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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  September 7, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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to some. point maelstrom of conflict claims. those who remember them. for the first time had a feeling of being a part of something. the seeds of civil rights the peace movement and women's movement for a plan during this period and this is still. a little. this week to double. the tax cuts. leaders of russia. today trying to find a way to full stolen. profits syria's last rebel stronghold so if you propose a cease fire russia said no so it looks as though this war will finish as it began with bloodshed i'm filled this is the day.
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our absolute priority is to terrorism in syria. to live is like a small model of all syria. the repercussions of a wrong step taken here and would be felt everywhere he says. mortars are booked here the fight against terrorism in a good live is an unavoidable part of the mission to bring back peace and stability to syria. the main goal now is to force the militants out of the province of. we have said that failure to contain the syrian army will have catastrophic consequences. if you didn't join the disregard the safety of civilians will only help the terrorists so long as.
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the day as north korea approaches its seventieth birthday effect to speak out about the dangers of munching in those fast goose stepping parades. it was that the doctor did not even touch me and diagnosed me with say attica. i asked him about the cure and he said there was none he said if i were lucky it would heal itself but if not it would leave me paralyzed waist down i fainted after hearing that for three months i had to crawl on the floor. a serious seven year civil war looks like it's entering its final bloody stage after the leaders of iran and russia back to a military offensive on the country's last rebel held area russian president vladimir putin and iran's hassan rouhani refused calls from turkish leader reptile to run for a ceasefire the three latest match in the arabian capital test run for what was
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seen as the final chance for a diplomatic solution before a full scale assault on headlamp backed opposition forces against syrian president bashar assad and now fears a new flood of refugees russian president vladimir putin dismissed president wants a ceasefire proposal saying a truce would be pointless. there are no representatives of armed opposition here at our table and moreover there are no representatives of nusra front or i asked on the syrian army. numbers. so in my opinion and i believe the turkish president is right in general it would be good to have a ceasefire branch we cannot speak for them and moreover we cannot say that no threat from terrorists or i.a.s. will stop shooting although they will stop using drones with bombs. so if anything the tehran summit has highlighted the differences between the main powers involved in this conflict we'll bring you reaction from the shortly as well as analysis of
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the wider situation in syria for that report about the situation in it live ahead of a potential assault by syrian forces and their allies. the northwestern province of idlib is syria's last rebel stronghold tens of thousands of people were bussed here when other anti-government areas fell around half of the estimated three million residents both civilians and rebel fighters have come in from other parts of the country. the first big influx came in december twenty sixth seen after government forces took control of aleppo then in twenty seven tane the last rebel fighters left the city of homs and in march this year after fighting ended in eastern guta convoys also headed to it live. now the syrian government wants to retake the city its army video shows tanks apparently preparing for
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a ground offensive. around ten thousand rebel combatants are thought to remain in it lived most of them radical islamists and members of terrorist groups they've been digging trenches and blowing up bridges to counter any assault by the syrian army and its allies. this could be their last stand they have nowhere to run he now the place is there was a solution for the fighters to move them to a blip. it is more difficult to know where the fighters will be moved so the risk of military confrontation is very high you risk of course many deaths of civilian people of innocent people which would be. terrible a humanitarian catastrophe to avoid this turkey russia and iran need to mediate a shared goal but with very different motives. turkey more than anything wants to prevent hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees from pouring across its border it
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also wants to stop the kurds from founding an independent state in syria russia and iran on the other hand are primarily concerned with expanding their influence in the region they want a unified syria under president bashar al assad. seven years of war in syria have left at least three hundred fifty thousand dead millions of refugees and a country in ruins if the offensive on it it does go ahead as many as eight hundred thousand people could be forced to move again which. is anyone's guess i. have been hearing turkey fears another vast influx of refugees from syria the destabilization of areas just across its border fears president following those talks into. turkey right now is hosting say three point five
