that reacts in iraq i'll be on a jump on a motorbike and you'll do that we find a way to get through this in the massive traffic jam outside
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a nigerian court we look at why drivers are having to wait for weeks to unload their goods. german foreign minister heikal moss is traveling to turkey today high on the agenda is the release of seven german citizens being held in jail they were arrested after the failed coup two years ago. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us it may be the final showdown in the seven year war in syria the united nations is warning of a bloodbath if syrian and russian forces move in to take the last rebel held province of which is home to around three million people many of them fled to from elsewhere in syria the first big influx came in december two thousand and sixteen after government forces took control of aleppo then in two thousand and seventeen the last rebel fighters left the city of homes. and in march two thousand and
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eighteen after fighting ended in eastern huta convoys also headed to. the un has called for diplomacy between the major players to avoid a bloodbath the leaders of iran russia and turkey are set to meet on friday in tehran for a summit that could determine the course for an offensive. dark clouds warn of an impending catastrophe the first strikes on it liberation were reported on tuesday these images posted by activists show bombings in villages close to ellipse city several civilians have reportedly been killed the syrian observatory for human rights says russian warplanes carried out the attacks on behalf of its ally syrian president bashar al assad. his regime is preparing its forces ready to close in on one of the last enclaves of rebel resistance. the united nations wants the assault to stop before it reaches the city of it live and its three million residents. we are not at war and it because it's filled to the
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brim with the internally displaced which have been yes we have been for sanity not at the end hopefully of this the worst for a generation civilians hoping to flee to the nearby border with turkey may be met with force turkey has moved military hardware to block another mass influx of refugees. meanwhile in it live a lesson in patience schools are carrying on with classes half full some parents keeping their children close as they await the unthinkable. such scenes of normality could be erased after friday when regional powers are due to hold a summit which may decide the fate of the people of a glib rebels and children alike. let's go right to due to abuse correspondent and child bora she's following the story for us from beirut good to see you this is the battle that everyone has been fearing we've seen the u.n.
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warning of a bloodbath and there are nearly three million people in this area what is going to happen and it. well that we will see in our concentration in italy for sure that we don't know what the score of it is going to be in an interview a few months ago adviser to president bashar al assad told me that after who is in government will be going to reclaim its lives it's going as the syrian government had planned on the ground here sixty percent of the territories control which now. has been affiliated in the past and still believed to have dies with them but the members of this who are all those scattered all. are concentrated in areas where civilians are doing the essential living among civilians so once the members of this group are attacked by the russian and syrian forces there will be civilian casualties now efforts are being made find some sort of a diplomatic solution but at the gap and it is pretty and in whatever scale it
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happens it will mean that there are civilian casualties until is this really the final showdown in the seven year war you know for jim troops too when it does that mean the war is effectively over. well it would mean that because that would also mean that bashar al assad along with russia has won the war already he's done pretty well in terms of military victories victories in several of the in all of their lives across of the actually for their original win say they are then yes assad would have won the war and that would mean that politically conciliation would become even more difficult even as we speak the city and government is not very keen on having any sort of political reconciliation that the u.n. has appealed specifically to russia and turkey to help find a solution among theories for civilians and do on korea and moscow have the same priorities though in syria. well they don't but they are meeting on saturday in
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a style are along with the. ground to find some sort of a solution if something something could be really worked out russia's been back. but i've been backing several rebel factions who are operating in and are living on border areas of turkey and syria do this is why they actually don't know what russia and turkey do have a mutually beneficial economic relationship and even though it at least as it is a vet line that it's drawn it will not go to war with russia all while that is of course certain it is not having a good relationship with the united states as well what the russians are saying is if you can really in this extremist. he's been trying to do it or has been successful thus are you saying give us more time so we can cause an internal split and we can have the new go some so russia me sort of get in and insert one big war have the war stressed over several months and specifically attack this group even
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though as i said earlier they even then that are civilian casualties likely russia and turkey have cooperated in the past what often which is a militant secessionist school that ducie deems a security threat itself with little operating it live i think we'll have more on saturday. question and reporting for us from beirut thank you. now to some other stories making news around the world u.s. secretary of state mike from peo is in pakistan where he's due to meet pakistan's new prime minister imran khan and the country's military chief on a brief tour of the region ties between washington and islamabad have plummeted in recent years over u.s. accusations that pakistan is doing too little to fight terrorism. a new report from the world health organization says that more than a quarter of the world's adults don't exercise enough it says one point four billion people were treating the recommended levels of physical activity and thus putting them at higher risks of illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and cancer
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. german conservative month for a day boehner has announced he wants to succeed john clarke jugar when he steps down as president of the european commission next year would be the first german to take the helm of the powerful brussels institution and more than fifty years of us candidacy now is to be dorst by his center right european peoples party. to nigeria now in the port in the mega city of lagos is one of the most important in west africa and one of the most chaotic one month ago nigeria's vice president ordered a seventy two hour security operation to clear up the traffic jams around the port but very little progress appears to have been made thousands of trucks still wait up to four weeks to get into the facility our correspondent chris reports from lagos. breakfast on the side of the road is nothing new for this truck driver. segment is stuck in yet another traffic jam near the port in lagos.
