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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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w. news live from berlin a couple has fallen ill in the english city of songs very close to the side where the former russian spy and sergei screwball and his daughter of were poisoned with a nerve agent nobody choked in march of this year once again the incident took place in an italian restaurant though this time a different establishment. also coming up another case of a suspected poisoning a kremlin critic is being treated here in germany for a suspected poisoning which took place in moscow so it sort of there's
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a lot as one of four pussy riot protesters who stormed the soccer pitch during this year's world cup final in moscow. and the marathon world record is smashed in berlin as kenya's tell you would keep shogi finishes the race in just two hours one minute and thirty nine seconds. welcome to the program i'm marion and staying we begin this hour with breaking news coming in from saul's beurre in south west england police there have cordoned off parts of the city center after two people became ill at an italian restaurant chain called depressed so the news has spread quickly across the social media now this tweet is from a woman who says she was near the couple at the time of the incident she writes feeling a little apprehensive at. as solsbury it leads to action again when two russians
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are taken ill in france those showing the same symptoms as before and we were sitting next to them now under police supervision waiting for the medical team to give us the all clear. well the restaurant in question this evening is just a few hundred meters away from another eatery called busy this is where former russian agents are gay script ball and his daughter yulia were poisoned just last march. correspondent very good masa is covering this unfolding story for us and she joins us now from london so bear get so what more can you tell us about this latest incident in salzburg. well as far as official information is concerned from the will ship police we know that a medical incident happened so ambulance were called to this restaurant as you explained and then about an hour later the police were called in so it's two people
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who have fallen sick and we know from witnesses like you describe that several police on the scene there's also a fire engine on the scene and arrows also police in mosques and full body suit so it's something that the author it is at the moment are taking quite seriously well it doesn't deaves seem like quite a strange coincidence that this is all happening near the site of the script balls' a case of poisoning but do you feel that this is a case of media frenzy or or is there something to it. that's really hard to say at this point in time i believe that the authorities are taking it seriously seriously and that they did call the police could be a sign of that everybody insults various nervous or of course there could be something behind it i don't think it's media frenzy the authorities haven't really said who these people are but of course when two people fall in the same time and
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this is what we're led to believe from what we know that they're two people are powerful and you know that that is something that doesn't happen that often the one person might fall in a restroom but to people it's a bit more unusual and of course the fact that it happens and souls vary and it's so close to where the scruples was done in close assault can see it really in the center of town does lead to speculation that it could be connected to the script of attack well of course heavily covered by the media in recent days is that two russian men have been accused of carrying out to the script file poisoning which they've denied categorically but what would be the implications if this now turns out to be another poisoning incident. well if it does and we really don't know at this time of course this would cause major problems for the u.k. government if it turns out that people all being poisoned on the streets of the u.k. do feel drip drip drip situation and that this doesn't happen once or twice but
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three times that would really thirty's the u.k. government have not bought the explanation of these two suspects that they were in just to have a look at the cathedral so i don't think many people here believe that version so the u.k. government sticks with its explanation that russia is to blame and that there is a connection to the russian state so it is already very serious for the u.k. russia relations and we could only imagine how much worse it was would get if this really was to be the case. very good mosque on the story for us from london thank you so very much. well now to another case of a mysterious illness of russian anti-government activist who was jailed earlier this year for protesting at the world cup final has been brought to berlin for medical treatment very low who has dual russian canadian citizenship was flown to
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the german capital after a suspected poisoning in moscow a member of the pussy riot punk grew fell ill after a court hearing he's being treated at the chateau tate hospital friends describe his condition as serious his wife in a dish. that may have been attempted murder. for more on the story we're joined now by g.w. correspondent. who's standing by outside the shadow hospital in the heart of berlin good evening to you nina so what more do we know about. current condition has the hospital released any information. we're expecting the berlin doctors in the hospital behind me to make a statement on monday so at the moment we can only rely on the information that's being given by his supporters and fellow activists according to them his condition deteriorated very fast in the past few days to
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a point where he was no longer able to speak or walk and so he was flown to berlin for treatment a friend who was with him in the hospital room on the sunday said that his life is no longer in danger but his condition is still very critical all right well as we mentioned he was flown in to berlin china failed airport late on saturday but who was it that actually brought him here to germany for treatment. there is a foundation here in berlin that calls itself the cinema for peace foundation and they are a cult cultural activists but they also have supported pussy riot and other political activists in the past they also take part in berlin's biggest film festival the belly nala every year and they say that they received a call for help by vessel of family in moscow when his condition deteriorated we
