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this is did everybody who's live from berlin must do better we're just six months to go until break that that's europe's message to the u.k. a senior official says some progress has been made on an exit deal but london will need to rework its position on the irish border and future tree ties were insults were of all sure were e.u. leaders are gathering for a summit also coming up the leaders of the north and south korea agree to a sweeping measures to improve relations john yang agrees to close its main nuclear
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complex that is if the united states makes reciprocal moves and borders to get champions byard munich shrapnel to lisbon to take on portuguese powerhouse ben fico and the first round of the champions league group stage. thanks for your company everyone well with just six months to go before britain is to leave the e.u. the european council president is warning that key parts of britain's briggs it proposals need to be revised well as e.u. leaders gather for a summit in the austrian city of salzburg donald tusk said london has to rework its position on issues linked to the irish border and future trade ties with europe to risk did acknowledge that some progress had been made albeit rather late in the day let's take a listen to what he said exactly. today there's perhaps more hope. surely
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less and less time. for the left we must see for talks i would like to finalize them through this autumn. this is why tomorrow for meeting of the twenty seven i will propose calling an addition of. around the minutes with. our right to also a word of warning there to london ahead of a no other key summit less cost to salzburg austria where do you correspondent max hofmann is covering events for us good to see a max so summit sure donald tusk is now saying he wants to call an extra summit in november one of his main concerns is ireland is this ever going to be resolved. a promise late at some point it will be resolved but i can't tell you when exactly
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and i can't tell you how exactly although we have a pretty clear idea of what a possible roadmap might look like now you see this is the end of the beginning rather of the end game you can see the rhetoric being pumped up you can see both sides accusing the other side of not compromising enough this will probably continue even ramp up the pressure in the coming weeks and possibly end in the november summit wants to call some say it might be even be another summit in december but that will be the last call because then the deadline for the european parliament to agree whatever is decided is extremely tight and most people think at least that this is the way it's going to happen to avoid a hard drugs but you're right one of the unresolved issues that's very tricky is of course ireland's now in the meantime a u.k. brags that minister dominic rob says there will not be a second referendum in britain ruling that out on any exit deal and that a deal is within reach but mr dollar just doesn't seem that convinced are we almost
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back to square one. well you twenty seven it's not for them to call whether they'll be a second referendum or not but i can tell you that in brussels and also here in salisbury where i am at the moment they don't expect this to happen any more now as for the quantity of what has already been agreed probably most people see it that way our sources say that eighty five percent of the issues have been resolved but the two remaining issues that you already mentioned that are very sticky are the hardest to resolve and you know nothing is agreed until everything is agreed so first one is future trade ties trade relations will that be a free trade agreement or will the brits try to remain part of the single market that's unclear and then of course ireland i mentioned let me explain just very shortly what this is about the island of ireland is made up of northern ireland which is part of the united kingdom and the rest of the island is the republic of ireland which is part of the european union they don't have
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a hard border because of the e.u. at the moment and people are worried that once they have a hard border again if they have a hard border then this might have tensions flare up so we're not back to square one a lot of issues are resolved but not enough to avoid a hard break all right max hofmann reporting from salzburg austria thank you. the leaders of north and south korea have hailed a deal to improve ties between their countries and a highly symbolic move the south's moon j. and even invited kim jong on to seoul and what would be the first ever visit by a north korean leader but progress on reducing nuclear tensions in the region was less clear cut kim jong un promised to close the country's main nuclear complex that is if the united states made reciprocal moves. day two of south korean president visit to his northern neighbor kim jong un more carefully staged displays of harmony along with the generous serving of.
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the two leaders selling their pact as a breakthrough they've announced kim will become the first northern leader to visit seoul another step along the road to peace they say. we have adopted a military pact to end a history of brutal confrontation and the great to make efforts to turn the korean peninsula into a land of peace they also promise to hold family reunions regularly that's off to dozens of relatives from the north and south separated in the one nine hundred fifty s. recently met. and the leaders agreed to disarm a jointly controlled border village starting with the removal of land mines they also said they've made progress on the issue the world's watching denuclearization . south and north korea have agreed on a way to achieve denuclearization for the first time it's
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a very meaningful outcome. the north says it will allow international inspectors to observe the dismantling of its main missile testing site but it's repeatedly promised its closure in the past and the north has now made closing its nuclear plant beyond dependent on reciprocal steps from the u.s. without saying what exactly they want. both leaders have been keen to put on a display of unity at this summit but it's left experts debating if this is a big deal or yet more empty promise says. let's get you caught up now with some of the other stories making news around the world. a court in pakistan has ordered the release of former prime minister nawaz sharif and his daughter pending an appeal to a hearing the country's three time leader was removed from office and jailed for corruption back in july well sharif says the charges are politically motivated.
