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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2018 12:30am-1:00am CEST

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and the continent of africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. d.w. multimedia series from africa. d.w.m. dot com africa. well welcome to the site thanks for joining us here in berlin our home city features heavily on the program today here's a look at what is coming up. on french this is a great privilege to peer review this late in britain as a stage. to meet the german new episodes of the c.w. web series just log. pirates print and then artist
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uses objects on the screen i just. want to get when you put island and utopia to get to pete that is the name of a french that tickle company that masa the art of performing on the water each year they stage a spectacle on the river just outside of paris and viewers and mediately immersed in their comedic fantasy world let's hope it was founded in one thousand nine hundred eighty and now seen all over the world that remains in france and continues to and through audiences. here outside of paris the water is the stage for crazy dream worlds that turn into reality. premiered their new show fort right on the waters of the river marne. and.
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we had never seen something like this so it was it was great it was really great. it's a nonstop. well of colors and images that might not be easy to connect. but the whole is very beautiful. put the board for the children love the fireworks the flames and the colors you feel the show was very. it made you dream. the show tells the story of a man whose life goes off the rails one morning. everything he thinks and reads suddenly becomes reality. dominic knew well as one of the show's directors see the panel we're trying to
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create perspectives on society that are at once poetically critical. could. be looked at piece team of thirty includes technicians musicians actors acrobats and other performers they've been staging shows on water since two thousand for. the town this past so it's a theatrical space that you know everyone can relate to it it's much easier to bring people to the water than into a theater to see the water from a different perspective instead of going to a theater to see things that can be interpreted on different levels. it's a challenge to perform on the river where the currents are strong the actors play on moving stages. everything has to be well prepared in advance. some of the moving stages have engines others are battery powered. the performers use their feet to
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steer. then saucily their has three rolls added to that he has to cycle on water or at least give the impression he's doing so. yeah i got lots of lights and i have to be careful. i've also got to bangor drank full of costumes because i changed during the performance. so everything has to be ready as a gas pedal to go backwards and forward on level and i have to be careful especially with these strong currents so it's extremely complicated. the troop doesn't only perform on rivers to a peak can be seen on more conventional stages but mostly on the streets and other public places. the. director bruno should never learn cofounded killer to pete he places great importance on this versatility. he did it he did do that we can thank you for the really idea was to create
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a common culture going to see how mythologies can be reinvented in the public space to reinvent mythology culture and create an alternative to the dominant culture of the bush was he a culture for everyone so everyone could understand images of the field and the idea was that this should be free. to the performer starts getting ready an hour before the performance begins. the audience waits for the anticipation for the forty five minute show. for it is not just about entertainment it has a political element referencing the situation of refugees at sea for example. because of all this is we've also played donations which have high and low tides of course so we had to take that into account when scheduling program times. wherever
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they perform the actors from the french theater troupe to people create dream worlds that make audiences not want to wake up. the any other performance i know of on the water is the great against opera festival on a constant. more on the well to do write in and tell me if going to see if it's a production is your favorite thing to do by the water that's that is the question we're asking this week as possible our prize draw just goes well web sites and let us know your favorite water activity and your name will be entered into our draw to win our special your remarks branded watch the meaning of winning a fellow brit just picks up an award at the emmys in los angeles the latest details are at the top of our express today. on monday thirty four year old british actress cliff received an emmy for outstanding lead actress in a drama series she want to manage as much coveted t.v.
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award for her role as queen elizabeth the second in the british netflix series the crown though it was her seconds nomination it was her first emmy win the. german nominees came away empty handed but outside on the red carpet german model heidi klum appeared with her courage partner tokio hotel singer tom collets. oversized brown left belts and carabiner hooks this is how he coddled made his debut as a beverage new creative director at london fashion week to tell you an x. designer picks up on the british labels tradition with pleated skirt and pussy bow blouses t. she is known place combinations of streetwear and classics. a multimedia review of the five decades of rock history written by one english band
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can be experienced at the pink floyd exhibition their mortal remains after stints in london and rome the exhibition is now on display at the dortmund you tell our art center around three hundred fifty pieces some never shown to the public give an insight into how pink floyd explored new sound avenues and made their concerts. synthesis of the arts. the exhibition runs till february tenth twenty nineteen. now for the last year we've been running a series online called meet the germans it is all about german isms that you mine already know about and it's often quite funny to watch take off for a little break we're starting a new season with a new presents i wait till students and we bring in the first episode to hear max today. rachel skillet enjoys living in germany she's a young english woman who moved to cologne in twenty sixteen and she's developed
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a sharp mind for the specifically german way of life the culture and language rachel is the new presenter of meet the germans are available for viewing on d.w. online. hi i'm rachel and this is me the germans even the germans themselves will tell you. that they. know the german language is top of the me the job i mean the germans is a video format where we explore elements of german culture that might seem a bit unusual to people moving here well who've lived here for some time already sometimes it's funny but definitely interesting. when you season's first episode deals with surprise surprise the number one german national beverage i mean just it gently to the media. the damage demonstrates more than one hundred liters of b.s. every year once i went to the spa and they even have a beer for saying that you pulled me out all over the hot coals you want to wait.
