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you're. sixty years. old. this week don't. you mean. this is deja vu news live from berlin doubts are raised about reports of neo nazi mobs chasing foreigners in an eastern the german city almost two weeks after anti immigrant tensions spilled over into violence in the chemist's germany's domestic intelligence chief contradicts transamerica he says there was no evidence to suggest internet footage of a hunt on foreigners is authentic. iran hosts russia and turkey's leaders for
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a summit on islam the meeting comes as an all out all kinds of against syria's last rebel stronghold threatens what could be the greatest humanitarian catastrophe in the conflict and swiftness populist rightwing prepares for a breakthrough in the scandinavian countries expected to see a far right surge in elections this weekend amid discontent over my courage. i'm sumi so much going to get to have you with us it has been almost two weeks since protests broke out in the eastern city of chemists over a fatal life attack allegedly committed by asylum seekers but now the country's domestic intelligence chief has raised doubts about reports that far right mobs were chasing down and accosting for a nurse in chemist's in an interview with germany's build newspaper hung. mohsen
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said quote i share the skepticism about media reports on right wing extremists hunting down people and cabinets he went on to say quote the domestic intelligence agency has no where libel information about such hans taking place no video circulated after the clashes in chemistry appear to show demonstrators running after people judged to be non german a fatal life attack allegedly committed by asylum seekers through thousands of protestors onto the streets including far right groups and the own nazis. now mustn't remarks appeared it directly contradict german chancellor angela merkel who was spoken about targeted harassment and hate on the streets of kenneth here's what she said just two days ago. we saw pictures that very clearly revealed hate and thereby also the persecution of innocent people and we have to distance ourselves from that. let's bring in our political correspondent
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who was following the story for us hi nina so we have the domestic intelligence chief directly contradicting the chancer what do you make of that. well martin is referring to this video that we just saw he says that there is absolutely no proof that he can see these videos authentic rather he says them may be a case of deliberate misinformation to distract from that murder all in kemet manslaughter case which first triggered these protests of course this is a controversial statement because mohsin is not a politician to begin with and so the strongest point of criticism that people for including from americans own government voicing is that. that is actually participating in speculation rather than presenting the facts as he should do in his position as intelligence chief and then also there have been other cases of
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criticism against mohsin because he allegedly met with members of the of the party the anti immigrant party to warn them and to help them avoid being put under surveillance but you also have to say he's not the only one and not the first one to say that anglo-american was wrong and that actually there were cases of manhunt and such when the state premier of saxony also voiced similar concerns he says there was no proof and he is a member of their own party but you know aren't there various eyewitness accounts of foreigners being harassed. the problem is that we are experiencing a very semantic debate about whether they saw was an orchestrated manhunt organized by groups or whether there were individual isolated cases and then also we have this video that everybody's basing their statements on and actually a german public broadcaster looks at this video and they say they have no
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indication to believe that it is fake they've looked at the weather they've looked at the clothes the people were wearing they've looked at other people's twitter accounts and they've looked at the geographical location and can pretty much pinpoint the scene to specific place in kemet so they say they have no proof that this video is fake you know when i ask you about the political consequences of this entire debate because a new opinion poll in germany shows that the far right is now the largest political force in the country's east and for the first time the alternative for germany is more popular in eastern germany than on the americans conservatives are currently polling at twenty seven percent ahead of the c.d.u. on a twenty three percent so this is the first national poll we've seen since the violence that broke out in cabinets are we seeing a widening divide between east and west germany. we have to keep in mind that this trend didn't start with kemet we have been seeing it for a long time that the a of d.
