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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 5, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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play. player. play. player. this is you know he was live from berlin suspects are revealed in the case of the poisoned spy british prosecutors charged these two russians with attempted murder by using a nerve agent against the former spy sergei screwball and his daughter meanwhile prime minister theresa me says the suspects are agents of russia's military intelligence agency also coming up
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a grueling international chorus warns the syrian government against a looming attack on rebel held in the province the u.s. now doubling down threatening to retaliate if syrian forces use chemical weapons transfer so bad that we have to leave iraq i'll be on a jump on a motorbike w.'s finds a way to get through the massive traffic jam leading up to one of nigeria's main ports we look at why truck drivers are having to wait for weeks to own load their goods. and also coming up in the next sixty minutes from stirred up to blue chip upstart wire cart looks set to kick germany's second biggest bank out of the index of leading stocks we take a look at how financial technology is out shining traditional lenders. and a nation mourns the loss of is priceless treasures searchers sift through the ashes after a massive. fire guts brazil's national museum with some promising finds hint that
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all may not be lost. thank you so much for your company everyone britain has called a united nations security council meeting for thursday to update members on the investigation into the nerve agent a poison in case earlier british prosecutors charged two russians with the attack on firmer former spy sergei scrip oh and his daughter in march the british government believes the suspects are members of russia's military intelligence agency and that their operation have the kremlin's approval. these are the men british prosecutors have charged with conspiracy to murder. alexander petrol and
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it off a russian citizens but police believe their names are probably aliases. the men are accused of attempting to murder former russian double agent sergei script and his daughter yulia with a military grade nerve agent. a police officer was also hospitalized following the attack in march in the english city of salisbury. another couple also fell seriously ill after coming into contact with the nerve agent police believe it was through this persian bottle don sturgis of salisbury later died. british soil i will face british justice that's what we will fight for. the international community obviously. have the time we want to see what we have managed to achieve today but we need further help. british police have released close circuit t.v. images of petrol of and it off arriving at london's gatwick airport two days before
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the script polls were targeted. this image of the man was taken at salisbury train station a day before the attack and this at the same station on the day of the poisoning. moments later they're seen on closed circuit t.v. walking through the city police say traces of the nerve agent were also found in their london hotel room where they stayed that weekend. in the house of commons the british prime minister claimed the two men are russian military intelligence officials mr speaker repeatedly asked russia to account for what happened in salzburg in march and they have replied with obfuscation and laws this is including trying to pass the blame for the attack on terrorists onto our international partners and even on to the future mother in law if you're really a sweet talk they even claimed that i myself invented novacek. british prosecutors say they won't ask russia to extradite the man but they have
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obtained european arrest warrant. the kremlin denies it played any role in the poisoning it's. all right let's get you more on this story want to cross over now to london to the mosque who is standing by a bigot as we have just been reporting the suspects have already returned to russia soon after the poisoning took place what chance do the british police have of ever getting their hands on these two men. well the british government has concluded that actually a form of the arrest warrant is going to be futile we know this from the case of alexander litvinenko who was killed in london and the british government had all four russian suspects to be extradited that has never happened so there were any chance they concluded as a european arrest warrant so if they ever travel abroad that they could be called in other e.u. countries and could then in this case come come to the u.k. and stand trial. talk to us about
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a very notorious perfume spray bottle britain says it poisoned dawn burgas and her partner is a connection also being made to the script case when it comes to this perfume bottle. well the connection was made by the prime minister and her statement she said that this was likely the bottle where the nerve agent was smuggled into the country with an old say the method of delivery of the nerve agent at the door handle off the screen paul's the police meanwhile still also appealing for anybody who knows more about this plot was seen at all as the books to come forward so clearly this is a really very important piece of information and for months the police will be looking for the link what is the actual link between this group halts and then the other couple that was in contact with a nerve agent and now they have released this information and would like to know even more about it so we're getting conclusion where does this leave british
