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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CEST

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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin germany fragile coalition government faces another stress test that's after channel on the machall removes her head of domestic intelligence for apparent far right sympathies only to promote him to a more powerful post in the interior ministry also coming out leaping forward on the korean peninsula the leaders of north and south korea agree sweeping measures to improve relations john young says it will close its main nuclear complex if the united states makes reciprocal moves.
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well i'm terry martin good to have you with us germany's fragile coalition government is under pressure after a chance for under the magical removed her domestic intelligence chief only to promote him to a more powerful post hans-georg mohsen was under fire for contradicting the chancellor about the extent of recent right wing bylines mohsen had the backing of mackerels rebellious interior minister a whole say hold also leads one of the coalition parties but medical center left coalition partners the social democrats demanded boson's ouster the party leaders agreed on mawson's fate at a crisis meeting on tuesday but that compromise is already testing the government's unity. the decisive meeting at the chancellery was held in the late afternoon for days people could only speculate whether the head of germany's
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domestic intelligence agency would stay. the coalition party does reached agreement within two hours must and will leave his post but he'll actually be promoted to the office of deputy minister at the interior ministry he will and more than before. junior coalition partners the social democrats who demanded martin's removal but party leaders finally agreed to his job change instead the concession has appalled other party members. as i'm far from feel it's a slap in the face to people who take responsibility for their actions and who if they make a mistake don't get promoted or even face negative consequences i think the price is too high for the survival of the coalition. leaders of the opposition have also greeted the news with scorn. and sacrificed in their game to
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save the coalition. the head of germany's domestic intelligence agency came under heavy criticism for a public statement following right wing riots in the eastern city of ken that's massive asserted that the video being circulated did not necessarily show mobs hunting down individuals but had possibly been manipulated to spread fake news mustn't statement directly contradicted chancellor america from the start she had condemned what she referred to as a hostile mob the only politician to defend mass and was his boss interior minister . who heads the conservative c.s.u. one of macas coalition partners. is expected to announce the details of my son's new position on wednesday and name his successor at germany's domestic intelligence agency. well for more now let's bring in our political correspondent much biljana call shake go help us out here much more. we've got the chancellor and her main
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coalition partner no longer trusting him to remain as head of the domestic intelligence service so they make him deputy head of the entire interior ministry with even more power what's going on here well the rationale of the coalition partners have given us yesterday is that every single party within the coalition government has gotten what they want to so these social democrats the center left coalition partners said they wanted mohsen out of the office they didn't want him any longer to be the had of the domestic intelligence service they've got another sense he's removed from that particular post the interior minister who has always backed mohsen has always said he has my trust and i don't want him to be gone cape summit within his ministry so he's still his superior. as he will face a period of months and that is really only when you trash a fact and not go who was forced to act on this particular issue has acted on it so in a sense the compromise is every one of them is happy the question of is is it
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a good compromise and what does the rest of the world market and is it gets to keep mohsen in general in a public office well that is indeed the question this is a problem within chance americans coalition politically but remains a hugely controversial figure what does the rest of the country make of that exactly so he remains a controversial figure we haven't heard anything yet in for example on an investigation on the way he's conducted his position so there have been accusations of on several different fields and question of how he's been working together with the far right if the policy there in questions in the way certain things have been investigated within the domestic intelligence service there's no announcement of an investigation on his political conduct yet and. other things of course there's been quite a critical respects and so there has been even within the social democratic party there has been criticism towards the leadership how this has been handled he should
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have been removed from political office completely and the opposition of chorus especially this set to left opposition is very critical of the way the compromise has been reached the only ones who seem quite happy with the fact that he isn't losing his job completely is the far right if they they consider him a poor one but they still happy he's in office max millionaire thank you so much much merely on a caution from the politics. now the leaders of north and south korea have hailed a deal to improve ties and bolster efforts and nuclear tensions on the korean peninsula in the region after talks in pyongyang the north's kim jong un promised to close the country's main nuclear complex and shut down a missile launch site if the united states makes reciprocal moves well the two koreas also agreed to link up their railways and work together on a joint olympic bid. day two of south korean president
