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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2018 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin europe's latest effort to break the deadlock over migration key players in europe's migration debate meetings are support for the second day of the e.u. summit can they bridge the divide over an issue that's become a rallying call for europe's populist parties also coming up a hopeful odyssey through the balkans turns into a nightmare meet some of the thousands of migrants stuck just outside the e.u. in bosnia and see traces of the violence they've met along the way. north and south
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korea appeared to scale new heights of cooperation as washington signals its intent to restart talks with pyongyang but after a heavy summit is the north is the korean peninsula any closer to denuclearization . hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us migration is set to dominate talks today as european leaders gather for a key summit in the austrian city of book italy austria and several central european countries favor stronger external borders and oppose attempts to redistribute asylum seekers throughout the block other governments fear the issue will help populist parties gain ground in elections next year but last night was all about brags that the european council president oliver thomas warns that key parts of the u.k.'s brags of proposals need revising if
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a deal is to be reached. it's being described as an informal summit. austrian chancellor's a pasty and cooks appear to be living up to the relaxed atmosphere as british prime minister to resign may arrive for dinner. but her main task is to convince the whole of the e.u. that her brags that package will work. ahead of formal negotiations may remained positive in the face of continuing harsh criticism over her exit proposals i believe this is the right proposal because it maintains frictionless trade it's the only credible and the goetia will plan on the table that delivers no hard border and although i'd also delivers on the votes of the british people and if we're going to achieve a successful conclusion then just as the u.k. has evolved its position the e.u. will need to evolve its position to. german chancellor angela merkel spoke to waiting journalists on her arrival in salisbury and reflected
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a spirit of positive relations. i hope that we can have an exit that takes place in a good half noosphere that there's respect for each other and that in certain areas very close cooperation is possible namely in the areas of security domestic and also foreign security. but earlier top e.u. official donnel to scuttle word of warning ahead of the talks on the issue of thoughts of the irish question. or the framework for economic cooperation they are case proposals will need to be reworked and further negotiated today those perhaps more hope. about those surely less and less starting. average day that if left we must. talks i would like to finalize them still this alter who. smiles all around on arrival at the sound spread venue
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however negotiations to avoid a hard braggart could quickly dampen the mood. well for the very latest let's cross over to salzburg where our correspondent max hoffman is standing by max many of the participants have arrived now for today's talks did they give any impression whether any progress was made over dinner last night not a whole lot on substance we do know now that the november summit on the brags that that was discussed last night and that we've heard about for the last weeks will happen in quotes the austrian chancellor confirmed as much and you know the most interesting part was that most of the heads of state and government heads of state and government are arriving here stressed that the atmosphere was much better than in the past on the topic of migration that made up most of the time but also on
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the topic of bragg's threesome a the prime minister of the u.k. got to present officially present the so-called checkers plan that was on the table since to live it's the first time she's officially presented it so atmosphere not bad as for substance not much ok you mentioned migration already of course i was as you say a big topic last night over dinner can we expect e.u. leaders to find any common ground here or will that issue continue to divide the union. it depends which part of the whole migration problem if you want to call it that way if it's about the redistribution of migrants or refugees within the european union no progress has been made. at madrid as much he said as the president of the european the temporary president of the european council at the mo at the moment so the host country i have to put it on the agenda because some countries wanted on the agenda but i'm telling you it's not the solution at least that's his opinion he said the solution is securing the
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outer borders and cooperating with the northern african countries to have disembarkation platforms just another term for for refugee camps basically that are not on european soil and the head of the e.u. commission also commented on that topic when arriving here saying that we haven't really made much progress but i'm confident that we will have a solution for guarding the outer borders and those camps by the end of the year max thank you very much d.w. correspondent max huffman that talking to us from salt. well migration is expected to be high on today's agenda at that informal summit in salzburg and at the height of europe's migration crisis in two thousand and fifteen the overland passage through the balkans saw a surge in asylum seekers but a key transit country hungry erected a border fence two years ago that effectively blocked the popular routes north
