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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2018 2:30am-3:00am CEST

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the climate most green energy solutions and reforestation. be coming to interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and more determined to build something here for the next generation of global ideas the multimedia environment series on t w. cuts. a. welcome to the so everyone i'm always how's and then always here with you for the next half an hour bringing you the highlights of the week is a look at what's coming up. spectacular a unique performance on the lookout by a french. creative underwater greenhouses often over the years how do you coast. off to stick
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mouthwatering creations by japanese pastry chef of the new. what do you get when you put island and utopia together elude topi that is the name of the french the actual company that master of the art of performing on the water each year they stay just spectacle on the river just outside paris and viewers immediately amassed and that come with comic fun to see it take it was founded in one thousand nine hundred eighty and are now seen all over the world but the signature show remains in france and continues straight through all audiences. here outside of paris the water is the stage for crazy dream worlds that turn into reality. look to peep premiered their new show right on the waters of the
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river marne. and. i have never seen something like this so it was it was great it was really great. it's an ensemble of colors and images that might not be easy to connect. but the whole is very beautiful. to clipboards and for the children who love the foul works the flames and the comma. you feel the show was very good it made you dream. the show tells the story of a man whose life goes off the rails one morning. everything he thinks and reads suddenly becomes reality. dominic noel is one of the show's directors see the panel we're trying to create
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perspectives on society that are at once poetic and tricycle. could see. a lot of these team of thirty includes technicians musicians actors acrobats and other performers they've been staging shows on water since two thousand and four. it's a theatrical space that you know everyone can relate to it it's much easier to bring people to the water than into a theater to see the water from a different perspective instead of going to a theater to see things that can be interpreted on different levels. it's a challenge to perform on the river where the currents are strong the actors play on moving stages. everything has to be well prepared in advance. some of the moving stages have engines others are battery powered. differ formers use their feet to
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steer. then saucily there has three roles added to that he has to cycle on water or at least give the impression he's doing so. given the large dog lots of lights and i have to be careful i've also got a baggage rack full of costumes because i changed during the performance. so everything has to be ready as a gas pedal to go backwards and forward on the ball and i have to be careful especially with the strong current so it's extremely complicated. the troop doesn't only perform on rivers electoral pekin be seen on more conventional stages but mostly on the streets and other public places. director bruno should never learn cofounded killer to pete he places great importance on this versatility. he did it he did do that we can compute the idea
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was to create a common culture going to see how mythologies can be reinvented in the public space to reinvent mythology culture and create an alternative to the dominant culture of the bush was he a culture for everyone so everyone could understand images of the field and the idea was that this should be free. for the people to. see the performers start getting ready an hour before the performance begins. the audience wait for them to sufficient for the forty five minute show. for it is not just about entertainment it has a political element referencing the situation of refugees at sea for example. because of all this is we've also played donations which have high and low tides of course so we had to take that into account when scheduling program times for.
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wherever they performed the actors from the french theater troupe below took heat create dream worlds that make audiences not want to wake up. staying on the theme of water right now but we're changing from entertainment culture well we eat is a growing concern for the health industry and more and more people are starting to take charge of the health by paying attention to their diets according to statistics around thirty percent of people now prefer organic produce and sustainable farming has become a boss in the industry we were introduced to a novel way of growing fruits and vegetables as both organic and sustainable thought to find the growing. you might need. are those giant jellyfish no these balloon like biosphere is a part of the world's first underwater greenhouse project ten meters below the sea
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than emo's garden research project looks into forms of sustainable sub aquatic agriculture what's cultivated here usually only grows on land. diver jenny from tony's you regularly tends to the forty different plants cultivated here it looks to me frankie and brilliant at the same time it's really hard to describe but by now working every day to the project like drawing every day and i'm so proud of the outcome so far technically. this system is not the police or just in the sea but imagine our many early solar on the war can really benefit this system six years ago divers installed the first underwater greenhouses at this depth the sunlight is still sufficient for photosynthesis and of course no insecticides needed the surrounding sea water is treated and then used to water the
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plants the project is currently experimenting with various kinds of fruits and vegetables this is a wonderland. of water advisories side in so here you have won this is the mystery it wasn't agrees you were a water bottle of water from here to the home market is our own view. on the issues we are. growing inside without any thought all the. rules. on building the wall which is flowing down. the small town of normally in north western initially attracts lots of tourists but hardly any. of them would guess that this unique underwater lab exists just one hundred meters from the beach promina. three times a week gianni fontanes he checks the displays at the control center in order to
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make sure that the greenhouse is temperature and humidity levels are in order. here you can see anything page with the save the general situation of the heavy dead with the mass of the different biospheres and all the technology that is powered by solar energy solar panels up here and there when we'll we're trying to be completely green. this tree of life holds the cables that connect everything to the outside world. to two gardeners normally make diving gear and they're now using some of the same technology in their underwater lab to harvest time is set for september. this is almost radio say. and not just the latest the basil in the next pious fear over is also ready for picking their way to unique for writing. we actually got to just please
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a lot of very specific results that was grown in a very specific and new system that we are trying out which is the technology to condense faster or saltwater into freshwater. jenny fontanes e used to turn these leaves into pesto now scientists from the university of pisa examine the underwater plant. it's hard to say that pace is the friend or not of course this mouse is super good but the real difference is inside of the plants because of the end of the adaptation process they need to go through in order to survive to the situation and it's a bit heavy that there is going going on down there. so far the. project has cost two hundred fifty thousand euros so underwater battle is still a pricey delicacy but the operators plan to continue their work i think the most garden has a lot of pros stable temperature fresh water for free and everything without
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diluting. the team receives inquiries from around the world similar underwater labs have been installed in belgium or more issues and in the u.s. see gardens are no longer just a dream they've become real projects that just might lead to more sustainable agriculture. and you can see isn't still pictures of the shooter not instagram account a great place to find out even more about your. europe at its best your imax brings you the highlights on instagram stunning landscapes spectacular buildings and mountain watering delicacy our reporters are constantly on the look out with their cameras we look forward to your comments check out our joy mags instagram stories and discover how exciting and diverse europe can be. follow us on instagram.