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have to keep in mind that he's a healthy young man of thirty years and so the family were very worried call them for help they are family friends essentially the cinema for peace man is and he said he got money together and organized the plane and he said he did that in coordination with the chancery and the foreign office here in germany so the authorities were informed all right so the german authorities as you say were informed so is there any kind of diplomatic aspect to this story i mean this man is known to be a quite outspoken critic of the kremlin. exactly and cinema for peace say that they're suspecting this is to be revenge act by russian authorities for storming the football pitch during the world cup final in moscow they say that it was definitely poisoning but so far the german authorities have not commented neither have the doctors so the case is still very much shrouded
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in mystery and we'll simply have to wait for more information what is the case of course is that if it does happen to be poisoning then they sense the potential for a very very big political route between germany and russia whose relationship has been very strained in recent months and years and you've mentioned it already he's also a canadian citizen so three countries would be involved in a very serious political row all right our correspondent standing outside the shot at a hospital in berlin. thank you very much. well now to some of the other stories making news around the world and several hundred people rallied in the russian city of st petersburg to protest against government plans to raise the retirement age several people were arrested but police said there were no major disturbances last week more than a thousand people were reportedly detained in an authorised protest against the
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pension reform plans. the destry and the cyclist took over central brussels on sunday as the city banned private automobiles from most of its streets for the day paris also had a car free day the mayors of both cities called on europe to hold an annual car free day to ease air pollution. while in other news typhoon mangku day is now hitting southern china battering hong kong and guandong province with gale force winds and torrential rain the superstorm has already caused major destruction in the philippines forty's there say dozens are feared dead in flooding landslides and collapsed buildings. nature lashes the coast of home with full force and these people got to witness it firsthand. as hong kong issued a maximum alert for typhoon mind goot the territories government warned people to
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prepare for the worst. storm surges were expected to raise water levels by up to four meters. hundreds of residents have been evacuated to shelters while others hope to ride it out. almost all flights in and out of the city's airport have been counseled so for anyone who hopes to leave from come before the storm there was little option but to keep out of harm's way and stay put. this right so i didn't expect to get caught up in a typhoon when i booked a trip to hong kong. i've had to scrap all my sightseeing plans i can't go out the subways closed buses have stopped running and there's no ferry service at all. for the west the gambling hub of macau closed the doors to its casinos for the first time in history ahead of the storm. authorities here faced criticism for failing to
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prepare residents for a deadly typhoon last year now they face another huge challenge is said to be the strongest typhoon to hit the region this year. well meanwhile at least eleven people have died in the u.s. says massive amounts of rain from tropical storm florence caused severe flooding in the state of north and south carolina these were the scenes in the town of lumberton just a short time ago after roaring on shore on friday florence lingered over the area causing storm surges and flash floods the u.s. coast guard had to rescue multiple victims by helicopter authorities say the devastation is far from over there warning residents not to attempt returning to their homes. all right this fourth news now and kenya's elliott choky has spectacularly smashed the men's marathon world
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record in berlin miles of temper weather and a flat course mean the last seven minutes records have been set here in the german capital. kenya's. set the pace at the berlin marathon on sunday over forty thousand runners competed in perfect conditions when he defended last year's title he started off with an impressive pace and quickly shook off his biggest opponent will see chips on. three pacemakers were pushed to the limit and so the canyon completed the last seventeen kilometers. the first. with a total time of two hours one minute and thirty nine seconds to be shattered the previous world record by a minute and eighteen seconds and manifested his reputation as the greatest
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marathon runner of the modern era. gladys truro note set a new course record for the women in two hours eighteen minutes and eleven seconds . and a quick reminder of our top story. a couple has fallen ill in the english city of saul's very close to the side where the former russian spy a ball and his daughter poisoned with a nerve agent in march this year you're looking at the latest images from there right over here once again the incident took place in italian restaurant though this time in a different establishment police have cordoned off the area. and we haven't forgotten about german soccer the show is coming up we'll bring you all the action from sunday's matches as well as all the major talking points from. could
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make it two wins on the bounce. paid them a visit to stay tuned for that and the rest of the weekend stories. coming up in the bundesliga. show after a short break we hope you stay with us. as a friend to going on a polar expedition in don't miss this story the trauma patients johnson takes you along on a thrilling bone chilling journey each week you can discover the story you. tell your story on instagram. her first day of school in the jungle.


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