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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin that pope francis kicks off his visit to the baltic states with a solemn tribute to the victims of oppression in the plain yes the one hundred thousand people who are on hand as france's honor those who suffered under the soviets and the nazis will get an update from our correspondent in their own lives also coming up a pretty terrible time coming after years of love and on it it's now safe enough for some syrian refugees to return home to see how one family is struggling to rebuild
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lives interrupted by years of from war. and in the blood is like the away fans weren't in a party who didn't get in tears and they might have been miles from the very out box by a unix celebrated the start of october fast with a constable when ethel the shelf will take a look at the best of the action and. thanks for joining us i'm married to evanston. pope francis has paid tribute to the poignance who suffered during the country's soviet and nazi occupations a short time ago he laid a wreath at the monument of the villages ghetto where the country's jewish population was almost wiped out seventy five years ago under the nazis francis's on a tour of the baltic states as the three nations mark
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a century since winning independence from russia after world war one. at a mass earlier today francis urged residents of the baltics to draw on their past experience to speak up for tolerance in europe you should be quoting the pupil that we don't know the smallest the poorest and our mates whom we should welcome a hundred years after our independence who is it that has nothing to give us to make our effort and our sacrifices worth while perhaps it is the ethnic minorities in our city or the jobless who have to immigrate maybe as the elderly and lonely or those young people who find no meaning in life because they have lost their roots. well for more on the pope's tour of the baltics to double your correspondent constantine from ankara joins us now from the onus good evening to constantine so we just heard the pope there calling for tolerance in his address but was leaving
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his comments beyond just the baltic states well i think yes i think that he was going along the park you already managed to read in quite a few other be just around since that's his main theme and he stuck to it all through the meetings including meeting of the priests the religious even called us when he was always talking about welcoming a stranger welcoming the poorest ones i think it's quite a significant departure from the previous two princes against it we're more focused on the questions of history on moral issues that face catholics here it's more about tolerance and the necessity to welcome diversity well after that mass encounter francis also made a stop at the vilest jewish dead a memorial as well as at the former soviet k.g.b.
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headquarters of the occupation museum now how important were those visits for lithuanians. both of their importance because twenty third of september today is seventy five years since the villainous jewish ghetto was destroyed by the nazis and a few local collaborators and pope francis prayed there at the monuments with the head of the jewish community of lithuania it is in memory which is difficult to tackle for many countries that the measure of the shit of communism i think this one is doing it more or less ok compared to some others but it is an important reminder to the society and i've spoken to a few people that were in the audience or said they saw it that way too as for the museum of occupation it does remind. about the most painful. evidence of the past the soviet occupation with its massive depreciation of that exit q sions the pope visited the execution chamber in this museum and he made
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a speech there about also then the sensitivity of tolerance of welcoming others i think with some ice i've seen on the pope's on different visits before john paul and and benedict and they were more if you wish country specific when they were in europe they spoke is more about generic injustice generic suffering this is his philosophy he goes beyond countries and beyond history. well constantly what we haven't heard much about during the pope's visit to the baltics is the catholic church sex abuse scandal and here in germany the influential news magazine desh beagle has a cover story headlined that shall not lie in german of course and it attacks the pope's handling of the abuse crisis is this trip taking attention away from that scandal briefly and can things. yes it does i think that in the baltics this is not such a big story maybe it will be in the coming days but definitely the reception that
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the pope received in this way here eclipses this bad news which you probably have to tackle later i would be comes back from his visit still up in the story all right correspondent constantine fine egret reporting from vilnius lithuania many thanks indeed thank you. and now to some of the other stories making headlines this hour iranian president hassan rouhani has criticized the u.s. following saturday's deadly attack on a military parade in the city of oz gunmen killed twenty five people including twelve soldiers civilians and a four year old girl rouhani said quote bully u.s. senate gulf state allies had enabled and the attack for its part washington has dismissed the allegations of vote counting is under way in the maldives after hundreds of thousands of people cast ballots in the country's presidential election
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opposition candidate ibrahim mohamed so lead cast his ballot in the capital. he's looking to unseat the president still guy hume who's been criticized for cracking down on democratic freedoms. swiss voters have rejected two proposals aimed at protecting swiss farmers and promoting environmentally and emanuel friendly food voters appear to be put off by concerns about the cost and government opposition to the so-called fair food initiative it argued the proposal could limit choice raise prices and in danger swiss trade agreements. a knock krakatoa a volcanic island in indonesia showed off a dramatic eruption on saturday night emitting sand and irish and red rocks the volcano has erupted an estimated forty nine times since friday prompting authorities to expand the danger zone for a one kilometer to two. with the syrian government preparing to