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you know what's remarkable about beer in germany is that almost everyone can open a bottle without a bottle opener and that's just peculiar because in britain we can't do that so we think it's quite impressive and. check this out. rachael security grew up in the west of england to french first foreign language and then spanish she thought german sounded too cumbersome then she met her german boyfriend and there was no getting out of learning the language. and the head of the foreign isn't i don't know. if they could have been home but they are. things they should of respect and that's a real would it mean to say see you from the border that officials of the head
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office management of the danube sting those electrical services you would find in the dictionary but it did make it into the guinness book of records for eighty nine . it'll come up in twenty sixteen rachel came to georgia valor she did a traineeship panther since been working in the d. w. culture department now she'd like to share her experiences as an immigrant with others. as i've always been interested in languages and other cultures i think at first glance german culture isn't really all that different from other european cultures but what i find interesting of a little every day things not just the stereotypes but the idiosyncrasies of german culture getting thirsty ok so say you want to sample some of the good stuff yourself you can't just walk into a browser and say. you need to know your pills from your bible all in my book. and the where regional pride takes cologne and does
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a little for example just as the two cities have rival ice hockey teams they also rival beers so don't order a cold. pool for that. the next editions of meet the germans are already in production they'll be looking at fashion in germany and the german sauna culture each episode can be viewed on d w online and the d w you tube channel. i need befitting now that we feature a gem in our next report one who is using the streets of berlin as it is and i am busy law is it so easy to rush around and not take in the beauty around you i mean who ever looks down a drain and thought how awesome that design on it was very few about simon but the lady who did exactly that is now printing those designs on t. shirts giving a new meaning to underground but. when emma france half goes out on the streets of
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berlin she keeps our eye to the ground. everyone else walks by without noticing but she stops and looks she's a tank stand designer and she's. manhole covers to hurt their art on the street. when i'm up i'm always on the lookout and i really do find new things it's fun when you find new things it's like finding a treasure. she had the idea to print manhole covers on t. shirts and backs she needs is some tape some ink and a knife for just the right composition she's especially taken with berlin symbol bloodbath. that the noise printing a new element is great it's really fun. especially when you see it printed for the first time. so business may look a little silly. i'm not exactly sure why i do it this way i just started doing it
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and i had a great time i like to work outside and you have the social contact it's a whole new approach to the work. she has to work fast before the ink dries in the sun she lands the t. shirt on the street presses it down and then pills it off she calls it pirate printing and strictly speaking the designs are pirated. it's not actually about pirating but about drawing attention to these completely overlooked patents and giving them new value. the pirate printer has turned her idea into a fashion label and she's not just printing in berlin anymore. interesting manhole covers can be found the world over in vienna or paris amsterdam and lisbon every single day shirt is handmade and unique sandusky it's great that people like a manhole cover tee shirts and street prints and that they appreciate having a t. shirt that's different maybe they feel they'd rather have a hand printed t.
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shirt that really comes from one particular city and not just some random t. shirt. and a franz raff always keeps an eye open for new ideas she's going to try out a new. pattern here from this storm drain great patent jump counter but it takes a hammer and chisel to get the top of. her studio is the street some passers by stop and watch. but i'm almost there was a woman this morning who said i've never seen anything like that in berlin i explained to her what i was doing but i can believe that people have never seen listening to the thing before. when people start paying attention to manhole covers the guardians of the law start paying attention to them but so far nobody has stopped the pirate printer from doing her work. all some graphic isn't it super. nice doesn't really bother anybody the police actually
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think it's nice just like other people do and we clean up afterwards so the cover ends up cleaner than it was before. it's more the pirates bring to the ranks people's gaze downwards gives the manhole cover a whole new meaning. just goes to so doesn't that thinking outside the box is often the case a success and happiness and that might just apply to the activities that are coming up in our high five today yes that's next it's time for five fun facts of the week and we're going to now feature some rather unique ways to entertain your dog. find the final usual fun activities for your dog. welcome to the dog beach but don't expect to play go fish. come here to ride the
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waves out number five dogs the thing is not surprisingly especially popular in california. both you and yours. can go looking for point break on european beatrice to. finish magician and mentalist shows they are one and has discovered that dogs react to magic tricks just like humans do now features them regularly in his you tube videos. you see it now you don't. even the oldest trick in the book works on that magic tricks number four on our list of doctrine there to. get the one with the flying saucer to go and wash your dog try and figure it out. you can teach an old dog new tricks. down so that shake hands will get. these dogs one to
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dance while their owners think they do anyway was the number three dog dancing it originated in the u.s. but is now popular here in europe to. leave the room. today they don't need to wait outside. the box pull and lucky are taking part in a museum to it just for them exhibits others played at a dog friendly height and are allowed to sniff them as much as they like but the number two museums that welcome man and his best friend. there's plenty of them with a series of initiatives and in august the documentary took place in new york. america's very first on to exhibition for dogs a new breed of art lover. oh.
