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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 25, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is. from berlin tonight in the us bill cosby the man once known as america's dad is now branded a violent sexual predator the left court headed straight to jail after a judge sentenced the former t.v. star to between three and ten years in prison for sexually assaulting a woman also coming u.s. president takes america first to the united nations rejecting globalism and calling on world leaders to give iran the cold shoulder we'll have analysis of his address to the u.n. general assembly and germany's catholic church apologizes after
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a new report. begins children by priests germany's leading cardinal says the perpetrators must be brought to justice. i'm good to have you with us from america's down sexual predator tonight us comedian and former t.v. star bill cosby is in prison where he's been ordered to serve between three and ten years for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman the judge today declared to be a violent sexual predator which means he'll be subject to monitoring for the rest of his life he is the first celebrity to be locked up since the downfall of media mogul harvey weinstein and the start of the hash tag me to move.
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bill cosby arriving to hear his sentence in a court near philadelphia pennsylvania also present under constant the woman a jury found he drugged and sexually assaulted in two thousand and four and several other of the more than fifty women who have accused cosby of sexual misconduct constance case is the only one that has led to a conviction in pre-sentencing arguments prosecutors called for five to ten years in jail saying cosby could still pose a threat to women his defense attorneys had urged the judge to let the eighty one year old serve a sentence under house arrest they argued that cosby's age and poor health made it impossible for him to serve a prison sentence even once released cosby will be required to undergo counseling report to authorities and notify neighbors and schools of his presence when joining us now from los angeles is journalist p.j. matthews she is on this story for us good evening to you k.j.
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bill cosby becomes the first celebrity of the me two era to be sent to prison what have been the reactions. you know a lot of people expected this it's been a long time coming there were two trials and finally it was found guilty and soon after that people had wondered you know how much time would he actually spin behind bars you know would he be reprimanded or sentence to state prison immediately and now we know that means immediately so a lot of his accusers and alleged victims are coming forth saying it's a sigh of relief they have spent so many years in pain because of what he did to them and finally they feel like there is some sort of justice not a lot of people in hollywood are speaking out other than actresses alyssa mulatto and amber tamblyn who were part of the times up in the two movements are happy that someone like him is paying for their crimes so to speak but you're not seeing the type of backlash that you saw with a harvey weinstein my thought like like ninety percent nine percent of hollywood
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were really happy to see him go down and why do you think that is k.j. is his sentencing and the fact that he is being sent to prison do you think that that's going to have any significant impact on other celebrities there in hollywood what i have to wait to see because so far only hype harvey weinstein has been charged of course they're investigating him for other crimes but a lot of the men who have been accused of many sexual harassment sexual assault allegations have yet to be charge i mean just recently a d.a. decided not to press charges against actor at the andersen and even kevin spacey and even steven seagal so there are many many men in this needs who movement have been accused very few have actually been art and even fewer convicted like bill cosby journalist p.j. matthews on the story for us tonight in los angeles thank you very much.
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u.s. president donald trump has delivered a blistering attack on globalism in his second speech to the u.n. general assembly he said that all countries should act in their own interests and he said that the u.s. will never recognize the international criminal court lashed out at iran accusing its leaders of sowing mayhem in the middle east and enriching themselves at the people's expense he also said that iran must never be allowed to develop a nuclear bomb he called on the international community to isolate the regime in tehran. three and joining me tonight from the u.n. in new york is our very own alexander phenomena good evening to you alexandra so he had strong words from president trump for iran and its leadership and the iranian president hassan rouhani fired white back can either country come back from this escalation. frankly speaking it doesn't seem that
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it's possible right now if the u.s. is quite determined to move forward to impose new sanctions against iran because they see that's the same since already imposed are beginning to bite so why it's back down and even when the president says that he's ready to meet with rouhani that would mean that still runyan regime has to make some concessions for this teaching to take place concessions that the iranian regime is not willing to make that is something that iran's president rouhani made very clear today here. on north korea on the other hand you know we have quite a change from what we heard last year did way. yes last year president trump described as the rockets man on
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a suicidal mission this year he praised as courageous courageous men so quite a shift in the u.s. approach towards north korea we have to say that there is fresh hope that progress is being made in talks with north korea the country has pledged to dismantle one of its missile testing sides and one major nuclear aside however we also have to add that so far we have not seen any evidence that north korea is really committed to complete nuclear is ation. throughout the entire speech today protectionism and america first you know they were repeated time and time again was president from was he speaking to the u.n. assembly there or was he speaking more to his base of voters. i would say. of course you are right we are only