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among the many cities we feature on our instagram account stock home that is where you can find the apartment of two architects who lived in london before relocating roughly ten years ago they found their dream home in an early twentieth century building gradually began to make it their own adding amongst other things a good splash of color to bring the rooms to life. the bright orange hallway india garos apartment in stockholm contrast with the intense blue of the kitchen cupboards colors play an important role in her home. when we were starting to play with the how can we change. the words to something a bit more exciting we took out a lot of different colors then my husband being an architect this well we always disagree on things but we agreed on this color and then their door survived and
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they came up and i was like oh my god it was a bit of a shock but now when you look at the whole room as the space if it's good. the dining area is largely white but features a wider range of furniture including a bench built by years great great grandfather. and this classic wall unit by german design a. kind of clinical. something that takes different turns you end up with a mixture of old a new thing you collect life. your children brings home things artifacts from their school and things like family things that maybe my husband wants to get rid off and i want to keep them you know you're it's that's how life is since a bit of a mess isn't it. bedroom is in
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a discreet shade of grey which has a soothing effect perfect for a good night's sleep. much of the bathroom is great too and not only that here takes the place of time. the texture of it was important because everyone always used. the bathroom and then with this it becomes. and i think it's the together with the dark colors if it's very. earthy. like this. apart from a few colorful pieces of furniture and accessories the living room is mainly white and that's not because the architect suddenly ran out of paint the idea was to keep this a neutral place to relax and unwind. it's one of the year's favorite spots
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in the apartment. white is a beautiful color like white but then. with a red. colorful painting other colorful lights. i think of course you could have a. a bold color on the sofa but maybe it's nice that it's a song some breathing space perhaps this room. here and her husband thought carefully about which colors they wanted where. their spacious apartment is a work of art in itself. we have obviously looked at all the colors together. everything should be in in harmony actually although they are quite bright colors we feel it's important that they gel they work well together. and they certainly do here yet as apartment in stockholm's old town is
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a colorful and cosy. want to know more about european lifestyle and culture visit euro max on facebook. you'll find highlights from our programmes. three hundred sixty degree videos of the most beautiful places in europe and snapshots taken by our reporters take an exclusive look behind the scenes at how the program is produced and follow us on facebook life. we love it when fans visit our facebook page and give us their feedback visit d.w. euro max on facebook. now the second half of the day is focused around faith i think we all westie hungry all something who wants some be the schnitzel the proper kind i mean and i say that because variations of this dish can be found all over austria germany and in fact the world
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but to do it properly by the book you need to have a good cut of veal as the meat of choice we visited a restaurant in vienna and follows the process of the making of this traditional dish. the austrian capital vienna is a city center. as with many things including architecture culture. history. music the waltz and of course classic greener schnitzel the local butchers will readily tell you what the key is to a good being there. if your feel that's young beef. practically free of really really lights so i can argue that is precisely what makes a good wienerschnitzel from a melting cuff it's leaner and more tender than pork. beginners go to address for schnitzel is the family run figure middle of restaurant head chef marcus byrne are
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prepares dozens of them every day preparing the veal properly with just the right touch is also very important for this dish. also first to cut the meat and then tenderize it carefully veal is extremely delicate and has a lot of water because it's a young calf. when you tenderize it you have to be extremely careful not to destroy the fibers because otherwise the water will run out and then the schnitzel can't cook properly. that's what friends with you. fresh eggs beaten until the mixture is golden and finally ground breadcrumbs are also key ingredients for wienerschnitzel the veal is light and salted before it's first dipped into flour next did the meat into the eggs and then carefully into the bread crumbs. to press the mixture lightly on to the me not to strong. then the meat is fried in melted butter lard it's important to keep stirring the veal to allow the meat to
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brown evenly once the veal is golden brown remove it carefully and leave it to drain. and then let there be at its best light variation would be with grape seed oil or some flower oil being the vice we use butter fat mixed with so. well so number one something forth that is beneath all this has the advantage that when i take out the schnitzel then it's just right with these black spots from the butter because it's browned it slightly with my life and . i mean there's no it's all is typically served with potato salad figure miller uses their own potatoes which are grown locally at a nearby farm and delivered to the restaurant on a regular basis chef bruno is always on hand when it comes to handling the food. back in the kitchen final preparations are made to the bean or schnitzel shiga
