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tv   Doc Film - 1968 - The Global Revolt Part 3 The Explosion  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2018 3:15am-4:01am CEST

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servitor veliz in bavaria the c.s.u. have held a one day congress in munich to discuss strategy ahead of a key vietnam veteran in the state next month polls show the party could be heading towards its result more than sixty years as voters defect to other parties including the far right of team the popularity of the party is due to host who is also germany's interior minister drops to an all time low after he clashed on a number of issues including migration. it's meant to be a show of unity christine and social union had her say hoffa and the very end probably are marcus through their intended message to ferry i need to see a c for stability and to succeed. to make the various so successful and to make sure that we are out in front so that very obese everyone else in the game that's c.s.u. policy let's head into these final weeks with confidence. a month before the various
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state parliamentary elections the conservatives the polling badly at about thirty five percent many blame say hoffa's performances john an interior minister he's been on a confrontation course with coalition partners repeatedly. because it's a coalition will continue don't believe everything you hear. he defended his take on refugee policy and security begins at the border we can't correct problems if we overlook them there. well he was in but the c.s.u. distanced itself from far right populism and his party had say half a cold four zero tolerance approach to anti semitism rights rangar radicalism and persecution of foreigners. boxing first because i box again that the goal of remastered south of canal are valid as in a few hours he's been called the fight of the century by pundits the two middleweights
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met just under a year ago when the match controversially ended in a draw and sparks flew out friday night's win three world title belts are on the line and one of the fighters is said to have a home crowd advantage of sorts. the crowd on saturday will be firmly in his camp so this nicknames canelo meaning cinnamon left plenty of mexican backing in las vegas on fight night it will be three hundred sixty four days since a controversial draw between the past save kanellos belt after the decision judge adelaide byrd stood down from scoring major bouts since then canelo twice tested positive for a banned substance clenbuterol but the levels found suggests that this was due to tainted meat a common issue for mexican athletes in any case the counterpunch specialist prefers to hit back in the ring when. you're ready know if you followed my fighting career that i never like to talk i do it in the ring it's my job to perform in there so i
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hope everyone enjoys this huge fight and a huge victory for my fans and for all of mexico. at friday's weigh in his opponents cannot begin the idea of its goal of getting cut a confident figure a triple g. is feared for his ferocious punching power is undefeated and has two belts to kill as. can. also showed a cooler head when the two faced up after the successful weigh in and wasn't impressed with kanellos antics. so he's like a clone his shoulder when he's not too good. it's rare in boxing that fights live up to the hype but this rematch packs a punch him on saturday. from boxing to running but lin is getting ready for the cities on sunday the race is favored by professional runners due to the flat course even surface and the mind autumn weather as
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a result but the most records of any city. the berlin marathon is around the corner and final preparations are underway. is helping the athletes loosen their muscles but also offering mental support for the big day. most of them are excited not nervous but just excited they've come from far and wide from what i've seen. that. this stage is set more than forty thousand runners will test themselves on the fastest marathon route in the world the conditions are better than last year when he snatched the win but narrowly missed out on the world record. finishing. fourth and that his biggest rival this year is wilson kipsang he too has previously
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won the berlin marathon five years ago and even set a new world record at the time last year he suffered his most bitter defeat here. fast and. it's always been good to win. just most runners will take more than twice as long as the top athletes regardless brylin will be taken over by thousands of running feet and some of them might be a tad faster thanks to the support. from running now to running with the ball. after the break with the highlights from friday's in saturday's matches. going by leverkusen live to regret this missed pebble to against.
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still into one official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. already. returned a vast leyla. visit friends i don't think i'll ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made for mines. make your smart t.v. even smarter than g.w. bush wanted. what you want when you want it up to date extraordinary into you decide what's on sunday no more w dot com smart t.v. .