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moon j. in this visit to his maverick nor the name became joe and a breakthrough. after signing ceremony there were announcements on the north closing a nuclear missile testing site establishing buffer zones between the two koreas and a joint elliptic bid for twenty thirty two it was a more colorful affair the previous evening the concert in honor of the two leaders that pyongyang was granted. followed by a lavish banquet cheerful exchange of toasts. moon's visit is the first by a south korean leader to the north in eleven years and top of the product gender reproaching stalled talks with the u.s. on denuclearizing the korean peninsula. bible kendell e discuss advancing the nuclearization with president. president moon and i build
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trust with each other our progress towards a peaceful and prosperous korean peninsula will become faster. or you wonder not because complete denuclearization and the establishment of peace on the korean peninsula is an important agenda good as it is a completely new resolution there could be various challenges and difficulties however chairman kim jong un and i share trust and friendship and. relations between the two koreas do seem to be improving but real progress in the region will depend on convincing the us that the north is serious about getting rid of its nuclear weapons. war let's bring in our correspondent for the un who's been covering that summit how significant is this deal between north and south korea is there a lot of substance there or is it largely symbolic. i think this summit cannot be
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like measured by symbolic gestures we've already made into korean summits so i think now only the substantial results count and on the front it say it will get into korean preparation and in chief for example. it can join in bill gives its soul and also there will be a stop a rail. but on the other hand if you look at the summit results under the aspect of human creation and they were slightly disappointing well that is the big question what can we make of the north korean leader apparently promising to visit south are sold in the near future is that going to do anything to push towards the denuclearization of the financial. well i agreed rather reached as a sign also directed towards washington saying that so soon in the future might be ready also to visit washington i mean those two leaders and you can join to get
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along quite well just a couple of months ago and i couldn't imagine it. would come to seoul i mean you just mentioned the security measurements and also it will be huge demonstrations here in seoul so i think that's a big step but it's pointing to what's to how is washington likely to respond to this i understand that the north's offer is contingent on on washington reciprocating and militarily. well i think president trump already treated very positively about it but i think washington in general will not be too happy because. he promised this one of the key. launch site has already been promised. when. trump and the second one is closer also young beyond nuclear test and it's basically the biggest nuclear site not only corresponding measureless of the u.s.
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and so that's not what they're expecting in. thank you so much probably on crossfire there in seoul. now let's get some other stories making headlines around the world today the woman who is accusing u.s. supreme court. nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault is calling for an f.b.i. investigation before she testifies next week senate judiciary chairman says an investigation will have no bearing on her testimony christine ford says cavanaugh attacked her at a party in one nine hundred eighty two. fishelson the gaza strip say two palestinians have been killed by israeli gunfire during a protest along the border thousands of palestinians rally to protest the blockade of gaza imposed by egypt. and israel protesters burned tires and hurled rocks at israeli forces who suspend her responded with tear gas and live.
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to nigeria now in the booming business of worship the country's protocol still churches are packing in believers every weekend with a message of economic hope in in difficult times but the focus on charismatic pastors and the price that comes with regular attendance has worried mainstream christian critics. reports from lagos. a typical sunday for some fourteen million nigerians. to. celebrate do just anything more while coming teams of people into one of the roughly five hundred pentecostal churches in the country i'm joining a service today in one of these mega churches just outside of lagos it's the third biggest one in nigeria already the church service but as you get. the charge you found out. the service starts all it's rather
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quietly but people don't stay in their seats for long. the pastor calls himself a bishop and he celebrated like a stock david asked him a to growth place one hundred fifty million u.s. dollars and many of his followers you're in for that kind of wall. was prosperity gospel resonates with. those who have no plan that is. this. does cross racial starkness should tell you it's not only was. the big donation baskets fill quickly the belief is the more you give during and after the church service the more you the includes. the church there are many more ways to spend money how about only oil sold for five dollars per bottle this is not
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to eat it is to put on your hat walk. away because. like it's not. kino for anything but once you believe the oil is swapped for you if cure sickness sees. any people having. by using just the pentecostal churches compete for members each promises economic salvation a solution and people want to believe in them especially in times of hardship. god jesus that's also the first billboard you see when you and thirty university of. prices fall aco is a professor of religious studies he says nigeria is one of the most religious countries in africa but he's concerned about the focus of pentecostal churches is dangerous because. everything revolves around a pastor and then the tendency. to shift.