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really it won't reveal how many schnitzels are served per day but their reputation keeps them very busy. the restaurant history goes back to nineteen zero five now in its fourth generation the family also has developed a book based on cooking through pictures and of course being there schnitzel is included. those who are counting calories may choose to drink water with this meal but white wine actually goes best and then it's a good number to eat from the austrian capital. well you don't want to be worrying about calories when you see does it beings especially if you're having a pet by the german pets the yeah the old saying the goal no rest all diets can only be received once and for twenty eighteen it went to my book is anything and
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says he feels he has to work harder now he has the title and when he was working towards it i don't think he needs to worry about his reputation i take a look at the. classic french just get emoted and spin. this mock apple is actually a ball of sugar. it's the delicacies like these that my ts book was named party ca of the year twenty eighteen by the go me your restaurant guy. taste isn't the only consideration when it comes to making creations like this. if you are a dessert should have many textures you know you can't just be creamy most weeks go by that has to have some visit crispy to it was this something fluffy you've always got something new in your mouth is something that makes you think i wasn't expecting. you to guess the house close after what ends up like that has
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held on to three michelin stars for ten years running. its kitchen cultivates french cuisine in the tradition of paul bocuse. says twenty fourteen book has been responsible for the lasting impression their patrons take home with them and his creative work never ends you see justice or you can talk i see the desert every day and play with ideas about how to improve innocence months before i mean i like it or it wouldn't be on the menu but how could i make it even better you know some muslims so what evolves until i decide the dish has been perfected. for that's generally the point where i choose the dessert for some office to serve it so. this is. in two thousand to head chef klaus al thought open the guest house bearing his name today many we got this restaurant as the best in germany and its patrons expect
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something exceptional especially with desserts. there's a santa gets his creativity his reliability simply his accuracy in getting everything just right let's recently he made a dessert with a pumpkin seed oil and parsley wrote it was very interesting one of my favorites actually. yes. but for those that are not native material book there's more to life than does that. has other great passion it's music. that apostrophe in fire you definitely need something as a stark contrast to the restaurant in most and that's where music or sports can be very helpful but our sport is just as a way to switch off from second the moment the moment you can let go suddenly you get new ideas on this accomplice really knowing it in. the ts book shops for one of his very favorite ingredients surprisingly enough it's the simple everyday people
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you buy from house or friends you give you everything from sweet to sour and you can play with it's so wonderful. we have a big orchard but we always picked up a children that's why apples are always part of what i do in some way to through. my tears book makes the apples into so bay jelly or is sperma a color mary foam. the possibilities are endless just like the color marry into the unity of twenty eight teams party see any of the you. want to do sport on this in a title like that is inspirational it's not like i'm at the top and i can relax just the opposite now i'm in the spotlight now i have to deliver and i like that new impetus a lot myself. but
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here's book would just as soon have a good safe life for his and is that he loves the kitchen as a place where he can run wild here no day is like the last there is rich and varied was his creation yes. well i don't know about you but i need to. have a talk. every night as they come to the end of the show thanks but you know i'm not looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks time all the best and now from this.
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want to. thank you for.
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coming. ninety six. the goodness of. people with consciousness. and no crime echoed around the world. the revolution may have failed but the legacy of the protest movements can still be felt today it changed the world forever. the final part move moore's fifteen minute detail.
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what keeps us and say what makes us sick and how do we stand up. my name is dr. i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and i discuss what you can do to improve your health. stay tuned and let's all try to stay. calm d.w. . we make up oh but we watch as often that found out that if we on the seven seven percent of. them want to shape the continent's future to. be part of it enjoy nothing youngsters of testing share their stories their dreams and their challenges. to seventy seven
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percent. platform for africa joining. the contentious figure at home. hero in germany. from the phone. german reunification. and the end of the cold. war charles was one of the great pyramids of the twentieth century. because the gorbachev the wise leader of the soviet union was an agent of change. quickly miss downfall. i had decided to resign my duties as president of the soviet union. but if you want historical battle i'm sure one has of course. he continues to fight for world peace with the reminder by that we have to comprehend when peace
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has taken us today there is a new arms race. between our time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace waisted starts oct third on t w. iran's government is vowing a crushing response to an attack on a military parade dozens of people including members of iran's elite revolutionary guard were killed and many more wounded when gunmen opened fire on crowds both sunni arab separatists and the so-called islamic state have claimed responsibility .


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