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video never. happened at the back of his car. songs to sing along to download superstar combo from super. to do much of god. very close is kind of into active exercises are available and d. w. don't come slashdot atlanta on facebook in the uk still. to learn german for free with the w. . welcome to weekend it's great to have you with us and i hope you're all excited for the program today let's see what's coming up. drawings of the reason the last two
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words we need to create three g. and the strangeness. of the big guy weekly check eastern region the highlands on their endless news. comes full plate we enjoy a really mission it solitons christmas eve gold and big. class the same every mine's most people have their childhoods but one spanish artist uses this material to make a career out of how art immigrant whole scope scenes from clay before photographing them making them appear as if they've been animated on the computer i mean it just so now is have been seen on magazine covers advertisement and of course on instagram where she shows videos of how they all come together this year she was even nominated for the world strange an award let's take a look at work. when unexpected visitors appear at the kitchen table. and the real beings
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captivates anyone who looks their way. then spanish artist immigrant votes is probably involved perfect his own just illustrations on paper they really do exist . because they're not. the three terms that best describe my work are poetry simplicity and accuracy i mean you see here. immigrant holds calls itself a three d. illustrator and sculptress she models her clay figures by hand right down to the smallest detail. then she places them in unusual situations ordinary ones. she also creates clay busts then she captures who works in photographs that look like paintings but i mean i might not. ever since i was little i preferred modeling to painting.
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the no no we've always loved miniatures. mainly at the wood. and i really like working with my hands and creating three d. objects really mentioned i. heard latest work was a commission for the german edition of the architectural digest magazine i am a green hot spent months replicating tableware in many formats. made of clay and plasticine they include copies of stainless steel cutlery bar lessee and the sonar dessie a plaster from german porcelain. just the right setting for a sushi dinner. there are a commuter how can i sell a japanese email is simply a feast for the eyes. first and that sushi also suits rosenthal's minimalist style the end in my view will help one s.
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. going holds trained as a graphic designer and was later the art director for an ad agency today she's a freelance artist who only takes some commissions that take all her fancy like the clay creations for this commercial first spanish online she retailer. has also illustrated children's books including the prize winning. written by evil rosati each of these images took weeks to create. the immigrant holds doesn't just sculpt the figures she creates all the props and backdrops herself. but her three d. works look most impressive in two dimensions like the sushi meal which got a bit of digital retouching. and that's the thing. if a very was my target several shots of this meal using different lighting so i could vary the mood for the candles. and the light but. i put the
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individual images into photoshop and blended them. that's what creates the unforgettable atmosphere. once the illustration is done immigrant hearts as miniature creations have served their purpose his studio is full of these little details figures which are only ever used once. the sculptors that the artist makes from clay and sells have a longer life span. all of her other creations are only available in print for. in her studio him a greenhouse continues to fashion her own little scenes which will later make a huge impression as photos in the big wide world. amazing on now to our express roundup of the day which highlights
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a few current stories in europe on design music and architecture. on friday the gropius pound berlin welcomed visitors to restless times archaeology in germany the exhibition presents the most spectacular archaeological finds of the past twenty years reaching from the stone age to the twentieth century the centerpiece of the exhibition is the neighbor's sky disk the four thousand year old exhibit was found in saxony on halt and is the oldest depiction of the night sky in human history. is less than this tells us that they had a calendrical understanding and that's phenomenal understanding this region was part of a huge transfer of knowledge that we ordinarily would have suspected only in the mediterranean region so that's one of the core messages of this exhibition is we need to give people of past times more credit. another highlight of the exhibition is the venus of color fell's figurative art from the stone age created over forty
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thousand years ago and discovered in the alps the exhibition will display over one thousand artifacts until early january. will follow. the british rock band wolf alice one the mercury prize in london on thursday but the album visions of a life they were selected from top competitors like noel gallagher high flying bird and the arctic monkeys. each year the mercury prize is awarded for the best british music album of the past twelve months independent of sales because it's seen as the counterpart to the plate or wards which are dominated by the music industry. on friday architects presented their design for the main steeple of the sick rather familiar church in barcelona that started as case of crystal. tower of jesus christ is planned to be one hundred seventy two point five meters high and should be
