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david. against goldwater yes time for me to tell everyone what's going on in the fight. against my viewpoint. because. he's a governor. but who will be. the borneo case starts october ninth e.w. . hello from berlin great to have you with us again from fashion to flowers is what's coming up on today show. followed fashion germany label all telling us put up with
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t. debut the paris fashion week. mechanical knowledge part time either google learns how to play porno on the two wheel. and flower power of flora. the german capital. this year's paris fashion week is in full swing and we're not just seeing collections by the big fashion houses like gucci jar or a mass on the catwalk but also creations by talented up and commas one such label is all totaling up it's been based designers are inspired by street style on conventional and cheeky with success this respond to or that beaut they're ready to wear collection in paris this week. parents that feature riffs and burn holes or telling lies known for it's a collective mix of street style and culture of the label was created by krista brush and cosy mug audience both in their early thirty's who met while studying
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fashion design in boston. events where it all began. to get an email speaking said he would like to each other's style. and even when you've been having some when we became friends and again talking about what kind of fashion we like so we thought it's going to troy. the duo founded the auto lingo label three years ago in berlin it's steadily grown in popularity and today they're conducting fittings in preparation for their first show at paris fashion week for the true swiss partners will even get to present their unconventional creations as part of the official calendar of events they describe their style as fiction and fantasy as a dozen eyes and there's always something new there always surprises sometimes familiar things are reinterpreted perhaps in a unique way it's an adventure. the highlight of their new collection is
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a ripped and faded hawaiian print carter. bin laden less than when i think we learned it when you can see the whole process by looking at the business when it's clear how it's been made me dimple joked. one day later backstage moments before the fashion show this was designers are getting nervous. but there's no reason to worry the show is packed with fashion enthusiasts. the editor in chief for vogue germany christiane amanpour is there along with many other journalists and called on the friends to. modeling areas like new. construction in garments burden daryn. it's just like it's something about the you in the months that i think people really love. absolutely my favorite. the models enjoy the auto doing a looker as well. it's the kind of closer you can wear like on the days of being
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you know whole look so great a special is and then strain a comb. or tolling or makes a funky contour which can be worn at a fashion show or and is released four hundred on a normal day. to garments are perfectly tailored and have the distinct look like these rarely recognizable white and red checkered shirt. one stone only to a select few quarter length is known regarded as a trim setting label which even manages to stand out in the paris fashion morph. into zone got us to buy my think it's absolutely exciting to see what these women are coming up with i like their approach and it's all about beauty for us so when and in their creations too and i'm so they're constantly reflecting on what is and what isn't a beautiful and they do that well you know for every outfit presented you inevitably ask yourself are those beautiful garment or are they know what. i appreciate
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fashion inspiring us to engage in reflection on the bidens and of involved until a really talented to so full you can see right away in the shapes and said oh it's of the designs there are many commercials pieces which is red in my opinion this is in my nose their designs are extremely i have on at the same time some pieces could also be a commercial success just as for call. in twenty seventeen the women won the swiss design awards and they were shortlisted for this year's l b m h prize for young fashion designers. that allowed them to present their works to or jury of fashion experts including the likes of suzy makers and the no one tool. so whatever teaser i've also noticed the new label singer beyonce even commissioned a special outfit or so. has bought several pieces from us. and then we go through our press edge and see
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ritual projects with we'd like to create something for her to you know to you know if it's right and within what felt like forty eight hours we put something together and made it for her busy you know yet it all went really quickly so we got the request a centrist sketch made the piece and she wore it and one of us delivered it backstage in berlin by bicycle two i was lazy we got the news that she wanted to come to. our holding a stylist gone down well in paris to hear they also presented a few outfits for men and are considering launching their own menswear collection with designer duo still has lots of plans in store so we're sure to hear much more from you in the future. we stay in the fashion capital to take a look at what big leave us on the wall brought to the show above all where it took place long back and news from europe now in today's express.
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at the first of the eiffel tower fashion house sauna hall made a splash with its new some a collection of paris fashion week. french actress catherine deneuve and original supermodels can have the new stuff is the anthony crowfoot wear monkey guests at the spectacular show. on the catwalk flooded with water the models sported short shorts and even stupid swimsuits for what one can only hope will be a hot summer in twenty nineteen. a hit london's royal academy of art to celebrating its two hundred fiftieth anniversary by launching one of the world's most extensive exhibitions on art from oceania. prince harry's wife maggie the duchess of sussex was given a preview tour of the exhibition on tuesday and she even received
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a traditional maori welcome. some two hundred rounds from the southeast asia pacific region can be seen at the royal academy of arts oceania show it opens on friday. seville is once again hosting its lobby and i'll flamenco festival the world's biggest event of its kind it attracts elemental grades from across spain. this year the popular festival is taking place for the twentieth time. john. seville is considered the birthplace of flamenco an art form which in compass is both music and dance. this year's labia now features a mix of traditional and more modern adaptations of flamenco art and runs until saturday thanks.