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that's five days that's why we've been stuck here for five days nothing's moving it's very stressful it's the only thing we can do is eat sleep and wait. papa is well known for its traffic jams but in the past few weeks the situation has worsened due to a strike at the port truck drivers often have to wait for a month to get in and the entry cost of a port for their vehicles has quadrupled. businessman kevin and ben ali has come to have a look at the situation for himself he exports goods from nigeria. normally to three years ago we could do two three containers a month i mean a week now we're down to if you're lucky one in two three weeks sometimes four weeks so the clients are complaining you can't get as much product out of the country and it's just it's it's a disaster you
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a gun ois says the bad state of the roads the lack of ports in nigeria and mismanagement are to blame for the situation. macedonia is due and from my assumption is some people probably benefit from it being that we try but yes so bad that we had to leave iraq i'll be i'm and jump on a motorbike many of the xacto i last saw this better place a good open secret that if you bribe some of the security forces who are in charge of arranging the traffic you can jump the line. several institutions are responsible for traffic traffic police union representatives regular police even the military but they don't consider themselves part of the problem. there are just too many containers and the port authority isn't opening up the port to let them in. so every day there are more and more. the major issue is the road
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so we have begun the government to help to reduce the traffic. we wanted to talk to the relevant ministry in the capital abuja but no one would answer our questions. so good things it'll be three weeks before he sees his family again that's the earliest he'll be able to deliver his goods he's hopeful though in twenty twenty lagos to get a brand new port. germany and turkey kick off a series of high level visits today relations between the two countries have soured in recent years over human rights and other issues germany's foreign minister will meet turkish president ed one in uncorrupt later today i am the agenda for the german government is the release of seven german citizens from turkish jail they're being held on political charges after the failed coup two years ago turkey will be looking for support for its weakened economy the lira has tanked in recent weeks.
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let's get the latest on that story now we have our correspondent dorian jones standing by in istanbul and we also have our chief political correspondent melinda great crane with us hi melinda and adoring good to see both well and let's start with you seven german still being held in turkey on political charges how likely is it that heikal mosque will be able to secure their release. well we have seen a thawing of relations between turkey and germany which had been very very tense ever since the attempted putsch against president after one two years ago and in recent months in fact several very high profile release as both a journalist and it's you and most recently a journalist translator named tolu and that particular release of mrs tolu at the end of august was viewed as a sign of a warming in relations which not coincidentally coincidentally is taking place
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against the backdrop of very strong tensions between turkey and the u.s. so perhaps a recognition on the part that it really does need closer relations and support within europe and especially from germany which of course is home to many many. residents of turkish origin so for all those reasons there is hope here that we may see some movement on the detention of the remaining seven germans and by nationals who are in detention on political grounds in turkey sorry daryn that brings us to you what is the perspective there how important is this visit for turkey. sees its raises very important is part of its efforts to rebuild relations with perlin which had to be hit rock bottom of the last year but on core adult recognize that it does need cooperation peepin its international washington but it also sees a balloon is key to its why the efforts of rebuilding relations with the european
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union as a whole is current it's country's economy and financial system is in trouble and it is looking to berlin for financial assistance going forward as well as a growing deepening relationship in terms of trade and. risk of being totally isolated from its western allies. so doreen you could say that turkey might need better relations with germany right now what could that really help turkey achieve . well i think that turkey does look realizes that it has it is in trouble with washington and then there is this tradition that whenever relations are difficult with the u.s. turkey traditionally looks at deeper relations we've europe but until recently toki have been looking to moscow now that course along among turkey's western allies and the president reject all you've heard one repeatedly warned that turkey would look east pop those deepening relations with moscow do appear to have hit a limit as they all regional rivals and the growing tensions in exposed the risks
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of tokyo pending so heavily almost go so this is part of pokies efforts to report its relationship and it's looking to europe to possibly counterbalance the pendants almost go and going forward looking to strengthen its position to be tough to stand up to washington in the future great melinda coming back you know as we've heard this is all coming against the backdrop of a very difficult economic situation for turkey how much willingness is there in germany to help turkey out of that economic crisis and what could that help look like well i certainly don't think we're going to see foreign minister. opening the german checkbook and saying here here support payments both to europe the e.u. and germany have indicated that is not going to happen but certainly what turkey would like very much is to see an improvement of the investment climate to see more german investment in turkey president out of one will be traveling to germany later on in the month of september and certainly some introductions to german companies