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million syrian refugees. population is three point five million people right now. turkey does not have the resources or the power to host a further three point five million people. we need to take joint steps to prevent migration from this area and to do that. we need to be successful in the fight against terrorism. let's get more from correspondent judy hahn istanbul welcome yulia what's at stake here for turkey. well eat live for turkey is a major security concern not only because the battle over could lead to a final decision in the syrian civil war in favor of president assad and that's certainly something turkey doesn't want but also because it is turkey that would have to deal with the consequences of such a large scale military offensive president again warned today of a blog bath
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a massacre as you already mentioned he is concerned of another refugee influx a large scale influx of people into his country considering that turkey is already hosting so many refugees from syria but he is also concerned about jihadist fighters fighters that are believed to be inside thousands of them and they could potentially hide among civilians and try to cross into turkey so now that russia and iran have vetoed any cease fire just to have a plan big to have this potential humanitarian catastrophe. well that's not entirely clear present out on seem to have not been successful with his proposal of a ceasefire today there might be a chance now for this un plan for jihadist fighters to what we stroll from city
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centers from civilian populated areas so maybe mr out on manage to buy some time but what we saw today is at this meeting is that these three leaders mr putin missed out on and mr rouhani still defo very very much on this matter especially mr putin favors a harsh a strong military action again against all kinds of rebel groups inside it live including the groups that turkey is currently supporting against the assad regime so the joint declaration today had no real news the three leaders agreed to continue cooperating to try to resolve this crisis somehow but there was little more on this documents so we don't really know what will happen in the next hours in the next days what will happen next in egypt so if the worst does happen. with refugees what would that mean for congress refuse refugee.
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well aid or aid organizations here in turkey are reportedly already prepared preparing for this worst case both sides of the border the tech side and the syrian side so they're preparing for it miss out on emphasize again that they already reached their limits in what they can do but i believe that in this case this whole e.u. turkey deal would need to be renegotiated missed out on would ask for much more financial and human syrian assistance from europe and that's something europe seems to also take into consideration seems to be aware of the german foreign minister a visit to turkey this week and he said in the case off such an military offensive on egypt germany would consider to step up its humanitarian assistance to countries like turkey. in istanbul thank you. middle east analyst i don't gather his that is in chief of the german middle east
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a magazine. welcome to the studio daniel thank you so nothing concrete out of today's meeting between russia and iran other than let's keep talking absolutely that doesn't mean by the way that this offensive will start tonight or tomorrow. the fear is there and the political pressure has been raised but that does mean that the events of months must start now to the russians have started bombing. targets inside italy but frankly they've been doing this since some time now even though officially it live had been declared a deescalation zone which the turks were supposed to control where they were supposed to contain the jihadists and rebel groups and make sure that they don't make inroads from there into regime whole territory it is possible that the offensive sods you have to were also reckon with the fact that they are trying to get part of the job done at least they conquer the strategic places before the winter starts in syria. it has high altitude partly so. climate plays
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a role but i think now it's about securing strategic points highways and other roads and maybe some border areas for russia and the syrian regime iran is probably instrumental is providing some support but iran is not the main military player here it is russia the syrian regime and the other on the other side of course turkey which has military power and what should we make of the that russia turkey iran meets today to decide syria's future without the syrian government being in the in the room will assad just take what he's given lead they haven't said that they would decide syria's fuchsia particularly not serious political future this is not a political issue there is the illusion being up held by many sides that the political process is going on that they are still struggling struggling for a political solution but what is happening is
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a military solution and it contradicts what's been said also by the united nations and many european governments for many years now that there is no and by the way also by the people at this table there is no way it is yes like i said and then know that there is the military solution is going on and. we'll see the results it's going to bring about a quickly ok so. this is about the war and assad will will just do as he's told until you d.c. is decided not necessarily i don't think you know this is a very comfortable narrative also for the regime that the regime has no has has nothing to say here and that it's all the other powers that are deciding its future you know this is a very very concrete case the case of loop which somehow concentrates all the contradictions and all the problems of the serious look at this is assad's country he's not in the room and he is still in charge it's his government it's. its of course supported by russia and iran it was saved by them. they play