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completed by twenty twenty two. professional of the central coast. challenge very important challenge because we have your new technology revolution of the stone the branch of the stone. in total the church will have eighteen steeples the most a piece but until an ecology has been further developed for over one hundred thirty years. this is great if a media has become emblematic for the city it stands in. the architects have to complete the whole basilica but twenty twenty six. in recent years we've seen a huge investment being put into protecting our environment campaigns and documentary is likely a nod to caprio before the flood and al gore's an inconvenient truth have helped to raise awareness of the problem tourism in london is getting on board too and with
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over nineteen million visitors to the city last year hotels are starting to cater to for those wanting to live a more sustainable life not enough people seem to know about these hotel options which shows we still have a long way to go but projects like these in london all help towards making more people conscious of their choices creating a shift in the right direction. one would ordinarily expect leaves and petals in a garden but not along the wall of a hotel the three hundred fifty square metre living wall is the main attraction of the ruben's hotel it promises guests a sustainable over night experience the living wall doesn't only looking press it it also serves a purpose. gives us. supports insects and wildlife it helps us reduce energy consumption by keeping the building cooler in
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the summer warmer in the winter it helps reduce localized drainage and helps contribute to keeping a cleaner air for the garment by twenty twenty two the rubins wants to do away with all its plastics for example by doing without little give away shampoo bottles it's go green initiative aims to help guests make their state even more environmentally friendly guests who choose to go green package just complementary vegan afternoon tea and can read bikes for a low rate it's an offer that so far has enticed many visitors. you know we see more and more people take part and choose to be part of our programmes you choose to use our facility in the bedrooms he would see more and more people a reservation stager asking always challenging us to prove the our business sits in line with their choices and their lifestyle before they commit to come in. here new research has shown just how harmful tourism is for the environment according to
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estimates by the world tourism organization the tourism industry contra buttes about eight percent to worldwide manmade carbon emissions the cubic hotel in london has also dedicated itself to reducing these numbers in twenty thirteen it transformed an old office building in white chapel and recycled eighty percent of the original material in the process in. stead of ordinary rooms gas can stand pop up rooms so-called q.b. that contain a movable bed and bathroom. it's designed to be easy to claim that heat for chemical production. and you'll see it's a joist this is a good joyride happy lovely place that people really enjoy staying in and that's important in a hotel not just about the weather with solar panels on the roof water saving showerheads and environmentally friendly products the hotel wants to promote sustainability even the mattresses a made of biodegradable material guests who make up their own room are treated to
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a free drink at the bar the aim is to encourage the visitors to be more conscious of their actions that's what john proctor the director of green tourism advocates to some of these things do carry a price a price challenge. but if in the in the overall because a lot of the hotels are focusing on official say water savings energy savings that can be balanced so they can do some of the other good things there may be more expensive options and if they can take the consumer with them the cosima showing evidence that they are willing to pay a little bit more for a sustainable product if. many seem eager to make this work eco friendly tourism appears to be growing more popular now all we need to do is learn how to forego little luxuries once in a while for the sake of the environment. want to know more about european lifestyle and culture visit euro max on facebook. you'll find highlights from our
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programs. three hundred sixty degree videos of the most beautiful places in europe and snapshots taken by our reporters take an exclusive look behind the scenes at how the program is produced and follow us on facebook live. and fans visit our facebook page and give us their feedback visit max on facebook. now germany is one of europe's largest countries but it's often forgotten that the country has islands as well in the northwest of the country braman are seven habitable islands in the north they're called the east freesia night as they extend for some ninety kilometers from east to west. they are as they long to the lower saxony region and offer a vast range of activities from cycling and hiking to waters for its wellness along with some pretty special places to rest your head night. beaches and even wider