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has been gaining ground especially in eastern germany and of course we will see next year whether they will actually be cemented and become a reality in german politics when east german voters go to the polls in three states three very important states next year but yes we are seeing a divided nation if you look at the in particular in the west the same poll says the last one percentage point and so this is a very divided nation when it comes to the topic of immigration and how to address it our political correspondent nina has a following this story for us you know good to talk to you the leaders of iran russia and turkey are beating today to discuss the future of syria's last pocket of rebel resistance province turkey's head of state regift tie affair to one arrived in tehran earlier as did russia's president vladimir putin the two leaders will join iranian president hassan rouhani to discuss the looming military assault
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on the northwestern syria damascus is just turman to take it live province by force aid agencies are warning of what they say could be the greatest humanitarian catastrophe in syria seven year war. the northwestern province of idlib is syria's last rebel stronghold tens of thousands of people were bussed here when other anti-government areas fell around half of the estimated three million residents both civilians and rebel fighters have come in from other parts of the country. the first big influx came in december twenty sixth seen after government forces took control of aleppo then in twenty seventeen the last rebel fighters left the city of homs and in march this year after fighting ended in eastern guta convoys also headed to it live. now the syrian government wants to retake the city its army video shows tanks apparently preparing for
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a ground offensive. around ten thousand rebel combatants are thought to remain in lived most of them radical islamists and members of terrorist groups they've been digging trenches and blowing up bridges to counter any assault by the syrian army and its allies. this could be their last stand they have nowhere to run he neither place is there was a solution for the fighters to move them to a blip from a blip it is more difficult to know where the fighters will be moved so the risk of military confrontation is very high you risk of course many deaths of civilian people of innocent people which would be. terrible a humanitarian catastrophe to avoid this turkey russia and iran need to mediate a shared goal but with very different motives for. turkey more than anything wants
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to prevent hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees from pouring across its border it also wants to stop the kurds from founding an independent state in syria russia and iran on the other hand are primarily concerned with expanding their influence in the region they want a unified syria under president bashar al assad. seven years of war in syria have left at least three hundred fifty thousand dead millions of refugees and a country in ruins if the offensive on it live does go ahead as many as eight hundred thousand people could be forced to move again which. is anyone's guess i. owe. the frontrunner and brazil's presidential president luis ignacio lula da silva was jailed on corruption charges and disqualified for money in an already divided nation the incident couldn't outrun the election upside down. the moment that could alter the course of
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a country the front runner in brazil is presidential race stabbed in the gut. he's rushed to the hospital with a life threatening wound. the crowd grabs this man a daily obispo de oliveira believed to be the attacker he's now under arrest police say he's mentally unstable his motive for means unclear hours later inside this hospital doctors await the results of surgery to repair the damage and outside rage over the attack. so again you're both scenarios a fighter he's on his feet he's alive he's on his feet and he will be elected in the first round whatever it takes is that you bear yearly very serious. nor are they the way those are sure this would make joy ableson our withdraw from the presidential campaign a very wrong. how this is attack it shakes up next month's presidential race is now
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the big question sixty three year old boss a narrow has shocked many across brazil with his racist and homophobic comments but the far right candidate has performed strongly in recent polls and his closest rival has been ordered to prison that's former leftist president louisiana. lemme still overturn a ban on him running in the election after being convicted on corruption charges so now relief among both sinatras supporters as word spreads their man is expected to recover from a brutal attack that could throw the nation's sympathy and support his way. sweden could be the latest country where voters turn to a populist party in elections this sunday the rightwing sweden democrats are surging against established parties according to opinion polls writing an anti micro ten law in order to get a populist government in sweden would be following
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a europe wide trend right wing populus are now in coalition governments in eight e.u. countries these parties are united by ideas of nationalism euro skepticism and opposition to immigration these issues are also weighing on voters' minds in sweden and there's the issue of crime sweden democrats have made it one of their key talking points with this report from the city of manner. my attitude has just in time to break up a dispute between young arab immigrants in mind he knows that once the fists begin to fly someone could end up dead especially here. but the young men listen to him. to hash dealers got into it here. one said the other was muscling in on a deal these are the kinds of things that can lead to violence. toward a key knows what he's talking about a lebanese immigrant he spent four years behind bars in sweden for convictions
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related to violence and narcotics now he's trying to prevent crime in his adopted home that night she and others like him patrolman move streets talking with young immigrants and others interested in dialogue. we're here to talk we want to prevent chaos and violence so the police won't have to get involved it's a matter of prevention. to ricky calls his initiative no two crimes supporters are recruited via the internet to ricky knows what life is like for young immigrants in the city's disadvantage suburbs and he's able to talk to them half of the internets have benefited the party's hardline stance on refugees and. has gained it close to twenty percent of the vote in recent elections. have told he also wants to talk to the right wingers he blames their campaign rhetoric for souring relations between a swedish majority and migrants bob. you're always talking about more police
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harsher penalties and deportations but shouldn't we all instead be addressing the causes of the violence and asking how it comes to that work even though. it's fine but we still say that if a foreigner with a residence permit commits a crime he must be expelled from. that hole for people in the countries racists are hoping for some wind beneath their wings what happens if these parties when the elections everyone should be asking themselves that more there be war in the streets. and. an immigrant and former convict campaigning for social dialogue no two crimes will soon be taking to the streets to prevent violence and take rid all across we. you're watching did n.p.r. news still to come argentina's currency collapse claims its first victim the construction sector thousands of jobs on the chopping block. telling on free we'll
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have that story coming up for you in business. moving from beethoven. his work. is for to know. the months and days. gone twenty two. we make up over a week watches over half of the under that you fight we are the civil service or.


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