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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2018 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin turning over a new leaf turkey's president says he wants to restart his country's strained relations with germany. speaking out of a state visit everyone calls for a new start between ankara and berlin but what are his motives and will he succeed also coming up. european football's governing body u.a.e. preparing to announce the host of the euro twenty twenty four tournaments it is a choice between germany and turkey look at the up and down sides of each country's
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bet. thanks so much for joining us and welcome i'm brian thomas turkey's president much of tire better long as starting a visit to germany today ties between the two countries are deeply strained over a number of human rights issues especially a post-coup crackdown that's led to tens of thousands of arrests but now everyone says he wants a new start ahead of his arrival security throughout the german capital at a rare level one that's usually reserved for the american president or the prime minister of israel large parts of berlin city center closed all during this three day state visit protests are planned here in berlin and five thousand police officers will be out on the streets. our chief political editor michelle a covers covering this for us joins us now from our parliamentary studio good morning michelle why are we seeing the highest possible level of security in berlin
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today. well the bottom line is that there must be security assessment based on the fact that the turkish president takes the conflicts of his presidency that come with this increased tendency towards a more thorough terry involve with him wherever he goes and that ranges from human rights groups that want to demonstrate against him for those of arrests arbitrary arrests of journalists but also many civil servants but also to towards the conflict the ongoing conflict that flared up once again in the kurdish region with the k.k. so a lot of contentious issues on the table not to mention even turkey's involvement in syria and that's why security is so high here ok none of these contentious issues have been resolved today he. says he's now looking for a new page with germany what is he specifically looking for on this visit well he
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once he needs economic support from germany turkey is dependent on billions coming out of brussels particularly also funding for those one point three million migrants and refugees that are currently in turkey many of them from syria there were times when the german chance that absolutely needed a president out of one to keep that migration crisis at bay but with the turkish lira having lost forty percent of its value since the beginning of this year there is no i level that he's calling for in an article in a major newspaper today right now and he wants to get some kind of support out of germany from the german chancellor and from german industry but just that but they do have a history so let's just have a quick look at. this handshake is nothing more than a photo op to politicians who are unlikely to become friends turkish president air
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to one loves pomp and circumstance and he's considered quick tempered. america on the other hand is said to be a serious humble politician who loves harmony. as it is. it's a relationship that's certainly not based on great personal friendship but more on the knowledge that the political relations of the two countries are very important and must be maintained it's certainly not a marriage of love. and not in the spring of two thousand and seventeen relations were at a low point the german government refused to allow air to one's party to hold election campaign events in germany the furious turkish president responded by playing the nazi card. what about you right now or you. are using nazi methods. against my turkish brothers and sisters who live in germany i'm against all ministers and deputies who travel with. america was calm
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and objective in her response are you going to go with these comparisons between the federal republic of germany and national socialism must cease they are unworthy of the close ties and relations we've built up between the people of germany and turkey politically as nato partners socially and economically the chancellor is also concerned about the human rights situation in turkey tens of thousands of heir to one critics have been imprisoned including german journalists friends relatives and the german government are campaigning for their release. but ere the one is gradually transforming back into a serious partner his country is in the midst of an economic crisis urgently needs german aid and is increasingly isolated because of its foreign policy so turkey is now signaling a willingness to compromise with germany. they are moving closer together after last year's flare up and the more difficult years
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proceeding that but their relationship will nevertheless remain strained because the issues that lead up to the separation and that is above all domestic policy in turkey won't change very quickly. and yet both germany and turkey know that this is far more than a marriage of convenience. so michelle where is this very strained and troubled german turkish relationship. well that's the big question i mean clearly one wants economic support we already heard out of the foreign minister to today that disarming the rhetoric toning it down is simply not going to be enough to put these this relationship on a good first thing again but both sides no doubt need each other i'm going to machall needs. to maintain that migration deal also it's a very important part now when it comes to energy security at the same time.
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in the lead up to the general elections just a year ago called on turks or germans of turkish descent not to vote under mouthfuls party in fact not any of the major parties so he directly tried to get involved with elections here there's great nervousness that you might want to make political statements here so it would be very interesting to see what concrete outcome will come out of this both sides need each other but they clearly don't like each other right now ok and we'll see what this leads to over the coming days with michelle and the rest of the political team here in berlin thanks very much or by coincidence or to one is coming to berlin on the very day that europe's football governing body you wait for decides of his country turkey were germany will be hosting the twenty twenty four european football championships germany are favored to come out on top but football mad turkey is desperate to host in two thousand and twenty four having made failed bids for the last three tournaments.