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russian relations. british russian relations were already rock bottom off of this people because even before or after the murder of alexander litvinenko of this creep paula case the u.k. has x. extradited expelled twenty three russian diplomats other countries have followed also expelled russian diplomats now the question is are they going to be most sanctions as the u.k. austyn allies foremost sanctions but definitely in you know in these already not very good relations household all right to begin much reporting from london thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. secretary of state my campaign has wrapped up a brief visit to pakistan he was in islam a bot for talks with you and prime minister imran khan as well as the country's powerful military leaders concept he was optimistic of improving ties with
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washington after the u.s. accused pakistan of doing too little to fight terrorists. paraguay says it's moving its embassy back to tell of the just months after opening a mission in jerusalem paraguay's former president harass year old curtis and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu inaugurated the building with much fanfare but paraguay's new president mario benito is opposed to move israel says it will now close its own embassy in paraguay. at least twenty people have been killed including several journalists in twin suicide bombings in the afghan capital kabul scores more are wounded in the blast tore through a sports center in a have area of the city officials say the death toll is likely to rise no group has yet claimed responsibility a growing international chorus is warning the syrian government against attacking
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it live province in what may be the final showdown in the seven year long civil war the united states has urged the assad government not to resort to chemical weapons while the united nations is warning of a potential bloodbath the province is the last major stronghold of the rebels and is home to about three million people. with nowhere left to go civilians and struggling to find ways to keep their families safe. having witnessed a massive military build up over the last week this father is preparing for the worst. i'm making protective masks for my children and others in the area because people fear there will be a chemical attack. in this densely populated region others is seeking safety underground. most
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people in this village have a cave connected to their house these caves were abandoned during the truce that lasted six or seven months now people are again preparing for an offensive and a stockpiling food inside so if an attack takes place we can go into the cave. fearful residents are bracing for bloodshed as the syrian government masses its troops on board as. the first strikes hit the rebel and play front tuesday syria's ally russia released footage purporting to show russian warplanes attacking what it calls terrorist targets but human rights groups say several civilians were killed. international calls amounting to avoid an all out on sloat and an insinuating humanitarian catastrophe. already like to welcome now professor daniel a server he directs the conflict management program at johns hopkins school of
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advanced international studies in washington a very warm welcome professor i mean this is starting to feel like a deja vu we've seen this before massive offensive is announced u.n. warns of a bloodbath offensive goes ahead and the world moves on for the nearly three million people in this area what can the international community do because words like bloodbath they're meaningless at this stage. i think the international community can do bury little doubt it's a last gotten terror on to restrain damascus and i don't see either one is willing to sacrifice much in order to do that iran seems to be wanting the fight in include russia might prefer restraint but if the fight begins i expect them to support. the us presence donald trump has warned
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president assad not to quote recklessly attack the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley said this let's take a listen and we'll continue our conversation at the i think what you are saying is the president saying to iran russia and assad don't go there we're not going to accept it it's not ok what you're saying from us and the fact that the security council wants to talk about it is do not let a chemical weapons attack happen on the people of it lead. it's a strong warning but what does it mean i mean all the rest is fair game massacre torture just don't gas your people you have to tell us what it means that i don't expect them to use gas at this stage they have sufficient manpower to go into it live blues conventional force. i think the americans have a very weak position here one that could. be their
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demanded chemicals not be used might be satisfied but i don't think they have much influence over whether a conventional attack occurs right now and let's talk about the role of the u.s. in this theater because it's played a very insignificant role up to now do you see that role may be changing in the near future. i do not i would describe it is internally in significant the u.s. has played a pretty strong role in defeating near samik state especially in eastern syria but the president clearly wants to get out the americans are looking for some sort of resolution that will enable that happen it probably won't happen right away but i do expect eventually to the americans who would drop. do you expect between now and friday for disaster to be averted.
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predicting the events of this sort. is difficult i'd be surprised if a full fledged salt occurs for friday but i won't be surprised if the person next week so. i haven't seen anything yet that would stop it professor daniel serwer directs the conflict management program at johns hopkins university sir thank you for weighing in i think and meantime german foreign minister heiko moscow says berlin is working with turkey to prevent what he called a humanitarian catastrophe in syria is it live region my ass made the comments after meeting with his counterpart and president tayyip erdogan and uncorrupt also said germany is working with turkey temper relations between these two countries also on the agenda was the release of seven german citizens who were detained in turkey on political charges after the failed coup two years ago.
