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you can do today at redraw the lines on all. this is detail the news coming to you live from berlin changing tack turkey's president launches a new charm offensive legit time bridge on arrives in berlin for a state visit aimed to add diffusing tensions but his visit is controversial so what are the chances of success also coming up. the winner in the european football's governing body gets set to name the host of the two thousand and twenty four european championships it's a choice between germany and turkey os post correspondent is on both sides.
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and all eyes are on the u.s. senate's supreme court nominee brit cavanagh as he prepares to respond to allegations he sexually assaulted a woman as a teenager his accuser christine glassy ford says the alleged attack changed her life. hello and welcome i'm on with that she turkey's president has arrived in berlin at the start of his first state visit to germany he and his wife touched down at the cities just a short while ago on a said he wants to reset relations with germany which have been strained over a number of issues including turkey's detention of german nationals in a post cool. crackdown and protests are planned in berlin and five thousand police
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officers will be out on the streets. a large ponce of but in city center will be closed off to in the three days to visit the turkish president will visit several landmarks there is the chancery where. on friday the bellevue palace where the city of bandwidth will take place and the war memorial noya varchar. a wreath there and also road closures in places around the famous. lawn where the president is stay for more we're joined by our chief political editor she's in the heart of burden's government district first of all tell us why is this visit so significant. because german turkish relations of very strange at this very moment in time although add one in a major article today in frankfurt i guess minor type of newspaper calls basically
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for research of those relations at the level at the same time we're hearing from the foreign ministry that a change in rhetoric simply won't do in the past he's accused the german chancellor of using nazi methods he also called on voters ahead of these general elections just over a year ago to not vote going to party all the social democrats so basically the major parties here in germany interfering here in the election protest process so a lot of things including five german citizens who are still imprisoned in turkey that are raising question marks over how easy it can be a state visit or not to return to something like normal relations do one has arrived in but he's only going to be chancellor angela merkel tomorrow what does she hope to get out of this meeting. well she needs
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a stable turkey so she will also have an interest to help the turkish president in his hour of need because that's where he is right now he helped in that migration crisis through what became known as the turkey migration deal one point three million migrants mostly syrians are in turkey right now those didn't move towards europe and germany but the turkish lira has seen a crash in recent months it's down by forty percent there is little investment german companies are afraid to invest frankly in what is becoming increasingly and or thore tarion regime and less predictable for businesses so germany needs turkey also for strategic energy regions of the german thought so will be inclined to offer him something but it already has a for once it has a real pressure point a real moment where it can get some assurances in terms of rule of law out of the president out of one it will be interesting to see how much of that will be really
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transparent in public statements right chief political editor michel krishna thank you very much for that assessment. so we have permission i would german chancellor angela merkel wants from the state visit with the turkish president but what does he want from germany and america turkey correspondent you johan reports from istanbul. america looks friendly yet aloof while rigid type sleepy is that the plummeting. that's how cartoonists portrays the turkish president's visit to germany he says turkey's currency crisis is a huge problem for. it's affecting everyone in the country he's had to reduce the size of his satirical magazine lamond because the price of paper has more than doubled in the last few months. just getting to know at a. time isn't mission the is a dedication and self-sacrifice always been
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a part of liking in turkey. business especially in our field other than a pixel says oh look at the letter. but now it has become a real struggle to survive and i don't know if we'll be able to make it. many turks complain about the rising cost of living due to the currency crash and they worry about the future some are hoping germany and the e.u. might step in. but then should help us all mothers of all we don't have a problem with germany or the germans. in germany is our oldest friend michelin's them to say yeah i could go to tricky too much turkish shouldn't have gotten into the situation in the first place i hope everything improves you michelle a lot you're going to show john trick you know more you turks than germans depend on each other will shine in the last year relations between turkey and germany it's
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an all time low pro-government turkish newspapers repeatedly run front pages criticizing and even personally insulting chancellor merkel accusing her of nazi practices. now it seems the turkish government is looking for a fresh start and academicians turkey's film a e.u. affairs minister in one bausch is among those who want relations to improve the war in syria the unpredictable us president and the currency crisis provide plenty of reasons for turkey and germany to work together he says this is his wishlist for the machal adlon meeting myself more understanding from chancellor merkel to turkey sensitivities cooperation with turkey in the fight against terror more business cooperation and to be more. optimistic about turkey's prospects and what can chancellor merkel expect from president. she can
