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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2018 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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this is t w news line from fallon fears for serious ad lib province despite the deal to halt a military offensive refugees who fled it leprosy david reports of the hardships facing the loved ones they left behind they are skeptical about the turkish russian plan to establish a demilitarized zone will save syria's last battle stronghold also on the program they leaders of north and south korea agree sweeping measures to improve relations on the i agrees to close its main nuclear complex if the united states makes reciprocal moves the pressure on germany's coalition governments grow sas chance my
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macro sucks up the troubles ahead head of domestic intelligence and then promote him to a more powerful post. as we take a look inside nigeria's pentecostal mega churches. that is all by. crossroads look. out for your spot on. the privy to be a huge hit with locals but critics worry that the focus on economic problems and spiritual salvation is distorting christianity is real message. i'm still gail welcome to the program monday's deal between turkey and russia to establish a demilitarized zone in syria's province appears to have spared the regime from.
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all our government offensive despite this of aliens in it live still face harsh conditions and families who have already fled the region to turkey receive daily harrowing messages from loved ones who stayed behind they don't use you yohan reports from iran hardly on the turkish side of the syrian border. today's ago there were air strikes here again this little one was hurt can you see it thank god it was nothing worse. a sees a sister fatima only on what's up the this one is a few days old lives in a village. in the town of re homeless across the border in turkey he fled it's six years ago his sister remained behind. her house was destroyed and asked trike. she left with her
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children to our parents spillage for you. fatima simply did not believe the war would last this long and this. and they want to bring order of doomadgee chose me how he lives in turkey in a makeshift tent camp with his wife the hawk and five children the ole share one space although you know he and. we live here because nothing else is possible. and you know full of it should be he should see this place in winter. the ground outside gets muddy and it's ice cold but it's a really hard life that high as logically. as difficult as life might be here a boom a jade and his family are at least in safety three years ago turkey effectively closed its border with syria and built a wall several hundred kilometers long since then new refugees have officially not
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been allowed to enter. the effects of that decision can be seen here on the left on the turkish side empty space on the right in syria refugee camps practically to the horizon turkish aid groups feet. people there. in the way hum the markets many turks say they're glad syrians are no longer allowed to cross the border. we've already taken in too many syrians we can't take more and don't want to. live if we had to flee the fighting we do the same it's fine with me if they come on i understand that they need help and that the same could happen to us but still since they've been here a lot has changed too much shocked look there's a lot of those a little a generation of what thirty king our jobs we used to earn eighty liras
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a day. now the syrians do the same work for half the pay. was a little out. of duma geed and his family very much feel the hostility still they are grateful here in the camp turkey's president is considered a hero even more so since managing for now to avert a final bloody offensive on the. coffee of course it's not the end of the conflict. but when you're drowning you grasp at every straw. at least the killing will stop now i hope. whatever egypt's future is of duma geed wants to see his sister fatima again some day in peace and freedom and not just on a small screen. that's are some of the other stories making news around the world more than five million children are risk of famine in war torn yemen this is
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according to the latest report from save the children the charity says renewed fighting in what beta could disrupt supplies and cause starvation on an unprecedented scale the port city is the main artery for receiving humanitarian aid . policing. london are investigating a possible hate crime a car it's a crowd outside a mosque in the early hours of wednesday three people were injured one seriously police are searching for the driver and passengers who were allegedly made a slam a phobic comments before hitting the protestors and driving off. employees of the fast food chain mcdonald's went on strike across the united states demanding an end to sexual harassment participants accuse the company of failing to adequately address what they say is a widespread problem but also calling for i.d. housman training. the leaders of north and south korea have hailed a deal to improve ties between their countries in a highly symbolic move the south moon jail in even invited kim jong un to seoul in
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what would be the first ever post war visit by a north korean leader but progress on reducing nuclear tensions in the region was less clear cut kim jong un promised to close the country's main nuclear complex if the united states made reciprocal moves. to south korean president jay ends visit to his northern neighbor kim jong un more carefully staged displays of harmony along with a generous serving of cup. the two leaders selling their pact as a breakthrough they've announced kim will become the first northern leader to visit seoul another step along the road to peace they say. we have adopted a military pact to end the history of brutal confrontation and agreed to make efforts to turn the korean peninsula into a land of peace they also promised to hold family reunions regularly that's after
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dozens of relatives from the north and south separated in the one nine hundred fifty s. recently met. and the leaders agreed to disarm a jointly controlled border village starting with the removal of landmines. they also said they've made progress on the issue the world's watching denuclearization . south and north korea have agreed on a way to achieve denuclearization for the first time it's a very meaningful outcome. the north says it will allow international inspectors to observe the dismantling of its main missile testing site but it's repeatedly promised its closure in the past and the north has now made closing its nuclear plant young beyond dependent on reciprocal steps from the u.s. without saying what exactly they want.