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the pastoral and not. the lifestyle of the pastor becomes this turned out not out of christ people's faith is being exploited and converted into a commercial business the price tag most of these pastors are not there to so. there . is a question some of the practices. themselves are not all. that churches are not trick wired to pay taxes but if you don't rise in extreme poverty so politicized want to change that still it's a highly unpopular idea among those who believe the positive changes only possible through their day and their company. sports in the most prestigious club football competition in the world kicked off on tuesday and we've
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already had some exciting moments with me here too in a studio to talk about it is my colleague from t w sports emily roche it's family it's the champions league it's yeah i know even before things got to go in there was one game and everybody was talking about it tell us about that absolutely and it was a bit of an apprentice versus massa situation because you didn't clump and his liverpool squad took on thomas to. now they'd know each other from germany already and those two teams are favored to make it really far in this competition liverpool made it into the final lessees and this game was everything everyone hoped for it to be it was really exciting it was very high in quality and it's very clear to see that both these teams have the potential to go far liverpool was a tad better and after a lot of back and forth it was liverpool who scored the winning goal in injury time and took away the three points from their home from anfield are talking a club and took a how did dortmund's first game go yes a cup and two who are both coaches at dot one and dot one now under. they want
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a clean slate their last season in the champions league was not great they got two draws with the group stage had to go down to the europa league not satisfying at all for their fans so they really needed a when they went in and they weren't entirely convincing but they did get the win chris ample sit on his twentieth birthday what a beautiful story scored the winning goal in the eighty fifth minute they took away a one zero win shaka in the champions league for the first time understand with at least with domenic to discover this is the decisive difference did he this team get off to a good start yeah i would say so i mean they had a tough opponent porto the reigning champions in portugal and they're slightly favored to win this group which is otherwise evenly matched up so they fought hard there are two penalties the first one i found and saved the second one was actually the equaliser after. had scored for shocker earlier in the game so as a one off and childcare really showed a better performance than they have been showing in the season this far so i would
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say it's a positive for them all the results yes go through them barcelona beat his v four zero interim be top two one clue bruce lost again start one as we know one shot in porto one one as we heard more nickel loss to atletico madrid one to liverpool beat three two red star belgrade not without a goal at. home three zero and it doesn't end there much more to come now there are eight more games today but i'd say the ones to keep an eye on are hoffenheim who take on shots are donetsk. take on valencia take on your ventile with cristiana ronaldo and of course buy and play away at benfica and we thank you so much i'm really a culture it's from d.w. sports thank you. that cricket star ben has been charged with bringing the game into disrepute by the england cricket board
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for his role in a street brawl in bristol asked year stokes was accused of knocking out two men outside a nightclub but insisted he was acting in self defense jury found not guilty of a fray in a criminal trial last month now a cricket disciplinary panel will decide on a penalty in december. china reaction to latest trade tariffs from the u.s. that's right the chinese premier league. you could see on rather has called on governments to defend free trade off the latest round of tit for tat tariff action between washington and beijing at a speech at the world economic forum in the gym near beijing he urged world leaders to reject unilateralism and encourage negotiation to resolve disputes washington announced further talks this would be imposed on two hundred billion dollars worth
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of chinese goods on tuesday combined with previous times that would effectively put fear into duties on half of all chinese imports to the u.s. beijing swiftly reacted with retaliatory tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. products. and i think we should now be talking to katherine young and she has but bob i. having technical problems i'm just waiting for my producers on me whether we have we have catherine and hong kong that's very good catherine welcome to the show because of the chinese premier as said that china will widen market access for foreign investors and ensure a fair competition we've heard that before haven't we well we have heard that before the or yeah we're sort of going from this as you mentioned to tat dialogue