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and you have you say you han is tracking this story for us in istanbul good evening yulia eclipsing of course these bilateral talks is this countdown to this major offensive in the live home to three million people what have the two men said about this impending military campaign. well yes later this was of course and major issue it's a major news issue here in turkey due to the geographical proximity of course and as you already mentioned both men agreed that a large scale offensive by government troops on rebel held it live could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe and the us needs to be prevented that's what they agreed on they're pretty much on the same page here turkey said it's trying to work on convincing russia about that too although the turkish foreign minister said joint
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work could be done to eliminate radical elements in. the german foreign minister of course is also concerned about the human nature and aspect is turkey is warning that a large scale bombing campaign on the lip could threaten the lives of millions of civilians and could lead to another wave of refugees trying to cross the border into turkey this is of course a concern in europe concern in germany and the german foreign minister that potentially germany would strengthen its humanitarian aid to turkey but of course it remains to be seen what friday's meeting on syria in iran will bring what this meeting can achieve and now you turn our focus back now to the bilateral relationship because it has had a very checkered past in the past couple of years the turkish government has in the meantime released two prominent german journalists from jail but seven other
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germans are still in detention on political charges how likely is it that the german foreign minister will be able to secure their release. well he repeatedly said he would openly talk about humanitarian human rights issues pardon with his turkish counterpart and he also said that he talked with them. about the release of the german nationals but of course turkey on the other hand is always emphasizing the independence of its judiciary system and germany is walking a thin line there is trying to you know balance between pressuring for the release of these german nationals and not impeding the independence of the turkish judicial system so no major news on that issue of service iaa think there might be some developments but of course nothing that would be openly announced on a press conference did abuse you leon reporting from istanbul thank you. and i'm
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going to hand you over to chris stuff for the latest business headlines because that's right we're talking about the new economy phin tech companies are making stronger gains in today's environment of the old economy is feeling the heat come out spawn germany's second biggest lender is set to be pushed out of the blue chip index dax late of the day by fin tech startup wire card company which has only been around for less than twenty years now come out spawn for its part was founded in eight hundred seventy and has been with the dax from the beginning it's not its longevity is something it shares with the most valuable german companies in the index take a look at the top five german companies in the dax now by market value most of them were founded in the seventeenth century the exception being as a.p. a software provider for businesses now in the united states most of the leading companies were founded in the past few decades and most of them are tech firms the
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outlier of course being warren buffett's conglomerate berkshire hathaway founded in eighteen thirty nine thirty nine now it seems like in germany the tables are starting to turn with newbies like why are cards showing the old elite how it's done these days. but munich airport chinese travelers are known as avid buyers of luxury goods just before departure. since recently they've also been able to pay with early pay or we chat chinese payment systems. this watch merchant process is the transaction through the wire card company. germany's wire card takes a one point six percent commission for the service. and on the phone thank you to begin with it looks relatively easy and all the trader has to do is integrate a little software like that you also have to look very closely at the security angle when you hear about how much they target stowing we have to look after the
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data that means we have to make the corresponding tests in the data centers and get it all set up of this i am thinking. and why a card is growing along with it the company employs five thousand people once these i t specialists at its headquarters are discussing their expansion plans for the u.s. . under short while ago why a card acquired a transaction banking provider in india. to boom an online retailing is boosting wild card profits all over the world as retailers line up for the company's software solutions. in capturing the three in the c.f. i think we've always known very well that we need to move into markets are going to expanding rapidly we have to offer solutions for the customer only needs one partner and by focusing firmly on that approach then i think we've got a good point as to the direction to take on the pitch was the key and big lies.