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that's left in for a human being as the maker or creator account exhibition in venice chose its title for except for that reason it focuses on european craftsmanship a sector which is made up of some fifty million people in europe but nowadays more and more of these traditional trades are being taken over by machines and working with their hands is no longer as valued or appreciated the exhibition and will follow court's attention to this. venice has been a cultural hotspot since the middle ages now on the island of sun georgiou majority the city is funded psionic cheney is putting on a special exhibition devoted to the work of art and design its entire salt home of father it honors the vast variety of european craftsmanship through the ages. we want to tell a story which is beautiful because it's a true story it's a story of
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a man the maker this is the title of a father someone in oregon the. challenge of hughes or her or her own parents can create a more human future this is the key message that we want to transmit to the young generation your talent can change the world. this show is not just about craftsmanship however it also highlights that in many instances humans are much better at creating things than machines. but. each of the eighteen exhibition space is is dedicated to one specific aspect of european craftsmanship. there is one for example that is all about fashion we can see in the exhibition it's. about fifty objects of largely contemporary fashion that
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have some kind of relationship to to craft but in different ways so it can be a special technique that has been mastered like leather tooling it can be the sheer number of hours taken to make a piece it can be like a sketch pad only suit where there are two hundred fifty thousand knots that are the decoration of the suit. from modern bicycle construction to jewelry making and so much more. overall some three hundred different. of traits on display. visitors can watch most a craftsman and women at work as well as attend workshops and talks on the future of craftsmanship. and it's also a great place to meet and to see what's available in europe today because most often it's very difficult to actually
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see and find and define the the know how that are available and so i think this is really a fantastic place to see all the different aspects and to meet all the different. question ships. nineteen temporary work spaces were specially built for the show which runs until the end of september homophobia is designed to inspire people to try their hand at making creations of their own who knows maybe it'll even inspiring some to become a sense themselves. it's not only traits that need to be learned to mastering a sport also takes a lot of practice today's edition of our series extraordinary a letter x. is a perfect example here in berlin a lot of tourist sites see on sec waste but that's not the only thing they're used for athletes have also found a clever way to use the personal transporter equipped with
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a ball and people all over the word discovering segway polo we gave for it t w a reporter mike you could go one day to prepare yourself for a real game was it enough let's find out. holmes has fought with a long tradition when it's played on horseback but what about on the sec weigh what this mission likes and tradition and makes up for in potentially a good segue can cost as much as a polo pony but luckily for me here in hanover the club supplies the equipment i have two problems first. i've never wrote a segway before second i don't know anything about polo but to day i'm supposed to learn all that and they say it's no problem but we will see. if i can play it i've got a couple of things to learn in the workshop everyone here has got a lot more experience than me at least they can stay up if you can't control everything on the segway by shifting your weight. to speed braking.
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and turning. i have gaps to develop a feeling for it and fast it's so easy to write you start feeling too sure of yourself. and i'm not the only one. who. was going to. learn from the experts now to learn the rules of the game they adopted from normal polo by the way there's always a lot of green something smart and read something out what's this what are the this sport is changing and the rules change with it it's not finished yet. finding out what we can do better and when we do there's nothing objectionable about adapting the rules of play to accommodate it. but it doesn't mean we play it one way today another way tomorrow and completely different the day after tomorrow
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. there are some three hundred extra players worldwide and they are organized in the international association they are and european championships. found in new zealand sweden united states and silicon valley where the game was pioneered by. steve. is proving. to. be an olympic sport but also that much we don't want to get that big but we do want to grow we'd like it to get a little bigger. and should not be taken lightly that explains why. we're pushing like this is not allowed you have to really hit it about
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a metre ahead and then right after every time i think it's easy. to try to correct. as well as a couple of practice shops and we can divide up into teams. to play. through. downs. i'm like. physical contact with opponents is strictly prohibited but it often happens anyway. a match usually. asked for chuckles each eight minutes long it's always five film and i'm really doing my best. that was a goal plus the promise of going that was really cool. going to all of us are you
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know what's really hurting right now on your wrist because the bat is so heavy and you're not used to it. there are only short breaks moving maybe easy the play is not. i feel like i had to wipe the whole gym because everything is aching now and my muscles are really hurting me. but i have to go to the next chapter. in the final minutes i just wasn't able to get back in stride anymore and whoever claims that cyclical is not exhausting is mistaking some muscles are inevitable. but hey i was there. on the as a learning polo on the one day what do your thing mission accomplished on not that's why i go would you like to join our club i would sign you up immediately for the next world championship yes of course the.