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and. hotel in the german countryside the money kid asian style garden. but when the guests mishap around the pool things can get pretty loud. perhaps this is a luxury hostel for dogs a weekend of luxury pampering for pooches costs around one hundred twenty euros. now another one dog friendly leisure activity is even a mess. but do dogs need a massage absolutely absolutely dogs have to deal with stress just as much as humans do. and they deserve treats just as much as humans do to anyone for the non of sausage pie.
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quality i think my dog would like a but not on his but he'd be all over the sauces and the mass that. aspirin is this is i would take a trip back in time that is the theme of series this week and the reason why yesterday we looked since the history of the brandenburg gate checkpoint charlie is another major landmark the museum that office visit has a glimpse of the struggles germans had during that time. during the cold war checkpoint charlie was the best known border crossing between east and west berlin today it's one of the german capitals biggest tourist attractions after world war two the four wartime allies divided up the city this was a gateway between the american and soviet sectors checkpoint charlie museum was opened in one nine hundred sixty two
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a year after the wall was built and documented there was impact on people's lives and how it eventually fell. in. this museum stands for freedom that's the main point from the very beginning of the museum has been an expression of precious to gainst the wall. the mission statement was we want freedom in unity. your voice and your pride and i hope. visitors from all over the world come to learn about the extremes people went to to cross the border and the tragedies of failed attempts. sixty thousand automatic spring guns were installed on the inner german border any movement and they automatically fired shrapnel and soldiers had orders to shoot anyone in the death strip escaping the east meant risking your life. the
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museum is still in touch with many of the surviving escapees among them via our dorio blog fees are someone help to alleviate berlin by giving her a swiss passport wearing a real fur coat and acting the part she tricked her way through passport control if she'd been court she'd have gone to prison. if i kept it as if she didn't really check me properly when i should give me a bit of a dirty look like she thought i was an arrogant swiss person then i realized oh right i'm not a nice been there anymore so i lifted my name is even higher in the. plant at least lynas didn't swagger like that they thought i must be a real swiss woman with a what is this what's. one of the most spectacular escapes happened in one nine hundred seventy nine in a homemade hot air balloon two couples and four children survived a half hour flight from east germany to bavaria they painstakingly stitched the balloon together from pieces of waterproof material that collected from many
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sources. only a few pieces of the berlin wall remain including this section at the berlin wall memorial. when it was still standing the death strip separated east and west friends and families. the founder of the checkpoint charlie museum was an anti nazi resistance fighter. deliverance widows says he helped reporters with their work during the cold war. to get bored that is that the there was a building across the street that was in ruins from the war up the store so that's a photographer there fell and seriously injured himself when my husband heard about it he brought all the people here instead the room was warm and dry and they weren't in danger they could sit and watch what was happening at checkpoint charlie through the window and respond to it they took photos hundred reports.
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in these rooms reiner who did want to continue to document what happened on the border between east and west even while the wall was standing people brought him objects they'd used to help them escape like this mining car. they used to build a tunnel in fifty seven people were able to flee to west berlin the museum now attracts around eight hundred fifty thousand visitors a year. we just know the walls so but in this exhibition it has the many things and many real objects and many stories and various impressed me something about these if they think they succeeded to make. i thought it couldn't be through but we have seen that. the vehicles were indeed prepared for all eventualities like this car with steel panels to protect against gunfire. the museum shows the suffering of the communist east
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and it serves as a reminder of this dark chapter in german history. tomorrow in the series will dive into the history of spies here in germany joining the cold war so did. cheney and then remembered to check us out online if you've missed any other post you can find to make and that that is all we have time from the shites and say that so and tell some from all of us campbell and enjoy the rest is a thanks for watching. on the next edition of your own max him virg from the water and the city has lots of it the elder river the lake sized ulster river and more there are rowboats in the morning and romantic bungalows for the sunset cambered excess on board next time on your own next.
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thank you.
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super luxurious and high performing the bentley continental g.t. towers from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour in three point seven seconds flat. super spacious and all metric mercedes new each you see with these cars over and c.v. the german car makers making big steps forward in electra mobility. driving thirty minutes past the two dollars.
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we make up oh but three quarters of our folks that found out that if we on the seven services. want to shape the continents future to. be part of enjoying numbers in youngsters of testing share their stories their dreams and their challengers. to seventy seven percent. platform for africa charge. a news analyst. once a. change heads up the british consul post side by the first. people to
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put big dreams on the big screen. play. movie magazine on the w. the contentious figure at home. he wrote in germany. from the following the early. german reunification. and the end of the cold. war much office one of the great hero selfie twentieth century. tony kushner gorbachev the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change. quickly measures downfall. i have decided to resign my duties as president of the soviet union. lost. but keep in one historical but i'm sure of one because of course. he continues to fight for world peace with the reminder
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by the next year we have to comprehend when he says taken our surface today there is a new arms race. our time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace wasted starts oct third on t.w. . the german government has removed the controversial head of the country's domestic intelligence agency on sco the mawson had been under fire for weeks after he appeared to downplay violence against migrants during recent protests in the city of kennett's in a twist he has been promoted to a senior civil servant role in the.


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