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might be something that will be on the discussion agenda today beyond that i think there's also interest in support for tourism the german government actually issue of tourism warnings earlier this year in part because of the tensions with turkey those have now been. removed but any kind of support for tourism to turkey by germans that would obviously be very welcome i think to ankara and finally germany had also put limits on weapons exports to turkey although it is a nato partner again germany turkey may be looking for some relaxation of those in coming months all of those likely to be amongst the items of discussion all right our correspondents melinda crane and dorian jones following the story for us thank you both brazilians are hoping to recover some priceless treasures from the ashes of a huge fire that gutted brazil's national museum it's thought that as much as
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ninety percent of latin america's largest collection of historic artifacts may have been destroyed in the place firefighters combing through the charred remains have already made some promising finds. all that's left of brazil's national museum. millions of historic items now turned to ash destroyed by a fire that is rich through brazil's history. and its culture. but its hopes that all is not lost among items firefighters have already found of fragments of bone it's hoped to skull one of the oldest fossils ever found in the americas maybe among them. bones were found but we still don't know if it's the skull of luzzi away awaiting research is also managed to rescue some items.
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and there was great excitement when a security guard found this document across the street. but nothing can replace what's been destroyed and although the government has promised money to shore up what's left of the museum many feel successive governments have simply neglected this brazilian treasure house. now a piece of classic hollywood memorabilia has been found by the f.b.i. thirteen years after being stolen the sequin ruby slippers won by judy garland as dorothy in the wizard of oz were snatched from a u.s. museum over in a decade ago they were retrieved in a sting operation in july and experts have now confirmed the authenticity of the shoes but the case isn't quite close the f.b.i. says they've are still on the run.
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in tennis rafael nadal has squeezed into the semifinals of the u.s. open after a five set task against dominic team of austria the defending champion got off to a dreadful start but managed to outlast team in a match that ended at two in the morning and lasted nearly five hours dominic team couldn't have asked for a better start the austrian punish nidal in the first set to hand the defending champ what's known as a bagel a six nil thrashing but soon the sweaty rainer of flushing meadows nidal for back in the topsy turvy encountered an adult took the next two sets to pave the way for victory. only for team to once again cause him serious problems in the fifth and final set tame doggedly survive five break points before he went along with a routine smash to hand adult victory in the tie break just after two am it was game over in the epic confrontation. now about
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will meet argentinian juan martin del potro in the semifinals on the women's side last the us honest assess if not to defending champion sloane stephens out of the tournament so a star actually retired in two thousand and thirteen because of injuries but she came back and will now compete in her first ever u.s. open semifinal. well canada heads into talks in washington today to renew nafta helen and doesn't look like canada is ready to back down it doesn't and in fact we heard from chum previously saying it to canada take it or leave it that was the ultimatum from trump prime minister trudeau reply that he was holding out for a win win deal rhetoric aside both parties have agreed to head back to the negotiating table today and with good reason the deal covers some trillion dollars worth of trade. prime minister trudeau didn't seem too concerned despite the importance of a trade agreement with the u.s. three quarters of canada's international commerce is with its southern neighbor but
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he said he didn't want to deal at any cost. we will not sign a deal that is bad for canadians and quite frankly not having a chapter nineteen to ensure that the rules are followed would be bad for canadians chapter nineteen of the trade agreement is a mechanism to resolve disputes through arbitration tribunal's so far the white house has refused to give ground president trump wants things done his way on his way to the golf course on the weekend he used twitter to threaten that he would stop talking to canada in that case canada would no longer be party to the north american free trade agreement. well let's get the latest from frankfurt where a financial correspondent joins us from a second a.d.'s have gone back to the negotiating table in washington is there any sense of optimism that a deal will be struck louis. no not really both sides seem to be quite adamant and listening to the canadian prime minister he really does seem determined
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not to strike a deal that's bad for canadians so one will have to see how it plays out canada is so dependent on trade both but three quarters of the trade is with the united states. basically trudeau has to make a deal but with these two parties going head to head nobody is really willing to bet positively so it's a drag on the markets it's holding people back plus of course the other trade issues the u.s. china issues with threats of two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods being levied with the u.s. tariffs and of course you and the u.s. talks on cars tariffs also not seeming to go as well let's hope it's a trade taking a toll on the markets and all the news it will buy results out of the second quarter how are they looking. well they're looking very mixed it's a complex picture because it's a group in transition with buyer having to sell