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spaces the popularity of the north sea east regional airlines has been growing by leaps and bounds they counted eleven million overnight stays and twenty seventeen and the real estate prices for the island have not and i have now caught up with those on the upscale island observed playground of the rich. with all its not just considered where the most expensive of the recording for. not in a has also benefited from a wave of renovation in recent years modern architectural eyesores were given a facelift to harmonize with the former public bathing facilities in the summer residence of the passion kings. is a bit more tranquil and rustic watches ticket a different pace here of a cation on the east region islands is a chance to slow down switch off and simply gaze into the never ending distance. this is actually the greatest relaxation of the spirit you can ever find the
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endless view because. you east board home and followed home are three of the islands on germany's doorstep it's hard to reach them by air most visitors get to germany seven inhabited east region islands by ferry. as a realist i love the roar of the sea the sand and the peace and the view and the view . you can see forever sebastian is that the weather's incredibly beautiful it's just really fun ecologically the east reason islands have an important function as wave printers protecting germany's coastline millions of euros are spent each year to build and maintain dikes to keep the islands as safe and livable outposts in the north sea. well talking of the sea it all week we've been asking you to write in and tell us your favorite activity to do by the water surprisingly enough swimming was walk up the most boats and the name we picked at random had also said it's very
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me but more precisely swimming lessons with the grandchildren so they can become later like he was if you recognise a story then you know you are the winner congratulations to james hendry from the u.k. well send your year max watch right out. now series this week has been exploring berlin use e m's that talk about german history during the nazi area but then was very close to becoming a mania jemini it was the name that out of hitler gave to his vision of a renewed and redesigned german capital that make elam eniac plans never came to her for a wish and of course but the design still remain an exhibition in the capital displays the architecture and urban planning that's been developed for him in. many of the landmarks are imposing structures but if i don't hit her had succeeded
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in building his world capital they would have been by even more monumental buildings. the alternate expression of his fantasies was to be an enormous people's reaching some three hundred meters high. he was essentially to impose the dictator stamp on the city. super work monumental structures built to hitler's personal taste were planned for the capital of a greater germanic for the hope that those. guises. one way to get a concrete impression of these visions is to go underground the berlin underworlds association maintains a permanent exhibition in a former storage area off a subway station. of care money a vision and crime documents the architectural plans for the capitol. hill are appointed his chief architect albert speer as general building inspector. in one
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nine hundred thirty seven the architect began planning the complete transformation of the in. the literal crux of the project was to be the intersection of two boulevards the north south axis would be one hundred twenty meters wide and six kilometers long and lead to a vast triumphal arch everything was planned to be gigantic and in the neo class is a style with its characteristic columns. berlin's present day t.v. tower minus its centeno would have fit inside the people so all. the parties if he were many people ask if it would even have been feasible at all seems to utopia the dimensions of the individual structures area that would have had to being taken from them but the fact is with everything you see in these drawings could have actually been built. because i think. the dictator set about making
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his vision a reality brylin residents were relocated well forced labor is begin producing the required materials in this auction house in concentration camps in the late one nine hundred thirty s. there began mass deportations of berlin's jews their apartments were to be given to people whose homes would be demolished for their money a project the plans were made ready for construction a film made in the time brought the model. new classes of style recalls ancient greek and roman architecture but bigger if it perfectly with out of hitler's fantasies of building a world power. the original model of germany i was destroyed in the war the exhibition shows the reconstruction made for the film downfall he said. yeah. but now. it. is and if. you see me at the moment the stations i must take
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a look. hardly any of the plans were completed their most visible reminder today is the east west axis now known as this process of seeking uni the boulevard was laid out earlier and brought in by the nazis. even have the two parts of the show i think are good move farther apart. the boulevard is still lined with about eight hundred street lights designed by sheer he wanted to be sure his creation was cast in the proper light. the victory column was also extended and moved originally it stood in front of the reichstag but the nazis intended to use the space as a central parade ground. the people's hall would have stood here between the reichstag in today's central rail station it would have ceded a good one hundred fifty thousand people.