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dortmund fans were delighted as the black and yellow summer signings stole the show and kicked off much they treat with a three one win against frankfurt. abdu diallo open the scoring for dortmund in the thirty six the minute it's the frenchman's first goal for the black and yellows since signing this summer from mines now in the sixty eighth minute sebastien larry equalized for frankfurt powering home and danny de costa cross in stuff. but just four minutes later dortmund retook the lead thanks to my wheels involved and two minutes from time buckle i pass it rendered at home to treat with a debut go. over stuff welcome to the ball in this league on the w. on public. dorman's victories set us up nicely for an exciting weekend of football
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and there's been no shortage of goals so let's see what's coming up on today's show . we start with labor couzens quest for points we'll see if they could end the miserable start to the season by a shocking buy. and a tight affair is expected between valves and tattered berlin two sides to have been flexing their muscles. this season. now leverkusen were full of promise before the season kicked off but their starts a campaign has been dreadful two back to back defeats and this weekend they faced an uphill battle against biron in munich could they surprise their solid hosts and finally pick up some points that find that. they've accused coach heiko haley went on the defensive against by him and even left out germany for what union began with the first good chance fell to laver cozen tiago handled the ball
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a penalty was awarded by him protested but the decision looked to be correct. couldn't follow and stepped up a man you'll know you're saved for the spot kick had to be retaken because the referee but not whistled. this time vandal made a better job of it one not only because now after five minutes. lines required though came just five minutes later france world cup win a continent elise social the greater desire to equalize but his game would later turn sour. record champions by and began to press hard labor couzens defense crumbled and in rubber and made them pay the dutchman taking full advantage of unison towers mistake by and had turned the game around but lost aliso to a knee injury. again petered out after the break but he came alive again on eighty minutes. red herring better be just eight minutes after coming on folding this ugly
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challenge on ruffy near by and were incensed. the hose that no chance of ten men and by and sealed it later on through time as rodriguez later cusanus third loss in three. no one to this of course but it is how it is so it's we have no points from three games but we mustn't lose our cool. guy and celebrate that perfect start but halak side are in dire need of some inspiration. two games and two wins that's have all spurred and berlin have kicked off their season the world's surprisingly strong start to the campaign has their fans feeling rather optimistic after struggling for the past couple of seasons now their opponents have to have also looked pretty nifty and evenly balanced match was predicted but could one of the to inform sides edge head. those books and hats were
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both hoping to continue their flying starts to the new campaign the hosts were in control ellie on with your own received or trying his luck from distance on several occasions the frenchman's efforts were less of a threat to the go and more to the camera man beside it that bump to the head meant he had to clock off early fortunately there was no lasting damage. for much of the game the two sides cancelled each other out but just after the hour mark just fire odell rowson capitalized on a wayward pass to put hats. in france by the opening goal was the dutch win his first in the bundesliga observe it stayed until the eighty seventh minute went on a maia clattered into max arnold right on the edge of the box. the referee eventually gave the penalty. dispatched by the stuttering unit smiley. one one the school the but the drama was just beginning in the first minutes of stoppage time on dry due to slip an ingenious free kick under the wall to put half
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him back in front of the but if it was due to a second goal from a free kick into games i'm but with time running out john brooks headed on to admin many and he level things up again by bruno love india's team snatching a draw from the jaws of defeat thanks to their new found never say die attitude. is telling voters his image of the team has gained confidence they know from the last few weeks and some situations at the end of last season that they can come back from behind that gives you belief and who comes in to win discontent in for the whole point was the least the sides deserved after a match high on drama. now it's time to take a look at some of the other big ties this weekend in a moment we'll see when this leipzig and turnover sergt. but first we look at the
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clash against childhood the royal blues have lost both of their opening ties leaving coach to many go to desk of feeling under pressure so let's take a look at how they got on against a glass side that hasn't tasted defeat yet this season. the answer is quite poorly the players were barely on the pitching block but were ready in the lead ins with the opener in the third minutes the before shell who were poor on the attack but when they did get a chance on goal from a corner they came bitterly close. just keeping subtly sending bank the big major way through the second half block but can't close themselves good as hoffman tonight by the woodwork the but the foles ultimately poured more salt in the royal blues wounds when they got the second in the seventy seven minutes i lost a vince cross in the box was knocked on by only some player to set up the take how
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much above shout because bill mbulelo pulled one back in the dying seconds to one of the final schools i feel obliged to many go to discos sidelines their third on the bounce and find themselves in a minor crisis. over life see the start of the game on the front foot you get him a shot deflected for you suppose since ahead in the opener in the night minutes by the if it was the danish internationals first of the season. four minutes later the guests were back in the game nicklaus fuku with a superb volley to level the school holidays but the biopsy stepped up again him a forsberg and team of then it began to shine in the sweet set up the striker to reestablish the host slender lead on forty minutes was the boss of the break they teamed up again to move an eye with his brace and life seek
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with three one a if the ban over weren't ready to go down without a fight though because auburn always pulled one back for the gas in the same. the fifth minute but that was the end of their resurgence kind of are still without a win this season while leipsic win their first game of the campaign at the third time of asking i. well let's round up all the action so far of course on saturday and as we saw byron beat there's a draw between volves and had to berlin got the beach. and it was good news for new comers fortuna dusseldorf. secured the win with a late strike he converted from the spot in the eight and seven minutes to give the promoted side their first victory of the season it's a bitter defeat for hoffenheim who had equalised just
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a minute before just indorse winner. the now of course i forgot to mention there that of course leipzig get beaten over three two minds to hosts managed to beat but it turned out to be no easy task the winner came in the nine hundred thirty minutes without xander not seen firing home mark the end of a chaotic and eleven minutes in which outbreak took the lead before minds turned the game for keeper fabio good for one to enjoy watching the replays back he was a fold for both minds goals. now there's dortmund victory against frankfurt on friday night of course on sunday braman host nuremberg and stuttgart travel to freiburg. and that's take a look at the table of course what a shocker munich up there at the top but there is a little bit of movement dortmund move up on volves bergen had to move down a little bit that the other end of the table we have somebody new down the bottom
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laver coups and what an absolutely shocking start to the season they're having stuttgart move ever so slightly up shelter looked and they're just one spot above those relegation places really good results for them now it's time for the ball in this league as playoff today as voted by our followers on twitter and the winner with fifty nine percent of the vote is barnes are you robin the dutchman meant jonathan todd's clearance and hammered home this caustic folly early in the opening half to put munich. never couzens lucas for a decade was left absolutely stunned are you and robin is your play of the day. surely one of the best goals of disease and i would say. well on sunday we'll be joined in the studio to discuss this weekend's bomb the sneak action by bundesliga journalist kit holden will be asking will shock and laver manage to win
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a game sometime soon i'm sure their fans really want to go to roeser of for them so do send us your questions for him to the address is on your screen now it's time to say goodbye will be back of course on sunday so if it's hard to over on tilt then here's some great moments from the weekend so far so for me and the rest of the bundesliga team here in berlin.