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a few units off in order to get the money in the cartel people's permission to take over months until on santo contributing a few weeks to to the result but buyers saying that it's so optimistic with the new situation that it's raising its forecast for twenty eighteen normally that would do wonders for the stock but buyer is the biggest loser of the day because the investors are just very wary of the legal risks involved eighty seven hundred lawsuits there against monsanto with possibly billions in costs so people very careful of this and i hear a lot of critical voices of this whole monsanto takeover here at the exchange oh harry spots for us aid frank but thank you. the head of the international monetary fund christine legarde says she hopes to reach an agreement with anjan tino's you know today over the early release of a fifty. billion dollar loan christine legarde says there's been progress in talks with the country's finance minister nicola hall's name and just leading up the
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payment the i.m.f. approved the loan in june when his side is has already used up the first installment of fifteen billion dollars in an attempt to stabilize its currency but the peso has continued its slide using off its value against the dollar so far this year that is raising fears that the country won't be able to service it sticks the u.s. has also promised support. why it caught a very infirm specialized in online payments is set to notch german giant comments by an out of the blue chip dax index today is the latest sign of plucky fin techs out shining traditional lead this wildcard make software for cash just in contactless payments and the company started out processing car payments the gambling and pornography websites and now some of the biggest names in business so using it services. but munich airport chinese travelers are known as avid buyers of luxury goods just before departure. since recently they've also been able to pay
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with early pay or we chat chinese payment systems. this watch merchant process is the transaction through the wire card company. germany's wire card takes a one point six percent commission for the service. on the phone thanks to begin with it looks relatively easy and all the trader has to do is integrate a little software like that you also have to look very closely at the security anger when you hear about how much they target stowing we have to look after the data that means we have to make the corresponding tests in the data centers and get it all set up i am. and why a card is growing along with it the company employs five thousand people one of these i t specialist at its headquarters are discussing their expansion plans for the u.s. . and a short while ago wire card acquired a transaction banking provider in india. to boom an online retailing is boosting
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wild card profits all over the world as retailers line up for the company's software solutions. its up from the three in the c.f. i think we've always known very well that we need to move into markets are going to expanding rapidly john but we have to offer solutions for the customer only needs one partner by focusing firmly on that approach then i think we've got a good point as to the direction to take on the hitch was the key and individualized. online casinos also use wire card companies come in for some criticism for that because online casinos are accused of having a lax attitude to money laundering. and books that will tell when we support gambling we support illegal gambling operations that's why it's a perfectly reasonable link to have in our value added chain about. cementing its market position why it was
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a host of other services including risk management centers and customer loyalty schemes. undermined and now the top stories we're following for you you know you nations has wound up in a serious. syrian forces of the north a final assault on the country's rebel held stronghold the un security council is set to meet on friday over the crisis. germany's foreign minister is traveling to say to high level talks with president outline he's expected to push for the release of seven agendum citizens from turkish jail they were arrested after the failed coup two years ago. you're watching news from a guy named plenty more coming up at the top don't forget you can always get the latest news on our website. dot com i'm going to hold for you but in their company and see if i see.
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a. life style euro. the moment. we'll show you a very different side of germany's capital. nicolson really takes one issue of the government to streets and goes behind the scenes at the reichstag accountability from an underground tunnels all the way up to the glass cube allowed to also show you from their side even around the government border. in sixty minutes on d w. nineteen sixty and some of the crime echoed around the. young people rebelled against the militants gentlemen she. demanded nothing less than
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a home to suicide. my mil strong against the muslims in what remains of those events today until the seeds of the civil rights. peace movement the women's movement for hopelessness is clear. to sixty of the global. this week double. the from. mark smile welcome to the days edition of your remarks your european lifestyle and culture program here's what we've got in store for you today. the trace
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vintage car the busiest flocked to the moment most of us are both in denmark. historic inventory we visit the high.


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