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ugandan pop star turned politician bobby wine is returning home from the u.s. after receiving treatment for injuries he says were sustained as a result of torture by ugandan authorities the opposition m.p. was arrested in august and charged with treason for his alleged role in an incident in which the president's motorcade was pelted with stones. employees at the fast food chain mcdonald's went on strike across the united states demanding an end to sexual harassment participants accuse the company of failing to adequately address what they say is a widespread problem they're also calling for anti harassment training. german chancellor angela merkel's fragile government is under renewed pressure after coalition leaders agreed to remove a controversial intelligence chief. and was under fire after he contradicted the
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chancellor over the extent of recent far right violence while now her authority is being called into question after she allowed her powerful interior minister to promote the spy chief to a more senior position. most german newspapers have reacted with scorn the promotion of the controversial head of germany's domestic intelligence agency hunts mass and there's also provoked exasperate on the streets and a farmer in the private sector he would have been kicked out if you mess up you go it's that simple and does. i think it's bad really if he has to leave his office he shouldn't get a promotion in the final few hundred incision after the other by the government must and should have gone. after yesterday's decision to promote martin to a more senior position in the interior ministry there was no comment from coalition leaders they left without stepping in front of the microphones. and at chancellor
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angela merkel's first official engagement of the day she still avoided addressing the issue. in the wake of far right and rest in kemet marson who defied the chancellor by questioning the authenticity of a video showing mobs chasing down migrants. merkel had said the video was real and condemned the actions shown calls for mawson's dismissal grew louder. yet merkel's interior minister. stood firmly by his side today he denied any responsibility for the controversy. i'd like to point out that i didn't start the discussion around mr marson or his agency. and it's i can't say that mr marson wanted this to happen he didn't push me to do anything just to stress that is ok. he's
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a civil servant who will do his duty wherever he posted. that. officials have presented this reshuffle as a necessary political compromise but many will interpret it as a cynical act of face saving that is unlikely to boost trust in government. and our reactions to masses removal and subsequent promotion have been swift a number of political figures have spoken out and i'd like to now welcome and her clothes that she is the head of the young socialists and berlin the youth organization of the social democrats a very good evening miss close of the first things first house the leader of the social democrats miss not has been outmaneuvered by the interior minister mr say offer. well i'd say so yes actually i mean it's a success after all that says that he was able to remove mass and.
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from this old post but now that he's now joining the government that's i would say a big success for haas they will fire the interior minister and actually have the defeat at say mostly for america but also for the social democratic party opposes the big question that is we want to protect our democracy and that's why we wanted to remove mass from his responsibility and now he's having an even more powerful office and this well quest. since on the how we how successful we were by protecting our democracy from this guy and from his conspiracy theories so do you think this is a mistake yes i think it's a huge mistake because it undermines. trust in democracy from our population and also shows that machall actually is quite powerless. it will follow interior minister that she has no power anymore really to have this in who
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is joining her government and also for the social democratic party it's very difficult to tell the people how they can admit someone who's protecting far right movements and corresponding with them how can they allow to join government with them but they were take issue with that argument i presume because what the s.p.d. wanted was for mr marson to be removed that has happened they achieved that i know that's that's great that they choose that but it's a really big mistake that now he's joining government because there he's going to have responsibility also for interior affairs and what kind of signs that to our population for our voters who really strongly believe that's as big as fighting against the far right that the s.p.d. is a democratic force and now well yes they have removed him from his films also so that's a success but now in joining government and being even promoted for making huge mistakes i mean nobody is going to understand why that happens if you do if you
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make a mistake in your job usually well you get fired or you have to face some bad consequences for that and this guy well he's getting promoted for making a mistake. what would have been the solution the acceptable solution for you and the youth department of the s.p.d. because i mean mr knowledges his back was against the wall i mean this coalition has been going from crisis mode to crisis mode this was the most acceptable solution for all parties involved well the most acceptable solution as that massa is removed from is also and is not in responsibility for any government actions anymore and that has not happened so i would say if they will so i wouldn't would i wasn't villa to let them go there would have been responsibility to let the will forego but she was not able to do that and she didn't have the courage to stand up for a democrat for democracy and for well it would have been her responsibility to step in there and safe
