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tv   Popxport - The German Music Magazine  Deutsche Welle  September 10, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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sunday to. work. for. the. twenty two. a low and welcome to a pov explore it's alice show bringing you the best dog the german music scene here is what's coming up. latin pop bottle full layout with the hot thread them for all these contests it's not clear yet in berlin back page. and pat frank even
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sweet and protest. let's start off with a real gem from the web so i heard a cover version a one of the year is big summer hits on you tube take a listen. real fans will have recognized this long media key it's out but also as a global hit the last who it out is that released his second album and he teamed up with artists like us rap our floor right up to our.
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overall celebs twenty eighteen something it's was a pre-mixed with us breath a little ride out. the single from its new album magical it is called les into it out with a hit in english it's a big hit on the international charts in it the german spanish sing it tells about his big weakness. you know i'm not a dancer kind of time so i thought how much is that later. and then i said you know why don't i just take it and use and make something something you know and the security of my life like my dancing in the sea being goofy as
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a person making you know a cool thing making a virtue in the end and being honest about it and not hiding it goes the flow and do it and turning up turning something that is a new security into a virtue of your system is the best way to feel so called. i was raised in a multicultural environment the cultists being english german spanish and even japanese. the son of a spanish german father grew up in spain and tokyo this is the time in japan entrance to music. from thing that's where i lost my fear of singing in front of people we do karaoke it's really common there on top of this thing when you're sixteen in europe you go clubbing you know in japan you do karaoke for five dollars from his car. he now lives in berlin where he had his breakthrough garnering more than fifty gold platinum and diamond awards and top spots and charts around here at
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. this. he wants to build on that success with his second album. see of color. have a feeling i think it's going to be really the revolution. case is his and usually tranquil new sounds. is more than just the king of some hits. r. and b. made in germany is still a rare i had a thing out of all of that is moving to fill that one in ghana grew up in frankfurt and at fifteen was a member of the girl group. now she is setting out on
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a solo car yeah and i have to say i just love her music. safest. place.
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full. of.
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play. once again our report out of benedict was out in the alexandria land to album cool as the events and the concerts this time he interviewed to defund test station sia before a big gig and he tested their free styling skills let's see how they did. nothing for fear of giving a concert at the venue cough the conversion today before that i'll need to do german hip hop group and i want to find out how quick the bars are and freestyle one with an ultimate challenge or the.
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other is me for what are the pairing for this interview i kept reading words like veterans germany's oldest hip hop band is that how you feel. really. with the oldest german hip hop band in the world and i did and we're old and wise and still kicking i won't stop. people call you fun rappers but your last album captain fantastic had a lot more social criticism than before why. this is the states it's hard to be an artist and not be political but that's not the end we have fun on stage with
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funny on camera so for years we've been called fun rappers but we've never really seen ourselves that way and he's a. head of the shows and more beers in joints or smoothies in yoga so i think the combination is just right. here joining smoothies yoga in that order joints before smoothies and yoga after well you don't want each smoothie yoga beer joint yeah three guesses who gets the smoothie and. when you do songs you were thirty years ago do you have to go through them again before the concert and take a song like a. song. and it gave out and then he was one of the hardest songs for me to learn and then i had to make up a story to make sense of the abbreviation so i could remember them you know so i said they said a half and c. and i were first second t.v. program and third rate close. to zero and.
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i want to keep. it. on this cut. now the rap challenge your songs have strong funny rhymes so let's see you were words. here in total that brush and aluminum foil. but ph it isn't believed that the country good maybe i should like to go see it's kind of had me smile smiles i'm a clue. and one pointed. out is klaatu boy you'll find us official what i do for my. kind of. sad moment is touch of a little girl i know like she. is. such. a.
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makeup artist manager during the interview but the fantastic should be a huge team still behind me but the boys there were really relaxed and during the rep challenge that even created a new song let's call it the toilet brush song. and as soon as that song comes out we'll tell you now as i will the latest news from the german news expand on will side with the birthday of twins tom and bill collets but are known as tokyo to. tokio hotel's bill and tom cole that star in the nevada desert but not to make
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a new video the twins are celebrating their twenty ninth birthday burning man and you will event devoted to artistic self-expression. bill and tom are partying without the rest of the band tom's new girlfriend german model heidi klum is along for the fun. embryo on screen a new documentary looks back at nearly five decades of the german music collective the director former member of delved into the music band's film archive founded in one nine hundred sixty nine embryo has featured more than four hundred german and international musicians including well known jazz and rock artists embryo a journey of music and peace premiered on wednesday. big feet get the crowd jumping when boys noises spinning the desks the german d.j. producer first tours europe and then heads to the u.s.
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where rolling stone once ranked among the world's top ten deejays he'll be in lisbon on september thirteenth on september twenty second october fifth and then grenoble on the sixth october twelfth in brussels and l.a. on october twenty seventh. the whole world of pop music on one facebook page d w music check out your favorite stuff and the latest from the scene. done with us into the top universe and follow us on facebook we'll see you then. the latest music from rising star alice merits and a gangster rapper with the new soft sound tracks of the week.