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both leaders have been keen to put on a display of unity at this summit but it's left experts debating if this is a big deal or yet more empty promise says. professor robert e. kelley is a political scientist at south korea's prison national university i asked him if this summit actually achieved anything substantial. a little bit i think probably the most important thing meaningful is that the north koreans considered inviting inspectors into the country and now it seems like the two facilities they want to comment have inspectors look at party been decommissioned in one way or another and that might not actually get relevant to the north korean program anymore so i'm not sure that that's actually a major concession that's up for debate probably in the next couple weeks we'll see what that means but inspectors are something new right and we know the north koreans don't like inspectors foreigners can operate freely in north korea at all right so if we get that from them that's actually a pretty good start there's enough to keep the process limping along right donald trump said i sent a tweet or two afterwards saying this is sort of a good step so it's still ok but you know there has been movement on the really big
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issues of nuclear weapons and missiles yeah let's let's talk about a little closer so that no there's a great to potentially dismantle its main nuclear site if the united states makes concessions and makes reciprocal concessions i just can't believe the united states will agree to this. yeah that's actually a really good question under this president right i mean in the back states is actually were neg done two deals with nuclear states in the past first with libya and now with the iranians on my fire the north koreans i'm not sure just all talk i probably wouldn't but so i think it's one of the reasons why this process is moving so slowly right we don't trust the north koreans and they don't trust us their credibility problems on both sides right and right now we're stuck in that problem right the north koreans want americans to go first and vice versa i think that's one of the reasons why moon went to pyongyang as to force this process along with the north koreans didn't give very much right and now expect trying to give something back. i was political scientist robert kelly from south korea's president
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national university. germany's national coalition government is under pressure after chancellor merkel sacked a controversial domestic intelligence chief and then promoted him to a more powerful position and scale mohsen came under fire after a question the authenticity of a video that showed mobs chasing men they presume to be migrants during recent right wing riots in the city of candidates despite contradicting the chancellor's view of events mohsen will now become second in command of the interior ministry will be working for the rebellious interior minister jose hoffa zehava has defended massa is unlikely promotion saying that all three party leaders in germany's coalition government agreed to the compromise the center left social democrats who are part of that coalition wanted martensite are some party members are questioning the deal struck by their leadership and the chances of stars. and political
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correspondent maximally on the coach as he has more on this so welcome maximiliano so people are going to look at this and asked well how does a civil servant publicly contradict the chancellor generate all this controversy and that and then get promoted instead of fired well this is a situation we've already seen before it's a question of how these three quotations hotness the conservatives and the social democrats are agreeing on a situation where they're clearly not the social democrats have asked for the removal of the. mosque and from his post as the domestic intelligence at the domestic intelligence service but instead he's been removed from this post but instead being promoted and it's shown that these coalition partners have just not managed a style within their leadership where they can actually have one president go see through the other but instead are always going for a rather crippling compromise so where does this leave germany's coalition government so now. every one of these partners is trying to. spin this as their own
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success and where we're seeing is that they do in a collision part of the social democrats are suffering from the suspicion the most and you can see this for example by the way the party's general secretary last kingdom has responded to the situation we have in fact a clip of that said to. us and would not have been made deputy minister under an s.p.d. interior minister the innocent and it's also important to point out that even the chancellor distanced herself from hosts a whole for bringing mass in into his interior ministry looks like another appeal to the chancellor and i don't know how that will affect the coalition's internal relations in future the last bit of so much really on what how is this going to go down with voters suspects lee very badly will be seen is that even just six months into this coalition government the this is. the. sorry
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voters are really unhappy with how the government is having situations like these they're screened only a third of german voters being happy with the government conducting their policies and the bun durative german vote is a really unhappy with these kind of crippling compromises as we have seen in the last six months of damned if they do damned if they don't max million itoshi thank you for. two nigeria now the booming business of worship the country's pentecostal churches are packing in believes every weekend with a message of economic hope in tough times but the focus on charismatic pastors the price tag comes with regular attendance as were mainstream christian critics the w.'s ready for shop reports from all time in nigeria's open state. a typical sunday for some fourteen million nigerians. to. celebrate do stuff you can still go on while coming teams of people into one of the roughly five hundred pentecostal