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a couple of weeks and seven weeks away from very important midterm elections in which the democratic party has these leads and has a good chance of taking over the house so president trump was of course addressing the american people and heath fortress particulary and he's speech reassuring them that he's sticking with his america first holy sea and that he is the one who does the earth credit for america's growing economy. our very own always under phenomena reporting from the united nations tonight in new york alexander thank you here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world britain's opposition labor party has voted in favor of keeping open the option of a second referendum on bret's it delegates approve the motion with overwhelming support at their annual conference being held in liverpool prime minister to
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resubmit criticize the move insisting again that there will be no second breaks that both. and in the asian authorities have released footage showing the rescue of a teenager who'd been floating for seven weeks on a raft in the pacific ocean his wooden fishing raft broke from its morning off the country's northern coast in mid july he survived by catching fish and drinking sea water filtered through his clothing. amazing. well here in berlin the german chancellor angela merkel has suffered another blow a longtime ally in parliament failed to secure enough votes today lawmakers from miracles conservative bloc voted out their parliamentary leader and instead elected a critic of the chancellor's governing coalition the outcome came as somewhat of a surprise. only one hundred and twelve votes for close ally to anglo-american and lead off
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a party's parliamentary bloc for thirteen yes words as one hundred twenty five votes for his opponent is i think alice a rather low profile m.p. known for his budgetary expertise he's now the new leader of the cd un sees you group in parliament an unexpected outcome and also a defeat for the german chancellor playing calls himself trying to downplay the significance of the vote. looking forward to working with. as has just been explained there's no daylight between us it will be a close and trusting cooperation just as i've had with in recent years. before the vote had urged the conservative m.p.'s to support counter her candidate was also backed by leaders of the conservatives but very insistent party this see is you but to no avail the majority wanted to change after both the newly elected leader stressed that he didn't see the result as a vote against anglo american but the german chancellor acknowledged the outcome is
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a defeat. this is democracy and that means sometimes you lose a vote there's nothing to gloss over but i want the parliamentary group of the c.d.u. and sees you to be successful and therefore i will support i've been callous wherever possible now. lost one of the closest confidence to have been at the top of the parliamentary party of the conservatives since i'm glad america became german chancellor in two thousand and five whole position polities declared cowardice defeat a clear sign that merkel's time as chancellor is coming to an end does this shows that mrs merkel can no longer rely on the simple do group so i recommend that this is a vote of confidence that if we call on the government to finally come to terms and to be a government again and not a divided bunch. full of the m.p.'s of the conservative party this is in the unknown situation until now and always have the support of the majority but it's
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not for sure anymore. while staying here in germany the head of the catholic church has apologized for its failure to deal with sexual abuse over several decades and for the pain that it calls cardinal reinhard marx spoke after the publication of a report today that details thousands of cases of abuse the victims were mostly male and mostly children critics of the report as well as its all authors say that the true scale of the abuse is probably far greater than the cases identified. sexual abuse in the catholic church is a deeply rooted problem in germany that's the scathing conclusion of a study that academics worked on for four years the chairman of the german bishops conference now says he wants to deal with the consequences so let me just pull is sexual abuse is a crime it has to be punished for far too long we in the church have looked away
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washed it out denied it we didn't want to accept. for all these failures and for all this i must as chairman of the bishops conference apologize and also i mean this quite personally. the authors of the study believe that structures in the catholic church that even facilitate the crime of sexual abuse continue to exist. the study says that over the past seven decades priests have abused more than three and a half thousand minors in germany the victims were mostly male and mostly children well over one and a half thousand priests are accused of committing those crimes yet the real number is higher because of the number of on reported cases the actual number is probably much higher and. the pope believes that the scandal will scare off young catholics from the church. the young face. about sexual
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and financial scandals in the church. which we haven't condemned enough. the authors of the study say the causes of sexual abuse in the church are far more complex. is complex it's the complex interaction of sexual immaturity and of homosexual tendencies that were repressed even denied taking place in an ambivalent and partly homophobic environment could be a further explanation for the majority of cases being male victims at the hands of catholic clergy of the ship at all nope i'm sixty and we spoke. cardinal marks explained that the church wants to rebuild trust that may well be a tall order. well here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you the former u.s. television the man once known as america's has been jailed for between three and
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ten years for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman the judge also. a violent sexual predator. you're watching to. see at the top of the. earth. home to have species. worth saving.


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