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online casinos also use what card companies come in for some criticism for that because online casinos are accused of having a lax attitude to money laundering. fund and books that will tell them we support gambling we support illegal gambling operations that's why it's a perfectly reasonable link to have in our bag and it's saying that. cementing its market position why it also offers a host of other services including risk management call centers and customer loyalty schemes. a german court ruled that the city of frankfurt must introduce a ban on these all vehicles which don't need euro for standards norms the aim is to ensure clean air for the city citizens older petrol cars and also affect the verdict covers a quarter of vehicles registered in frankfurt the court says the driving ban must be in place by february next year because measures implemented so far have not
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reduced pollution enough the case was brought by the environmental action germany and geo which is calling on twenty eight cities to reduce pollution to levels below the legal maximum. argentina urgently needs money one has itis negotiated a loan from the international monetary fund in june to stabilize the economy but just three months later it wants to renegotiate that agreement because things are getting worse and the i.m.f. says it's ready to do more like paying the next installment of the loan earlier than planned but first the two sides need to come an agreement in washington today . a cheerful reunion but it wasn't long ago that christine like. the fifty billion dollar loan but now they're back at the negotiating table the first third of that loan was already paid out in june and the next installments are scheduled for the coming months but that's not fast enough for the argentinian economy minister he wants the second tranche in the next few weeks otherwise his
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country faces insolvency when. talking with the fund about how to continue advancing so that the impact of all the support that the international community has given to us when we close the agreement in june can materialize into an improvement in the fiscal indicators in argentina. because if you don't see it goes out of. the i.m.f. says progress has been made and it's willing to make concessions it says it's hoping for a quick agreement but time is running out the peso has lost more than fifty percent of its value against the dollar since the year began on tuesday the central bank sold some three hundred sixty million dollars in foreign exchange reserves to support the currency but to little effect. the government has raised taxes and it's cut costs several ministries face the axe. but that's provoked angry street protests along with calls for other forms of intervention as the financial crisis
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worsens the catholic church has called on the faithful to pray for three days. facebook and twitter faced a grilling today in washington as the social media giants try to convince u.s. lawmakers that they're serious about stopping abuse and foreign interference on their platforms in our social media editor jared reed has been following the high profile hearing for us always good to have you here with us in person gerri first things first what was this hearing about basically it was billed as a way for sheryl sandberg from facebook and jack dorsey from tweeted to convince the politicians that they're ready for the upcoming midterms which are in two months time and that they're proactively trying to do everything they can to stop election interference from overseas because of the experience from russia in twenty sixteen and its use of social media to try and sell once the presidential election executives were contrite and said look we you know we didn't work fast enough at
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the time but we have learning out lessons and we're trying to prevent it from happening in other elections going forward i think though if you could summarize their responses it was sort of like we don't like bad things when we see bad things we try and stop the bad things and identify them i think there are facebook came out a little bit ahead of tweets at one stage sheryl sandberg was talking about how facebook lets users annoy if they're about to share false information and twitter is comparatively pretty useless at that and i think that came across in jack dorsey is responses i think they did find it but it's obvious that they have a lot more to do to identify problems to prevent the problems and also to be more transparent with the users about their purses let's talk about the hearing it's not this isn't the first hearing that took place in the past congress members of. congress were criticized for not really asking tough questions is a little also out of their debt how was it this time around yeah so back in april
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when they were questioning going online privacy some of the little make is they came across like they had never used the internet before they didn't really know what it was i think the lawmakers today had done their homework they there was quite a lot of required ranging questions ranging from election interference to the use of facebook and twitter to buy illegal drugs to the relationships with law enforcement agencies are also really concerned about these emerging technology of altering audio and video to make it sound like people are saying things that they know if they were quite concerned about i think the questioning was fairly pleasant most of the anger actually was reserved for google because google didn't send its executives to the hearing and almost all the lawmakers mentioned that in their remarks and were quite annoyed and angry about that yeah everybody what they were no show what happens now jack dorsey is meeting now with other another group of