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expect from turkey through friendship through cooperation and everyone who knows present. if he makes a promise he keeps it so if she can. to make some promises in exchange of the promises that she will make of course then she knows she will be delivered a cartoonist who will be watching the macula adwan meeting closely at the very least he says it should serve up enough material for some fresh set. and by sheer coincidence richard john is coming to burn in on the day that europe's football governing body you know if a decides of his country turkey or germany will host the two thousand and twenty four european championships germany are favorites to win but football matter is desperate to host the two thousand and twenty four championship pavin freend made
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field bits in the last three tournament's. giro twenty twenty four is set to be a footballing spectacle twenty four countries competing in a total of fifty one games but who will host the prestigious event germany are regarded as frontrunners you wafers evaluation committee has already backed the bid the german football association see this as a chance to follow up on the success of the two thousand and six world cup and they're clear on the benefits of their bid. we have the stadia the infrastructure the accommodation we also have great fan zones we're basically ready to host the euros tomorrow. but a shadow looms over germany's bid the measured israel a fair may also midfielders meeting with turkish president richard tie a bad one caused an uproar that eventually ended in israel retiring from the germany national team he accused the german football association of racism and
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discrimination. could that be an advantage for turkey the country is confident its bid can stand on its own turkey's footballing culture its modern stadia and even president add to one's passion for the game positives after three unsuccessful bids this one is meant to click. around everyone can see we're ready to host the iraqis we love football we deserve to be the host of. football's been played in turkey five or one hundred years it's part of our lives here. but financial instability and the drop of the lira could put turkey's bid on potential profits in jeopardy. you wait for europe's football governing body has sent out mixed signals they have set clear requirements including on matters such as human rights and freedom of expression on the other hand you a fixed specs huge tax breaks from the hosts. its executive committee is made up
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of twenty members. of the german and turkish representatives vote one member netherlands michelle obama prague has publicly thrown his support behind turkey. in case of a stalemate you wait for president alexandre schaeffer in will break the tie something he will lean towards germany as it stands it's all up in the air the only certainty the bid for euro two thousand and twenty four is going to be a close race. and for more let's go straight to me always good to have you sports correspondent jonathan crane is standing by he's outside the you if i had quote is something both sides have a lot going for them but they also down sides for example germany are accused of buying the world cup in two thousand and six a scandal that has refused to go away when you have a bearing on the result you think. yes you mentioned that stand on retreat still
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actually being. british but implicated several big figures in football the german football federation president back he was forced to resign as well as german football legend franz beckenbauer they were allegedly part of a scheme that paid brides for votes to win that set two thousand and six world cup bid now the german b. team here are trying to distance themselves and that they say that was a completely different team is going to be transparent but that's really one of two things that's maybe costing a bit of a crowd for the big the other of course being the message to a standard that we heard about in the piece now the team might well point to assess an irony that in the german beard it's talks about wanting to unite people no matter what their backgrounds. might well argue that those values only apply it sets i. still keys confound the doubt to say the country is facing lots of economic problems believe that is in freefall lately and if stadiums big enough
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a sticky capable of pushing for a launch event. when you mention it here it really is struggling and we've already seen some big infrastructure projects can so that will raise some alarm bells because a lot of the transport links still need to be put in place ahead of the tournament as also concerns about whether there would be enough accommodation for people and also the stadiums to need to be rebuilt and the capacity for the space is some three hundred thousand down in the german one throughout the whole tournament now turkey as try to ease some of those concerns by promising you a fast and a very generous tax breaks also promising use of the stadiums rent free we know how important the finances off maybe on paper the turkish state could be financially more attractive and also a point to russia which of course hosted the twenty eighteen world cup another international pariah if you like and they'll say well if russia can do it. and
