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tv   Interview - Gerd Muller Africas women are the key to its success.  Deutsche Welle  September 9, 2018 4:02am-4:16am CEST

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yes. the most traditional. time. check in with the web special. take a tour of germany state by state. dot com. get get mona is the c.s.u. minister for economic cooperation and development i'm talking to him about europe's responsibility for africa mr many europeans only seem to have noticed that africa borders the mediterranean since the refugee crisis european politics has long
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turned a blind dying to africa's problems you haven't but you still hold yourself responsible for the many people's knowledge of geography and history are indeed not the best including top ranking politicians with the good. you can almost walk over to africa from to brawl to. our histories are closely connected we have a great responsibility when it comes to our colonial past because of the what. little bit do you reproach yourself for not making ourselves heard or did others not listen to you. i put africa on top of the agenda from my first day in office. who impressed and influenced me greatly prioritized this issue over fifteen years ago for the former german president right i'm not the first with this focus and now that many african refugees have come to us it has brought the issue home.
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what we need to do to be is speed up the period between agreeing that fundamental changes are necessary and actually implementing them in our cooperation with the. european colonialists including germans plundered africa's wealth we still doing it do colonial structures still exist. i was involved in the current age of globalization we see new structures emerging it's the beginning of a neo colonialist period. we can observe how the chinese and others are behaving. and i was in mozambique india china japan and saw how resources are being exploited there's no transparency no local investment in the country's young people or fees or taxes paid which would benefit the country. we have to stop that. was and we are
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. telling us there's very calmly but it angers you doesn't it. of course it does. we can exploit the african continent and its resources its people. its nature for own prosperity or and leave africa's population in poverty but. i read a quote of yours recently you said we can say that the situation in africa has nothing to do with us if we do even more people will head here to claim what is rightly there is. indeed your c.s.u. party chairman. call you up and say what are you talking about as if african refugees had a claim in europe. for support to me and my work completely. he simply hasn't received the connections. the first ten points of
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the master plan state that we have to change our africa policy. what motivates me primarily as a christian we can't just leave people in poverty hardship and misery. maybe a third of the continent is doing well. it's very diverse the continent is one hundred times bigger than germany. some people think it's all one country but in fact that it's a continent. that. you can board a plane in cairo and fly to cape town it takes ten hours you need a very differentiated approach. you have a very individual focus them i can't name any other c.s.u. politician who put it like that as a bit very new said a series seven b.m.w. is not a solution to the automobile shortage in africa we have no sustainable solutions to the mobility problem in emerging nations by we you mean europe and germany that statement sounds more like cloudy
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a whole lot of the green party when will you be joining her party. or i get on well with. we have common interests and i'm glad that the german automobile industry is waking up and rethinking its strategy. one clear signal is that v.w. has just set up a polo plant in rwanda. in fact in the next six to eight years three hundred million cars will be sold in africa. i'm not please when i only see toyota's increase in vehicles there are no german cars. we mr market opportunity thirty years ago. would know things are changing you have restructured development aid for africa that's what you call the marshall plan with africa referring to the u.s. program to rebuild europe after the second one. i think it's about partnership who is taking on which roam the.
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partnership talking as equals and it means africans have to do more. of that fifty four african nations only a third are doing well. issues such as corruption human rights and good governance are key challenges. overcoming these will lead to an economic upswing and prosperity but i've just come back from botswana. it's a great example regarding economic development. long. of course human rights and democracy are not at european standard. so one third of african countries is functioning well. but in one third the circumstances are still dire. germany cannot tackle all of this and fight the poverty alone for the car but i do because my approach is to have reform to cooperate more closely as
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partners. but for. the colonial past has made africans extremely wary of is your program perhaps still seen as patronize ing or condescending. no i say you know the way forward on africa and every country has to follow its own path. and the african union has agreed on the plan africa twenty sixty three. we must insist that they stick to this then we can support them it will only succeed if the commitment comes from the african states and their leaders themselves for fighting corruption equal rights and the full participation of women. i'm convinced that africa's women are a crucial key to success because i wouldn't. you say fighting corruption how can you ensure that the money you put into africa will not end up in the hands of the corrupt elite as it so often does. or. not
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a single euro of german taxpayers' money will go to corrupt elite or corrupt states . we only fund our own projects. i mentioned china when it comes to development china is a step ahead with beijing is now investing another sixty billion dollars in the african continent to safeguard a supply of the natural resources of the chinese the new colonialists in africa. i'm not happy with a lot of the things that they are doing there. but we cannot simply condemn the chinese as the infrastructure they are creating is very valuable. we have to talk to china as i'm doing then. we have set up a center for sustainable development off the chinese so we can implement these projects sustainably with highs let me give you an example. in djibouti the chinese have built a new deep sea port. i'm not happy at all about the fact that the local people none
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of the population were employed in this project and that ten thousand chinese workers built this port. this is not the way forward. what we can do though is to bring joint projects forward such as the large bridge project in mozambique designed by germany engineers and funded by the chinese. the chancellor angela merkel share your commitment to the development of underdeveloped regions. yes we are absolutely. our chancellor is more internationally connected than any other world leader. i spoke to here yesterday about my last trip to africa and we discussed new projects or you break the bush but all the chancellor has just been to africa with an entire business delegation how long will it take for contracts to be signed. we visited ghana together and attended a business forum. contracts were signed there and we set up an africa investor
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conference for october in berlin. the business world has woken up to the opportunities and we are many the government are improving the investment conditions i have to say it's a huge challenge and the population of the african continent is doubling. there are the issues of food and energy but. we have the solutions with technology and the transfer of knowledge. germany is able to solve the problems and create a win win situation is. that what. mr miller there's another subject i'd like to broach which i think characterizes you rather well as a football fan and minister you could have got a ticket to the world cup final in brazil. you didn't find to brazil saying that if stadiums that cost billions will only go to rack and ruin after the championship you'd rather stay at home jose you missed the final in brazil when germany won the
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world cup it right was that a big sacrifice or. this often the scandal is obvious when i think of him in the house i think of the rain forest and the amazon but also of the world cup stadium which is now a ruin. the same goes for south africa the population is suffering and poverty and of the eight stadiums built on i think just two are still in operation billions of dollars are wasted that i told. when he was still the fee for president. it's unacceptable what happens at the cost of people and nature for major sports events. mr miller we've almost reached the end of. what a pity it is be happy to meet again and continue our discussion about for now there are three questions i'd like you to complete. as development minister i'm often away on trips for my wife and children this means bored. i have lots of exciting
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things to report when i get home to anyone who says the c.s. use refugee policy is heartless i say. that about us they don't know our approach because we are christians but that means preserving creation and everyone on the planet living in dignity. when i am africa europe can learn. a lot. the versity culture people who never cease to inspire me because i'm getting older thank you for talking to us thank you. mommy. the trip to going on a polar expedition in don't miss this story such a should johnson takes you along on a thrilling out bone chilling journey. if you can discover the story and took
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a. story on instagram. her first day of school in the jungle. first listen to the. band doris crane the moment arrives to. join during a take on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. tour on bringing tame returns home on d w dot com barring a tank. tops a lot. of people make fun about their own social economic and political problems. in mozambique will say that you have lost so you don't write it's people call me a baby girl. i often talk about this caucus in the back by.


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