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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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this is live from berlin a historic hearing in the fight for a decisive us to pray in court saying professor christine place before testifies to the u.s. senate about an alleged sexual assault by judge brett kavanaugh and houses for tells lawmakers she's doing her civic duty also on the program. the host of twenty four. will be germany germany free turkey to win the right to host the european football championships for the first time since nineteen eighty eight.
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turkish president ready to honor eyes invalid on a state visit to germany aiming to defuse tensions between uneasy allies. i'm so gal welcome to the program we begin in the united states capitol where an extraordinary hearing is underway that could seal the fate of brett kavanaugh donald trump's pick for u.s. troops supreme court he's facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct first to testify christine plays a fourth she's been given an emotional account of the evening and which she alleges judge tried to rape her when they were both teenagers to force testimony comes a day after a third woman accused of skews the judge of sexual misconduct in his years. i reject the allegations and he's due to face this sense his questions next stake is
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a lifetime position as a u.s. supreme court judge of what dr ford has been saying. i am here today not because i want to be i am terrified i am here because i believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me while brett kavanaugh and i were in high school i have described the events publicly before i summarize them in my letter to ranking member feinstein and again in a letter to chairman grassley i understand and appreciate the importance of your hearing from me directly about what happened to me and the impact that it has had on my life and on my family i grew up in the suburbs of washington d.c. i attended the holding arm school in bethesda maryland from one nine hundred seventy eight to nine hundred eighty four. holton arms it's an all girl school that opened in one thousand one during my time at the school girls at houghton arms
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frequently met and became friendly with boys from all boys schools in the area including the land school georgetown prep. school as well as our country clubs and other places where kids and families socialize this is how i met brett kavanaugh the boy who sexually assaulted me let's get more on this with columns to political analyst who's been to college. and so. the main events has is now happening that christine blasi forward is still giving testimony talk us through the highlights of the last hour or so. what was most important the written testimony that she gave has been or what was submitted yesterday you could read that yesterday the big difference the power the genuineness of dr ford the emotional content
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the message is much stronger now when we see judge kavanaugh testify something that is important to know is he had the opportunity to have read this he also submitted testimony. he in his written testimony comes out swinging very hard it never happened completely denies any responsibility that he was there so we really do have. two two very different takes on reality so that's a very different takes on an event that he said to have happened what is a back up back in the eighty's nobody else was there aside from this this one other person who is who is mentioned this is going to come down to what he said she said and who would believe well it would be if he will if in fact other possible witnesses such as judge kavanagh's friend. mr judge if he
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were invited to testify because he was also said to be in the room he was also said to be at the room another boy was identified p.j. . so that would be someone else who should be examined under oath and a girlfriend of hers was their normal procedure of course would be to get beyond the he said she said what were other people now they might say i don't remember this was. people were drunk there might have been many such. parties. so that memories can be hazy but that has to go on the record and the f.b.i. would be doing such things if the f.b.i. was investigating then why didn't you mention the f.b.i. to this hearing opened with statements from the chair of the judiciary committee chuck grassley followed by dianne feinstein the ranking member of the ranking democrat member. said grassley made much of the fact that the judge has been
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investigated by the f.b.i. something like six times in order to get this far into career absolutely and one knows there are. areas you know in the high school this was a very closed group. so that it's quite possible that the f.b.i. in its back this was not for something national security is what the the launch codes i think there are different levels of seriousness when they're doing the background checks you know looking for the chris obvious criminal activity if it sounds like it's private parties i could imagine. that would have been enough oh yeah there was while i had beer when i was a boy he could have told them that that probably somewhere in the f.b.i. record and it wasn't pursued further well that the hearing is continuing as we speak so if you stay there for more with her i'll let you get off with things considered to listen in but for now thank you let's take
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a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world china has hit back at u.s. president donald trump after he accused the country of trying to meddle in the forthcoming u.s. mid-term elections a foreign ministry spokesman said beijing did not interfere in other countries internal affairs is the job maybe allegations of wednesday beijing wanted to sway the elections against the republican party due to his tough stance on trade. we go what clashes have erupted between anti india protesters and police in india controlled kashmir protesters threw stones while police five tear gas and shotgun pellets the protesters are angry about the death of a young man killed by indian troops last week rebel groups in indian controlled kashmir have been fighting for independence or a merger with pakistan since nine hundred eighty nine. police in slovakia have detained suspects in the killing of a journalist and his fiance john. cushnie rover both twenty seven was shot