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enjoy them very briefly why you backing to get the nod. well if you'd asked me this eighteen months ago when the bits were fast amounts i definitely would have said jeremy but i think we're missing a few developments recently that have maybe made the german base a big concerns there i think very supportive come to light i would still say germany are the stronger favorites to win this space but we know it's still an edge off in korean and beyond thank you very much for that update. and we bring you live coverage as a result comes out in neon in switzerland that's been on being the opposite with some other stories making news around the wild clashes have erupted between and to india protesters and police in indian controlled kashmir protesters threw stones while police fired tear gas and shotgun tenets of the protesters are angry about the death of a young man killed by indian troops last week rebel groups in indian controlled kashmir have been fighting for independence or with pakistan since one thousand eight hundred. police in slovakia have detained suspects in the killing of
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a journalist and his fiance young and. both twenty seven were shot dead at their home outside bratislava in february the death sparked public outrage in the central european country who had investigated fraud cases involving businessmen with ties to leading still by politicians. and china has hit back at a u.s. president donald trump after he accused the country of trying to meddle in the upcoming u.s. mid-term elections a foreign ministry spokesman said beijing did not interfere in other countries internal affairs trump made the allegation wednesday of saying beijing wanted to steer the elections against his republican party due to his tough stance on craig. and other development president trump says he would be prepared to withdraw his nomination offer a supreme court pick brit kavanagh if sexual assault allegations against him prove
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credible given all and his accuser profess a christian blassie ford are both set to testify at a hearing in washington today ford accuses kavanaugh of trying to rape her when they were teenagers cavanagh denies the allegations the scene is set for judge brett kavanaugh his day of reckoning senators will hear testimony from christine lacy ford the first woman to accuse him of sexual misconduct she will step up to the microphone the day after a third woman went public with fresh allegations which also date back to the one nine hundred eighty s. judy sweat made claims to have witnessed kavanaugh consistently engage in inappropriate sexual contact during high school. tramps pick for the supreme court has described the latest claims as ridiculous and total twilight zone. kavanagh's lawyers released calendars of his from the summer of one nine hundred eighty two
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submitting them to the committee as part of that defense. in a lengthy question and answer session president trump was pressed by reporters to say if he would consider withdrawing kavanagh's nomination the republican senators have delayed this for weeks now. they giving the women a major chance to speak now it's possible i'll hear that and i'll say hey i'm changing my mind that is possible but they're going to have a big shot at speaking a making their case and you know what i could be persuaded also hate to admit it was chump describe senate democrats calling for capital to be withdrawn as obstructionists taking part in what he called a con job something that a group leader in the senate strenuously denies this isn't a democratic smear job as the leader so callously and disrespectfully suggested this is a republican rush job and i might add
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a rush job to avoid getting to the truth. but guiding the extraordinary hearing president champ said i think it's going to be a very very important day in the history of our country and i want to thank you all sir looting is used to young men who serve that young men young to thank you very much nothing to say. no more to say fanaa. christine lacy ford will be feste to give her testimony followed by pat kavanaugh soon after. jail in football around the bundesliga wrapped up its midweek slate of matches with barossa dortmund looking to jump from fourth to second place in the standings the host of nuremberg who didn't resent much of a challenge. dortmund was in a festive mood and even coach lucianne far was all smiles and was expecting to
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extend its perfect home record against newly promoted nuremberg. and accordingly it took dortmund just nine minutes to open the scoring through the broom larsson. sumeet flicks the first from provider christian the second to finish off the move and give dortmund an early lead. which marco royce should have doubled a minute later only to be denied by norm bird's fabienne brave low. but shortly after the half hour mark dortmund's captain made up for his wasted chance. to milk a well deserved lead coming through royce whose shot took a slight deflection through the onrushing georg mark reiter. in the second half the already one sided affair became even more humiliating for the visitors first but he made it three after forty nine minutes the on loan player from rail madrid scoring on his bundesliga debut peripherial were playing cat and mouse with norm burke
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markel royce with his second of the evening making it for now. are this point the dortmund players were taking turns or trying to score against their hapless opposition not well a conjurer make it five nil after seventy four minutes. but it wasn't over yet jaden central scoring the six the very thing that he later turned provider for yulia on vital grounded off the scoring at seven dortmund's biggest bundesliga win in more than thirty years. one of the jurors went on as you can see she is in dalton cause yeah i like supporting winning teams winning team you know what are you and you have business news indeed i do and rita sadly they're not too good to the world trade organization is downgrading its global trade forecast for the next two years and that's thanks in part to the simmering trade conflicts around the globe the w t o expects world trade to expand by three point nine percent this year