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meet the artist we talked to sasha. choreographer constantly pushing the limits of dance theater for me was. some of the high. she's been dancing against the current for twenty five years where does she get her energy from me. next w. . max this week's highlight. flying with northern ball donaldson's. intensive drinking block wine in southern france. tonight is
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playing video games and lying to. your romans sixteen inch d.w. . a contentious figure at home. in germany. gorbachev is one of the great heroes of the twentieth century me kind of go but charles the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change. he continues to fight for world peace with a reminder i know much we have to comprehend where this has taken us today there is a new arms race. the arrow of time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace wasted starts october third on t.w. .
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possession of ballots has liberated contemporary dance by crossing boundaries germany's renowned choreographer is in constant search of new challenges and collaboration is with other artists. for twenty five years she's led her company and guests on journeys into the unknown. and this is the scottish back at us i mean the strength of dance lies in the freedom of its language but a fiver. wanted to work in a way that was more linear i would just work in theater to art that acma.
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in the early one nine hundred ninety s. sash about smith new york for a newly when you know fiber land since then vultures had one success after the other we sat down with the energetic choreographer to talk about her rise from the french to major opera houses and her next job as courtis to director of the berlin state ballet. performance was used to order your company twenty five years ago with your hands under it could you ever have imagined the international success you've had since africa. non-scented i noises after in one thousand nine hundred three after the fall of the berlin wall and shortly after enough occasion the central district of measure was a place of seemingly endless opportunities. we any opened our venue in the safin
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sailor three years later and nine hundred ninety six. before that we were like nomads wandering from one industrial space to the next and each time we started up a nice cheer as it isn't life and unfun from the outset we toured internationally we toured the us in our second or third year we traveled to india and toured a lot in europe feeling or. so right from the start travelling was part of our identity it was our aspiration and our concept. of also says first and at us that we wanted to build bridges with our art and take it to different audiences to countries and cultures that also inspire our work. funding. it so in that respect alive today isn't all that different than it was twenty five years ago when it's on sale even gets.
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us off. was. the sophie and zillah emitter once hosted meetings of left wing revolutionaries later it was used by the nazis then it was a fear workshop with its dilapidated charm and checkered history it was the perfect setting for such about this breakthrough production. and offbeat provocative production part of a trilogy on the absurdities of domestic life the company research for months in communist era housing complexes. initially of arts danced along with her on sample but she was always striving for
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new forms of expression and cooperation with other artists for her dance along with never enough. ask mine that i know. ten seven i began downs lessons with one teacher i started taking classes from the age of five and the teacher i was with intel the age of twelve had studied under mary whitman so i have a very very deep connection to german expressionist dance and such gap but it didn't really influence my decision to start dancing professionally because at the time i wanted to pursue a career in the visual arts or had say it was only three my discovery of post modern dance and contact improvisation and all of these a consciousness techniques that i developed an interest in studying dance. this and . and thickets to. you generally don't produce strictly narrative pieces it's not dance theatre which some critics hold against you they say your work is to
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associate a verse serial. are you bothered by such criticism i got this on the critic than. come it out because i need to be honest i can't remember reading such reviews i'm normally i don't read reviews anyway. i sit on their behalf areal dimension that is accessed through association is very important to me and in our communication with the audience we call them bus i live in that's purely one dimensional where you're saying just one thing and everyone understands the same thing i find that boring. through it i think it has to be something that speaks to each individual in a unique way three eden.


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