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hero twenty twenty four is set to be a footballing spectacle twenty four countries competing in a total of fifty one games but who will host the prestigious event germany are regarded as front runners you wafers of valuation committee has already backed the bid the german football association to see this as a chance to follow up on the success of the two thousand and six world cup and they're clear on the benefits of their bid. we have the stadia the infrastructure the accommodation we also have great fan zones we're basically ready to host the euros tomorrow. but a shadow looms over germany's bid the message is still a fact the arsenal midfielder is meeting with turkish president richard tired after one caused an uproar that eventually ended in israel retiring from the germany national same he accused the german football association of racism and discrimination. could that be an advantage for turkey the
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country is confident its bid can stand on its own turkey's footballing culture its modern stadia and even president add to one's passion for the game positives after three unsuccessful bids this one is meant to click. around everyone can see we're ready to host the iraqis we love football we deserve to be the host of. football's been played in turkey for over one hundred years it's part of our lives here. but financial instability and the drop of the lira could put turkey's bid and potential profits in jeopardy. europe's football governing body has sent out mixed signals they have set clear requirements including on matters such as human rights and freedom of expression on the other hand you a for expects huge tax breaks from the hosts. its executive committee is made up
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of twenty members of the german and turkish representatives vote one member netherlands prague has publicly thrown his support behind turkey. in case of a stalemate he wait for president alexandre scheffer in will break the tie some think he will lean towards germany as it stands it's all up in the air the only certainty the bid for euro two thousand and twenty four is going to be a close race. and we're covering that vote very closely more later today when it comes down now for some of the other stories making in the news at this hour police have detained detain suspects the killing of a journalist and his fiance. both twenty seven or shot at their home outside february their deaths sparked public outrage in this central european
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country. had investigated fraud cases involving businessman with ties to leading slovak politicians. a british online investigative group says a russian man accused of poisoning a former russian spy and his daughter in salisbury britain is a military officer who received an honor from president putin in twenty fourteen the website belling katz says the suspect his passport name is responding boucher off is in fact colonel and natalie russia's foreign ministry has dismissed the claim. a russian member of the n.t. kremlin activist group pussy riot has been discharged from a berlin hospital here to our vets the law says he was poisoned by russia's secret service who are investigating the deaths of russian journalists german doctors say it is quote highly plausible that he was poisoned but cannot determine how it happened were who could be culpable. thousands of palestinians have been
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protesting on the border between israel and the gaza strip the burn tires of the rocks at israeli forces who responded with tear gas thousands have staged weekly demonstrations since late march calling for an end to the israeli egyptian blockade the script old gaza's economy. we have some sports now in the bonus league are wrapped up its midweek slate of matches with bursa dortmund looking for a win to jump to second place in the standings they host at nuremberg who didn't present much of a challenge. dortmund was in a festive mood and even coach lucianne far was all smiles and was expecting to extend its perfect home record against newly promoted nuremberg. and accordingly it took dortmund just nine minutes to open the scoring through the broom larsson. to meet flicks the first from provider christian the second to finish off the move and give dortmund an early lead. which marco royce should have doubled
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a minute later only to be denied by norm bird's fabienne brave little. but shortly after the half hour mark dortmund's captain made up for his wasted chance i. too neil the well deserved lead coming through royce whose shot took a slight deflection through the onrushing georg mark reiter. in the second half the already one sided affair became even more humiliating for the visitors first the team made it three after forty nine minutes the on loan player from rail madrid scoring on his bundesliga debut peripherial were playing cat and mouse with nuremberg marco royce with his second of the evening making it for now. by this point the dortmund players were taking turns at trying to score against their hapless opposition man well ican she make it five nil after seventy four minutes. and it wasn't over yet jayden sensual scoring the sixth of the evening and
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he later turned provider for julieann vital who rounded off the scoring at seven dortmund biggest bundesliga win in more than thirty years. let's take a look now at the all of last night's been asleep in matches as we saw their dortmund moving in a second place with an easy win over nurnberg laver couzin it's past us and dorf life's a big stick dark lines playing out a goal a strong gladbach in frankfurt. now for a video that has gone absolutely wire all here's the moment seal slapped the kayaker in the face with an octopus. off the coast of korea in new zealand he said he could feel the full impact of the octopus on his face lesson learned never get in the way of a seal and it's. reminder now of our top story this hour turkey's
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president. is arriving in berlin today the relationship between these two countries is strained over a number of issues everyone says he wants to improve. and one of the very latest on the visit throughout the day for now though from me brian thomas the entire team thanks for being. with. nico he's in germany to learn german. allude in the. why not learn with him online and free from the w z e learning course.


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