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a role and they are pushing for the offense of the difference is that the russians are very much interested in finding a military solution to this and i think also the bystanders we know that there is many of the rebel factions and their lips are jihadist groups jihadist groups that have. somehow that have been branded to terrorist organization by the united nations and this is also one of the reasons why for example united states somehow is standing aside of course they're saying don't use chemical weapons we will have there will be a harsh reaction but in effect they don't really mind that there is going to be a military solution for of for it live and this is what the tragedy of the united nations is warning of a humanitarian disaster u.n. syria envoy stuff and to restore to has a plan let's just listen to him money you know. people should be granted safe passage to places of their own choosing it want to leave democratically removed
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allow the opening of a few fish a number of protected voluntary evacuation routes in any very the north and it were that we must be granted access the u.n. and. so that again is there any chance of warm them being granted access reliably and to is there any chance it is working. course there is a chance if the powers at the table the powers that that have united in tehran today and if the the syrian regime allow for that there is a chance it is not about avoiding the war it's not about avoiding the the the battle between this year in your regime troops russia and the jihadists and other rebels it's about trying to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe and trying to limit the humanitarian consequences the loss of lives and we have seen that it can work. the only problem this year. even
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though turkey has some control over over it live and has influence on the on the on the forces even connections with the jihadi groups there it is quite unlikely that they are going to give up and say we will separate ourselves from the unit from the from the civilians move out of the cities because then what would happen they would be hunted down until the very last minute so they're using of course the civilian infrastructure infrastructures to survive and they are i think quite up to the. they're in a situation in which they would say we will die together or we will live together and they are holding the civilian population and the hostage and everybody knows this but i think the dimiss torah plan as desperate as it may sound has a chance if the political powers in the region are willing to subscribe to it will . have set me up to restrict you know to try to gather thank you thank you for. the eastern german city of cabot says tense again tonight as about fifteen hundred
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demonstrators march against the government's migration policies chanting. this is our say see they carry blackouts calling for a complete halt to the arrival of asylum seekers hundreds of police officers have been deployed to him there are no reports of violence commits has seen a series of protests on both sides of the migration issue since a man was stabbed to death late last month allegedly by an asylum seeker. you know the aftermath of the fatal knife attack spots disagreement between chancellor merkel and her domestic intelligence chief after the incident the chance of a spokesman highlighted reports of far right mobs that hunted down foreigners in the city but germany's domestic intelligence chief is now raising doubts about those counts saying his agency has no reliable evidence that such xenophobic activity actually took place. videos like this one have been circulating online are
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said to show far right mobs carrying out racist attacks in the eastern german city of kemet on august twenty sixth. but in a controversial interview with the daily billed newspaper germany's domestic intelligence agency chief said he had no evidence that the racist attacks occurred he said a widely circulated video could be fake deliberate misinformation but he did not say which one hans-georg mawson's remarks contradict not only reports from eyewitnesses journalists and alleged victims the intelligence chief also contradicted chancellor angela merkel's commons just a few days ago my enemy excellent is that we have seen pictures that clearly show hatred and the persecution of innocent people and we must distance ourselves from such behavior. there's been something of a consensus among members of merkel's governing coalition that the race is violence and chemists should be condemned and several german politicians have criticized mohsen for
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a second guessing what really happened. instead of speculating in public mr marson should present evidence. revise. can a new or because i've seen the pictures i've heard the eyewitness accounts i know about the many reports from journalists and i think a prudent security agency head would be well advised to provide facts for such a controversial thesis to avoid exacerbating matters. shaft. but germany's interior minister mohsen superior has defended the controversial statements. when a senior minister. interior minister i have always said that in such difficult terrible events one must be accurately informed about what actually took place today in full view most. a spokeswoman for the interior ministry said investigations of the disputed videos are ongoing meanwhile