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forcing migrants to seek out alternatives now e.u. estimates around four thousand migrants are stuck just outside. near the bosnian border many allege that they have suffered violence at the hands of border guards a reporter find the visits a makeshift migrant camp to investigate. getting to the e.u. has been an impossible fate for this afghan refugee ever since a buckin route was closed two years ago. made it to serbia last year he recently arrived in the small boston in town of the hutch near the border with croatia an e.u. country. and barter when it on sunday night try to align with. border croatia border when it on how far in the way of eating a lot of very few allegations against gration like those by name
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a tool of asean unmounting d.w. reporters took photos during many visits to north western policy at sego vino the summer refugees there say these injuries were inflicted by creation border police. an hour north of here is one of the border crossings integration into the. we confront a local border police chief with the allegations but he dismisses them. the croatian police strictly adhered to the law and regulations i emphatically reject every allegation that the croatian police are acting unlawfully. called the e.u. border runs right through a former warsaw dominantly muslim be had was heavily contested during the bosnian war and hostages many refugees. in one nine hundred ninety two
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there were more than fifty thousand refugees here so the number of migrants today is not really so high many think it's high simply because there's no solution in sight. very close to three thousand eight hundred thirty. like often in this multi-ethnic state the nationalist parties of the boss next creations and have been at odds also on this issue and elections are imminent. nationalists here in a half used to my current question from the beginning of this election campaign to the nationalists the migrants on issue for the e.u. to resolve since that's where they want to go brussels has given us organizations seven point two million euros this year to help asylum seekers but most and be hutch say that's not a viable solution the town has built up a modest tourism industry sensible seymour and it's twenty three years ago a model which for example runs a guest house on the river
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a favorite spot for because and nature love us especially from the middle east. we have a lot of arab visitors who don't want to get in a situation where the police are checking their i.d.'s and assuming they're migrants that's why fewer of them are coming here now but people still invested heavily in tourism so we would. and that will inevitably make life for a few chase such as name of. here even horse many living just outside the e.u.'s external borders say the europeans are merely shifting the problem further down the ball come route. now let's check out some other stories making news around the world today former malaysian prime minister najib razak has been arrested and is due in court he faces fresh charges of money laundering and abusing his position apollo's allegations that six hundred twenty eight million dollars linked to a state investment fund ended up in his personal bank accounts. supporters of
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pakistan's prime minister nawaz sharif and his daughter have celebrated their release propre is in the country's three time leader was removed from office and jailed for corruption in july but has been freed pending an appeal hearing sherry says the. arches are politically motivated. mexicans have held a minute of silence to mark one year since an earthquake killed more than three hundred sixty people mourners held their arms aloft in a signal that was used by rescuers to call for silence it has since become a symbol of remembrance and solidarity. footage has emerged of the moment a rare fire tornado snatched of firefighters hose in british columbia in canada happened in august as more than five hundred wildfires were blazing across the region fueled by rising heat and high winds.
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the leaders of north and south korea are concluding three days of talks with the hike up the north's scenic mount pick to move in and kim jong un are keen to show they can overcome obstacles together after agreeing a raft of measures to improve ties between the two countries they've been at pains to show a united front but the rift between washington and pyongyang over denuclearization could still prove a stumbling block toward peace on the peninsula. it was a spectacular ending to the second day of the into korean summit in pyongyang. side by side north korean leader kim jong un and south korean president moon day in attend a mass performance entitled brilliant fatherland. the one hundred fifty thousand spectators at the event could be forgiven in thinking that the show's title could soon apply to a unified korea. monger
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sharon king drove home and i hold the hands of eighty million north and south korean people and will create a new homeland let's move forward into a new future together. you need to cation may still be some way off but the denuclearization of the peninsula might happen sooner. so we've developed a military pact to end a history of brutal confrontational and agreed to make efforts to turn the korean peninsula into a land of peace. these efforts including allowing international inspectors to observe the dismantling of its main rocket launch site the north has repeatedly promised its closure and the past without delivering. but kim jong un says the closure of the young be a nuclear plant depends on reciprocal steps by the united states what he means by that is unclear. in june donald trump became the
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first u.s. president to meet with a north korean leader analysts believe that north korea will want the u.s. to declare a formal end to the korean war possibly demanding withdrawal of u.s. forces in the south and a relief from sanctions that are hurting north korea's struggling economy. president trump has not ruled out making concessions. what was you what is what they will say but in the meantime we're talking to a very calm he's gone so we'll see what happens. for koreans even small steps towards. our reasons for optimism after so many years of tensions and they like what they're seeing after all their leaders have never been this close before. cancer rates higher on the rise in china with the disease now the country's most common cause of death it's an epidemic the chinese health care