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so the situation still remains very very fluid but we still are under the belief that it won't be the worst case scenario we kids the end result in fact we will see a resolution of some kind probably sooner than the markets actually pricing in. this rather conciliatory tone coming from leakage on their only seeing china caving in. i don't think china's caving in at all in fact there was some speculation they were selling u.s. treasuries which could you could read that this is one way of them retaliating against the worst case scenario no good for global consumers and i don't think either side really wants to reach that point so it's probably going to be further negotiations or resolution of the mention a bit earlier it's probably going to be actually end of the day determined by president xi jinping and president trump. because of the other big news coming out of is this morning is coming from the korean peninsula of course both those south
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korea closer economic cooperation how do you see these developments how does that play on the morrow will that play on the markets. was very positive were actually about to embark on a very long sort of holiday in south korea it's like the equivalent of american thanksgiving but again it's the sort of negotiations they will be long term the markets pretty much facts it in in terms of a better relationship between the north and the south and north is still very much aligned with china but all up when you have these political ties or a better more stable political environment this bodes well for sentiment and when you see markets like china down around twenty percent from their highs in january again the political stability only adds to some of the fundamental case about why should invest in asia comes from ron young from the delancey international thank you very much. back to europe where brags it is casting another shadow on british industry jackie down production and its plant near birmingham to
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three days per week until christmas a company owned by indian indian complement tata says the debate around diesel cost and uncertainty due to the british exit from the e.u. have forced the move this year towns have warned that brags it could cost up to one thousand jobs in the region the same time jaguar is hiring and ramping up production and slovakia. the city of meter instead of akio is already profiting from brags that india's tata motors is building a factory here at a cost of one and a half billion euros. is chosen to open a manufacturing plant where traditional british brands like jaguar and land rover will be rolling off the production line. the investment will create around eight thousand new jobs in the area. it's a very good economic boost for our city people here think the factories a very positive thing because it will lead to more economic development for fear.
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of if you want to. talk to us new factory is located close to many suppliers the german company impose a for example manufactures door components it's expecting to get business from jaguar and land rover compared to britain and germany it's an extremely competitive location. the moment it's india here at the moment an hour of work costs about a third of what it does in germany and in the next ten years it will probably be more like half. slovakia has become a hot spot for the european car industry new manufacturing hubs are opening up and existing facilities are being expanded. car companies operating here will be able to continue to benefit from the freedoms conferred by the membership of the e.u. the large scale investment has made it difficult for some companies to find staff
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folks wagon recently agreed to resellers to encourage its workers to stay. there was a four point seven percent rise at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year they'll be a further four point one percent rise. touch as a management is warning that a no deal brags it could prompt them to move more jaguar and land rover production out of the country a move that eastern european countries like slovakia would surely welcome. street vendors in bonn kolkata part of the city's landscape it's hard to imagine the thai capital without a boss the local authorities want to tidy up the streets and shifting away street vendors to less attractive locations. the vendors claim their livelihoods are being threatened while some say the plan could strip the city of its chom. life has become harder for digital in its business has been struggling since bangkok city
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authorities banned street vendors from parts of the city areas that are high traffic and frequented by tourists now he only makes around fifteen dollars a day. off the really high. up in the income is gone. why don't the authorities manage the areas like they did before. before they should make sure that the streets aren't messy but they shouldn't affect us. but it like. bank notes authorities want to clean up the city they have moved more than twenty thousand street vendors from several locations since twenty sixteen and they have identified more locations where vendors will be evicted but they are plans to do more than just disrupt the livelihood of the city street vendors critics say they are redefining bangkok's landscape yes i agree that you do need good management but then no i don't agree because i would like to keep bangkok as it is you know i'll
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bailable exotic good for them for the public so i didn't see some middle ground i think of how to manage their street food clearing out everything. that's all that's a twin and other street vendors want a plan that will allow them to stay and maintain their livelihoods. and that's all your business you're watching news live from terry and i will be back with an update to talk ya don't forget you can get all the latest news and information on the call on our web site that's. talk thank you very much for joining us.
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