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mohsen has been asked to clarify his position. as the most d.w. political correspondent maximiliano close sheikh who has been following the story welcome back many on how hard times go mustn't back up his statement. well this is the crucial point is the moment he hasn't at all so far we only have the interview that he's given germany's biggest tabloid newspaper builds today in which he makes these claims but doesn't back them up in any way and we've got the statement from the domestic circuit service itself the shots in which they say they're still checking they're still investigating the claims that this video may be fake but there is no proof so far and the bigger question is if there have been concerns by him or by the agency why have they not brought them up with a chance of a bit spokes person of the chancellor angela merkel or stephens i would said today that the has been no conversation between the head of the domestic secret service
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agency and the german chancellor and if he's had these concerns he shouldn't be these he certainly should have raised them and so now here piers to be contradicting chance that machall so why is he likely to be doing this. again that we don't know we have no idea how the situation why he's come out with these allegation in an interview rather in a statement rather in the political briefing and everything with the government before we know is. that the cause of the underlying issue that we're seeing here in germany is now the question like what to make of the events that are in chemists and there's a big debate there's a big question between different political sides how to attack that how to address this issue it's a question of like how we are going forward with right wing violence with a phobia that's in germany and is there has been an institutional oversight in the country in the government on this issue you know attempts about these concerns that
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have been raised about massa's political independence of the past few weeks. yes indeed the controversies about the head of the domestic secret service of the fourth fossum shorts on have been piling up in recent weeks and months for once there was the claim by a former member of the far i'd say of the party saying that he himself has been advising members of the party and how the far right party could avoid being observed by the domestics who could service there's also been the claim that he has been trying to hide unconstitutional the fact that a constitutional. informant was part of the group of the attacker on the german christmas market in berlin here in two thousand and fifteen that somebody from the domestic secret service was in wolf with the group that planned the attack and then also there has been claims and allegations in recent
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years that the domestic secret service hasn't been paying attention to rising violence and extremists and have maybe even been dodging investigations in these directions so no way vedettes leader s.p.d. one of the coalition parties will suffer greens on the left saying that manson should resign he said the quote a lot of passion. he is certainly he's only been in the office since two thousand and twelve and he's always said he's been really keen to be on the office he said when he got the post that he things he and the domestic secret service will be a great fit but as we've just spoken about there have been the controversies about him and the way he's conducted his his management style within these secret service has been quite controversial what's now happening is that the social democrats have asked for a meeting of the parliamentary oversight panel that overlooks the secret service
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agencies both the domestic and the ex. international brands of it in germany and they want to meet with him next week and get some answers with civilian the procedures thank you. as north korea gears up to market seventy thousand of us read this weekend defect just us speaking out about the health risks of goosestepping participation in north korea's huge parades are seen by many in the military is a ticket to promotion but exiled north koreans say the marching style is dangerous . a military display to warm the heart of a dictator north korea's leader kim jong un is likely to see much more such synchronized stamping as the hermit kingdom gears up to celebrate its seventieth anniversary but all this pomp and pageantry comes with a human cost. this is north korean defectors since
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he's lived in south korea for decades he recalls a female officer who rest her life in a parade. we can. either go to her appendix burst after the march she was taken to a hospital and i do not know whether she survived if i continue she trained through the pain knowing that if they found out about her condition they would pull her out of the parade she enjoyed the pain and fell after she marched in front of the north korean leaders. who. another defector now living in seoul. came to shows the technique she perfected. but her body has paid the price she claims the grilling exercise left her injured and was a violation of her human rights. the one that the doctor did not even touch me and diagnosed me with say attica. i asked him about the cure and he said there
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was none he said if i were lucky it would heal itself but if not it would leave me paralyzed waist down i fainted after hearing that for three months i had to crawl on the floor. here in pyongyang some of the thousands of north koreans who've been practicing for the upcoming celebration for months the price of privilege in this is to tell the tyrian states. that's it for the day but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter. phil have a good. the be.
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good. business daily news live from could some reports of violence in the german city of chemists last week the fake news biz video on alleged attack on a forum that was widely circulated but not gemini's domestic intelligence chief says he has no reliable evidence as such chases actually took place his remarks appeared to contradict chancellor merkel also on the program. those things fossil.


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