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lawmakers yeah that's right so jack dorsey is going to be meeting with other lawmakers to basically answer to claims that demonstrates political bias and it's not something exclusive to tweet so there's a claim generally that the tech industry is biased against conservatives and that's being pushed along by people like donald trump because you might remember recently he sort of flagged the idea of regulating google searches because he thinks they're being manipulated to make him look bad i think the take away thing that i noticed today was social media companies have a lot to balance the policing what can and can't be said on that platform as we're trying to remain politically neutral and also protecting uses against the incentive to attract uses and make money so it's a tight rope yeah oh my goodness thank you so much there we really breaking it down for us greatly appreciated. you're watching. we still have a lot more to tell you about here's what's ahead. for our county on
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a jump on a motorbike. to have a news finds a way to get through this new massive traffic jam leading up to one of nigeria's main ports we look at why truck drivers are having to wait for weeks to unload their goods. and never look away is a new german film that had its world premiere at the venice film festival last night trouble of our culture disco be here to tell us all about it right after these messages of siena looks. at the foot. the face of this river is changing dramatically on its banks you can now hear the steady roar of machinery construction sites and our car culture are damaging can fire. the first nations and farmers are trying to stop the huge project fighting to protect nature and their
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her first day of school in the jungle. in the first place. doris granger moment arrives. join the ring on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. tour on the internet and returns home on d w dot com good times. great to have you back with us here watching the dover news only allow rock n roll in these are our main headlines this hour british prosecutors have charged these two russians with a nerve agent attack on former spy service people and his daughter prime minister theresa may has set these suspects are agents of russia's military intelligence britain is to update the un security council on the investigation and
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a guru in international course is warning the syrian government against attacking italy province the united states has urged the assad regime not to resort to chemical weapons while the united nations is warning of a potential bloodbath. the port of the mega city of lagos is one of the most important in west africa vital for supplies and goods in and out of the region but massive congestion on roads leading to the port is hampering his operations a recent seventy two hour security drive to clear up the traffic jams around the port area have made little progress while thousands of trucks still wait up to four weeks to get into the ports and our correspondent adrian krishna reports now from lagos. breakfast on the side of the road is nothing new for this truck driver. segment is stuck in yet another traffic jam near the port in
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lagos. that's five days that's why we've been stuck here for five days nothing's moving it's very stressful it's the only thing we can do is eat sleep and wait. papa is well known for its traffic jams but in the past few weeks the situation has worsened due to a strike at the port truck drivers often have to wait for a month to get in and the entry cost of a port for their vehicles has quadrupled. businessman cavaney benoit has come to have a look at the situation for himself he exports goods from nigeria. normally to three years ago we could do two three containers a month i mean a week now we're down to if you're lucky one in two three weeks sometimes four weeks so the clients are complaining you can't get as much product out of the country and it's just it's it's a disaster you know it by noise says the bad state of the roads the lack of ports
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in nigeria and mismanagement are to blame for the situation. that macedonia is due and from my assumption is some people probably benefit from it being the way to travel yes so bad that we had to leave iraq i'll be i'm and jump on a motorbike many of the tractor trailer soldiers that are basically open secret that if you're bright some of the security forces who are in charge of a range of the traffic you can jump the line. several institutions are responsible for traffic traffic police union representatives regular police even the military but they don't consider themselves part of the problem. there are just too many containers and the port authority isn't opening up the port to let them in. so every day there are more and more the major issue is the road so we have begging the government to help to reduce the traffic. we
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wanted to talk to the relevant ministry in the capital abuja but no one would answer our questions. so good things it'll be three weeks before he sees his family again that's the earliest he'll be able to deliver his goods he's hopeful though in two thousand and twenty lagos is set to get a brand new port. all right let's get you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. an emirates airlines passenger plane was briefly quarantined to add new york's kennedy airport after some passengers fell ill on board the u.s. centers for disease control says about one hundred people on the flight from dubai were being evaluated new york counterterrorism police tweet at the incident appeared to be of a medical nature. most want to government is disputing reports that some ninety elephant carcasses found in recent weeks were the result of poaching the charity elephants without borders says the animals had been killed for their tusks and it
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was thought to be one of africa's biggest poaching incidents of this kind. and they were poured from the wall the health organization says that more than a quarter of the world's adults don't exercise enough it says one point four billion people weren't reaching the recommended levels of physical activity and that's putting them at a higher risk of illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. are you an exercise or i am indeed i rode my bike for fifty kilometers today good job good job all right you've got a story for us out of india thousands of farmers who marched to the parliament that's right. and these indian farmers thousands of them the large marched on the capitol in delhi today staged this protest against the backdrop of poor living conditions that harvests have often forced farmers to borrow money from dubious
