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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm CEST

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the seeds of civil rights. peace movement. one place. sixty. three. well going to the sheraton louie's house and if you today to see through the next half an hour here's what's coming up. experimental featuring an underwater garden project in norfolk it's a. colorful discovering an eye catching the prominence in the swedish capital. and inviting enjoying unusual views of come
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back in the water. you are what you eat how many times have you had that saying what we present is a growing concern for the industry and more and more people are starting to take charge of the health by paying attention to their diets according to statistics around thirty percent of people now prefer organic produce and sustainable farming has become a boss would in the industry we came across a unique way to grow fruits and vegetables both organically and sustainably but to find the green house you might need a wet suit. all those giant jellyfish know these balloon like biosphere is a part of the world's first underwater greenhouse project ten meters below the sea the name of god research project looks into forms of sustainable some aquatic agriculture. what's cultivated here usually only grows on land.
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diver johnny from tennessee regularly tends to the forty different plants cultivated here it looks to me frankie and brilliant at the same time it's really hard to describe but by now working every day is a project like drawing every day and i'm so proud of the outcome so far technically . this system is not the police at all just in the sea but imagine our many a late solar on the war can really benefit this ystem six years ago divers installed the first underwater greenhouses at this depth the sunlight is still sufficient for photosynthesis and of course no insecticides needed the surrounding sea water is treated and then used to water the plants the project is currently experimenting with various kinds of fruits and vegetables this is
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a wonderland. of the water over here either inside or inside of here. and this is the mystery. it was in a greasy way. the water from here to the home market is our own view. on the issues we are. growing inside without any solid holding. the roof. on the wall there was just flowing down. the small town of new orleans northwest initially attracts lots of tourists but hardly any of them would guess that this unique underwater lab exists just one hundred meters from the beach promina. three times a week gianni fontanes he checks the displays at the control center in order to make sure that the greenhouses temperature and humidity levels are in order.
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here you can see. the ring page with the save the general situation of the head because with the map of the different biospheres and all the technology that is powered by solar energy solar panels up here and there when we'll we're trying to be completely green. this tree of life the cables that connect everything to the outside world. to two gardeners normally make diving gear and they're now using some of the same technology in their underwater lab harvest time is set for september. this is almost radio say. and not just the letters to basil in the next pious fear over is also ready for picking their way to unique for writing. we actually got to just peaceful and a very specific because all that was grown in a very specific a new system that we were trying out which is the technology to condense faster
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or saltwater into freshwater. johnny fontane easy used to turn these leaves into pesto now scientists from the university of pisa examine the underwater plant. it's hard to say the taste is different or not of course the smell is super good but the real difference is inside of the plants because of the station process they need to go through in order to survive to the situation and the let's say the heavy that that is going going on down there. so far the project has cost two hundred fifty thousand euros so underwater basil is still a pricey delicacy but the operators plan to continue their work i think the most garden has a lot of pros stable temperature fresh water for free and everything without polluting. the team receives. inquiries from around the world similar underwater
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labs have been installed in belgium on more issues and in the u.s. see gardens a no longer just a dream these become real projects that just might lead to more sustainable agriculture. what a way to spend your life by the water and i'll prise throw away asking you all what your favorite water activity is farming is not an answer i expect to hear but if that is your favorite thing today send it in and at the end of the week we'll announce the winner at this special you are max watch and see you can find the film on our website d.w. dot com forward slash lifestyle that's a lot she will as power on now with a whirlwind tour of europe in our express roundup of the day. people in the netherlands have celebrated princes day. king dylan alexander and queen mark seymour rode in a carriage through the streets of the hague to the cheers of thousands of on. the
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event as one of the most important days in dutch politics the carriage ride in the king's speech which follows it marked the official beginning of the parliamentary year. starting on thursday the monumental chamber of immortality will be on display in istanbul turkish artist ahmet dinesh dickon assembled some eleven thousand handmade metal skulls and horns to create a huge installation it was inspired by the three thousand year old samarian epic of gilgamesh and the biblical story of noah the work took the artist four and a half years and cost more than eight hundred fifty thousand euros to complete. the can is known for his unconventional ways of depicting myths and legends after four days the chamber of immortality will continue want in london berlin and new york.