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and around three point seven percent in twenty nineteen and that's down half a percent from previous forecasts in a statement the w t o's cited anti free trade measures which are prompting the outlook evidently a critique of u.s. president on its trumps trade policies. well italy's minister of economy and finance giovanni to the is expected to present his budget plan for twenty nine thousand later today and the rest of the eurozone will be listening carefully because italy's clinician government is determined to fulfill expensive campaign promises from a basic income for poor people to a lower retirement age that might please voters but how to reconcile a generous tax and welfare program with e.u. budget discipline rules let alone the financial stability of the blocs third largest economy. italy's anti establishment government has promised two major
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economic reforms. the first is a basic income for unemployed people and those in low wage jobs the second is a flat tax of fifteen to twenty percent for individuals and companies the price tag of the plan about ninety billion dollars a cost the european union believes the country cannot afford to bare its warning that ballooning debt could destabilize the entire eurozone economy so just how large are italy's borrowings. let's take a look. the country owes almost two point seven trillion dollars that's the equivalent of one hundred thirty two percent of total economic output the highest in the eurozone after greece this unemployment remains stubbornly high one in ten people are work among young people it's closer to one in
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three. faced with this economic reality italy's government faces a tough balancing act between delivering on its promises and reassuring investors that its spending isn't out of control. so what is still facially financial system and ultimately for the euro zone let's ask see it from the brussels based economic think tank bruegel good to have you with us. of course it's always great when politicians try to fulfill they can pay promises but can italy afford an expensive welfare program. i think that's exactly the point this government is defined to be a populist government because it has been promising something in the order of magnitude of one hundred billion euros worth of electoral promises with tax reduction on the universal basic income that would be six seven percentage points
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of g.d.p. so while it is laudable the government wants to fulfill its promises it has to reckon with. economic reality and that's what that's what's at stake today with the presentation of the of the budget i mean a lot of analysts and you just touched on it a worried about italy's budget deficit that would balloon out of control well last year it was below the used target how much wiggle room is there given that other members including germany will remember that in the past also violated that famous three percent of g.d.p. rule. i think the three percent rule or the three percent number is misleading in this setting in the sense that fiscal rules european fiscal rules are more complex. than this and when they are designed in a way that when you are in a phase of fiscal expansion you would want a country especially
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a country like italy the house high debt to try to reduce their deficit in order to bring down their debt and create wiggle room for when the next recession hits so yes we have that three percent really an upper limit but here it is should be aiming at something much lower the key target the financial markets are looking at is more in the order of magnitude of two percent and this two percent comes from the fact that it would mean that given g.d.p. growth italy would still be on a debt reduction path. and this year tariffs you know they're speaking to us here in europe temperatures are dropping after a scorching summer time then to wrap up in your favorite woolly garments but what does a drought in australia have to do with the cost of your winter wardrobe quite a lot as it turns out. hungry lambs as a dried stricken farm in the eastern state of new south wales. astray produces
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ninety percent of the world's merino wool exports. but after one of the driest seasons on record many sheep farmers are struggling to keep their flocks alive what at the moment were about thirty eight forty thousand balls last this form of the what we had last week so that's really awful so weak that we've lost so far already for from this trail. to drop in production comes at a time when global demand for not full fibers is surging at this well auction instead me the bids are coming in fast and strong. well it's certainly a great spark in demand at the moment and i guess we have to go right back to the consumer who's now you know walking into the shop and mourning and asking for war looking for a natural fathers and the fashion for them i would use is certainly has a lot of wool incorporating it with farmers losing sheep to drives the astray and
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government is predicting will production to drop four per cent this financial year . meaning shoppers should expect to fork out more for their believe winter wear. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. turkish president. has arrived in berlin at the start of his first stage visits to germany as well and said he wants to reset relations with germany which have been strained over a number of issues in recent years. and european football's governing body sets to choose the host nation for the euro twenty twenty four tournament germany and turkey are the only candidates left we'll be going live to the announcement from switzerland in just a few minutes. you're watching d.w. news coming to you live from berlin more coming up very shortly as i mentioned thanks. to.
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