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system was ill prepared for saddling many families with a heavy financial burden the consequences can be dramatic. a missing person poster is old has to keep his hopes alive his son disappeared six months ago keeps a log of the cities where he's already hung up other posters. not feeling well this pressure is too much. i sleep badly and i can hardly eat. gone why is tang only son he shows us some photos from happier days the young man was studying to become a pharmacist but then came the stomach cancer diagnosis gone why fear the cost of treatment would drive his parents to ruin don't look for me you won't find me was what he wrote in his farewell note. he couldn't stand the pressure we're
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poor he thought we couldn't handle the financial burden he couldn't bear the situation he put us in he was too young you know. last year his son completed his studies he just wanted to stores possessions at his parents' house until he could find work then came the diagnosis it was devastating news because while almost all chinese are covered by health insurance it often pays only a fraction of the total costs. of . poverty and again sometimes it's. the tangs our farmers over the last few decades they've managed to save about three thousand euros. that was their only savings for old age they've placed all their
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expectations and hopes on their only son. gone why was little the most important thing for us was that he did his best at school so that he could get out of here in the mean time the tangs have used up their entire savings searching for their son tang to lose wife has gone into town to look for work tang stays at home and wait every day he sends text messages to his son's phone number most of them can't be delivered. but this one went through. tang thinks his son is still out there somewhere. sometimes he invites is neighbors over to play cards tang doesn't join in but the company distracts him from his worries for a little while. russia
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could have its ban lifted by the world anti-doping agency wada today that despite widespread resistance from athletes and other sporting bodies russia's anti doping agency rosado has been suspended since two thousand and fifteen after a water report revealed a major state sponsored doping scandal athletes and dubbing bodies were around the world have urged water not to reinstate russia saying it would be a betrayal for clean athletes. in football because john ronaldo had a night to forget on his champions league debut for his new club event as he was sent off in the twenty ninth minute following an off the ball incident now that was before leaving the field in tears rinaldo will now miss the club's next three champions league matches including a return to former club manchester you unite manchester united despite his
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dismissal you ventus still cruise to a two nil victory over polenta. and some other champions league powerhouses were also in action on wednesday night including german champions by in munich they cruised to a two nil away win against benefic in lisbon robert levin dos the open the scoring in the tenth minute and renata sanchez made it too early in the second half and titleholders real madrid had little trouble seeing off roma three nail the score there with the goals coming from. garth bale and from ariano d.s. . the europa league group stages kick off tonight with rb leipzig hosting sister club red bulls org the two sides both heavily backed by the energy drinks giant required you wait for clearance to face each other due to their close ties but now they are ready to do about all on the field. from the stands the clubs are almost indistinguishable both
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a lot of sick and red bull salzburg oh they're successes to one man dietrich mater shits the energy drinks tycoon has poured millions into both clubs their colors are the same their logos close to identical and slight seek often raid salzberg stocks they currently have six former salzburg players on their books. should be able to be like playing a match against ourselves and this holds true not just because some of our players will play it for ourselves borg but because the way both teams play is also very similar. attractive attacking football that's the way both clubs have been designed to play for salzburg the game will be like coming up against the biggest strongest sibling because marco draws or doesn't feel salzberg need to prove anything he just wants so when you money i'm not making it out as anything
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else but a football game we want to win therefore we need a tough performance we have to be alert and aggressive and of course play good football. whoever comes away with the points one thing is certain the red bulls will be celebrating. well some business news now alibaba founder jack barr promised to create a million jobs in the united states but he's now withdrawn that pledge your hard to tell us why that's true the billionaire owner of china's biggest shopping portal made that promise in january last year in a meeting with donald trump just before his inauguration as u.s. president has now said that the u.s. china trade war has quote destroyed the original premise the idea was to set up one million jobs by helping american entrepreneurs to place their products in other barbara water plants viability was met with some skepticism at the time it was considered a notable sign of economic ties growing closer. hackers have stolen sixty
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million dollars from japanese virtual currency exchange designer if the company said the hackers made off with six thousand bitcoins plus an unknown amount of bitcoin cash and monaco and following the hack the company said it had reached an agreement to sell majority control of the exchange to another firm and if that deal goes through desire says it will use the funds to reimburse customers the hike proves that digital currency currency exchanges are still vulnerable earlier this year the japanese provide a coin check was hacked losing bitcoin worth half a billion dollars. there's concern on the markets today that germany is falling behind when it comes to key technology dunny of coal at the frankfurt stock exchange joins us now daniel tell us more. yeah exactly gadd well we are talking about cell phone coverage here inside of germany and cell phone coverage and germany is indeed a very sad topic i don't want to sound like