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this is karl. the great one horn dry nasser's baby from the berlin zoo was christened on tuesday karl was born two weeks ago and is doing well right now he weighs sixty five kilograms when he's fully grown in about five years time he'll weigh in at around two tons. then no later lower than beer pretzel and chicken the annual october fest kicks off this weekend in munich the biggest folk festival in the well to the record number of visitors has been seven point two million and just as many are expected to turn up this yet the. wasn't it size loads of different industries capitalize on the event the fashion industry being one of them general fashion design a how to look like has teamed up with a traditional costume company this season and added his signature tots to the
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classic feminine. so this is what they look like designed by haha glen the prince of palm a little less opulent then you might expect a muni company for traditional german folk osteen's commissioned to create a line for them if there's one thing is known for its his eccentric gaudy sense of pageantry. suddenly everyone thought they were a designer and tried to create a deal. but some thought the word came from dion an old word for harlot and that's exactly how their dresses turned out. we wanted to turn that around and show that it gentle can be noble classy playful romantic. and of course have an ostentatious touch. a has an eye for details
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handmade frills his trademark crowns adorning the bodice hoax the fabrics drowned in gold and floral patterns the flamboyant designer certainly had enough ideas but the client sometimes had to rein him in. as the week i felt i must say he's not always the easiest person to work with and he has extremely high expectations but after a while he can be reasoned with when you say something just won't work he'll pause and think for a second then say you were right. looking good at the october first business. a dirndl can cost three to six. hundred year olds. conduct a dot com and it's my job to bring designs and creations to life so if somebody buys one i'm happy with whichever they choose. how they like glenn close
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don't won't make you look just as ostentation as as the prince himself but a dash of pomp never goes amiss and october a fast. time now for the likes of poets and which we are invited to look around someone's home to they were off the stock home to the apartment of two architects who lived in london before read ok roughly around ten years ago they found their dream home in an early twentieth century building and gradually began to make it their own adding among other things a good lash of collar to bring the rings to life. the bright orange hallway india garrus apartment in stockholm contrast with the intense blue of the kitchen cupboards colors play an important role in her home.
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when we were starting to play with the how can we change. the words to something a bit more exciting we took out a lot of different colors then my husband being an architect this well we always disagree on things but this color and then the door survived and they came up and i was like oh my god it was a bit of a shock but now when you look at the whole room as the space if it's good. the dining area is largely white but features a wide array of furniture including a bench built by ears great great grandfather. and this classic wall unit by german design a. kind of clinical. something that takes different turns you end up with a mixture of. life.
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your children. their school and things like family things that maybe my husband wants to get rid off and i want to keep that you know your it's that's how life is it's a bit of a mess it's. the years bedroom is in a discreet shade of gray which has a soothing effect perfect for a good night's sleep. much of the bathroom is great too and not only that here takes the place of tile. the texture of the most important because everyone always. with this it becomes warm. i think it's the together with the dark colors if it's very. earthy. like this.
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apart from a few colorful pieces of furniture and accessories the living room is mainly white and that's not because the architect suddenly ran out of paint and the idea was to keep this a neutral place to relax and unwind. it's one of the year's favorite spots in the apartment. white is a beautiful color. but then. with a red. colorful painting other colorful lights. i think. of course you could have a. bold color on the sofa but maybe it's nice that it's a song some breathing space perhaps this room. and her husband thought carefully about which colors they wanted where. their spacious apartment is a work of art in itself. we have obviously looked at the all the colors together. everything should be in harmony actually although they
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are quite bright colors we feel it's important that they joe they work well together. and they certainly do do you get his apartment in stockholm's old town is a colorful and cozy. interior design at its best check out our you tube channel detail interior design stunning ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on home to correction we'll take you inside the most beautiful european homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscribe and don't miss out see you on you tube. from interior to xterra now that's where i love to be outside and preferably on the water this is actually a great way to explore a city especially one that has many rivers or can out how many largest port cities
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so it's no surprise that there are plenty of waterways there although they aren't used for industry in the same way anymore there are still lots of vessels that is used by terrorists and those wanting to try out a new sport. germany's oldest rowing club is located on hamburg and stuff like rowing enthusiastic begin flocking here at the crack of dawn on. you today where an all female crew right. for the first time in my life i'll be rowing an eleven leader long vessel it's a four person shell so teamwork is key. now turn the blades vertically pointing away from you going to exactly be sure to get your wrist that the right angle otherwise you get tendonitis. that's perfect.