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most houses are built based on the square or rectangular floor but what do you do of the floor plan is triangular in sweden we actually found such a house with several was constructed of glass the building is not only unusual but also a good choice for a serious your next. a small town not far from sweden's capital. this is the spot. and. chose for their weekend whole the house is a real eye catcher. hello welcome to. the couple spends the weekends at the villa delta with their daughter ella. it's a huge triangle made of wood and glass but why exactly did they choose this design . well it came natural actually from the architect to saw the ground and saw the
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place. there was actually triangular. so we decided that if we should get the size of house that we wanted he had to make it so that's how we ended up with triangular house. unusual architectural ideas always present a pressing challenge how to make it work in real life. we can't house has to be comfortable so is the villa delta what they were hoping for. a lot better actually i could never imagine a room with this much light this much is closeness to nature this feeling of being inside or being one with nature while being inside i could never have imagined a room like this spacious room forms the heart of the one hundred twenty square meter house only one side is a proper wall the other two sides are glass and interior design challenge. you don't have to have it hanging the pictures here because you have nature nature is
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the nature of the picture and second. where you want to put your photos you see in nature so it came natural to put the furniture facing nature facing the walls which is something you wouldn't do in a house with just locked walls the only thing missing was space for shelves. closets so the delta's architect turned a wall into a built in storage unit. actually we have more storage space than we have things which was an awkward thing to find out when we moved in we don't even have enough stuff to fill it we have some empty spaces actually. it's triangular inside and out. like a large kitchen island made of a high gloss synthetic. and why the name delta. more than one reason. place of course the greek sign for
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all the greek alphabet for the triangle but it's also float from the architect with me and my interest in aviation so it's a delta after delta airlines are now everybody is calling it the delta house because that because of the shape and because they know me and my story so it's nice it gives the house a little bit more of an attitude. interest in flight is reflected not only by the house after an american airline company but also in the very special shape of one of the homes two terraces. here so we needed a triangle triangle shape to make it fit with a house and i immediately came to think of the concorde and its classic delta wing i mean it's such a such. iconic shape. so the architect if they could make the exact same angle for we we did it so it's good to be able to give back to your childhood
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dreams of. villa delta fulfills your home games and his dream of a perfect weekend getaway. have you ever stayed in an unconventional halls let us know and send in a picture that shows you there it's easy to do just upload your picture onto our website they will also find information about the door of the week we'll be giving away your mics watch to one lucky viewer so join in and i'll keep my fingers crossed. well sometimes flowers succeed where fav from the generations of last two apologies the creations in our next report are an expression of love to the word gift to the public that is about love to see berlin in bloom the flower flashes are man's to spread chia in the german capital. how low i
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borrow them back already yes i'm back we've got plenty of fresh flowers lovely. nearly everybody knows mona isabel at this wholesale flower market to thirty six year old is a tango instructor but today she's here because of another art form when he needed any flowers represent life and joy. just looking at them makes me happy by. watching her at the market that's plain to see and hear. all the mountain is beautiful you will surely you see from. her delight is contagious and that's exactly her a flower flashes are intended to cheer up to me but in residence. she's already created fifteen norma's flower displays has various spots in the city. or even says that when you leave the train at seven in the morning and are suddenly standing in front of a huge bouquet that's it and you can just take
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a minute and. a half an hour mona isabel has everything she needs for her flower flash she covers the cost herself each giant bouquet costs about one hundred fifty euros it's time to head to the designated destination not up to the park and see it there. while she speeds towards friends now back will reveal how the seat of the idea was first planted about a year ago mona is about stumbled upon works find new york florist louis miller on instagram it was instantly clear to her that needed something like it to. be just didn't exist but that inspired me and i have a personal connection to the berlin wall for example. and then she gets to work sorting counting the ranger after an hour of creation is a sight to behold. i'm really happy because i never really know how the book a will turn. now it's also inverted i want to passers by i think. it's interesting to
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watch it develop it's like finding work. doing it for sheer enjoyment i love monet is a bounce dream is to one day decorate the brandenburg gate and she wants to raise money for that on line until the end where she's planned her next flower fashion don't dance around the secret. all that's a lovely idea isn't it obvious educate my eyes open for one offer a big book that's all we have time for today but you can find many more reports on european art and culture on our website visit us at g.w. dot com slash lifestyle or join us on facebook our don't forget to tune in tomorrow again other than for me and the entire year might see him berlin and so watching. next to mine you know max the loser in paris is possibly the world's best known
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cabaret famous for its glamorous women in fabulous costumes and for almost ninety years all of the feather elements have been provided by mason if the small family run business still produce them by hand and with great attention to detail feathered fashions picked for the move next time on your own facts.
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look. like obama is a satirist who wears a bulletproof vest on stage. he's turkish lives in berlin and he's an opponent of president and don't want. to take the critical view of the turkish president's planned visit to berlin and worries about retaliation from enron
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supporters do everyone's critics face a real threat in germany. against the thirty minutes on t w. they make a commitment. they find solutions. late in stronger. africa on the move. stories from both people manager friends shaping their nation. and the continent of africa on the move the stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their non-answers. d.w. multimedia series food for god. d.w. dot com africa. an
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unusual friendship. is the story of paul and. one is a student from cameroon. the other a filmmaker from germany has read it would not likely never be able to say whether he chose me or i chose him whatever the case this is the story of how many. on europe's most dangerous border. last. up. what began as a documentary. my parents sacrificed everything for me i can't go back and to handle it. became a story about those six. and those two helped.
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when paul came over the seat from cameroon to berlin and starts october fourth on d w. this is deja news coming to you live from bernie and turkey's president says he wants to research his country's strained relations with germany richard john has just arrived in berlin really succeed in making a new stock in his country's a relations bijelo made during his state visit also coming up european football's governing body you a fund gets set to.


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