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a coalition for any more trouble than has been horse see how far we have been pushing this coalition from crisis to crisis everything it's a beginning the last time we saw it in june when you was like pushing his points about closing the borders and even more repressions on refugees and now he's doing the same thing with mass and with someone who is like as i said put in with the right and still she's not able to weld the coalitions travel this the waters and. the politics that our country needs in closing what is your base telling you what are the young voters that the young members of the s.p.d. telling you they are so disappointed right now well many people thought that the one thing that the social social democracy is really strong for at the moment is the fight against the far right and now there were disappointed because i think that well they're letting people who are supporting the far right join the government and are not able to really fight against that so they're disciplined and
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don't really know what to do and they were close head of the young socialists are here in berlin thank you for weighing in and sharing your perspective on this issue . next up one of europe's worst ever banking scandals cost the c.e.o. of denmark's biggest lender his job and christoph has more on that story. as last many might say thomas borgen c.e.o. of duns good bank has resigned over his role in this money laundering scandal he had made it that his bank had done too little to stop the flow of illegal tash between two thousand and seven and twenty fifteen the story and branch of the bank handled around two hundred billion euros from suspicious russian sources moving it from one account to another the banks chairman said he too planned to leave his post soon following one of europe's worst ever banking scandal it's. now let's bring in our financial correspondent daniel daniel this scandal has dragged on for
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quite a while why did it take so much time for the c.e.o. of dunster bank to step down. well we are learning that it was probably the case that inside of the lender many felt already for a very long time that something was just you know gone wrong that they had internal investigation but it seems that many warnings were ignored and initially nobody was willing to report what was going on after the news was breaking shares of the bank fell today by eight percent the currency also will remain in office until a new one will be and charge and it seems that they will be a lot of topics on the edge and now they are promising of course to make sure that a situation like that won't happen again now investors seem upbeat today give us your wrap of thursday's trading session. yeah exactly of class here half of her stand at the level of twelve thousand two hundred and nineteen points at the blue chip index that says how the trading day finished here the biggest
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winner today is the linda and the reason why is that happening because it seems to be the case that the merger with the u.s. american giant praxair could be approved by authorities in the united states therefore we see a big plus here of eight per cent of course the trade conflict is certainly still an issue but we have not heard any new strong rhetoric neither from the chinese nor the american side also the dow jones in the united states has been helping today a jump during the trading session over zero point seven per cent and reaching a six month high there in new york and besides the trade for breakfast a big topic here as well even though we're hearing about a possible new breakfast summit in november many investors are not very optimistic that a break that deal will be reached then your hope and thank you so much. turkey has slashed financial requirements for foreigners wanting the country's citizenship
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under the new rules the amount of required fixed capital investment has been cut to a fourth two million to five hundred thousand dollars the requisite size of bank deposits was cut from three million to five hundred thousand dollars because appeared to be aimed at boosting foreign investment flows and propping up the ailing turkish lira. the future of train travel is on display in berlin the biannual in all trans fare showcases new technologies and some comfortable options for travelers times are less comfortable for german train makers however they are largely dependent on exporting their goods but the competition is getting stronger. stumbled into the inner trans trade fair and you'd be forgiven for thinking it's little more than a lot of men looking at a lot of trades but many of these people are transport experts keenly the competition they're excited about what they can see and what they can touch and
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they're checking out the newest mechanisms to connect one train carriage to another device known as the coupling truck was as good doesn't there shako from sounds good saturday and we're looking at the couplings on all the trains here is about this train is really interesting because the couplings are relatively small my colleagues going right in their face and he has two meters tall sergey sit down. the sector is booming including here in germany fifty thousand employees and more than ten billion euros in revenue every second train made in germany is slated for export the german train industries competing with international companies from around the world and they're hoping to shine it in a child's the main competition comes from china sea aussie the world's largest railway equipment manufacturer is pushing its way into the european market even making locomotives for dacha. and my smile this doesn't the most impressive thing is that even rail traffic is slowly starting to think about sustainability and not