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dead at their home outside bratislava in february the deaths sparked outrage in the central european country could check out day investigated fraud cases involving businessman with ties to leading slow politicians. a british online investigative group says a russian man accused of poisoning a former russian spy and his daughter in the english city of soul's break is a military officer who received an order from the russian president vladimir putin in twenty fourteen the website belling katz says the suspect his passport name is bushehr off is in fact a colonel anatoly a cheapie got russia's foreign ministry has denied has dismissed the claim. russian member of the anti kremlin activist group pussy riot has been discharged from hospital as the law says he was poisoned by russia secret service for investigating the deaths of russian journalists german doctors say it is highly plausible that he
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was poisoned but cannot determine how it happened or who was responsible. for germany will host football's european championships in twenty twenty for the first time the country will host a major football tournament since the two thousand and six world cup the vote was decided by the sport's a european governing body this afternoon so you are all the host of the twenty four. will be germany. seventeen members of un close the executive committee decided that turkey's latest attempt to host the european championships would be no more successful than the last three germany will be hoping they can repeat the success of the world cup tournament which was praised for its organization. more on this from a sports correspondent jonathan crane who was at the headquarters in neal in switzerland welcome jonathan tell us about the reaction well
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fell like great geneva but i mean the german reaction was pretty calm actually quite muted asked you how jumping up and down and i think that maybe reflected their worries that this race was going to be a lot closer than actually it ends out eventually reinhard grindle the head of the german football federation got on stage and he said he hopes the effects of germany winning this fight will be felt or the way through german football let's listen this is true and it's a wonderful day especially for the professional and amateur footballers in germany and we also know that a tournament like pace can create an unbelievable sense of excitement among children and youth. they'll come to the clubs and that too is a beautiful perspective and the clubs will be ready. for button so that's a don't think crane jonathan turkey lost his vote to twelve four with one abstention
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how much did politics how much or how great a part in politics play in this. well i think the margin of the german victory suggests that actually politics did play quite a big profit this in the end the. report that was published last week highlighted quite a few issues about the notably human rights but also lack of infrastructure that's already in place concerns maybe there wouldn't be enough accommodation for visiting fans. so i think the executive committee obviously paid close attention to that reporter not bound by it but i think in the end to reflect that's reflected in the margin of victory but not to take anything away from the german i think this was a big vindication for the german bits they prepared meticulously obviously they say the tournament could be hosted tomorrow because everything is already in place in also a vindication of sorts perhaps full grin tell him south he came under fire over the whole message. he was asked about that he said i'm not really for me i'm just
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relieved for the country as a whole. in switzerland thank you meanwhile president. from a hotel room here. in germany on his first full state visit the german chancellor. recent tensions between the two countries. the turkish president's plane touched down in berlin with the winds of protest already swirling on the ground richard appeared a once first state visit to germany as president will he hopes mend a troubled relationship and lead to closer cooperation berlin would also like to get along better with ankara and has prepared a welcome which will include
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a state banquet in the presidential palace. but that does not mean all is harmony as everyone was arriving the german parliament and the government is rolling out the red carpet for air to and even though he hasn't changed his ways since july two thousand and seventeen absolutely nothing has improved in turkey and that's why i think holding this state visit now sends a wrong signal. to one. another one isn't here because he suddenly rediscovered his love and affection for our country instead his economy is in tatters he needs money and investment from a business suits so that those who are suffering from inflation and economic disaster are the ordinary people in turkey if i mentioned it. on the streets supporters of a ready to show the strength of their feeling but they're likely to be numbered by critics of the president who say he has trampled on human rights five thousand police are being deployed around berlin for this visit and
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a large area of the city center is on lockdown the next three days promised moments of extraordinary strain for security officials in berlin and cologne where the one is due to open a mosque on saturday but also strain for the politicians and diplomats who want their message to be heard by the other side. so there were state quits which will of course so. happens that tomorrow don't forget you can always get doubly news on the go just down the road from the google player from the apple still has to give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use it to send us photos i'm feeding. in situ up to date more from the senate hearings about judge brett tech capital at the top of the hour and of course around the clock on our web site that's the. main talk of the day.
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we want to. thank you. so much for some. of the continent's future. enjoying our dumpsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seven percent platform for africa.


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