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churches in the country and joining a service today in one of these mega churches just outside of lagos it's the third biggest one in nigeria already the church service today and as you can feel. it was . pretty big leave. the service rather quietly but people don't stay in their seats for long. the pastor calls himself a bishop here and he celebrated like a star david asked him a to growth place one hundred fifty million u.s. dollars and many of his followers you're in for that kind of well oiled up was prosperity gospel resonates with. those who have no plan that is are your. best crossroads will start you know should tell your son. the big donation
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baskets fill quickly the belief is the more you give during and after the church service the more you're going with. the church there are many more ways to spend money how about only oil sold for five dollars per bottle this is not to eat it is to put on your hat why. not see the course. it's not. keno for anything but once you believe i use the oil swap for you if cure sickness sees. any pentecostal churches compete for members each promises economic salvation a solution and people want to believe in them especially in times of hardship. jesus that's also the first billboard you see when you and thirty university of lagos. is a professor of religious studies he says nigeria is one of the most religious
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countries in africa but he's concerned about the focus of pentecostal churches is dangerous because. every day revolves around a pastor and then the tendency. to shift in. the past and not god. the lifestyle of the past becomes this turned out not out of christ the sas people's faith is being exploited and converted into a commercial business the price tag most of these pastors are not there to serve. insets and when you question on some of the practices of the group to support says that jesus was not all he's always had the best of d.z. i did this. churches are not trick wired to pay taxes but you don't rise in extreme poverty so politicians want to change that still it's
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a highly unpopular idea on those who believe the positive changes only possible through their faith and their common. other's faults the return of the champions league saw two of germany's most high profile coaches face off last year going to clubs liverpool welcomed thomas to calls perry sandra liverpool took the lead early on through daniel sturridge before james milner doubled their vantage from the penalty spot thomas mooney pulled bob out for parish just before half time kenny and looked to have snatched a late equaliser with robert to fermina secure three points from the pool with an injury time with a final score three two. years actually so plenty of high scoring matches across europe a little messy hard tricks or barcelona beat p.s.v. eindhoven dortmund snatched a close win over a club bruges while shall porter a shared the spoils monaco lost at home to athletico madrid and ghattas or so off
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lokomotiv moscow. is more champions league action tonight with biron going it traffics in lisbon to face benfica the bundesliga champions a king to counter that dominance of the german domestically lead on to the international stage. byron's quest to repeat their two thousand and thirteen champions league victory has defined their recent seasons despite for a semifinal appearances in the five years big name coaches have failed to byron's by titles. in his first champions league campaign coach nico is aiming to triumph where his predecessors tumbled. so when we want to start in the group stage just as we did in the bundesliga this will help build the confidence will need to carry into the next games. his first test as benfica who won the tournament twice in the one nine hundred sixty s. . however they are content with making it through to the knockout rounds biran have
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never lost to benfica but coach rui victoria is looking to springing up. what can make the difference is we can be a team a team that believes in what it's doing. we must respect the opponent but also in some moments of the game we have to have the arrogance of wanting to win the match . and his injury depleted side face their toughest test yet and byron success this season will be judged by just how far they go in europe's top competition. is reacting to the latest trade tariffs on the united states. business update. the latest escalation off the trade war between the two top economies the states are getting after another exchange of tariffs china's second highest official described the state of the world as at the crossroads between globalization and localization. chinese premier league has urged
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governments to defend free trade after the latest round of tit for tat tariff action between washington and beijing gold also promised to improve conditions for foreign companies in china. that it is indeed necessary to cooperate fairly and to maintain the principal rules of multilateralism and free trade because no matter how much these rules need to improve only what it offers us is inclusive of the it's progress for how many civilizations if there are issues that we should resolve them through negotiation no unilateral action stands a chance of solving the problems we. see china faces a tough balancing act that has to uphold a multilateralist message decrying washington's protectionism while defending itself against complaints of its own unfair trade practices it's now slap retaliatory duties on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. products in response to washington's new taxes on two hundred billion dollars worth