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lenders at exorbitant rates now this debt overload has forced tens of thousands of them into suicide and the vast protest in the indian capital today they demanded more help from the government which prefers to boast about the country's strong economic growth. these farmers would rather protest and kill themselves but twelve thousand farmers a year in india choose death to despair over their debt burden and meet your incomes the problem's been known for years and this is by no means the first protest but so far nothing's being done. ever since narendra modi's government came into power all decisions are being taken against the well being of workers in this country workers have become hopelessly quadratic non-unionized laborers are so frustrated that i can't even describe it i've become very difficult for them to even feed themselves now that i forgot. the farmers want debt relief
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along with a raise in the state guaranteed minimum price for their produce the harvest is too small to earn a living during droughts and when it rains over production ways on prices that's why they're now calling for a minimum price which is fifty percent higher than production costs but that would raise food prices when the government wants to keep them down. earlier we asked our india correspondent on a family car what the original of the farming crisis was. well i think there are many reasons for it you know hof with india's population farms and yet the farming sector contributes just about sixteen percent to india's g.d.p. so simply foot you know indian farms employ a lot of people who get produce too little and i think there are a couple of reasons extreme weather plays a big role most indian farms that rain fade you know droughts and rising temperatures post particular challenges on the other hand you have you know unseasonal rains floods and heavy monsoons that also affect farm incomes and you
8:38 pm
know experts here say that beyond that there are many structural problems that have blighted indian farming for decades and that includes things like indian five the average indian farms are small in size there's a decline in productivities there's a lack of modernization there's a lack of water conservation and also things like you know rising costs of farm inputs like you know seeds fertilizers irrigation so i think there are many many underlying problems in the indian farming sector. reporting from. cuba now where after years of years trade sanctions and inefficient centralized economy people have learned to live with very limited resources the response is what the cubans probably are furred to. invent. subversively substituting everyday items for things that are in short supply and sometimes a little piece of rubber can go a long way. you don't have to look far in just about any aspect of cuban life to
8:39 pm
find something like this a condom doubling at this rally as a balloon. condoms are so cheap and plentiful in cuba that they end up in the most unusual of places fisherman use them as barbers to float their hooks in the sea and every mechanic knows that a condom makes a terrific plug for a flat tire. the problem with all this repurchasing say health workers is that many people are liable to downplay the fact that condoms were actually invented for something completely different. than what they see the condom as a tool to use for other things that they really weren't made for like fishing and all those other things this is it for fishing it's used to protect your life and the lives of other people in the article to head. up us all. cubans are natural born inventors it seems so it's no surprise that the strong stretching
8:40 pm
characteristics of the condom make it far more useful than its original brief of contraception and disease prevention. here or hobbyist has discovered the rubber has an excellent application in home winemaking he just covers a bottle of grape juice with a fresh condom and when the fermentation process is complete gas trapped in the balloon collapses signaling it's time for a drink. oh my i'm not going to go in there isn't. there watching good of you news we still have a lot more to tell you about including. never look away it's a new german film that had its world premiere at the venice film festival last night and we'll get a sneak peek. but first brazilians are hoping to recover some priceless treasures from the ashes of a huge fire that gutted brazil's national museum it's thought that as much as ninety percent ninety percent of latin america's largest collection of historic
8:41 pm
artifacts may have been destroyed in the blaze firefighters combing through the charred remains have already made some promising finds. all that's left of brazil's national museum. millions of historic items now turn to ash destroyed by a fire that has ripped through brazil's history. and its culture. but its hopes that all is not lost among items firefighters have already found of fragments of bone it's hoped to skull one of the oldest fossils ever found in the americas maybe among them. bones were found but we still don't know if it's the skull of lutea where waiting research has also managed to rescue some items
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and there was great excitement when a security guard found this document across the street. but nothing can replace what's been destroyed and although the government has promised money to shore up what's left of the museum many feel successive governments have simply neglected this brazilian treasure house. european football is launching a new competition starting tomorrow at the nation's lake while the aim is to get rid of meaningless friendlies but the tournaments is complex so we brought in jonathan crane from sports to break it all down for that for us take it to take it away ok well the first thing to say is this competition involves all fifty five european teams that will be played out the first phase initially over three months now the teams have been divided into leagues of four a.t.t.