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retain the last major rebel stronghold of italy there are signs the country's civil war could be entering its final stages the war has driven hundreds of thousands of syrians to seek refuge in neighboring lebanon often for years well now beirut wants them to return home to areas that have been deemed safe for a one returning syrian family the last five years have been a struggle on both sides of the border. the small village of beit new the lebanese border is home to mechanic mohamed cry he returned to just a month ago he was forced to leave in two thousand and thirteen when fighting broke out between the syrian army and the opposition. but we left because of the armed groups my wife my children and i were able to escape when i opened the gallery john lebanon. at least paul collier and his son malik found
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work in lebanon on many syrians don't the country is small and expensive syrians there also usually earn significantly less than the locals. it was tough we couldn't really live in lebanon comfortably we decided to come back but. the high cost of living and the low wages weren't the only reasons they left lebanon on after five long years. most people respected us but some kept telling us you're taking away our work in the form of. his former house was badly damaged during the war now his family has to live in rented accommodation but they aren't complaining so it's a wonderful feeling i can't explain it now we are here again in my village after all that's happened this is still my home if you travel or are forced to flee as
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a refugee there's only one place you can call home. but just eleven years of age their daughter has lived almost half her life in lebanon now she's starting a new adventure joining classes at the local school. on the first day of school i was really happy that i knew friends at school different friends than those i had in lebanon. from a harvard it's not an easy restart he doesn't know who damaged his former house whether syrian government forces or rebel fighters from ahmed it's an important he's looking to the future. it's difficult to see my house like this but we're determined to rebuild it despite everything we're in god's hands and god willing and new house will stand here in the coming year. along with others who have returned mohammed wants to bring life back to the village he once again calls
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home. some soccer news now ended in sunday's early bundesliga action by a leverkusen picked up their first point of the season when they beat in four mines one nil at home to germany's chi have their grab the goal and sixty two minutes to fire live or close in up to fifteen spot frankfurter hosting leipsic right now in the final game of match day for the last evening byron travel to shelter in a battle of the top two from last season but so far this terms been very different fish alka they're stuck at the bottom with no points and byron made sure they stay there. first they will be inevitable off the pitch me on great square booed on his return to shelter. and then came the inevitable on the page by and taking the lead after just eight minutes comments rodriguez with the
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bullet header. yet to record any points let alone a victory the writing was already on the wall. by and continue to press the set pieces providing their best chances just before half time gretzky course another reminder he's not so welcome here any more time you kind of jury give me a yellow card for his efforts. by and could afford results in the second half not least because shocker we're doing a lot of the work for them despite the seemingly unthreatening situation either sound very ships bundled over rodriguez in the box. robot levon dusty converted the resulting penalty i had to deal with little more than an hour gone the game was effectively over it's rare for shelter fans to leave before the final whistle but these had seen enough to buy and it was
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a measured victory over the nearest challenger last season shall still pointless missing more than just lead on correct. now many t.v. stations around the world to hand out a goal of the month award in soccer the likes of lean on the cmos a la christiana rinaldo are of course regular winners but here in germany our goal of the month for august was not of what it to mega-star instead for the first time it was given to a blind a soccer player. sergio chill of the dribbles of the ball close to his foot for half the pitch and then fires into the net for some paoli. with observation that becomes impossible and i realized i had beaten a couple of players but i didn't know the goal was that great. implying football football is extra heavy and it makes a noise so players can hear it. for outfield players and the psyche go keep
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a player on a team not many fans watch live football normally but celebrities goal of the month has given the sport valuable publicity the player himself was given a medal and a certificate in braille. that was a go for blowing football for sport and the whole of society i congratulate you on presenting your city for kit that is doing. church he was born in turkey but has lived for twenty years in germany he went blind as a teenager following a detached retina. for the goal of the month of august twenty eighth saying sir. it's worth a lot to the young when you should go to the monkeys one for the history books and in january i enter the running for goal of the year another chapter awaits the chapter which blind football hopes will lead to even more recognition in the future . you're watching the way you news back again at the top of the
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hour with another update for you in the meantime don't forget you can always get the latest news and information on our website just go to do you know where you dot com i'm going to have steve from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa to move. stories of both people to difference shaping their nation.


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