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of chinese goods first part you was president donald trump appears unmoved he spoke at a news briefing alongside the president of poland we are the people back to the world we've been ripped off by china we've been ripped off by excuse me mr president the european union. of which you're a part of. we've been ripped off by everybody. and i want to protect the american worker the american farmer the richer the companies . and we're not being ripped off you will see it's not clear whether the two sides will press on with talks to resolve the dispute meanwhile beijing is running out of u.s. imports to target in contrast the u.s. imports much more from china than the other way around that means it has more room to expand its tariff fringing to affectively cover all chinese imports. back here
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and year of the c.e.o. of denmark's largest bank thomas boggs resigned over his role in a money laundering scandal he admitted that the bank had done too little to stop the flow of illegal money between two thousand and seven and twenty fifteen dystonia and branch of the band around two hundred billion euros from suspicious russian sources moving it from one account to another the bank's chairman said he too plans to leave his post soon following one of europe's worst ever backing scandals. this gavel has dragged on for quite a while now let's bring. in frankfurt our financial correspondent daniel why has it taken so long for the dance the c.e.o. to step down. yeah exactly and it has been taking extremely long i mean we're talking about a timeframe between two thousand and seven and two thousand and fifteen and yes it
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is quite significant it seems that many inside off the land there felt that something was going wrong they also did internal investigations but it seems that many warnings also where it can order and initially nobody was willing to report warns of going wrong we have received a statement today from the lender there saying that there is no doubt that they as an organisation have failed in this situation and did not live up to the expectations off their millions of customers after the news was breaking today shares of the lender fell by eight per sandin the current c.e.o. will remain in office and to a until a new one will be found and in charge and it seems that there will be lots of things on the edge gender for him or her and now there of course they want to make sure that something like that can't happen again the bank said it had taken actions now including our warnings this missile a loss of bonus payments and reporting to the authorities just to make sure something like that is not going to happen again. in frankfurt thank you.
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i'm from one scandal to the next authorities are not about to let germany's carmakers off the hook this time it's the european commission's anti trust watchdog that's variance to launch a formal investigation into alleged collusion by germany's five largest car makers billions of euros in fines could follow. if true it would be a scandal the e.u.'s antitrust authority suspects germany's largest carmakers of coalition when allegations first emerged last year timeline folks are going to a quick to come forward hoping to lower any potential fines investigators searched the company's headquarters for proof now the e.u. commission says that since the one nine hundred ninety s. b.m.w. folks bogen and his two subsidiaries porsche collaborated illegally in areas including vehicle technology costs suppliers markets and strategy investigation
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covers collusion on the tank sizes for the diesel exhaust fluid add blue add blue lowers nitrogen oxide in diesel vehicle emissions the five car makers suspected of trying to keep the tank small to reduce costs. if proven this collision between a circle of five may have the ny consumers the possibility to buy less polluting cars despite this technology being available to the money for the manufacturers if proven those car makers would also have to pay billions of euros in fines and it's not the only cost the face their reputations are. at stake now. the u.s. . has confirmed that it is being investigated by the u.s. justice department prosecutors open to fraud investigation after c.e.o. a long mosque tweeted last month that he wanted to take private and had funding secured for the deal that caused the stock price to jump. off talk of going private
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normally taken a huge company private would be explained in detail before hand to regulators comic who is also facing an investigation by the securities and exchange commission and lawsuits from investors value as almost a third since must initial tweets. and that's all your business here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you the leaders of north and south korea have agreed sweeping measures to improve relations and to diffuse nuclear tensions the north one problem promised to close the country's main nuclear complex as well as a missile test inside if the united states also makes concessions. you're watching news from berlin and more coming at the top of the hour thank you very much for joining a bubble. for
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