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according to usa for rankings the best teams in league a west team is that in league d. and then within that they group in threes or fourth still with me the tournament ends with promotion and relegation so it's probably best to think of this like eilat a tournament at your local squash or tennis club then the league a win as well player for the nation's league title in june next year and perhaps most interestingly for twenty twenty qualifying sports up for grabs now it all kicks off tomorrow germany taking on world champions from germany. is a founder the format. this year we're playing against the netherlands and friends to top opponents so i think the nations league is a good thing you can qualify for the final fall you can also get relegated this is a competition and competition is always good for the player as that's how we're taking it and personally i think it's good. ok so he is a fan how does this all tie in with the the twenty twenty eight european champions
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well this is one of the most complicated part of the format so bear with me twenty teams will still qualify through the usual process that's a winner and runner up of ten qualifying groups but then the last four spots will be filled by the winner of play offs in leagues a b. c. and d. now obviously if a country has already qualified their spots in the playoffs to be taken by the next best team are in a kind of time does about the pros and the cons. well the main selling point for you a fair is that this gives smaller countries a chance of current glory a chance to reach a major tournament so they were favored literally something in it for everyone but for top european clubs it's going to be harder for them to keep their best players out of national team scores like they've they've done for meaningless friendly's perhaps the biggest criticism this competition could be seen as rewarding mediocracy one by allowing a smaller team into a major tournament and two for allowing a big team a stop qualifying the first time around a second by say the cherry nobody can win. the great thank you so very much for
8:45 pm
that greatly appreciate it all right we're going to shift our focus now to tennis rafael nadal has squeezed into the semifinals of the u.s. open after five set tests against dominic a team of austria the defending champion got off to a dreadful start but managed to outlast team in a match that ended at two in the morning and lasted get this nearly five hours dominic team couldn't vosper a bit to start the austrian punishment doll in the first set to hand the defending champ what's known as a bagel a six nil thrashing butts in the sweaty rainer of flushing meadows nidal fullback in a top see turvy encounter on the dial to the next two sets to pave the way for victory . only for team to once again cause him serious problems in the fifth and final set tame doggedly survive five break points before he went along with
8:46 pm
a routine smash and adult victory in the tie break just after two am it was game over in the epic confrontation. and will meet argentina in one month in the perth fourth row in the semifinals on the women's side lot vs understands the set so not defending champ or sloane stephens out of the tournament so it's over actually retired in two thousand and thirteen because of injuries but she came back and will now compete in her first ever u.s. open semifinal against who else but the great serena williams. now the comeback of forty two year old golfer tiger woods has been given a boost with woods being added to the u.s. writer cup squad that will play a team of europeans later this month woods has been plagued in recent years by injuries but worked his way up to a second place finish in the recent p.g.a. championship. it's incredible and it really is to look back at the start of the
8:47 pm
year and now to accomplish a goal like that to be a part of this team. and now to be a player is just that's it is beyond special. and never look away is the title of the new film by oscar winner winning director florian fund honors mark it had its premiere world premiere i should say at the venice film festival last night and robin melrose form d w culture is here to tell us more wonderful director and this movie is in competition for profit for the gold mine is in competition and it just received a boost recently as it's been named as the official german entry for the foreign
8:48 pm
language film oscars that doesn't mean it's nominated yet every country gives you know sends a film and then the academy choose some nominees like this i will we hope for that we'll see about that one anyway the stars of this film never look away were on the red carpet last not condone as the tallest will not wait will sit. there is an oldies act he writes this the young actor tom schilling here he is who plays the main the young. and he's in love falls in love with power the bad and that's the love story and it's also actually the best actor and it's sebastian coe he's got the best role he's a real evil so it's a story set in the film it's a film about a young painter confronting his traumatic past it's actually based a bit on the life of one of the world's greatest living painters get hot rishta and it spans a. decades actually nearly four decades of german history in the twentieth century
8:49 pm
and here we're about to see the artist's character as a child with his aunt at an exhibition that the nazis used to ridicule modern. young could by an aunt has a special relationship with his subversive aunt elisabet that's what. one couldn't . struck the straw. for. caution. the aunt teaches him about including a positive take on what the nazis deemed degenerate. but the army is considered somewhat.
8:50 pm
one day cuts and is taken away by men in white coats cause a band who will reappear as curt's future father in law is responsible for her death at the hands of the nazis. could start studying art in east germany and falls in love with elysee band but her father professor has a band disapproved of their relationship. until. this went up in. the film is based loosely on the life of german artist gary hart. taken in one thousand thirty two this photo shows a four month old with his aunt mariana schoenfeld. in one nine hundred thirty eight she was declared mentally ill and forcibly sterilized nine hundred forty five she was murdered. later use the photo as the basis for
8:51 pm
a painting. didn't know at the time the forced sterilization was performed at the clinic run by his former father and. a couple of elements from again heart of richter's life were the starting point for me you could almost call it an inspiration point but then i wrote the story relatively freely because i always find that through composition and through fiction you get close. to the truth than with pure facts. kurt and ellie get married but their relationship to ellie's father who tries to hide his nazi past remains strained. never look away is a family drama thriller. to the redemptive power of.