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only wasting resources you know thinking about the future and what we leave behind is an asset elation twenty eighteen yes like the car industry or the. but the german transport minister can forget about the beleaguered car industry for a minute in a trans is one of the more pleasant events in his agenda. you know about you for being a very of wagons efficient ecological quiet beautiful don't you think. taking a train will be much more pleasant in the future a play area for children. it's all possible in theory but in practice cancellations delays concedes what everyday travel is experience is a world away from what goes on show here. but in a trams wants to think big enough to rule the competition never sleeps most of the time anyway. and a speculator thank you so much christophe female genital mutilation after there's
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a painful and dangerous procedure practiced on young girls in communities around the world in india members of an islamic sect are defending the practice citing religious freedom and they're using social media to promote their position which has sparked a backlash both against them and i guess twitter off more here is our social media editor jared reed good to see you jerry tell us about this group and their position regarding this practice right so there's a subsect of shia islam and they're called the woody bora community and female genital mutilation is something that is commonly practiced in this group and over the last year in response to more awareness and global pushback against the practice they have also come out and there are into their own practices particularly what they call the cuffs which is the term they used to describe female genital cutting now the group is called da woody bora women for religious freedom they're active online they have a website and a twitter presence
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a relatively small one are around fifteen hundred twitter followers but it's full of first person accounts of women who have undergone the practice. and they wanted to continue because they say it's their religious right now what's made people upset is that it appears twitter has allowed the group to pay to promote itself and what that means is that a tweet from the group has appeared on the timelines of people who don't follow them the tweeting question is a video statement from an accountant who just drives in fairly positive terms her experience of having undergone the costs let's have a listen. do you know your i mean myself i have undergone and i know most people think i'm being controlled my own emotions associated. in fact i don't want to be a show and never have fun don't mind if you just write and you might want to close minded on and bring out the stuff you don't you know didn't.
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people who had this video promoting the practice coming to their twitter followers twitter feeds without warning were upset and they complained to twitter. notices that and has stopped allowing the tweets these particular tweet to be promoted although if you're still online of course there are broader questions about whether what this group is claiming violates twitter policies but it hasn't made any statement like let's talk about international health bodies were they saying about ok so the world health organization says female genital mutilation is human rights violation it's categorized into four categories depart depending on severity but basically it says regardless of the practice what degree it falls into it's all classified as mutilation this group in india says that they're against mutilation and they say that they practice isn't mutilation because they say it's not harmful to girls which is against the evidence the science and what the world health
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organization says which says there are no health benefits to causing in fact there are quite severe psychological and physical impacts to as a group of cold we speak out there trying to drive harm this message on social media there from this same community they goal is to completely end the practice in india another group of women who were caught as children in india have established a petition on change talk all gets reaching around two hundred thousand signatures nearly that i say it has nothing to do really with religion and these more of a cultural practice that they want to and so we can see a concerted push within india in particular in the woody bora community to try and frame algy genital mutilation in the country thank you. the champions league action continues tonight with byron unit travelling to lisbon to face been feet under new coach nico batched the bundesliga champions are gunning
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for a strong start they're desperate to win the tournament this season after a frustrating run in the past few years. byron's quest to repeat their twenty thirteen champions league victory has defined their recent seasons despite for a semi final appearances in the five years big name coaches have failed to byron's five titles. and his first champions league campaign. is aiming to triumph where his predecessors tumbles views into the head so when we want to start in the group stages just as we did in the bundesliga this will help build the confidence will need to carry into the next games on the know when the new students who can. first test is benfica who won the tournament twice in the one nine hundred sixty s. these days however they are content with making it through to the knockout rounds biran have never lost to benfica but coach rui victoria is looking to spring an
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upset. what can make the difference is we can be a team a team that believes in what it's doing. we must respect the opponent but also in some moments of the game we have to have the arrogance of wanting to win the match . with them by going to have an update on. his injury depleted side faced their toughest test yet and biron success this season will be judged by just how far they go in europe's top competition. and that's it for us for now i'm brian on behalf of the entire news team thank you so much for spending part of your day with us the news continues at the top of the hour see that.
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