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if the history in the present is a major topic in berlin and there's an exhibition is intended to make a small contribution to it but whether on a stroll through town or visiting from elsewhere by revealing some of the many facets of it that aren't always that apparent. during world war two much of berlin was reduced to rubble. and the megalomaniac dreams of their money a project were destroyed along with it. now even if the show is a featuring a traditional austrian dinner the wienerschnitzel variations of this dish can be found all over austria germany i'm going fact the world but to do it properly by the book you need to have video as the reach of choice we visited a famous snip the rest on to vienna and discovered how to. decadent.
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the austrian capital vienna is a city synonymous with many things including architecture culture. history. music the waltz and of course classic beaner schnitzel the local butchers will readily tell you what the key is to a good dinner snit's all. your field that's young beef. practically free of and really really lights so i can argue that is precisely what makes a good wienerschnitzel from american cuff it's more tender than pork. beginners go to address for schnitzel is the family run figure of the restaurant head chef marcus byrne are prepares dozens of them every day preparing the veal properly with just the right touch is also very important for this dish. it's good first to cut
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the meat and then tenderize it carefully veal is extremely delicate and has a lot of water because it's a young calf. when you tenderize it you have to be extremely careful not to destroy the fibers because otherwise the water will run out and then the schnitzel can't cook properly. that's what friends are for you. fresh eggs beaten until the mixture is golden and finally ground breadcrumbs are also key ingredients for wienerschnitzel the veal is lightly salted before it's first dipped into flour next did the meat into the eggs and then carefully into the bread crumbs. to press the mixture lightly on to the meat not too strong. then the meat is fried in melted butter lard it's important to keep stirring the veal to allow the meat to brown evenly once the veal is golden brown remove it carefully and leave it to
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drain. and it led to its members from a light variation would be with rape seed oil or some flower oil being the mice we use butter fat mixed with sunflower oil so an improvement to something for updated and it's all this has the advantage that when i take out the schnitzel then it's just right with these black spots from the butter because it's browned it slightly with my it's playful plain. mean there's needle is typically served with potato salad figure miller uses their own potatoes which are grown locally in a nearby farm and delivered to the restaurant on a regular basis chef bruno is always on hand when it comes to handling the food. back in the kitchen final preparations are made to the wienerschnitzel figure miller won't reveal how many schnitzels are served per day but their reputation keeps them very busy. the restaurant history goes back to nineteen zero
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five now in its fourth generation the family also has developed a book based on cooking through pictures and of course greener schnitzel is included. those who are counting calories may choose to drink water with this meal but white wine actually goes best and then it's good enough to eat from the austrian capital . and doesn't look too hard to make so i might have to try it at heinz sometime if you missed any of our shows from the way you can find them all on our website don't forget finale from all of us here in the studio thanks for watching. next time you're a max. with. the french theater troupe be on this spectacular
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show. on the water greenhouses off italy's mediterranean coast. hajjaj delicious creations by germany's pastry chef of the game next time on your. feet. above.
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the. law. of the. mubarak. era spent with the brand new series. when i miss larry. and maybe even the creative superwoman.
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damn thirty minutes on the w. . her first day of school in the jungle. her first clean lesson and then gore's grand moment to run and join the iranians hang on her journey back to freedom in our interactive documentary dora entering it and returns home. coach a bit of going to. join linked to news from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions from a visit out website dedicated comes to come join us on facebook at g.w. for god. i'm not proud and i
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will not succeed in dividing us about i will not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters. made from minds. the contentious figure at home. he wrote in germany. from the fall of the berlin. germany unification. of the cold. war and chaucer's one hundred theorems of the twentieth century. because gorbachev was the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change. quickly memes downfall. i had decided to resign my duties as president of the soviet. she is one historical but from this
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one as a person. he continues to fight for world peace with the reminder by the unit we have to comprehend when he says taken our search for today there is a trace. of turning gorbachev and the opportunity for peace wasted starts oct third on t w. germany's governing coalition parties will reopen talks about the future of the former domestic spy chief masson the social democrats are upset about his promotion to a new job in the interior ministry after controversial comments about far right violence now chancellor angela merkel has agreed to re-evaluate the decision this comes as
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opinion polls show a large drop in support for her conservative blog. after a contentious european union summit.


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