8:52 pm
what a riveting story very very promising can't wait to see if he's now back the director is now back and in from the your territory with this movie ya know what you mean i mean he came to fame really in two thousand and six with the lives of others which was his debut feature film it was a huge success around the world and it told the story of the monitoring if you know of the eavesdropping and the checking on well almost everyone in communist east germany it seems by the stars it is secret police there it was an extraordinary film i agree with you and indeed he got the foreign language oscar back in two thousand and seven here is a pretty thing and indeed an incredible achievement for a first time director however then he went off to hollywood and made the tourist starring hollywood actors like johnny depp and i enjoyed being measured levy which was panned by the critics i have to say i find it muddling myself sort of move between comedy and drama. and now as you said he's returned to the
8:53 pm
twentieth century twenty century german history which seems to be his right so he returned to his roots what kind of reception that film get and well it's getting pretty good reception but then the tourist it has to be said it has a lot of critics at it just came out last night will have to wait and see it is a long film it's three hours long and. you know it is though a fascinating time germany you know in the pre-war years the poet joining the war post-war years when when the allies sort of carved op and then eventually sadly the building of the bird in will is a fascinating time people are very interested in this part of history and it's a very well made film. i thank you so much i think it looks very promising i for one can't wait to see it thank you so much right now it's a case involving one of america's best loved movies the wizard of oz in the
8:54 pm
footwear of its main character dorothy her shoes were snatched from a museum in the u.s. over a decade ago and now the f.b.i. has recovered the missing slippers but they still haven't quite solved the who done it. under the arrangement. for here today to share with you the recovery of one of the most significant and cherished pieces of movie memorabilia in american history dorothy's ruby slippers from the one nine hundred thirty nine movie the wizard of oz the priceless props were stolen from this museum in minnesota thirteen years ago only a single red sequin was left behind these types of offenses. not only deprive the owner of the property. but all of us.
8:55 pm
this type of cultural property is important to us as a society the shoes were retrieved in july during a sting operation but investigations have yet to catch the thieves our hope today is that folks that are watching this if you know something about the theft something about where these slippers have been the last thirteen years that you come forward and you share that with us. the slippers are just one of four pairs known to still exist from the film the f.b.i. enlisted the help of experts to ensure they have the real deal on their hands the smithsonian museum confirmed the stolen slippers authenticity by comparing them with the pair in its own collection. and now another treasured piece of hollywood history can go on display again. oh all's well that ends well before i let you go and remind you of our main headlines this hour british prosecutors have charged these two russians with
8:56 pm
a nerve agent attack on former spy surrogate script ball and his daughter prime minister theresa may as these suspects are agents of russia's military intelligence britain is expected to update the u.n. security council on the investigation plus a growing international course is mourning the syrian government against attacking it live promise the united states has urged the assad government not to resort to chemical weapons while the united nations is reporting of a potential bloodbath. i'm will hawkins really bring gulf is up next and i'll see you again tomorrow.
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the face of this river is changing dramatically on its banks you can now hear the steady roar of machines construction sites and our core culture are damaging can fire. the first nations and farmers are trying to stop the huge projects fighting
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to protect nature and their own way of life uprising. fifteen minutes long teetotal. wouldn't elephants need this. is a plastic model turned into a paving stone why do algae make it clear. good idea kill working anywhere and there are people developing smart solutions everywhere. let's inspire each other to go into africa vitamin a disease on t.w. . bursts. home to of species. a home worth saving.
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given those are big changes and must start with small steps globally do as tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world would like to use that control the good news to green energy solutions and reforestation. interactive content teaching the next generation a doesn't want to talk to touch him. only channels available for people to attend connection and most of turning to something new for the next generation along with the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. his creations. his brand mystical calm like effect on khan of the fashion. look what do we really know about the man behind the torch. what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of
9:00 pm
a great fashion designer. stuff it starts september not w. . this is d w news why from berlin tonight two men wanted for murder accused of carrying out a chemical weapons attack on british soil today the u.k. charged these two russians in connection with a nerve agent attack earlier this year that almost killed a former spy sergei screwball and his daughter you with the prime minister to resign may say the suspects are agents of russia's military intelligence and that
9:01 pm
the kremlin knew what their mission was also coming up a growing international course warning the syrian and russia go.


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