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a complainer but even here inside of the frankfurt stock exchange germany's financial have we don't even have a working cell phone network and when you leave the city and you go for example on a train or too many rural areas in many areas you won't have a network at all so now there is to this discussion of all the five g. and network that could be established here in the next two years in germany and now we are you learning from the head of the german chancellor ear that it's completely not realistic to have a working five g. network in pretty much the entire country because they are saying that this could become too expensive and this is really a shame when you compare germany true other countries i was just recently in thailand i was amazed in the northern part of the country how well the cell phone system is working there but it seems that it still will take
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a long time until germany will be also competitive when you talk about cell phone coverage. from for thank you now as we've heard from mark hoffman earlier migration is on top of the agenda at the e.u. leaders summit in austria war is that the russian syrian offensive in italy could spur another wave of refugees at a time when the debate over mass migration is that societies in europe at oakley's germany increasing numbers see migration as the biggest threat facing their country obvious look at refugees and as a welcome addition to society and to the economy because many e.u. economies on the are in full employment and jobs remain unfilled in particular those at the locals no longer want to do. this hotel in southern amsterdam is new and trendy there are even fresh vegetables growing on the roof but despite the calm impression the hotel industry in general has a problem not enough people want to work there thousands of jobs need to be filled
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each year so for the first time amsterdam has organized a job fair for refugees today it's all about the perfect match. nina schmitz works with an organization that integrates refugees into the hotel industry and that integrates them into society. there but they can work it helps people to learn the language quickly and provides an income but it also helps them to get to know a new country faster and integrate into the community. while sounds unpause shows up for short interviews similar to speed dating rounds with hotel management . in syria he worked for a medical company now he'd like to greet guests at the hotel reception desk but he's open for other suggestions to start somewhere. but they always it's right if i'm going to start from a lower level i just try to make sure that there is a development chance the workers demanding both cleaning the guest rooms as well as
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in the kitchen employees often work in shifts and you don't get rich in the process all this makes hotel employment unattractive for many dutch people was he knows there are always jobs to be filled at the reception desk he works to convince the staff he's ready to take on the job in just a few minutes giving people information welcome then make them happy so you'd be informative. if they just like wassim the other refugees interview in english it's the language most commonly spoken in hotels across amsterdam also like was seen most of the refugees have little to no experience in the business that's need to belong the most important thing is not necessarily their education but rather their motivation we have hotel management schools that are well equipped to train people for the kitchen or reception of the steps. two and a half hours later the first job fair for refugees is complete and in his pocket
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was seem has the invitation for another more detailed interview. luxury and cathay pacific has managed to significantly shorten the distance across the pacific and though they didn't find a shortcut it's all just a bit of a spelling mistake alongside a photo of a freshly painted plane on which the name was spelled cathay pacific the alan tweeted oops this special livery won't last long she's going back to the shop cafe says it was an accident but experts say could be because the spacing between the letters is still correct so i think that's an f. was that. and that said you're watching the w. news from berlin morris coming out of the top off the hour don't forget us more news on our web site and that's to talk thanks for watching.
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and come. to the. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful this week conflict zone is in vienna office also offering foreign minister. she was nominated for the post by the end to the gracious and why we call it the fifo although she is not a member of the politic but to be a few o's follow suit she's mecha view. conflicts of. d.w. . iraqi jewish life as are nuns ones it was
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a good diet just bad idea. but then countless tragedies on from. my own company was a snub to everyone and those told that there was no way for our story live there sergeant turmeric. jews are very raw we are still. remember america in forty five minutes on t w. for information. opinions stress. facebook twitter up to date and in touch.
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i mean isn't it time for. africa people have projects that are changing for the better. for. you. this week conflict zone is in vienna to talk to all the strength foreign minister. she was nominated for the post by the n.t. immigration and right wing polity f b o although she is not a member of the polity but who the f.b.i. always policies meche of use and how does all of this effect all stress place in europe.


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