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couldn't shut has been living in l.a. for six years she went from cologne to the u.s. to come to the both american. now the transsexual saying it is working with brad pitt a little aren't you. hear . something larry's song sons is a remake of a rock tune by the hungry and bad and oh my god. for the video the ben and bass singer is getting some backup from german actors played as a clown and saw. the told.
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us merchant and tom odell are harmonizing with the german and british singer songwriters have recorded a truck together for odell's new album just ahead of merchants big the rest which kicks off in october. love. it. when the passport might like something good and have long awaited k. one's new album the german rep and seventh disc the video of his latest single is to me lights which was an internet hits got more than one million clicks on mutual interest seventy two alice.
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the book. backwards almost movie it's a two years i mean most of us know ok one more like. you think she declared day was fast cars and lots of yelling a life here in the video ok one's hand to a lottery labeled movie tall as a kind of version of the song by decent girl in love the two were on the jury of a german casting show back in play fourteen. and i have to say i kind of like a wands version but to give you a chance to choose for yourself here's the origin all by modern talking.
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the goal was. to close the the flames. the oldest. kids. to play the game can play the ball. the told they are coming from. the engine just seems rather limited food. comes to the food she is going to meet the increase some call it problem in places good is good she's only a means to me good. food coming from me. come. play.
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the bass player. a. good. player and close the song long. lukemia you can. both come close to a vote on the card. our next artist doesn't sing about luxury brands or about jealousy cats frankie uses the stage for political statements against racism and homophobia the australian musician lives in berlin and she tells us how the german capital has
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influenced her work. frankie's new sound it's electronic trendy and modern. here the australian is introducing songs from her latest album at a concert and. folk music i've recently had a bit of folk music and i don't want to do that over again and just sickly there's no point why should i make another record it's sad to talk about it's honest and this is about being direct expressing my opinion and having fun doing it. it's all in her new songs which make
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a political statement. for example. a danceable protest song about marginalization racism and homophobia. berlin the city cat frankie has made her home contributed to her shift in style. and i come from sydney australia is the life there is generally pretty good people don't protest at all not very much anyway but as i discovered protests in berlin a while ago i lived in berlin it's quite spec district and it had it and i had the feeling that every weekend there was a demonstration about something. in two thousand and four cats frankie came to berlin for a year abroad friends were cheap and the people were different when she got
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a record contract her hometown sydney suddenly seemed to. other square. for some time trademark frankie songs have been ballots longing always poetic sometimes dark. back then her bearing was more remote now she's become political. lynch from the poet into a rebel. i wish i was a genuine rebel but unfortunately i'm not. a light and. i can have that contrary and i have an opinion but i'm no rebel that's what i'm trying to. catch frankie works with
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a loop station she record sounds and singing and overlays the charts until a tune emerges before a live audience. so this. is because the vocalist is all alone on the big stage with just herself and her voice was pure handmade music. broaching dread. that frankie's album bad behavior is a challenge calling for less talking and more action. which. is all of this and that's good morning yes it will and there is we live in complex times and his life and lots of people express their opinions very very loudly on the internet so.
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there's lots of outrage and it's kind of that maybe they could be more action to. a concert ends with plenty of action and energetic call for more partying more protests and less pretty cats frankie's new sound is taking off. powerful. and now we will bond away of the two balls mc and rough war are currently ruling the german side so what do you think goals in the paul five to make the video for the song as it is it cool of a travel to costa rica into our heads all the weekend see next time here right here
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on public. come on the bum bum bum. bum bum bum bum bum bum bum i. shut. up. shut up shut up shut up shut. up shut.
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up. shut. up shut. up shut up shut up shut up shut. up shut up because. spoke. to kota. come on. come on. come on come on come
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on on come. the book. the. movement of. the book. from.
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the. odd. little. odd. film. to some it shows things in a different light literally. jim delap c.m.c. use of color. dissolving the space into endlessness the beams to alice one of the greatest artists of our time this work is now on shows in foggy bottom. in thirty minutes on d. w. . orld more or.
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hijacking the name. more are going wrong with the news this being hijacked journalism which still has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them that's why. and. in countries like russia china turkey people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist and you try to get beyond it you are facing scare tactics intimidation and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being clear and balanced or being neutral it's about being truthful and trying these points off and i work in the.
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film into an official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. i'd return to. to visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made for mines. stay informed. and language courses. video. anytime anywhere. w.b.'s a. player
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. played. played. in. the city to be a news live from berlin revelations of muslims forced into reeducation camps in china it's believed more than a million muslims are being detained human rights groups call it a form of ethnic cleansing to be mates of former inmate who fled to neighboring kazakhstan. also coming up sweden's general election leaves the country's two main political blocs in a dead heat and sees a surge in support for the far right and its an tight immigrant sucking vocal life to stockholm. and fears of more anti of migrant on rest and.


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