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properly coordinating your leg arm and hand movements to get the rowing motion right isn't easy the tiniest mistakes are instantly noticeable f.i.o.s. sorry that was me. and. after a while i get the hang of things and my rowing motions become smoother. hamburg's style leg is an inner city jam that appeals to tourists and sports enthusiasts alike. it's a smaller park is located in downtown hamburg while its largest section extends far north to the astor lake is a veritable only says. feel about the people of hamburg to love the city's lush vegetation and waterways and that's why they like exploring the city's many canals there are twenty two of them around the extra loan one of which i'll be discovering today aboard this beautiful venetian gondola gondolier carlo concert usually takes
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lovers across the ulster and has witnessed countless marriage proposals carlo was always fascinated by the shape of this italian rowing boat. one of these are that if you look from the front you can see the side i'm standing on is ten centimeters lower. it's totally crooked. that gives me goosebumps to this day. condo quince of got his gondolier license in venice he spends his springs and autumns there and says venice is the best place on earth for gondola tours. i've been to many different places besides venice where i've been the first time with my gondola gone along the river towns and taken the actress center back over like than say in berlin. but hamburg's really special. from central hamburg carlo quincy takes us fifteen kilometers north. along the water way through
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the it delicate dance to the alley to hell and back council. which also happens to be the world's smallest council. this edifice is actually a small replica of the ranches handed back council four years how bergs handed back castle had been all but forgotten until miriam and helga haga vow to restore it to its former glory inside it even boasts a miniature knights hong. miriam and hagar regularly staged concerts in these hallowed halls and sometimes performed tango dances to the couple and their daughters used to live in argentina where they fell in love with the country and its tango culture these flowers the castle and even music from my homeland in. and beyond the atmosphere here along the water is amazing you're in the city yet away from it all. as evening approaches it's time for a well deserved refreshment i've called in at i stop palla one of the many former
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public restrooms in hamburg that have been transformed into stylish eateries or bars i step is a hit with hikers tourists and locals alike. and how hamburg has many beautiful spots to take in the sunset but here along the ide stuff it's truly splendid. the people of hamburg are said to be proud of their city after spending a day on the ice stunt i now know why. magic fingers the show today we're talking spa ease and not the fictional ones like james bond or jason bourne the real ones that are still very much a part of the world that we live in thanks to the museum and by then visitors able to gain a better understanding of how espionage works and alongside many fascinating stories showcases the cool gadgets that we used to help spies in days gone by.
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glynne you could bridge between berlin and part stand was also the border between west berlin and east germany until nine hundred eighty nine it's a place of historical significance as this is where the eastern and western powers swapped captured spies during the cold war. in twenty fifteen hollywood director steven spielberg used the bridge as an authentic location for his oscar winning film bridge of spies in it tom hanks plays an american lawyer sent to negotiate a spy swap. of . this and other stories are featured at the german spy museum in berlin. and tourists come to berlin because of its history and of course espionage played a major role especially during the cold war here in the capital of spies. one
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highlight of the exhibition is a tragedy fitted with infrared cameras it allowed east germany stasi to spy on its own citizens. the german spy museum has hundreds of items on display in an area covering three thousand square meters including these radios used by secret agents during world war two. and an original enigma machine used by the nazis to encrypt messages. but the museum also addresses the current state of espionage displaying examples of digital surveillance technology just artistry and after the german spy museum is the only museum that deals with the history of espionage and that means that worldwide there are only very few examples that deal at all with espionage and none really that show a chronicle of espionage its history since ancient times the way ours does. this may look like something from a james bond film but it was actually in the. use
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a lipstick pistol made for the soviet secret service for this camera sewn into a bra. a matchbox camera perfect for concealing in a pocket or a key chain that can record. truth really can be stranger than fiction. here this kind of thing becomes real that's for us just like movie stars and that and here we see that it actually happened actually history and the things that we serve things that we saw so yeah it's just. it's real. it's amazing. the german spy museum opened in twenty fifteen in a historic location right on potsdamer platz where the wall dividing east and west berlin used to be remnants of the wall still recall the cold war era. that's inspired many filmmakers. a number of spy
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thrillers have been shot in berlin including the american t.v. series homeland. its entire fifth season was produced in the german capital. there was also the bourne ultimatum starring matt damon. really threw fuel into the many international film productions for producers and screenwriters berlin is important because of its background as the capital for spies and espionage so you have authentic locations which you can refer to a lot of the one for. the spine museum also takes a trip to the cinema. this red telephone is from a james bond movie. and if you want to test your secret agent skills you can try to get through the laser beam obstacle course. but real spies seldom see that kind of action engine. tend to do most of their work
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from the office just because our drill work of espionage is very arduous slow time consuming and very tedious these days spying is largely conducted using digital technologies but the matter how the agents work this museum shows visitors of only ages just how fascinating espionage can be. just goes to show that the gadgets we see in the movies are a true representation of those previously created does and also if it's a day there but join us on facebook to talk more about berlin and the family famous landmarks that you can play in the fifty states murray wrong. next time on your own max is that lovers will be in seventh heaven when they seem creations souffles so basan jellies have earned him the title germany the t.c. of the year. works of the three star restaurant guest host house out fall in sam
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parkman when he brings meals to a spectacular finish a feast for the ice on the planet next time on your own max.
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players. this is deja news coming to you live from but in a moment of truth for greg's it illegal spawn of the pressure on the british prime minister to link up box of a break the plan will not work and the time is running out in sounds good in austria for an e.u. summit we'll go there live for the day latest also coming up. in sport it's russia is russia to be brought back from the cold and russian track and field athletes haven't competed in their countries carlos and.


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